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(Request) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Title: Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Requested by: @babyblues915

Could you write a one shot of Negan and Rick’s daughter playing pool and then Rick shows up wondering what the hell is going on? 😂 I love the negan x Rick’s daughter dynamic

Warnings: NSFW, swearing as usual lol


Note: Such a fun story to write! Keep ‘em requests coming! Hope y’all enjoy reading this, especially you babyblues915! xoxo

You were in Judith’s room playing with her when you heard the sound of Alexandria’s main gate being pulled open. Frowning, you went over to the window to check out what was going on. As expected, the Saviors had paid your community another surprise visit on the day that your father, Rick, and the rest were out.

When you headed downstairs with Judith, you saw Carl about to leave the house and immediately called for him.

“Stay in the house, Carl. I’ll deal with them.” You told him as you carefully handed him your youngest sister.

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Negan Imagine ~ Out of the blue

When Negan first visits Alexandria he takes a liking in the heavily pregnant reader and shows a whole different side of him when its suddenly gets really tough for her…


Originally posted by aliciasdaryl

The sun was shining brightly while you sat on the porch of your house while you sat in the rocking chair swinging slightly back and forth as you saw Rick coming towards you.
”Feeling better?”, he asked as he walked the stairs up.
Your pregnancy had been everything else than easy.
Shortly after you had noticed it, the problems had began and while you had thought that it would stop after the first months it got even worse.
You could be glad that you were in Alexandria, had medicine and wouldnt have to fear that the baby would come while a hoard of walkers could show up around every corner.
”A bit. The fresh air is doing a good job”, you said smiling at him while he pulled some tablets out of his pockets.
”I was told to give them to you”, he said laying the tablets into your hands.
You looked at Rick while he sat down next to you in another rocking chair.
His face was pale, he looked like he hadnt slept in days and his eyes looked like he would begin to cry in every next second.
It was just days ago you had seen your friends coming back, their faces completely distraught and filled with grief.
Their eyes still red and swollen from crying.
It still felt unreal that they were gone and you wished that they would come back, even if you knew they wouldn’t.
You weren’t with them when this man, this monster, killed them.
You were in Alexandria, keeping everything as good together as you could while Rick was gone.
You had almost come with them, but Gregory opposed to let two pregnant women live at Hilltop and you knew that you would let Maggie go when he announced that to Rick.
You had a break of your problems in that time and you would have never taken the place while seeing how bad she felt.
But the hard pregnancy wasnt the only thing Maggie and you shared.
The father of your child wouldnt ever get the chance to see his child grow up, just like Glenn.
He had died shortly before you met Aaron who brought you to Alexandria and also shortly before you found out that you were pregnant.
”Wont be long until its coming, huh?”, Rick asked smiling slightly while nodding over to your belly.
”By what the Doctor at hilltop calculated the last time, it has to be about two weeks, maybe a bit less left”, you said smiling back.
You looked back onto the street and saw how Rosita walked towards your house and looked up to Rick and you.
“Rick? I’ll go with Spencer on a run. Just wanted you to know”, she said into your direction.
“Alright”, responded Rick nodding before just minutes after Rosita had vanished you heard noises coming from the gates you couldnt match to Rosita and Spencer.

You walked behind Rick in the direction of the gates and could already see from afar that Spencer and Rosita werent alone and that the man behind the gates was no one else than the man your friends had told you of with shook in their voices
He was standing there, with the baseball bat that had killed your friends over his shoulder while he talked to Spencer.
“You’re too early”, said Rick while he walked closer towards Negan.
“Missed you”, Negan said chuckling with a weird grin on his lips.
You surveyed him while he talked to Rick.
He was tall, his dark hair was gelled back, his lips that still formed that grin were surrounded with a salt and pepper beard and his eyes were gleaming.
And this pair of eyes suddenly darted directly at you while their gleam increased.
His glance stayed on you and caught your eyes and didnt let them go for moments until he looked grinning back to Rick.
Your glance went behind him were you saw how Daryl stood within Negans army.
He looked horrible, clothed in some kind of sack looking stuff and his face was swollen and covered with bruises.
God what had they done with him?

You got ripped out of your thought by the squeaking of the gates and saw how Negan walked grinning inside.
“Hold that”, muttered Negan grinning to Rick before walked towards you.
“Holy crap Darling, you are really pregnant like holy shit…and by the way also fucking pretty”, he said smirking as he walked closer while his eyes didn’t leave yours letting a shiver run down your back. 
He looked on some exaggerated kind of way around as if he was searching for somebody before he looked back at you. 
“You know Sweetie, you really deserve fucking better. If I’d be your fucking man I wouldn’t leave your fucking side…especially not in your circumstances”, he said grinning at you. 
“He’s dead”, you hissed glaring at him. 
Negan formed an “Oh” with his lips which you werent really sure about if he was actually sorry or just being sarcastic. 
Seconds later he looked smirking at you, his tongue between his lips while he analyzed your face.
“Would you-”, started Rick to say but was directly interrupted by Negan. 
“No Rick. Would you fucking shut up while I’m talking to this beautiful lady?”, Negan said chuckling at Rick while he pointed at you. 
You nodded to Rick, trying to show him that everything was alright, another dispute here was the last thing you needed and wanted.
“So what’s your name, Darling”, he asked as he turned smirking back to you . 
“(Y/N)”, you said. 
“Thats some fucking beautiful name, Darling. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m Negan”, he said smirking while you just nodded trying to respond with an uninterested glance. 
“Sweetheart, Its a fucking shame that I gotta do some work here but I’d fucking love to spend some time with you when its done”, he said winking at you before he walked back to Rick who was still holding Negans bat in his hands.
“Didn’t know you have such treasures here”, you heard him chuckling say as he bowed down to Rick. 
Negan winked one last time at you before he and his men began to make their way through Alexandria.

You walked sighing through the streets, not really knowing what to do while you saw how the Saviors got everything out of the houses that seemed somehow useful to them, before you saw Carl walk into the provisional Hospital and decided to follow him into it.
But as you had already expected it, you and Carl werent alone for a long time.
You jolted up as you saw two men walking into the room and walked straight towards the cupboards with the medicine and began pulling everything inside their bags they could grab.
”You need to leave something here”, growled Carl while one of the men turned chuckling around.
”We don’t need to leave anything here”, he said before he turned back around again and grabbed some more tablets.
“Don’t you see that she’s pregnat? She needs the medicine”, said Carl his voice already trembling though anger.
“Kid, do you think we care about that? ‘Cause surprise surprise, we don’t”, said the man chuckling darkly.
“The deal was half of it, not all”, you said calmly but still tensed.
The man turned around and looked chuckling at you.
“The thing is, what you say doesn’t matter. Not at all”, he said grinning at you. You scoffed but before you could continue you saw how Carl raised his gun.
“Deal is Deal”, growled Carl as the man turned around to him.
“Come on Kid, put that gun down you won’t shoot anyway”, said the other man grinning.
In the same moment Carl pointed at the ceiling and pulled the trigger producing a loud shot.
“I’m serious”, Carl growled before he continued.
“Now put them back”, Carl threatened while you saw two figures coming in through the door.
Rick and Negan.
Negans glance wandered from Carl to you and back before he turned around to him.
“Wow, really Kid?”, Negan asked chuckling.
“You should all go before you find out how dangerous we all are”, growled Carl, the gun still raised.
“Well, pardon me, young man. Excuse the sit out of my goddamn french but did you just fucking threaten me?”, asked Negan pointing at Carl who growled in response.
“I like you, so I don’t wanna go hard and prove a point here…again”, Negan continued while Carl finally lowered the gun.
“So whats the fucking problem, that Carl over here wants to shoot my men”, asked Negan raising his eyebrows.
“Your men want to take all the medicine and not the agreed half”, you said while Negan turned around to you by the sound of your voice.
He smirked while looking into your eyes, but just seconds later his glance got more serious before he turned around to his men.
“Alright…you leave the fucking medicine here”, he said shortly glancing at you and then back to his men.
“Everyth-”, began the shorter one to reply but got interrupted by Negan.
“Yeah fucking everything. But that doesnt change that this young man tried to cause some fucking trouble with one of my guns. So you know what I fucking guess Rick? I think you have way to many of my fucking guns”, he said looking over to Rick.
While Negan began to talk to Rick you felt how an unbearable pain shot through your body and made your legs feel like they couldn’t hold your body anymore. You heard how you gasped asyou stumbled backwards, while your eyes fluttered through the pain that just wouldn’t stop shooting through every inch of your body.
You felt how somebody grabbed you before you could stumble even more and how this person placed one hand on your back to stabilize you.
As you slowly looked up from your belly you didn’t saw into Ricks or Carl’s eyes, it were Negans.
“Holy crap Sweetheart are you alright?”, he asked looking at you while you tried to get your voice back.
“It’s coming”, was the only thing you could get out of your mouth before the pain shot again through your body.
Looking into his eyes you saw the shook in them, he swallowed hard and it seemed like he couldnt get a word out of his mouth.
You had made this man speechless for a moment.
You saw how he rallied himself , while you noticed that you had clawed your hands into the leather sleeves of his jacket.
Hell, why now?
Now when this man was here.
“Where’s your fucking doctor?”, Negan finally asked turning to Rick.
“Your men shot her some time ago”, you muttered before Rick could say anything.
Negan looked back at you while he breathed stressed out.
“Anybody else who knows how to deliver a fucking baby?”, he asked and you could hear that he tried to be as calm as he could.
You tired to get your pounding head to think about the people that could be in line for that.
Rosita was in the woods with Spencer.
She could be anywhere there.
The only one that came into your mind was Eric.
He had told you some time ago that he had assisted by one of the births while Pete had been the doctor here.
And that was better than nothing
“Maybe Eric, but I don’t know where he is”, you  said while your voice trembled.
“Okay Sweetheart, I’ll fucking stay here with you and we’re gonna bring this baby fucking healthy into the world, trust me”, he said still holding you tight before he ordered Rick to search for Eric.
“You’re not staying alone here with her”, said Carl suddenly glaring at Negan.
“Kid, do you really fucking think I’ll hurt her or what?”, Negan asked bewildered.
Carl scoffed while his glance gored through Negan.
“Alright, stay here or help your Dad search for that man, whatever”, Negan said before he looked back at you.
“Its too early, its coming too early”, you muttered trembling while you still tried to realize what was happening right now.
“Don’t worry Sweetheart. Its gonna be fucking alright”, Negan said stroking over your back.
He was calm now, or at least were good at pretending to be and with that, he surprised you.
Right now he wasnt that asshole, he was softer and more concerned than you ever thought this man could be.
Your legs began to become weak again and it seemed like Negan noticed that.
“I’ll get you to the cot”, you heard Negan mutter before he slowly lead you over to the cot.
Your legs trembled as you propped yourself against it and suddenly felt something wet running down your legs.
“Shit”, you muttered before you looked swallowing at Negan.
“Something wrong, Darling?”, you heard Negan ask with a concerned undertone.
“My water just broke”, you responded while you saw how Negan swallowed before he helped you get onto the cot
You laid there whille the pain of your first contraction decreased as Negan looked at you.
“Alright, we gotta get you out of those pants”, he said looking down on you before you slowly nodded.
Negan began gently slipping off your pants but as he went for your panties you jolted up by his touch.  
“Theres no reason to be shy, Sweetheart. Trust me, Ive already seen lady parts and I won’t touch you anywhere you don’t fucking want to”, he said.
”Okay”, you responed quietly nodding.
You looked over to Carl.
You could see that he tried his hardest to not let it show through how difficult this situation was for him.
You had been with them when Lori gave birth to Judith, had helped Maggie to get the baby out of Loris body and had seen how Carl had to see how his mother died.
And you had heard how he finally shot her.
If the situation right now sent you back to the moment his mom died through childbirth, then he would see the pictures before his eyes again also.
“Carl, you don’t have to stay if-”, you said but before you could go on Carl interrupted you.
“I’m staying”, he said determined while you heard Negan chuckle slightly.
You looked back at him, he had sat down on a chair and now he took your hand into his.
“What are you doing?”, you asked looking surprised at him.
“You’re gonna need something to fucking squeeze, right?”, he asked grinning.
That man that sat next to you, holding your hand had nothing in common with the man your friends had to met.
With the man that had bashed your friends heads.
And that confused you.
You didnt know how to get those two versions of him together.
How to see him anyways.
You were about to ask him why he was staying but you felt how everything in your lower stomach contracted again and the pain rushed through your whole body.
You began to tremble uncontrollably as your breath got faster and your heart pumped heavily against your chest while it felt like somebody was ripping your stomach.
The pain brought tears into your eyes and let them fall down your cheeks while you tried to not let the pain drive you insane.
You squeezed the living hell out of Negans hands while he stroke with his free hand over your lower arm, trying his best to help you through your pain.
Suddenly the door hit open and you saw how Eric rushed in, while you felt how the contraction got less strong again but left your body trembling.
“Rick told me-”, he said but suddenly stopped as he saw Negan sitting next to you while you saw how Negan began to grin.
Eric swallowed but walked then over to you.
“So you know how that whole fucking thing works?”, asked Negan looking at the swallowing Eric.
“I’m no doctor, but I helped once…I’ll try my very best", he said to Negan before his glance wandered over to you.
“Trust me”, Eric said while you responded with a nod because you couldn’t get a word out of your mouth.
You tried to calm yourself a bit down as the pain left your body, but you knew that it would come back, and that it would come back even worse.
You looked at your hand that was still grabbed tight around Negans and made his turn pale.
You shocked loosend your grip as you saw how hard you had squeezed it.
“No, no, its fucking okay, just keep doing it”, he said pulling your hand back into his after he had seen your glance.
“Thanks”, you forced with the last energy out of your trembling lips while he began letting his thumb circle soothing over the back of your hand.
“Any fucking time”, he said with a slight smile on his lips.
You stayed like that for not long until the next contraction started that was even worse than the others before and it just kept going like that.
Break and it just went on and on, while the breaks became smaller and the contractions so worse that you had the feeling that it would break your body.
You don’t know how long it went on like that but it felt like a eternity.
“Alright, (Y/N) you have to press”, said Eric and seemed to sound as calm as he could.
You followed his directions but it just felt like it helped nothing while the pain tortured you.
You heard Negan saying words and even if your pounding head and the gaze the pain had laid over you didnt let you hear what he was saying, his voice somehow calmed you a bit down.

The pain of the contraction finally decreased slowly and left you completely done.
Your ribcage went uncontrollably up and down and you felt as weak as never before.
“I don’t know how long I can go on”, you stumbled, your voice trembling almost as much as your whole body while you looked over to Negan.
“Alright, listen Sweetheart, you seem like a fucking brave and strong woman and I fucking bet you’ve went through a whole shitload of crap so you’ll fucking make it through this too”, Negan said calmly while he soothing squeezed your hand.
You nodded slowing your breath down and laying back into the pillow.
Suddenly Eric’s face went as white as a ghost.
“Whats wrong?”, you heard Negan ask concerned.
You looked to Eric and saw his hands and lower arms completely covered in blood while he stared swallowing over to Negan.
”I don’t think that much blood is normal”, it blustered out of his mouth while his eyes were widened.
Your breath got heavier again, while your body began shaking harder.
You didnt know what to do anymore.
Your head was muddled trough all the pain and your body felt like it couldnt take much more burden.
“What now?”, was the only thing you could get out of your mouth.
“I…I make it somehow happen..we have to go through this, theres no other way I can think of”, said Eric exhausted but still determined.
You saw yourself already dead, worse, your child dead and the thoughts of that made the panic increase and your eyes widened, while you began to quietly whimper.
“Shh, you’re doing a fucking great job (Y/N). You’re gonna make it through this, alright? We’re gonna deliver your baby fucking healthy, I fucking promise”, Negan said before he brought your hand to his face and brushed his lips over its back while his thumb kept circling soothing over it.
You tried to allow the feeling to calm you down, you didnt want the pain to take over your head even if it seemed often like it almost did.
And after a few moment his actions actually calmed you a little bit down before the next time wanted to test you again.
Eric did all he could.
Carl glanced supporting at you even if you saw how hard it was for him.
Negan kept sitting next to you, stood by your side the whole time, held your hand and somehow found the right words.
And you, you were trying your best to stay determined and not let the horrible pain get you down that kept trying to conquer your head after it had overtaken your body.
You don’t know how long it stayed like that.
How long the pain washed over you like a wave that tried to drown you again and again.
And even if it seemed almost impossible to you, Negan was definitely one of the reasons you could keep up.

You were almost completely down and out as you heard a scream and with that one moment you were complete awake again.
As your view began to be clear again was the first thing you saw Negan, his face turned away from you but you could still recognize how amazed and speechless he looked into a specific direction.
You followed his glance and saw how Eric walked towards you with a little body in his arms.
The little body of your baby.
As you felt how it was laid onto your chest, the feeling of pure happiness streamed through your whole body and seemed to wash all the pain out of it.
The last hours suddenly didnt matter anymore for now, they were more than worth it.
You looked at the little human that laid just covered by a small blanket in your arms while you felt how warm tears of happiness rolled down your cheeks.
After some time your glance went up and you saw into the faces of Carl, Eric and also Negan whose glances were directed on you and your child.
You smiled overjoyed and couldnt even stop doing so.
You were exhausted but you didnt care about that for now, you were just happy that your child laid healthy in your arms after that torture of birth.
You heard a knock on the door and just moments later a savior came in.
“Boss, the night has already descended. We should maybe leave…”, said the man with a nervous undertone.
“A third of you stay here with me over the night, the others leave. I don’t fucking care who… and now get the fuck out”, growled Negan before he looked back at you.
You looked asking at him before walked a bit towards you.
“Just wanna be on the fucking save side that you’re both doing well”, he said with a small smile on his lips.
It was not alike the saucy grin he had on face when you were standing by the gates, no, this time and also the whole time he was standing by your side it was a honest friendly smile you would never have expected from him.
You should hate him for what he had done and was still doing to your friends, but after these endless hours he had shown another side and you couldnt leave that side unnoticed.
Negan sat down next to you on the cot looked from you to your child after he had softly brushed a strand of hair out of your face.
“Thats some fucking miracle, huh?”, he said looking at the little bundle of joy in your arms.
“Yeah, it is”, you muttered smiling while you the hand of your baby wrapped around your finger.
“I’ll let you everything here you fucking need, you’re not gonna have to fucking worry about anything”, he muttered half in thoughts before he looked with a half smile up and you could see in his glance that he absolutely meant it.

That man who were a monster had also a humane side in him left you couldn’t deny and he didnt just proved it through the birth where he had stood by your side the whole time, he also stayed the whole night after it with you, making sure that you were alright.
You got to see this side of him even more and more and somehow, you seemed to let this side of him grow.

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Pregnancy - Carl Gallagher

Request: Can you do a Carl imagine where the reader Is pregnant and when the reader tells him and he runs away and the reader goes to Fiona crying and Fiona yells at Carl and fluffy ending please😀😀😀

Warnings: fluffy lil Carl, angry Carl, Carl being a dick

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader

Word Count: 1231


“Carl, I have something to tell you, but you have to promise me that you won’t freak out” I say to Carl as I put my hands on his shoulders to try and get him to sit down on the couch. He nods at me when we are both sitting down so I put his hands in mine and begin to speak. “Carl, I went to the free clinic today” He nods at me listening to my every word.

“I’m pregnant, Carl” I whisper out, hoping he can hear me.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He stands up and is now yelling at me “How could you let this happen? This is so fucking irresponsible of you” 

“Are you fucking serious?” I don’t know what the hell he thought was going to happen when he started yelling at me. 

“Are you seriously blaming this on me?” I am so mad at him I can’t help but stand and begin to walk away, I turn around to say one last thing “Maybe if you ever went to school you would know that it’s the sperm, which in fact comes from the penis that will get someone pregnant” and with that, I walk out the back door to go to the backyard.

This is where I see Fiona sitting and smoking on the stairs, I hated Carl in this moment. I felt like I was over reacting because how else was a 16 year old boy going to react to his girlfriend being pregnant. I heard the front door slam as I sat down with Fiona, I could feel the tears trying to work their way to the surface of my eyes but I wouldn’t let them. I didn’t want Fiona to see me crying because of Carl.

“What’s up with you, Y/N?” She looks at me and I give her a confused look “You came out here, sat down and didn’t say a word. You never walk into a room without saying a word” She nudges me with her shoulder and a fraction of a smile comes onto my face, I don’t feel like smiling right now.

“So, what is the problem?” Fiona asks me again and I feel like I have to tell her, she is like a sister to me even though I already have two.

“Don’t be mad” I look at her, I know she doesn’t want any of the kids to have children at a young age, I was here when Debby got pregnant and I saw how she reacted then.

“Fiona” I take a deep breath “I am pregnant” I tell her the same way I told Carl, maybe it will turn out differently this time. She lets out a deep breath and puts her head in her hands, I hear a low groan coming from her.

“Okay, we can deal with this” She stands up and starts pacing back and forth “You can just get an abortion like I did”

“I can’t just get rid of it, you know my family doesn’t have the money and they aren’t even going to let me in the house if I tell them that I am pregnant” I quickly say back, she knows all of this and still says it.

“I think Carl ran away, I told him and he said it was my fault then left” I told Fiona “I don’t know what to do, Fi. My life has gone to shit in just one day, how am I supposed to do anything with a baby” Fiona sits down beside me and hugs me. She hugged me until we heard the front door slam shut again. 

We walked back inside and like I suspected it was Carl, he was sitting on the couch when I walked into the kitchen to get to Debby’s room. I didn’t want to have to deal with Carl right now and I can’t just go home.

I make it to Debby’s room when I hear yelling coming from downstairs, it’s Fiona and Carl of course. Whenever they didn’t agree on something the whole house would know about it, Debby looked at me knowing it was my fault as soon as I got into her room.

I tell her everything that has happened and she was so excited for me, she said that it would be so much fun to have kids at the same time. But I can only see it as the rest of my life being taken away from me, I can’t do anything I want to do with a kid. She keeps talking to me to keep me distracted from the fight going on, I could only hear the muffled sounds through the wall.

I was laying on the bed looking at the ceiling when there was a soft knock on the door, I could hear the door opening slowly then a soft voice was heard.
“Y/N, can we talk” I turn my head to face the door, it was Carl peaking his head through. I sat up slowly, I could never be prepared for whatever is going to happen to us.

I walk into Carls room and sit on the bed across from the door, Carl walks in behind me and closes the door. He comes over to sit beside me on the bed, we both sit there in an awkward silence waiting for someone to speak, I know it’s not going to be me.

“I’m sorry, okay” Carl sighs, he was the first one to speak after almost 5 minutes, imagine that 5 minutes of silence with someone who just yelled at you.

“What are we going to do?” He asks me, he thinks I have thought up my life plan in the last 1 hour, he is dumber than I thought. 

“I have no idea, Carl” I sigh and look down to my fingers. I just want to go to sleep, I feel like this day has been going on forever.

“Hey maybe we can get on sixteen and pregnant and get money from being on the show” Carl jokes, but I can’t help but think about how good it would be to get the money from a tv show. I give him a weak smile and go to get up, Carl stands up behind me and reaches for my hand turning me around.

“I’m sorry baby” he points at my stomach and then looks back up to me “girl” Then he gives me a quick peck on the lips, when he pulls away he has a smirk on his face. He thinks he is so funny, making all of these jokes and it was but I couldn’t let him know that. 

He sits back down on the edge of the bed and looks at me, he softly tugs on my wrist to bring me down to his lap. He gives me a kiss on the forehead then, places a kiss on the tip of my nose. My smile is weak and I can feel the sleepiness growing stronger so I get off Carl’s lap and crawl into bed, I lay down and nudge Carls back with my foot indicating for him to come lay down. He gets into bed and snuggles up behind me placing his arm over my waist and onto my stomach, he begins to draw shapes onto it until I fall asleep.

“Home” Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2,300ish

Carl Grimes x Reader

Summary: In a world where Carl was the victim of Negan’s killings, reader recalls her relationship with Carl throughout the years with a series of flashbacks, leading up to her current day predicament.

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, implied smut, death

In honor of TWD new episode premiering in an hour!!

Flashbacks are in italics.

It was Carl’s eyes that attracted you first.

You two had met a long time ago, back at the farm. You were sitting inside your house, playing with your sister Beth when his dad carried him in. You remember the first time you had seen him for real was after your dad, Hershel, had performed surgery on him and everyone was sure he was going to be ok. You were so excited to have another person there around your age. When you looked at him, you thought he was so cute. His eyes were the most beautiful blue you’d ever seen. Of course, you never told him that.

“Daddy, who is that little boy?” You remember asking your dad after he finished the operation. “Is he going to be ok? Who are all these people?”

“His name is Carl. He was shot on accident, but he will live. He might like to meet you after all of this dies down. I don’t think their group had another little kid in it.”

“Boys are gross.” You had crinkled your nose.

A few days later, you happened to be walking into the kitchen when you caught a glimpse of him. He was still in pain from getting shot but he was doing better.

“I’m Carl.” He had told you. He had eyes just like his fathers did, only his were prettier. Freckles were covering his face, and he was wearing a sheriff hat.


The two of you were just little kids back then, and an instant friendship hit off. The two of you were inseparable, doing everything and anything together. You were there for the death of his mom, being the only one to comfort him since Rick had gone off the deep end.

You watched as Rick started crying once Maggie and Carl told him the news. The baby was born, but Lori died. You couldn’t help but shed a few tears yourself hearing of her death. She was such a nice woman to you and had always treated you like a daughter of her own.

Rick left, and by doing that he had left Carl completely by himself.

“Carl?” I had gone up to him in his cell one day.

“What do you want,” He had asked you dryly, as if he hadn’t spoken in days.

“I want absolutely nothing from you.” You had sat down next to him. He had looked up at you with tears in his eyes, but nothing ever fell. You pulled him into a hug, and the two of you stayed like that for hours, embracing each other.

The two of you had kept it strictly friendly until you arrived in Alexandria. Between being separated for months, to Terminus, there had been too many bad events after the governor blew up the prison for the two of you to explore anything different. But as soon as you got to Alexandria, and things calmed down, everything changed. When Carl saw you all dressed up at the welcoming party, he couldn’t deny his feelings for you any longer.

You pulled the dress over your head, looking at yourself in the mirror. You looked nice. Someone had lent you a dress to wear, which felt odd wearing since you hadn’t worn a dress since you were twelve. The fabric was comfortable but still beautiful, and it felt like a luxury. You had on makeup for the first time in your life, and your hair was down for what felt like the first time in ages. You always kept it up in a ponytail.

“You look beautiful, Y/N.” Maggie had told you. “You’re going to be the star of the show.”

“Doubtful.” You had laughed. “I’m still not sure how I feel about being here.”

“Me neither.”

“I wish Beth and Dad were here.” You had said quietly.

The party was awkward for you at first. Everyone seemed to know each other very well already, and you being a shy, quiet person did not help your socialization skills. Carl had seen you by yourself in the corner when he came up to you, linking his arm with yours. He looked really nice, and you couldn’t deny it. He was an attractive guy.

“Don’t be a loner,” He had said. “I met some people here around our age. You should give them a chance.”

“I’m never a loner, Grimes.” You smiled at him. He loved your smile, it made his heart weak every time he saw it.

“You look really good.” He gulped, sounding nervous.

“You don’t look too bad yourself. We clean up nice.”

He introduced you to everyone, and they all seemed nice enough. But you weren’t interested in spending time with any of them, not really. You just wanted to be with your best friend.

At some point during the night, you pulled him away to get away from the stuffiness of the room.

“Too many people,” You had said after the two of you got outside. You were walking around the streets, something that you hadn’t got to do for a long time with a sense of safety.

The two of you were holding hands as you walked, something that you always did. Both of you always said it was just a friendly thing, to other people and each other, but the both of you had felt inside that it was more.

“This is nice. I kinda like it here.” You told him. “I’m not exactly comfortable with it yet, but for now, I decided I’m going to enjoy it.”

“Y/N, I like you.” He had blurted in response, something completely off topic, but you hadn’t cared.

“What?” You wanted to hear him say it again.

“I like you.” He said it more quietly that time.  You looked into his eyes, bringing your faces together.

“Well it’s a good thing I like you, too, Grimes.” You whispered, and brought him into a kiss.

Things had gone well for a long time. The two of you were officially together, at least as together as you could be during the state of the world. The only problem had occurred when Ron decided that he liked you, too. It was a big deal- Carl was very protective boyfriend, and seeing Ron try to break you too up did not go down well.

“I’m going to kill him.” Carl growled, pacing back and forth inside of your room.

You had just told him about how Ron had come up to you earlier during the day and attempted to make a move on you. At first, he was just telling you how beautiful you were. This wasn’t a big deal to you- it was just a compliment, nothing to make a big deal about. But then he mentioned something about how Carl couldn’t make you happy like he could. And then he tried to kiss you. He almost got close to touching your lips before you realized what was going on and you kneed him in his weak spot.

You had debated whether or not to tell Carl. You knew that there was a lot of friction between the two of them, and this would just make it worse. But you also knew that if someone had made a move on him like that, you would want to know.

“I already put him in his place, please don’t.” You had begged.

“Too fucking bad. He doesn’t get to touch my girl.”

You watched him as he stomped out the door. You were going to follow him out the door, but decided that you would rather not see Carl beat someone up.

Turns out, you didn’t get that choice, because Ron happened to be walking by your house when Carl got outside. You could see it all from your window.

Carl didn’t even say anything as he went up to Ron and punched him in the face. You gasped as Ron stumbled slightly, but before he could hit back, Carl clocked him again.

This went on for what felt like forever, although you’re sure it was only a few seconds, before Rick came and broke it up. You thought he was going to yell at Carl, but surprisingly, he just gave Ron a stern look and told him to go home.

When Carl came back into your house, he had started kissing you with more hunger than you had experienced from him before. Sure, you’ve made out before, but it was usually quite innocent as the both of you were very inexperienced.

“You are mine.” He had told you, picking you up and setting you on the bed.

“I’m yours, Carl. Only yours.” You moaned as he started kissing your neck.

Things picked up after that. Ron never messed with the two of you again. The two of you were undoubtedly in love with each other- everyone could see it. Besides the sneaking around to have sex, the two of you were well accepted by the group and no one protested like you two had thought they might- especially Maggie. Being her only living relative left, she was quite protective of you.

“So, we need to talk.” Maggie had come up to you one day while you were washing clothes.

“Okay.” You set down the shirt to give her your full attention.

“You and Carl are getting serious, right?”

“I guess, yeah.” You had shrugged.

“I’ve heard some… Rumors about the two of you guys. I just wanted to make sure you’re being safe.” Maggie looked uncomfortable. She loved you with all her heart, but she also knew that she couldn’t stop you from doing anything.

“Where exactly are you hearing this from?” You had questioned her, starting to panic. You thought that the two of you were being sneaky and no one had known that you took your relationship a step further.

“Daryl might have seen you two hooking up while he was on night watch. And I might have heard you guys before when you thought you were alone.”

“Oh my god.” You had blushed, embarrassed.

“We didn’t want to make you guys feel embarrassed. We just all want you to be safe, Rick included.”

“Rick knows?!” You had basically yelled. You wanted to die right then and there.

“He might have also heard you guys a few times when you thought you were alone.” Maggie looked like she was going to start laughing at any moment.

“Please kill me. I can never face anybody again.” You had groaned.

Besides the relentless teasing you experienced after that, you two were happy as you could possibly be. You two would be with each other at every given moment of the day, except for at nights when you were forced to go home. But half the time you would just sneak out to see each other, anyways.

When Alexandria came under attack, you thought you were going to die. Carl was the one who kept you calm and collected as you walked through the walkers. He kept squeezing your hand in reassurance the entire time. But then the plan went to shit when Sam started freaking out. Sam got bit, which made Jessie get bit. Which lead to Carl getting shot in the eye.

For a while after that, Carl refused to talk to you. He wouldn’t let you see him, no matter how much you told him that his eye being gone would not change your opinion of him.

“Don’t come in here.” He had warned you from his room, you standing in the hallway.

“Carl, you can’t avoid me forever.” You sighed, leaning against the doorway.

“I’m ugly. You’re not going to want me anymore. I’m hideous.” He sounded choked up.

You had enough. You walked into his room, and touched his shoulder, him still standing with his back to you.

“Let me see.” You whispered. Carl turned around slowly, showing you a bandage wrapped around his face, his eye socket covered.

When you didn’t say anything, he turned around quickly and pushed you away.

“Get out of here.” He whispered, tears forming in his eye.

“Carl,” you turned him around. “You’re the most handsome man I have ever seen in my life, regardless if you are missing an eye or not. I still want you. You are not, and never will be, ugly.” You poured you heart out to him.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He smiled. You pulled him into a kiss, making sure to be gentle as you didn’t know his pain level.

“I love you.” You finally said. You had been wanting to say that for a long time, but were waiting until the right moment.

“I love you, too.”

Things were finally going smoothly after that. The walls of Alexandria were rebuilt, Carl’s eye socket healed (he looked the governor, but you would never tell him that- he was already insecure), and your group was doing well after everything that had happened.

Carl was coming to terms with the fact that he lost his eye, but it was still hard for him. He acted like he didn’t care, like he was this big, strong man, but you knew better. He was insecure. But things were getting better.

That was until you met Negan.

You can remember that night like it was yesterday, all the events of what happened. They’re fresh in your memory, leaving you with nightmares every night of what happened.

You were all forced to sit on your knees in a line as you met the leader of the Saviors.

You were scared, although you wouldn’t admit it. You kept glancing down over to Carl, waiting in anticipation for the man to show up. You knew something bad was going to happen. Rick had killed a bunch of his men, and now he has your entire group in his lineup- it wouldn’t end nicely.

The era of power surrounding him was like none you had ever experienced before. He was immediately directed towards Rick.

The way he spoke to him, it was so condescending and power filled. It terrified you.

Then he started taunting everyone as he chose who he was going to kill. He turned a child’s game song into something entirely different, very sadistic.

It landed on Abraham.

Nobody dared to say anything. Especially not you, once you heard Negan’s threat to cut out Carl’s other eye. You cried, the tears blinding your vision, but you could still hear the whack of his bat bashing in Abraham’s skull.

You thought it was over. He said one person.

But then he dragged Carl out.

And started bashing in his head.

You couldn’t control yourself this time. You started screaming and reaching out for him, but one of Negan’s men stopped you. You sobbed and screamed as Carl’s head eventually turned into nothing, just smashed brain and blood.

Negan was laughing at this, at all of this. You tried your hardest to escape from their grips, but you couldn’t.

“You, what’s your name?” Negan came up to you.

“Y/N.” You spat. The group watched you, looks of terror filling their faces. Maggie started crying, thinking she was going to lose you.

“I thought I said not to fucking get up, what the fuck happened to that?”

“You just-“ You couldn’t even finish your sentence, you were crying too hard.

“Oh, were the two of you together? My apologies.” He laughs. “Not.”

“If you weren’t so fucking disrespectful and you knew how to listen, I’d make you one of my wives. Goddamn shame.” Negan continued.

You thought he was going to kill you, but instead, he just moved on to keep talking to the group. Taunting them, tearing them down.

You still missed him to this day. He was the love of your life, and he would always be in your mind. You would never forget about him.

“What’s up, Y/N? You look like you’re about to cry like a little baby.” Negan showed up. He snapped you out of your thoughts, your memories of what you and Carl were.

“I’m good.” You smile weakly, hoping to fool him. You don’t show weakness around him. You can’t, not if you don’t want to be punished.

“Great, ‘cause I need my good girl right now.” He snakes his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

That night, he didn’t let you free. He took you in as prisoner, but his lust for you outgrew his anger. He was never going to let you leave, he let you know that every single day. He refused to make you one of his wives, and although he still claims that he doesn’t fuck anyone outside of them, he makes some pretty bold moves on you.

The only thing that gets you through the day is reminiscing about Carl, remembering the good times you had with him.

You tell yourself every day that you will get out of here. You will go home, you will see your sister again. But the longer you’re there, the longer you give up hope that you’re ever get to leave. You’re watched every moment of the day, whether it’s by Negan’s minions or by Negan himself.

Negan takes you to the bedroom, but doesn’t stay in there with you. He just slaps your ass and walks away, locking the door behind him. You walk over to the desk, grabbing a pen and writing out a couple simple sentences, letting a tear fall onto the page as you slammed the journal shut afterward. The person it was directe to wasn’t ever going to see it, and Negan would kill you if he saw it, but it gave you hope. Hope that everything would be ok.

‘Rise up, Rick. Save us. Bring me home.’

This Feeling.



Part I: White Boy

Part II: Fucking Gallaghers

Part III: Is She Telling The Truth?

You awoke in your bedroom staring at the ceiling trying to find an answer, was she telling the truth? Did her and Carl really hook up again? You turned over to your side trying to close your eyes and get the imagine out of your head but it kept on going like if it was stuck on repeat.

Just the image of Carl and Dominique in bed together, it hurt you and you couldn’t fully understand why and before you could try and make up any reason you heard a soft knock at your door which caused you to turn and then it was wide open revealing a white- your white boy with his hair all in a mess, he combed it back and smiled at you.

Seeing him smile, it warmed your body but you didn’t want to accept the reasons why this white boy did so much to your mind and heart. “Carl, just got out of work?” You asked watching him take off his shoes and lay in your bed “Yeah, I’m exhausted. You know I miss you being in school.” He said placing an arm under your neck laying straight with his face looking at your plain ceiling “I miss doing something with myself, doc says I’ll be good for school next week.” You said looking up at him hoping for him to make eye contact with you, but nothing. “Good, I’m lonely without you (Y/N/N) I need you.” He said pulling you closer to his side.

This shocked you, it was the first time you and him had done anything physical since your kiss in the hospital but you didn’t object to the contact because you craved his warmth and comfort, for some odd reason this little white boy made you feel safe. “You need me? Or my petty attitude towards certain females?” You asked rolling your eyes and this time Carl looked straight at you cupping your face with his other hand gently “No (Y/N) I need you, you’re my only .. friend and I need someone who’s going to keep it real with me hundred percent.” He said kissing your forehead softly “Well the hair is truly your best asset, and the smile.” You said winking at him laughing causing him to laugh “You don’t know how good it is to laugh with someone.” He said as he began to play with your hair gently lacing his fingers around your hair.

You laid your head on his chest and began to listen to his heartbeat which was bringing you closer and closer to sleep, until you allowed your body to fall into a deep sleep which is exactly what the doctor ordered. Nearly ten minutes had passed until Carl finally realized that you had fallen asleep, he smiled and continued playing with your hair as he heard his phone buzz continuously and when he finally gave it and grabbed it with his other hand being careful not to move he realized it was Dominique who was calling him he declined her call and laid the phone back on the nightstand.

“You like her don’t you?” He heard a voice coming from the door causing him to jump a little, once he realized it was your brother he relaxed and began to stroke your face with his finger “My heart tells me yes but my mind tells me I’ll never be worth it. She’ll only see me as a friend but I appreciate you helping me out.” Carl said to your brother. Him and Carl had made a deal because your brother saw the way Carl looked at you when he would pick you up from school so your brother took it upon himself to approach Carl and make the plan that worked out beautifully in the end.

“Man, you can’t be that blind. She’s got a little something something for you man. She’s a girl who doesn’t take much interest in people but she’s fond of you, so that means something. I mean hey, it’s up to you both but don’t hurt my baby sister man she’s gonna need someone to protect her when I’m not here.” Your brother said leaving the room and making his way downstairs. Carl then looked down at you as you snuggled into his body causing him to wrap both of his arms around you.

“Damn (Y/N) it wasn’t suppose to be this way man. Fuck. Why’d you have to be so fucking smart, talented, kind, sweet, beautiful, caring, awesome. Fuck! I was suppose to get back him Dom for fuck sake but then you came and changed my whole life around and all you did was call me White boy. And now here I am at your side, gaining more feelings for you (Y/N). In school I think of you, at home I think about you, at work I think about you, fuck, you’re right next to me now and I’m thinking about you. What the fuck man.” Carl said softly trying to not wake you up but trying to collect his thoughts “If this is what loves is then I’m completely fucked.” Carl said kissing your forehead one last time before gently sliding his body away from your wrapping you up in blankets and leaving your house while walking to Kevin and V’s place.

He pounded on the door “Kev, I need your help man!” Carl yelled but when the door opened it was V he saw standing in front of him “Kev is busy Carl, you get me. What’s up little man?” She asked gesturing for him to come inside once Carl walked in he didn’t see the twins, he put two and two together and realized Kev was with them “I need help, but you have to promise not to tell Fiona or try and be slick and tell Kev.” Carl said sneering at her because of what she did last time.

“Are you in any trouble?” V asked full of concern “No, for once it’s not about trouble it’s about feelings that I’ve been having.” Carl said fiddling with his hands no feeling comfortable talking about his situation with anyone but he needed to know what he was feeling. “Go on.” V said leaning back into her couch watching Carl’s actions and face she knew what was happening to him before he even told her what was going on but she let him speak.

“There’s this girl (Y/N) who I was using to help me get back with Dominique because I really wanted to be with Dominique again, but I feel differently when I’m with (Y/N) than when I’m with Dominique. This shit is confusing. I love being around (Y/N), I like her smile, her laugh, her hair, her jokes, her intelligence, her caring heart, I like everything about her. When I’m with her I just want to keep her next to me forever, I feel invincible when she’s around me like I could be anything I want to be. Yet with Dominique it’s all about our history, how we started, what we did, what she did, what I did for her but she never appreciated a damn thing I did. Fuck she even cheated on me so why should I want that bitch back.” Carl said crossing his arms.

“You shouldn’t be calling no woman a bitch but I guess that little harlot is a bitch.” V said looking at Carl “Carl, you’re so young but it’s sounds like you’re in love. Everything you just said is exactly how I felt when I started dating Kev, have you told her you like her?” V asked with interest “No because she’s so stuck on the idea that I was only using her which I was but it’s so different than that now.” Carl said sighing running his hands through his hair “Fuck, why does this have to be so hard.” Carl said softly to himself before looking at V and giving her a hug “Thank you.” He said before leaving and walking to his house but when he reached the doorstep there was someone he wasn’t expecting on it.

“Carl, you left your sweater.. but I kinda got cold on the way here so I put it on” (Y/N) said smiling at him and before she could say anything else Carl dove in to kiss her softly on the lips “Looks better on you honestly. Keep it.” He said grabbing her hand helping her up from the porch “Want to stay for dinner? Foods probably going to be shitty but it’s better than nothing.” Carl said in a hopeful tone that she’d say yes. When she nodded he smiled warmly “Great, you get to meet the rest of the gang.” Carl said opening the door allowing her to step in first when he saw her walk in and watch Liam grab her hand he knew she would fit well in this functional dysfunctional family.

“I’m home guys! I brought a good friend of mine!” Carl said before closing the door behind him. If she could survive a night with the Gallaghers maybe she could survive a relationship with one, but only the night would be able to tell.
We're the Ones Who Live: Richonne One Shots Chapter 3: Homecoming, a Walking Dead fanfic | FanFiction
A combination of prompts from Yjaxninja on Fanfiction and Jasminesd on Tumblr. Michonne is back home after the battle against the Saviors and the Garbage Pail Kids. Rick and Carl dote on her.

A teaser of Chapter 3:

Originally posted by sugarh16

“Carl, hold the door.”

“Rick, I promise you—”

“I’ve got it!”

Carl leapt eagerly ahead of them, wrenching the front door open as though he was attempting to yank it off its hinges. Michonne’s protests fell on deaf ears. Rick was practically carrying her, her feet just brushing the ground as they maneuvered her inside.

“Go grab some extra blankets,” Rick’s next instruction to his son sent Carl scurrying for the upstairs closet. Michonne braced herself for the task of climbing the stairs, but Rick turned her firmly to the living room.

“Where?” she began to question.

“You’re not sleeping up there on the floor,” his tone left no space for argument. “I’ll find us a bed next week. Until then…” he deposited Michonne gently on the living room couch.

She sank deeply into several layers of pillows and blankets, nearly losing sight of Rick as the warm fabrics enveloped her. Carl came thundering back down the stairs, clutching a stack of even more blankets.

“Is this enough, dad?” he asked, slightly breathless.

“Should be,” Rick gratefully accepted them from his son, setting the stack on one of the armrests.

“Where’s Judith?” Michonne cast her eyes about for her daughter, desperate to see the little girl.

“Go get your sister,” Rick delivered the mandate to Carl. The teenager was already moving out of the room. Rick immediately set about adjusting the blankets and pillows, creating a cocoon around Michonne.

“Rick, you don’t have to—”

“Hush,” he silenced her firmly, leaning down to kiss her forehead. She closed her eyes against his affections, pleased that for the first time in nearly a week, it did not pain her to have contact with him.

“You’re hurt too,” she reminded him. Rick shrugged as though his wound was inconsequential.

“I’m fine,” he assured her. Behind them, the sounds of Judith babbling delightedly grew louder as she approached with her brother.

“Rick, is my face?” A sharp spike of panic went through her. She didn’t want to scare Judith.

“It’s beautiful,” he punctuated his point by running a finger over her features, smiling at her in that way he did when they were alone. Michonne leaned up, ignoring the protesting in her ribs, to brush a kiss over his lips.

“Look who’s here, Judy,” Carl’s voice was bright, the tone he reserved only for his sister.

Judith’s babbling increased, her excitement blossoming at the sight of all her favorite people in one room. Carl brought her carefully to the couch, balancing her between Michonne’s legs and a pile of cushions. Judith immediately began to bounce her hands on Michonne, a familiar game they often played. Michonne smiled, sitting up to drop kisses all over the little girl’s face.

“Carl and Enid are going to keep her today,” Rick spoke up, smiling as he toyed with his daughter’s hair. “So you can rest.”

“Rick, I—”

“You’re done taking breaks, I know,” he smiled indulgently at her.

“Just one more day, mom,” Carl requested, already reaching for Judith.

“Just one more,” Rick echoed, reaching for her hand.

“All right,” she gave in, taking in her family in front of her. “Don’t go far,” she requested of her surrogate son. “I want us to all eat dinner together.”

“Deal,” Carl seized Judith, bringing her back up to his chest with a flourish that set the toddler giggling.

“Bring Enid,” Michonne added.

“I will,” Carl promised. He paused for a moment before leaning in, squeezing her lightly. Michonne wrapped her arms around him and crushed him into a hug. Carl chuckled against her. “Need anything else?”

Michonne shook her head, grinning. “I’ve got your dad to boss around.”

“Have a good day son,” Rick sent Carl off with a pat to the back of his neck.

“Stay safe,” Michonne added, leaning backwards into her fortress of pillows.

Carl was gone with a nod and a shouted “I love you,” slamming back out of the front door.

“It’s just you and me,” Rick smiled at Michonne, pushing a loose loc out of her face. “You should take a nap,” he suggested.

“Come take one with me,” she reached for him, feeling very much like Judith as she attempted to coax Rick into joining her.

“I don’t want to take up your space,” he attempted to stand but Michonne stilled him with an arm around his wrist.

“Rick,” it was her turn to be bossy, “get over here.”

He smiled, his whole face wrinkling in amusement. “Yes ma'am,” he complied, removing his shoes and sliding behind her. She guided his arms around her, her body relaxing at the feel of him against her.

“I’m glad I’m home,” she exhaled, burrowing closer to him.

Rick maneuvered his face into the crook of her shoulder, laying his cheek against hers in a well-practiced move. “I’m glad you’re home too,” he whispered.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been on the couch like this,” she mused.

She could feel his grin widening. “I’m pretty sure I remember the last time.”

“Yeah?” she teased.

“You kissed me,” his hand toyed with the edges of her shirt, the fingers just brushing the skin at her stomach.

“I kissed you?” she asked incredulously.

“Yup. You were so overcome by my gift that you practically threw yourself at me,” his laugh danced across his words.

“Oh really?” Michonne squirmed against him, attempting to face him. Rick assisted her, spinning her around. “I seem to remember you holding my hand.”

“And then you kissed me,” he reiterated, laughing out right now.

“I kissed you back,” she corrected.

He shrugged. “Semantics,” he ended the argument by re-enacting the night in question, pressing his lips against her.

Michonne responded eagerly, desperate for the contact that she hadn’t had in a week. Rick indulged her for a moment. When she wrapped her arms around his shoulder and lifted her leg to lay it across his, he pulled back.

“Hun, wait,” he leaned back, inspecting her. Michonne knew why he paused and wasted no time in objecting.

“You want me to feel better?” she asked.

Rick nodded, looking skeptical. “Of course.”

“This always makes me feel better,” she closed the distance between them, slanting her mouth back over his. He hesitated for the briefest of moments, until a low groan escaped him. Michonne smiled into their kiss.

“Let me know if I hurt you,” he gave in as her hands fingered the buttons of his black shirt.

Continued in the link!

Think about it, Mom. Everything that’s happened to him so far— nothing’s killed him yet.


The Walking Dead + reunions

8.14: You idiots. Hubris is bad. As if messing with the balance of nature, of Heaven and Hell, wasn’t bound to kick off three and a half years of increasingly awful and catastrophic Cosmic Consequences…

They have NO IDEA of the level of shit they’re stirring up by deciding to slam the gates of Hell. Yet they do it anyway.

(well hello there Dabb… I see your themes… )

Dean’s reveling in having his own room, while Sam’s feeling a little lost. Dean’s nesting, cooking real food in a real kitchen, but he doesn’t even get to enjoy his burger when they get an emergency call from Kevin and rush out to Garth’s safehouseboat.

DEAN: Wow. You look like hammered crap.

(said to Cas in 12.12)

Kevin tells them about the trials, and Dean’s suddenly very excited about the prospect.

SAM: Get some shut-eye. Take a day off. Open a window.
KEVIN: No. You said nuking hell – that’s how I get out. That’s how I go home.
SAM: Right, it is, but you can’t live like this.
KEVIN: You think I want to? I hate it here. I can’t leave because every demon on the planet wants to peel my face off. I can’t talk to anyone except you guys or Garth, when he swings by, or my mom. Right? And when she calls, all she does is cry. I just… I need this to be over.
SAM: I know. I do. But trust me on this – this whole “saving the world” thing – it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You got to take better care of yourself.

Thing is, five minutes later, Dean tells Kevin pretty much the opposite, giving him pep pills and painkillers:

SAM: [Quietly.] You sure about that?
DEAN: [Quietly.] Sam, we are on the one-yard-line. It is time to play through the pain.

At the ranch, Sam and Dean make some assumptions over who was most likely to have made the demon deal ten years ago, just based on a very surface-level read of the people who live and work there:

SAM: So, what are we thinking?
DEAN: What, dealwise? Well, Ellie’s the help, so that rules her out.
SAM: And Carl doesn’t really seem like the sell-your-soul type. So, Alice?

Major assumptions, most of which prove wrong. Dean seems to forget that someone made a deal to get rich and is ready to leave to find another upcoming victim of a hellhound, but Sam actually figures out that more than one person made a deal… So Dean puts his suicidal plan to summon a crossroads demon and force it to summon a hellhound for them on hold.

Ellie lays out the family’s entire sordid history for Sam and Dean, and yet they’re still not sure who else made the demon deal that made the family suddenly wealthy ten years earlier, since Carl made his deal for love.

Ellie may have been “the help,” but she’d made a selfless deal for her mother’s life. It’s the sort of deal Dean understands all too well. Carl might not seem like the “sell-your-soul type,” but he’d traded it away to force Alice to fall in love with him, because he’d been in love with her. Over dinner, Sam hears them all mention Crowley. Any or all of them may have made a deal, and they have no way of knowing who.

Margot is the next to die, and she’d been the one who seemed least likely to have made the deal. Dean explains to the rest of them about demon deals and hellhounds, and they all think he’s nuts. None of them confess to having made the deal, so Dean leaves Sam to figure it out while he goes out to hunt the hellhounds.

DEAN: No, I need you to be safe, Sam, okay? That’s what I need.
SAM: What? What am I – when are WE ever safe?
DEAN: This is different.
SAM: How?
DEAN: Because of the three trials crap – God’s little obstacle course. We’ve been down roads like this before, man – with Yellow-Eyes, Lucifer, Dick friggin’ Roman. We both know where this ends – one of us dies… Or worse.
SAM: So, what – you just up and decided it’s gonna be you?
DEAN: I’m a grunt, Sam. You’re not. You’ve always been the brains of this operation.
SAM: Dean—
DEAN: And you told me yourself that you see a way out. You see a light at the end of this ugly-ass tunnel. I don’t. But I tell you what I do know – it’s that I’m gonna die with a gun in my hand. ‘Cause that’s what I have waiting for me – that’s all I have waiting for me. I want you to get out. I want you to have a life – become a man of Letters, whatever. You, with a wife and kids and – and – and grandkids, living till you’re fat and bald and chugging Viagra – that is my perfect ending, and it’s the only one that I’m gonna get. So I’m gonna do these trials. I’m gonna do them alone – end of story. You’re staying here. I’m going out there. If landshark comes knocking, you call me. If you try to follow me, I’m gonna put a bullet in your damn leg.

Out in the barn, Dean finds Ellie trying to enjoy her last night on earth because she knew the results of the deal she’d made.

ELLIE: He didn’t make me do anything. My mom – she had Parkinson’s – early stages, and I knew how that story would end. So I took the deal. Ma is retired down in Phoenix now, plays golf every day.
DEAN: That was a stupid move, Ellie.
ELLIE: I did it for my mom, Dean. What would YOU do for your mom?

Dean is injured fighting the hellhound, and loses his glasses. It’s Sam who ends up killing it and bathing in its blood. Dean tries to insist they find another hellhound to kill when the spell doesn’t work for him…

SAM: I’m closing the gates. It’s a suicide mission for you.
DEAN: Sam…
SAM: I want to slam hell shut, too, okay? But I want to survive it. I want to live, and so should you. You have friends up here, family. I mean, hell, you even got your own room now. You were right, okay? I see light at the end of this tunnel. And I’m sorry you don’t – I am. But it’s there. And if you come with me, I can take you to it.
DEAN: Sam, be smart.
SAM: I AM smart, and so are you. You’re not a grunt, Dean. You’re a genius – when it comes to lore, to – you’re the best damn hunter I have ever seen – better than me, better than dad. I believe in you, Dean. So, please – please believe in me, too.

Dean hands over the spell, and then watches as it burns through Sam’s arm, feeling horribly guilty that it’s Sam suffering through the trials instead of him…

But really all of that is besides the point of the fact that NEITHER OF THEM should’ve been attempting the trials, because it shouldn’t have been up to them to alter the entire balance of the universe.


Y/N: I’ll tell you what, you win and I’ll give you half the Hershey in my bag…deal?

Carl: Oh, you are so on.

valentinecult  asked:

Something that I am still not really getting. Why exactly was Amane interested in Carl in the first place, yet he kinda lost interest in him in Central Fiction?

Amane liked Carl bc he was cute, and he wanted him in his troupe. There is a small theory that Amane was interested in him because Carl has been noted by Rachel to have some potential that will make him a major player in future events, and Amane knows about this. Still, it’s just a theory.

He lost interest in him during CF because there were more important things happening. The end of the world is kind of a big deal, and Carl was heading down a really dark path.