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bbRusty and bbHags in 2009!

And for more Yelling About Rusty and Hags, please have this article from 2008 about Rusty’s brother, Matt, who played NCAA hockey for University of Michigan, where he was teammates with Carl Hagelin and was infamous for a YouTube of him dancing to Fergie’s Glamorous, a song that Rusty and Hags did a perfectly choreographed dance routine to at the Cup party after the Pirates game this year, nine years later IM FINE NO ONE LOOK AT ME.

sometimes i think about how carl gallagher shaved his dad’s head when he heard about his dad’s failing liver so it would let the sunshine in and he could get better

and i cry because he’s everything to me

he respects girls and wants to help people who are important to him

he’s so loyal and wow

he may be really troubled when he grows up but he cares so much and you can really see it through his actions. 

no matter how mad he is at you he will help you, and he’ll give you everything even if you hurt him

anonymous asked:

so really like jack and carl are basically the jock inverse of steve and bucky's nerd pairing?

Haha! That’s a funny way to think of it but yeah, kinda? I mean, Bucky’s a bit of a jock himself, and Carl’s definitely got an affinity for Zelda, Battlestar Galactica, and spends way too much time trying to convince his frat bros to play Settlers of Catan. So there’s some overlap - none of them are just one of anything. 

Like if I were to mess around with high school stereotypes, I’d saaaay -

Bucky is 50% straight-A jock 50% science geek
Steve is 50% art weirdo and 50% student activist
Carl is 50% stoner honors kid 50% brainless jock
Jack is 50% gym rat 50% Princess

But at a very basic level, yes, they are the jocks to Steve and Bucky’s nerds, lol.