caring's overrated

  • Gryffindor: You need to get out more!
  • Ravenclaw: Why?
  • Gryffindor: Idk, socialness is good for you.
  • Ravenclaw: First of all, socialness isn't a word, and yes, social interaction is necessary for a healthy lifestyle...
  • Gryffindor: Sure, whatever, let's go!
  • *arrives at party*
  • Ravenclaw: *hides and reads book*

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Hello, this isnt an ask, but i wanted to say: lovely art! :0 i love to find a good frans artist. especially one who digs uf!sansxfrisk. good job bro, keep up the good work. B) *hands cookie*


thanks for the extra energy and nice words, bud <3

louispinkadidas’ fic Rec

all these fics changed me……. 

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also tif…bc obviously

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Hello, I hope I'm not being a bother by asking this but, do you have any advice for starting an askblog/dailyblog for the first time? I don't really have any RP experience so I'm not sure where to start. Don't worry about it if you're busy, but thank you for your time!

No problem! I’m happy to help! ovo

Overall you can get a great idea of how to start a successful daily/askblog just by looking through your favorite blogs themselves, but here are some main pointers!

  1. Make your blog a main blog, not a side blog. If your blog is a side blog you won’t be able to directly follow or send asks, which are both huge parts of askblogging/dailying! It’s not a gamechanger but it does make things WAY simpler. 
  2. Pick a Pokemon species that YOU like and that YOU can see yourself being able to draw… a lot. Don’t worry about a species being overused or overrated. Who cares! Just do what you want to do! 
  3. Tag your posts! Personally I tag my stuff after the species, the general pokemon tag and then all my organization tags (#doodle for art, #ooc for out of character posts etc) to keep things easy to sort through and visible, too!
  4. Start simple. You can always add a story later if you want once you have more experience, but it’s always better to work with something simple and fun first to get into the groove of things. 
  5. Send asks and get to know your fellow blogs! 99% of the people in the community will be happy to interact with you, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Streams are a GREAT place to get to know other mods, so I recommend them!
  6. Have fun! And try not to worry about numbers! Generally all blogs start slowly, so don’t get discouraged by note or follower count. Instead work towards content that you can be proud of, and will help you develop your art skills! 

Hopefully this helps! And let me know when/if you start your blog! OvO I’ll be happy to follow you and interact with you!!

Oh no man I thought there couldn’t be anything worse than having to see overwatch on my dash every damn day cause I’m used to it, I made my peace but I was soooo wrong cause now there’s discourse and you fuckin dorks are typing out essays about this shit that I gotta scroll through!!!!!!! This sucks!!!

Stay (Luke Hemmings)

AN:Not really sure about this, I had an idea but I wasn’t sure how to write it so it jumps from different scenes alot.

Hasn’t everyone had the urge to leave everything behind? Hasn’t everyone got that same itch beneath the skin burning with every second you that something isn’t done about it.Doesn’t everyone want to escape to another life for a while, before bordem starts to settle in the stomach and the longing to leave kicks in again. Luke always knew she wanted to get away, he always knew she felt like this.

He didn’t understand how desperately, or why for that matter of fact, but he didn’t try to understand he guessed. His mind just didn’t work the same as hers, she was always in search of adventure, something to make her feel alive for a while, to banish all her fears about love and loss, what it’s like to not be by herself. She was scarily dependent, cold like stone- no, more like ice because ice melts when the right person comes along and warms it up.

 She cared for very few people, caring is overrated in her mind. It fucks you up. She understood the world so much better than anybody else, seeing past all the distractions that kept others satisfied, they were all stupid to her, all pretending to be happy when they weren’t. She saw the hurt and the fears behind everyone and everything, the people around her were all see through and she could look through them straight away.

As cliché as she knows it is, she knows why she’s like this. Isn’t every neglected rich kid the same? 

The start of a fuck up starts with the parents right? The lack of attention is truly damaging to a young child, that’s why they grow up to be independent statues of ice. Cold blooded, ruthless and unloving. But it has its benefits. Their emotions are fucked up. What makes a normal person cry makes them laugh,what makes a normal person laugh might make them cry. But then again…probably not.

She preferred not to stick around her ‘home’. The country was a reminder. Occasionally she’d come home but with the money she had and the urge to explore the world why would she want to stick around. The only reason she ever came back was to unpack her stuff and then pack again. Oh and see Luke. Maybe if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t come back at all.

Maybe if it wasn’t for her parents constantly going away to work on purpose so they didn’t have to spend time with her, she would be different. Maybe she would want to stay, or maybe she was always destined to keep leaving. She understood why her parents didn’t want to e around her, it was no excuse really. An event that should make you value your family more turned out to do the exact opposite. Instead her father turned the blame onto her and her mother would not dare to go against him so naturally she never said or stood up for her.

It wasn’t her fault that her younger sister and baby brother were the unfortunate ones. It could have been any of them. The car just went down and it kept sinking, the water welcomed it and wanted to drag the car to the bottom taking them with it. She got out first, she tried her hardest to undo the seat belt, she really did but gravity was against them from the start and she wasn’t strong enough, it was impossible, the car kept falling and falling until it was dark and there wasn’t even a trace. But of course it’s her fault.

The once perfect family now had cracks in it. The true personalities were being revealed now, how they hid themselves before made no sense to her. They still looked like a family, a house larger than any one else’s in town with it’s private land around it and iron gates that lead to the front door. They fired the butler and chef; there was no need for them now, there was only one person who was ever in the house. Although she wasn’t really. She was probably in a different country more than she was at home.


She walked the sunny streets of LA, sunglasses on and embracing the warmest breeze she’s ever encountered. Her phone beeped several times before she bothered to answer.

‘hello?’ said asked 

‘hey y/n’

‘Luke! how are you?’ she asked excitedly.

‘i’m great thanks, you busy right now? I was thinking we could go check out the movie they’re playing in half an hour down at the drive in movie place?’ he replied happily.

‘oh right, yeah um Luke? i’m not in Australia right now…’

‘oh… of course… um… where are you?’ he asked confused. She did’t tell him she was going away.

‘in LA, it’s so beautiful here Luke’ she sighed

‘but.. you just got back from Rome, it’s been what?’ he paused for a second working it out ‘not even three days’ 

‘look Luke, i’m sorry I didn’t tell you… I’ll be back next week though, i’m not staying long. I have to go now though’ she sighed sadly this time.

‘fine. see you next week’ he mumbled hanging up.


‘You should come with me’ she said, sitting on the end of Luke’s bed. ‘don’t you get bored of staying here?’

‘no’ he replied, putting his phone down on the bed.

‘but nothing happens here, life goes too slow’ 

‘i’m happy with my life, I like it here’

‘but you haven’t seen the rest of world, you haven’t bee out there to see what it’s like, it’s so different. You can be whoever you want and no one cares’ she said dreamily at the thought.

‘exactly.’ Luke said ‘no one cares…’

‘what do you mean?’ she asked, eyebrows furrowed downwards.

‘no one cares about you when you’re there because nobody knows you.. it’s got to be lonely right?’

‘that’s why you should come with me’ she said.

‘I told you, I like it here, i’m not bored’

‘it doesn’t have to be for long, just a week. Like a little get away for the two of us right? we’ll have fun, just you and me.’ she said getting her hopes up.

He sighed, giving in. ‘where to?’

‘well, i’ve always wanted to go to London, i’ve always been scared to go by myself’ she said hesitantly.

‘okay. London it is.


‘it’s beautiful’ she said looking around her, taking everything in, before someone in a suit with a brief case shoved past her in a rush. She smiled after him. ‘isn’t it great?’ she asked Luke who was more concentrated on not getting in peoples way.

‘yeah, sure.. can we go somewhere that’s less busy’ 

‘don’t you get it Luke? life is being lived here, that’s why it’s so busy. come on’ she said grabbing his hand and dragging him behind her. 

‘where are we going?’ he asked trying to keep up

‘anywhere, but hurry we have so much to see’ 

‘we have a whole week, we haven’t even been here an hour’

‘exactly we’ve wasted so much time already’ she yelled over the loud noise of the crowds.

They walked until they stopped to look out over the Thames, seeing the big Ben and the parliament building.

‘I love it here’ she said in awe.’don’t you?’  

‘It’s nice, a bit too busy for me though’ Luke said. He wasn’t having fun yet. 

She was so eager to live life quickly. He didn’t understand her.

‘drinks’ she said  ‘lets go find somewhere that does milkshakes’ and she was off again, Luke following behind her.

They found a nice little cafe, walking in, before Luke could say anything she was already at the counter asking for two chocolate milkshakes with ice cream.

‘Australian?’ the young man at the till asked while making their drinks.

‘yep’ she answered smiling.

‘what brings you to London?’

‘we’ve never been before, thought it would be fun’ she replied. 

They sat drinking their milkshakes for a while until the young man who hasd served them finished his shift and came and sat with them.

‘here’ he said handing them a list ‘these are the best places to go, there’s a list of the obvious tourist attractions but I added some more, the best parties happen here every Thursday and if you want a great time than this is the club you want to go to’ he said.

‘thank you’ she said ‘maybe see you around’ she smirked at him, biting her lip suggestively before pulling Luke up to leave.

He was confused. He never saw that side to her before.

‘soooo’ she said as they walked down the pathway never the river. The sky was turning darker as they walked and the temperature was slowly dropping making her pull her coat closer to her body. ‘Have I missed anything going on back in Australia, any gossip? any girls?’ she nudged his arms, wriggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Luke chuckle for a few seconds before his face dropped and he was silent.

‘oooh so there is?’ she picked up on his change of mood.

‘no. Not for me anyway. Calum got a girlfriend though. You should text the boys, they haven’t heard from you for a while, they miss you’ He said changing the subject.

‘right, sure’ she said rolling her eyes when he wasn’t looking.

‘they do’

‘communications a two way thing Luke, why should I make the effort when they don’t?’ she huffed

‘it was just a thought, I thought it would be nice’

‘it’s whatever, let’s find a hotel.’ She suggested walking slightly ahead.

They ended up checking into a small hotel, booking one room with two beds.

Dumping their stuff in the room y/n suggested going out to one of the clubs that the man behind the bar recommended.

Luke didn’t really want to but he would follow her anywhere. He wanted to see what she did when she went away.What she had been up to the past few years she kept leaving.


‘Come on Luke, she’s pretty, bring her back to the hotel room. I’ll book another for me and…’

‘Isaac’ he finished off for her.

‘yeah Isaac’ she laughed as if it was the funniest thing. 

‘I don’t think that’s a good idea y/n, why don’t we just go back, you and me, it’s mean’t to be our get away.’ Luke said slightly hurt that he was being ditched so she could spend a night with a random guy.

‘come on Luke, live a little okay, bring her back’ she laughed ‘it’s fun okay, have fun!’ 


‘morning!’ she said chirpy as if she had not excessively drank last night. ‘did you have fun last night?’ she asked jumping on the bed and landing half on top of him.

He shoved her away from him not wanting to see her.

‘Luke?’ she asked quietly, crawling closer to him. ‘what’s wrong?’

‘go away.’ 

‘I don’t understand Luke, what have I done? did you not bring her back? is that why you’re mad?’

He threw the covers off and stormed to the shower.

‘Luke?’ she asked again, confused.

She waited for him to get out of the shower before asking again.

‘what’s wrong?’

‘you- you made me do it’ he whispered glaring at her.

‘made you do what Luke?’ she asked softly.

‘you made me sleep with her, it’s all your fault’ he spat harshly.

‘what do you mean I made you? I don’t understand’

‘you- you peer pressured me and now I’ve lost my virginity to some random stranger because of you’ he said, voice raising.

‘that’s not my fault…’ she said confused still.

‘yes it is.’

‘I didn’t make you do anything, I didn’t make you sleep with her, you can’t blame me’ she said, voice matching his.

‘well I do. I’m going home’ he said defiantly, starting to pack what little things were out back into his bags. 

‘wait.. what the fuck Luke’ she said distressed. ‘what the fuck? it’s been one day and you’re leaving because you lost your virginity and blame me, who even does that?’ she said angrily.

‘I hate it here’ he shouted.

‘fine whatever, you’re no fun at all.’ she spat knowing it would hurt him right back.

‘well at least i’m not lonely, I like my life and you’re not going to change that thinking that stringing me along to travel with you will, because it won’t. I didn’t want to come in the first place’

‘wow okay, well why the fuck did you even come in then?’ she shouted, holding back the tears. She could easily mask them by setting her face to stone.

He was making his way to the door now. 

‘you lost your virginity so what? it doesn’t mean anything! you’re 18 for fuck sake, that’s what all teenagers do’ she shouted after him.

‘you don’t understand. You’re mean’t to lose your virginity to someone you care about, not a stranger, do you know how disgusting that makes me feel?’ he spat.

‘i’m sorry’ she panicked as he reached the door. ‘i’m sorry’ she didn’t want to be lonely. He stopped at the door waiting for her to go on. ‘maybe you should stay awhile?’ she whispered

“Why?” he asked waiting for her next sentence.

 "So we don’t leave on bad terms…please’


Luke ended up staying. Sure the first few nights didn’t go to plan but they had fun. They went to all the main tourist attractions and several clubs and parties, not going back to the hotel with anyone but themselves.

It was their last night in London. They had yet to see the London eye so decided to go at night time so it was darker and the city would be lit with lights from skyscrapers around them. 

‘I can’t believe how fast two weeks goes’ she said as they were at the top of the London eye.

‘I know. I had fun, I know the first few days were a bit odd but i’m glad I stayed’ 

‘i’m glad you stayed to’ she said smiling up at him as he smiled back down. 

‘it’s really a beautiful city’ she sighed sadly. She didn’t want to leave.

‘yeah’ he agreed ‘it look’s beautiful from up here’ he said looking out into the dark where building were lit up and illuminating silhouettes against the night sky.

‘really beautiful’ she said glancing at him sideways to watch him stare out into the night in awe. 

she pressed her face against the cool glass feeling a little upset that this was her last night in this city and with Luke. 

She knew Luke would never go somewhere with her again.She had fucked it up in the first few days she knew it. But she could enjoy this moment with her best friend by her side in her new favourite place that now held memories that she will treasure.

‘how long are you going to be back for when we get home?’ he asked her curiously, not taking his eyes off the city’ 

‘I don’t know, let’s not talk about it, let’s just enjoy the moment.’ she said.

‘make the most of it’ Luke whispered. 


‘make the most of it’ he said looking straight into her eyes. 

‘what do you mean?’ she asked confused as he leaned in closer. ‘what are you doing?’ she whispered as his face was directly in front of hers.

‘i-i’m going to kiss you’ he whispered, his breath hitting her face. ‘is that- is that okay?’ he asked softly.

‘yes’ she nodded, looking out at the city before looking back to Luke, blushing slightly.

He leaned down; his lips brushing hers gently as his hand came up to hold her neck, pulling her closer into a more forceful kiss.

Pulling away it was a little awkward before she broke the silence. 

‘that was nice’ she said chuckling awkwardly. It was awkwardly silent for a few minutes before Luke started laughing, she joined in until they were both laughing loudly.

Their laughter died down and they both looked at each other before both leaning in again, pressing their lips together. 

Once they got off the London eye, they weren’t sure what to do.

‘let’s go back to the hotel room’ she suggested holding her hand out and smiling shyly. 

Once they were back in the hotel they changed into their pjs, brushing their teeth and crawling into bed.

Neither of them fell asleep. They were both laying in their beds looking up at the celling. 



‘come over here’ she whispered, lifting the corner of her covers.

He jumped out of his bed before crawling over to where she was and laying down next to her. Her feet were cold against his legs as she pressed herself against him as close as possible.

‘I don’t want to go back’ she mumbled sleepily. ‘don’t make me go back’ 

He didn’t know how to reply but she had fallen asleep before he could say anything.


‘are we just going to ignore what happened in London?’ Luke asked as they got off the plane and were back in Australia. 

‘we’re friends Luke’ she said simply ‘we’re just friends okay?’

‘right, yes of course’ he said smiling at her and awkwardly laughing.

‘LUCAS’ a boyo screamed before Luke was on the floor, a pile of boys soon following on top.

‘guys, I can’t breathe’ he laughed.

‘Lukey we missed you so much, never leave me again’ Michael said dramatically.

‘Luke dear’ Liz Hemmings said hugging her taller son. ‘glad your’e back honey, did you have a good time?’

‘yeah, it was really great, I couldn’t stay there forever though, it’s not my kind of scene.’

‘do you need a lift home y/n?’ Liz asked politely.

‘oh, no thank you Liz, i’m being picked up’ she replied. 

‘thanks for a lovely few weeks’ Luke said hugging her tightly, i’ll see you in a few days or something’ he smiled happily before walking off with everyone else, the guys ruffling his hair as they walked and playfully nudging each other.

She turned to go outside and wait for a taxi knowing that no one would show for her. Nobody missed her like Luke family and friends. She had no one. What was the point of even coming back anymore.

She got a taxi home, paying the driver before finding the key to her house. 

‘hello?’ she called out. She got no response, of course. 

She dragged herself around the house for a few hours before the shutting of a door echoed through the house. She made her way down the stairs, the sound of her bare feet hitting the marble stairway silencing the conversation of her parents. 

‘oh, you’re home’ her mother said.

Her father glared at her angrily before storming into the kitchen.

‘where did you go?’ her mother asked, acting interested. 

‘London, I went with Luke for two weeks, it was good’ she replied plainly.

‘good, how is he? are you two still just friends?’ she asked, a hint of a smile.

‘yes. We’re friends’ she said blunty. 

‘look, I promise, one day i’ll make it up to you’ her mother sighed before following her husband into the kitchen.

The next day she packed her bags up and booked a one way ticket to New York. She heard dreams are made there, maybe she could find hers.


She had been in New York for a few days when she received a phone call.

‘Mum?’ she answered confused 

‘where are you?’ she asked sadly.

‘New York, what’s wrong? is it something to do with dad?’ she asked slightly worried.

‘no… I just’ she sighed. ‘I came home early from work, I brought pizza, your favourite with extra pineapple.’ she sighed.


‘i’m sorry’ her mother said

‘look I have to go now’ y/n said hanging up. No way would she let her mother fix her neglective manner that easily.


It was a few hours later when she received another phone call.

 "Hey you wanna hang out today, I’ll pick you up and we can see a movie"

 "Hey Luke, I’m kinda in New York so I can’t really hang out today…“ 

 "What do you mean you’re kinda in New York, you either are or aren’t" 

 "Okay well yeah I’m in New York" 

 "What the hell! We only got back a few days ago”

 "I got bored" 

 "You didn’t even tell me" 

 "You were busy" 

 "I can’t believe you, why couldn’t you just stay home for at least a week" 

 "Luke there’s nothing there for me, it’s not my home anymore"

 "What do you mean?“

 "A home is somewhere where you belong and feel happy, I’m still trying to find that”

 "Please, just come back to Australia"

 "I’ll be back in a few months"

 "A few months? A few fucking months… Wow okay guess I’ll see you in a few months then" he spoke hanging up.


 —— —————————————-

 As soon as she landed back in Australia she called Luke.


 "Hey Luke, I’m back home" 



 "Sorry I just didn’t expect you to call, I forgot you were coming home today” he said, it sounded as if he was sitting up in bed.

 "Don’t worry about it, you wanna do something? I’m so bored already" 

“Shit, I’m kinda busy right now, how about tomorrow?”

 "Oh okay… Uh tomorrow? Um… My flight leaves tomorrow morning" She said 

“Wait what? You just got back? Where the fuck are you going?” he demanded angrily.

 "Look it doesn’t matter. I’ll see you when I get back.“

 "How long are you going for this time?” he asked sounding tired.

 "I-I don’t know"

 "Come round right now, at least let me say goodbye" he sighed.

 "Okay, I’ll- ill come round" 

 "I’ll see you in a bit then okay?“


She took a box out from under her bed to Lukes with her, maybe he might finally understand. She knocked on his door and waited until Liz answered. Luke came downstairs a girl following behind him.

 "Y/n hey.”

 "Hey…“ Liz and the girl go to the kitchen to give them a few minutes. 

 "I- um these are for you, don’t open them until tomorrow or open them when you’re alone…” He took the box off her and puts it on the stairs. 

 "You don’t have to go you know….maybe you should stay awhile’

 "Why? Why should I stay?“ she asked just like he had that night in London. He might have a reason for her.

 "You grew up here, this will always be your home whether you want it to be or not, your parents are here, your friends…" 

 "I can’t, I don’t belong here anymore, there’s nothing for me here." 

 "Your family, your friends, and I’m here… Isn’t that enough?” He asked tiredly.

 She didn’t reply.

 "Just go" he said 


 "Just go” he said louder. She looked at him for a few seconds before leaving to walk down the steps of Lukes drive way.

 Luke did what she said. He waited until the next day to see what was in the box. 

 He was confused once he lifted the cardboard lid. It was full of what seemed like at least 20 envelopes, Each one with the name of a city from the world on the front. He picked up one that said Rome, opening it and taking out what was inside it. 

 It was a post card, a picture of a famous landmark from that city on the front. He turned it over to see y/n’s handwriting scrawled all over it. 


 Rome is amazing, it’s so pretty and has so much culture. The people here are so welcoming and lovely, a woman showed me around telling me the best places to visit and the nicest places to eat. The food is also amazing, you would love it, especially Michael because it’s all pizza, pasta and Ice cream. I love it so much here, I wish you were with me so I could share this experience with you, I can see myself coming back here soon, hopefully being you with me because you would be in awe just like I am. Anyway these postcards don’t have much room to write on so I’ll speak to you when we get home. - y/n.

 He remembered when she went to Rome and how much she loved it, he never knew she wanted to go back with him to share the experience. He looked through the postcards looking to see if she wrote one when they were both in London together. LA, Boston, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Cong, London. He picked up the envelope with London on the front.


 London is my favourite place so far. I’ve had the best time with you by my side. I’m so glad that you came with me. The first few days didn’t go to plan and I’m really sorry that you felt I pressured you into it. I never meant for that to happen and I’m so sorry, I feel awful. But I’m so glad you stayed. It would have broken my heart and I don’t think I would have been able to go to London again. Thank you for an amazing time, the London eye was my favourite, I’ve never felt so loved in my life. I’d like to think that if I asked, you’d come to London with me again, but I don’t know if you liked it or not, a lot of things happened and I know you regret them. Thank you for coming with me, it can get lonely sometimes. Y/n 

 He picked up New York knowing she went there straight after London.

 Luke, It’s not the same without you. I saw how many people missed you and how you were welcomed back when we landed in Australia. It made me think that Australia isn’t where I belong and I’m not coming back. No ones ever given me a reason to stay. I guess i should stop running from my problems and face them, but I can’t, that’s not the type of person I am. Thank you for being such a good friend and putting up with me constantly leaving. I love you. 


 He wished he knew where’s she was going. He looked at every city name on the envelopes praying for some kind of clue. She had never been to the same place twice. So why was there another envelope with London written on it. He opened the envelope but there was nothing inside. She was going back to London.

 She knew he’d find it, he’d find her.

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I'll miss you so much. You were the only blog that really made me feel comfortable. Wish you the best!

Thank you so much, babe. I don’t know if I’ll just be shifting the blog to a more art focus? Or VLD? I’m not sure. Whatever happens, I won’t leave indefinitely, I just don’t think I’ll have too much of a 19 Days presence? I really don’t know.

Whatever happens, I’ll keep you updated, and if you ever want to chat about anything privately (that includes 19 Days), just send me a ‘hi’! (Or just start venting/rambling about what’s on your mind ‘cause introductions are overrated.)

Take care! <3

Things you learn in a September heatwave

- yes, your landlord will put in your window-unit ac

- Shirts are overrated, who cares what the neighbours will think

- Hot cats are extra needy, floppy cats

- Asthma is scary even when the at isn’t having attacks

- You may have an awesome boss who steals the manager’s office fan and gives it to you for the duration of the heat wave so you can sleep

- Fall/sweater weather is underrated