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That Jaw

Those Eyes

Dear Lord, The Hair 

Those Arms

That Stare

The Shy Smile

The Total Package


Author: @xerxia31

Rating: T, for language. It’s always the language with me. Thanks to @thegirlfromoverthepond for the extra eyeballs and encouragement.

“We’re so happy you came over tonight, Auntie Katniss. Aren’t we?” I cringe at the baby talk falling out of my best friend’s face, but since he’s bouncing his nine-month-old nephew in his arms I guess I’ll have to tolerate it. For now.

We’re babysitting little Emmett tonight. It’s the first time Peeta’s brother and sister-in-law have gone out since the birth, and the first time Peeta’s ever taken care of a baby. I’m here as moral support.

“Yeah, yeah,” I groan. “Just don’t expect me to change any diapers.”

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Mockingjay pt 2 - spoilers

I had a journal out when i watched it in the theatre this week:P Notes worth mentioning:

teabag from prison break was in it for a minute! then he is super dead super fast

Johanna, she kicks so much ass. I’m so glad she gets to live out her life once everything is over.

“Because you are kind and generous and people said you loved me”

Annie & Finnick being together is the best thing. The way Finnick looks at her is basically all i need. 

Natalie Dormer is so amazingly beautiful.

Peeta getting brought late - different from the book but it worked with the movie so i was okay with it. 

“Ask, it’s what Annie does”

Finnick is so patient with Peeta, you can tell just from being with Annie, and when he protects mags in CF he is so gentle and it’s not a burden to him to care for others.

Boggs was not what i expected at all but he was so great. I believed him.

The Leeg sisters staying together once one gets injured, that started the emotions for me. They were gone pretty fast.

Pollux & Castor - so much love here. They were so well cast you can tell they were able to connect the characters as they needed to be connected.

I spend so much of the time in Hunger Games movies internally telling Katniss to hurry the fuck up.

As soon as they entered the sewers my heart was in my throat and i kept getting wave after wave of almost crying because of the anticipation of Finnick.

Castor dying was brutal, they didn’t show Finnick like the whole fight until the last few minutes. Peeta grabs a mutt off Katniss which i’m glad they kept in the movie. Finnick is my favorite character so that was a tough pill to swallow even though i knew it was coming.

Pollox 💔

“Look at me. Stay with me”  “Always”

Tigress was PERFECTLY cast and designed. 

(at this point i was like okay, i’m in the clear emotionally cause i don’t need to anticipate any more important deaths but then i remembered Prim and was like fml)

I remember when i read the books when they’re leaving tigress’ shop and they have to dress up in stupid wigs and coats, i’m glad they didn’t put that in the movie cause they would’ve looked ridiculous. Instead they looked all cool with assassins creed style hoods.

“If i see you again it’s gonna be a different world”

When Gale and Katniss start fighting together when the shit hits the fan in the capitol streets, i’m like AW YEAH BITCH DON’T MESS

Gale telling Katniss to shoot him and she doesn’t, that never gets easier

When the children were being passed over the crowd into the pens, i had this terrible moment where i was like this is WAY to real for a movie meant for teenagers. It felt like i was watching a documentary about real war. Which gave me a terrible feeling in my gut.

The guilt on Gale’s face later when he’s back in the mansion.

Glad to see Coin had time for a fucking hair cut.

Katniss’ little finger gloves

Katniss in every book/movie : IDOWHATIWANT

Haymitch and Effie THANK YOU MOVIEMAKERS. I needed that little moment so very much.

Katniss screaming at her fucking cat.

Peeta showing up and planting primrose ❤ my heart.

Annie’s letter about her little baby and mentioning Finnick just ended me.

When Katniss goes into Peeta’s bed. 

“You love me, real or not real”


Peeta in a pretty field. I am one of those people who was really happy that Peeta and Katniss ended up together, so this was a lovely little moment to see them both quiet and not in danger.

But he sees her now

Small Everlak drabble, because I’ll never get tired of unhijacked!Peeta.

This was written in the spur of the moment; my fingers were just itching for the keyboard. Two weeks is way too long without writing and I just had to post this now, so it’s unbeta’d and probably not my best, but who cares?


Peeta’s awake already, sitting on the side of the bed, looking bewildered as a trio of doctors reassure him, flash lights in his eyes, check his pulse.

I’m disappointed that mine was not the first face he saw when he woke, but he sees it now.

But he sees her now. And moves the doctors aside, his eyes looking straight at her, his expression something she can’t quite place. He leaps to his feet, unsteady, but doesn’t let it stop him and reaches for her. She runs to his embrace, to him. And he engulfs her in his arms, so tightly that it hurts, but in a good way, because it means that he’s here. Peeta’s here. He’s shaking and she wants to hug him tightly in return, but she’s afraid of hurting him even more. But it doesn’t really matter because he’s here.

—niss,” he gasps against the curve of her neck, something like her name, a breath of air against her skin. And nothing has ever felt quite this good. It’s relief. It’s everything.

“Peeta” she weeps in return, tears running down her cheeks, not knowing when they started and unable to stop them. Her voice comes out broken, just like she is, but so complete at the same time, because Peeta is back, he’s in her arms. Finally. “Peeta,” she repeats, just for the sake of it, just because she can.

He pulls back a little, enough to see her eyes. His hands are on her arms, her hair, her cheeks, his fingers shaking as he maps her out, rediscovering… Making sure she’s real.

And then, he closes the gap between them, his mouth, tentatively at first, touches hers, so, so softly, like a whisper. And when he sees she doesn’t disappear, she won’t run away, he kisses her a second time. Firmly. And doesn’t let go.

His lips find hers over and over again, between sighs and small confessions, words that both wished had said long ago, but never did. Hands grasping wherever they can reach, holding each other close. Peeta keeps repeating her name, unable to believe that this is real and not a dream. She keeps repeating his name, followed by apologies, I’m sorry’s and ‘it should have been me’s.

He kisses her silent. He kisses every inch of her skin he can find; starts with her lips and moves to her cheeks, nose, eyelids, forehead, temple, jaw, everywhere, anywhere. Always saying her name in between a kiss and the other, like a secret, like a prayer. Begging for it to be real.


And not the dream that it really is.