carini arts

John: You’re a demon trying to stop the world from ending?

March: …yes.

A quick and silly doodle of Team Hellblazer meeting Stella Carini and the demon Marchosias / March, the two main characters from a story idea of mine. I thought it would be amusing to sketch out a ‘what if’ meeting between the five of them since Stella and March are also in the apocalypse prevention business.

Michael Carini | Behind The Paint

Sometimes I post images that show a painting at several phases and it will prompt someone to comment that they prefer the painting at an earlier stage than the stage of completion. What they may fail to realize is that my goal is not to paint a pretty picture. My goal is to tell a story. Not every story is clean and pretty. Some stories are muddy and stormy. Of course many would prefer a clean story…a pretty story that is simple and without chaos. Sometimes the stories life paints aren’t quite as we hope or plan though. They just are what they are. Whatever those stories are and whatever form they take, if those stories are honest, they are beautiful. These are my stories and I make no apologies.