I’d just like to point out that knowing someone in person and knowing someone emotionally are practically one in the same—knowing someone emotionally is better, in my opinion. You can fall in love with a person in any way, and the physical aspects are not the only things that matter in a relationship. Sometimes, yes, the physical attraction and melding can lack when the two are finally together in a physical aspect, but if you truly love each other and have gotten to know them, it’ll be there.

Carissa, my best friend.

Hm. This isn’t really a quote, but something my best friend said to me when I was having trouble dealing with the distance emotionally. 


carissasaur said: So cute let’s smoke together <3


carissasaur replied to your post “Some guy is being a HUGE fucking twat on my friend’s status and he is…”

i will help :P

“LOFL. It’s called parenting. Tell your child he has a penis THEREFORE HE’S A FUCKING BOY. All this other crap is just that: crap.”

“I have never in my life heard of a child saying some mature shit to his parents like "I think I was supposed to be a girl and I need a physical gender change” or whatever. Not until this new-age progressive era of lunacy.“

Direct quotes from the kid I plan to kill. 

carissasaur asked:


2: Talk about your first kiss

omg it was when i was 11 with my “first boyfriend” (ie it wasn’t a REAL relationship but yea) and it was around a bunch of ppl after school but nothing special just a peck after i was hugging him goodbye. but young sarah adored him and i had butterflies for the next 2 hours

10: Talk about the biggest fight you’ve ever had

ummm the biggest physical fight i’ve had was with my mom. she decided to punch me in the face so i pushed her down the stairs…………… we’re on much better terms now though! but idk what the biggest verbal/emotional fight i’ve had was

15: Talk about the time you were most content in life

probably just this past October of 2014. working my first job w/ amazing coworkers, was getting good grades in school w minimal anxiety, was happy with magnus, didn’t have a depressive episode like i usually do in the fall, and i had a good idea of what i wanted in the near future. just overall i felt in control and productive and confident, which was great

33: Talk about what you do when you are sad

i’m not very proactive w this stuff so a lot of the time when i’m upset i just sleep. but sometimes i’ll vent to a friend and cry or watch cute animal videos which helps a lot!!! love u animals :^)