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Chuck Berry Didn’t Just Invent Rock and Roll. He Perfected It.

Finding the right opener to write about Chuck Berry is a daunting task: After all, among so much else, Berry crafted the greatest “lede” in the history of rock and roll. The furious flurry of twanging, snapping eighth notes that opens Berry’s 1956 hit “Roll Over Beethoven”—and which reappears even more iconically atop 1958’s “Johnny B. Goode”—is to early rock and roll what Louis Armstrong’s trumpet introduction on 1928’s “West End Blues” is to early jazz, a scorched-earth manifesto of craft and virtuosity, laying out the stakes of an audacious new art form. Any consideration of Chuck Berry starts there, with that burst of notes—I count 35 of them, whizzing by in a cool 6 seconds, although I’m on deadline and may have missed a few. Listen closely enough and you’ll hear an entire generation of young people, in the U.S., England, and elsewhere, informing their piano teachers that they’ve decided to switch to electric guitar.

“Who invented rock and roll?” is a truly unanswerable question, but Chuck Berry’s claim is as solid as any. Jackie Brenston’s “Rocket 88,” the 1951 song most frequently cited as the music’s Big Bang, predates Berry’s emergence by four years, and Lloyd Price, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, and even Elvis Presley had all made records before Berry broke through with “Maybellene” in 1955, at the shockingly advanced age of 28. But Berry was the first to harness the new and unruly sounds into a sort of mission statement for a generation, and many generations after. Years before Berry Gordy Jr. festooned his fledgling Motown Records with the slogan “the Sound of Young America,” Chuck Berry had worked to make each word of that perfect phrase intelligible. Berry was rock and roll’s first great auteur, blessed with an effortless ability to render the specific into the universal, and vice versa. He wrote songs infused with play, humor, ennui, pain, rage, swagger, and sex. They spoke to a generation who assumed they were about them, which was always only partially true.

Berry possessed many geniuses as a songwriter, but the most consequential was his ability to write songs about being black in America that could double as allegories for being a teenager in America, an audacious bit of rhetorical alchemy that altered popular culture and reverberates to this day. Berry brought the blues into America’s high schools, and somehow did so without sacrificing any of the form’s lyricism, wit, and pathos, even while sometimes sacrificing specificity. According to Berry, the “country boy” of “Johnny B. Goode” was originally written as “colored boy”—Berry changed it to ensure the song got radio play. “Brown Eyed Handsome Man,” written after Berry watched a Latino man in California being harassed by the cops as female companions pleaded his innocence, was originally “Brown Skinned Handsome Man.” And yet there was power in the ambiguity, with Berry’s talent and charisma filling in the blanks. Anyone who’s ever listened to “Johnny B. Goode” and assumed the protagonist is white has issues that are well outside Berry’s purview. [Read More]


‘I’m Not There’, Todd Haynes (2007)

There he lies. God rest his soul, and his rudeness. A devouring public can now share the remains of his sickness, and his phone numbers. There he lay: poet, prophet, outlaw, fake, star of electricity. Nailed by a peeping tom, who would soon discover… a poem is like a naked person. Even the ghost was more than one person…

…but a song is something that walks by itself.

Being in a fandom is literally more stressful than being the president.


For fans of The Next Step, Wingin’ It and Dylan Everett!


So I went to a dinner Q&A with Derick Brassard, JT Miller and Dylan McIlrath tonight. I won’t go into all the details of the Q&A but my favorite parts were Brass saying that he talks to Hags every week, and him faking being mad because “Zucc is in love now”. I also loved that JT and Dylan joked that they were beer pong partners, JT’s favorite place is Nashville because of the parties, and Dylan was told to get a permanent home in the city!

The coolest part was the photo op. I had brought a drawing I did of Brass with me, framed it was 16x20 so it was enormous. I brought it up to him, shook all their hands and asked if he remembered me. He seemed nervous trying to recall so I was like “it’s not important. But you liked my drawing for Zucc and Nina so I made you this” and I pulled it out. As you can see, I think it went over well.

Brass’s immediate reaction was shock. He said “oh my god, you didn’t have to do this!” And I was like “I know I wanted to”, so he thanked me. Then Dylan comments on how well I drew his beard, and JT told him to hang it in his living room. I took the picture with the three of them (which hasn’t been sent to me yet) and I had my arms around him and McIlrath, and Brass had his arm around me (and he doesn’t hover hand lmao). So I thanked them and said bye. Later I had to pass by the area again and he didn’t see me, but I saw him holding the drawing and showing it to like four security guys and pointing things out in it, he seemed really happy!

I was a dunce and forgot to give him the bag to carry it in, so I went back and I told the woman running the event to give it to him, and when I looked up, he was just staring at me, so I smiled, nodded and left. It was so awesome and I didn’t expect him to react the way he did to the drawing so I’m really happy!



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Daryl Imagine for youarethewalkingdeaduniverse

Hope you’ll like it!! 

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You were Daryl’s wife. You didn’t had child yet and since you were in an apocalypse, you were sure that you would never had children. You were at the Greene’s farm, Hershel’s one to be precise. Since the beginning of the apocalypse you never had sex with Daryl, no this was a lie. You had sex with Daryl at the CDC. Since then, you were sick. You though you catch a flu. Hershel examine you and told you you didn’t had the flu bit he didn’t know what you had. One day, you were outside hanging clothes on the clothesline when you felt hands around your waist. Smiling, knowing it was Daryl, You turn around. He smiled and kiss you. You kiss him back until you were felling sick again. Shit you hated to be sick !! You quickly get off of Daryl and run to vomit as far as possible from the group. You look in your pocket and took a gum. It might look stupid but you did a reserve of gum when you were on run. “ You’re fine babe ? ” You husband asks you “ Yeah, yeah,I’m fine ”. He nod, knowing you weren’t saying the truth. You knew Glenn was going on a run soon so you went to him “ Hey Glenn, can I asks you something ” “ Yeah anything ” he say smiling. “ Can you bring me a pregnancy test on your next run ? ” “ You too ? ” he asks. You just nod. “ Yeah okay, I’ll bring you one tomorrow ” he says. You hug and and tell him a big thank you. He told you it was nothing and you walk back to the clothes.

Glenn was now back from his run with Maggie. When you were alone. He walk to you and give you what you need. You thank him again and hide it in your vest. You were going to do the same thing as Lori, you were going to do it in the night, where no one can see. At the night, you quickly sneak out of your tent that you shared with Daryl. Happily for you, Daryl was kinda hard to wake up so the noise didn’t bother him. You walk near the place where you vomit couples of hours ago and do the test. You wait a while and look. It was positive. You were shock. Now you knew what Lori felt when she learn that she was pregnant. You stay sat on the ground for a while when you heard sounds of someone walking. By reflex. you took your gun. It was only Daryl. Shit no !! He wasn’t suppose to wake up ! “ What are you doing ? You felt sick again ? ” “ Yeah so I came and smell the fresh air ” you lied. He nod and look close to you. He saw the pregnancy test, you knew it by his facial expression. “ What’s that ? ” he asks you while taking the white stick. You didn’t need to answer. you knew he would find by himself. “ A pregnancy test.. Why would you need that ”. Still no answer from you. After a while he looked at you “ Babe, you’re pregnant don’t you ”. You were now having tears rolling down your cheeks. You nod. Daryl sighs “ The night at CDC hen ” you nod. You look at him. He dry the tears on your cheek and took your hands “ We’ll raise this baby even in these conditions ” he says. You just cry more. You knew that if something went wrong while giving birth, your chances to survived were smalls. After a while of listening Daryl talking, you said some words “ What if something goes wrong while I give birth ” “ Nothing will go wrong, your strong and you’ll always be strong ”. You nod, knowing he was right. Finally, next day you decided to tell anyone the ‘news’. They did the reaction you were thinking they would do. They were speechless. Everyone was scared. You tell them you were keeping the baby no matter was happen. 

You were eight months and half pregnant. Lori was eight months and three weeks pregnant. You didn’t knew who was going to give birth first. Now that you were close to give birth, you were stressed but lived everyday like if it was your last, like everyday. One day while preparing dinner with Carol, you felt your water broke. It was time. You stressed more then before and Carol felt it. She knew you were giving birth. “ Stay there, I’ll go get Daryl ” she says. You nod. Few seconds later, you saw Daryl entering the room as stressed as you. You knew Carol was going to help you the hole time, no matter how long it would take. Lori, Rick, Carl, Beth, Maggie, Glenn and Hershel were also there. Daryl was holding one of your hands while Lori held the other. All the other people were there, waiting for your baby to be born while encouraging you. Three hours later, your baby was finally on Earth, at least, what was staying from Earth. “ It’s a boy ” Carol says happily. You smiled. She took a towel and wash your baby before putting him in another towel to put your baby boy in it, before handing you your little baby. You and Daryl were officially parents. You smiled. He was so pretty. Beth was smiling like never you saw her smiled. “ How do you want to name him ? ” Carl asks “ Dylan Dixon ” Daryl says since it was the name you’ve both decided. If it was a girl, you decided to called her Rose Dixon. They smiled. Lori was happy to see you with the baby.

A week after, Lori was giving birth. But it didn’t work out so well for her, sadly. When you saw Maggie leaving with only the baby. You knew she was dead. You cried. You learn that Carl shot her before she raised. Few days later, Carl decided to called her Judith, like his teacher at primary. She was looking like Rick a lot but had somethings from Lori. She was really pretty. You were sure that Judith and Dylan would be friends when they’ll grow.