Reasons Why Sims Society is Better than Ours

1. Sex is ALWAYS consensual. You can not WooHoo with anyone if they are not 100% into it too. 

2.You can love WHOEVER you want, same sex, opposite sex, aliens, robots, werewolves, ghosts, politicians with no judgement from your neighbors. 

3. Men and Women get paid the SAME amount for the same damn job. Equal fucking rights. 

4. Free health care.

5. It takes less than a minute for police and firefighters to reach any house once dispatched. 

6. If  child is being neglected or abused, a social worker automatically finds out and takes the child away from an unhealthy environment. 

7. Adopting a child is free, easy, and known abusers of children can’t adopt. 98% of Sim orphans find a loving home before they reach their teen years. 

8. Racism is just not a thing. 

9. Universities have free tuition; the only cost is how much it is to live on campus. 

10. The motherlode cheat. 

Two California school districts raised attendance rates by installing washers and dryers in their schools. Due to a large number of homeless or low-income families, students were missing an average of 12 days per year because they often stayed home when they had no clean clothes. After offering laundry services, 89% of students had increased classroom participation, 95% participated in more extracurricular activities, and the average number of absences dropped to 3.5. Source Source 2

Orlando hospitals didn’t charge the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting for their treatment. Those wounded in the tragedy collectively owed about $5.5 million in medical bills, but local hospitals announced they would write off all out-of-pocket fees, saying “many organizations, individuals and charities have reached out to Orlando Health to show their support. This is simply our way of paying that kindness forward.” Source Source 2


“Trans rights are human rights.” This moving video features 21 transgender people in Asia and across the Pacific sharing their experiences with their families, healthcare providers, government entities and more, and how those experiences were shaped by their trans status. 

Together with UNAIDS, the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network released the video for special recognition today, Zero Discrimination Day, which is “a day to celebrate everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity no matter what they look like, where they come from or who they love.” (via Gay Star News)

You have to stop swallowing compliments like you’re dry swallowing a pill, and instead, fold them up and keep them in your pocket. I know you have been called beautiful but you never really believed it. I’m telling you to believe it. You don’t need anyone to point that out, you were beautiful before anyone said so. As human beings, we are composed of flaws. I believe that is what makes us beautiful. Sometimes we fall in love with people because their flaws don’t look like flaws to us. Sometimes we fall in love with people because of their flaws. Flawed people are worth loving, they always have been.
—  m.o.w, a reminder to yourself

Barack Obama is the first sitting US president to publish a scientific paper. The paper, titled “United States Health Care Reform: Progress to Date and Next Steps,” was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association and is an argument for the importance of the Affordable Care Act, the progress he feels it has made, and what steps can be taken to build upon it. Source Source 2

  • cosette:orphaned, abused and neglected as a young child, is adopted into a happy life, grows up kind and falls in love
  • people:hate her