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About the Flynn part acting immature, bruh, I'm so tired of the writers making him act like a 10 year old. I get it, he's not super serious at all times, but he didn't act so juvenile in Tangled, so why now? Maybe it's just me, but besides how blunt he can be or how he is around rapunzel, I hate how he's being written in this show overall, it's not cute, it's stupid and cringe

Several people seem to share your opinion, but I don’t. I feel like what we’re looking at is a man who no longer constantly has his guard up, when he’s had his guard up for probably well over a decade.

Eugene is finally able to relax and have fun. His tendency to say stupid things is because he often doesn’t care about what the other person is saying, and so isn’t actually paying attention. He’s acting silly because he hasn’t been able to just be himself since he was a kid. What you’re seeing in the series is all (or almost all) Eugene. What you saw in the movie was mostly Flynn.

Just look at how he acted in both “The Return of Strongbow” and “In Like Flynn”. When he takes what he’s doing seriously, he is so quick to drop the silliness and be serious and competent (and even get frustrated with other people’s incompetence). Even in most of “Fitzherbert P.I.”, when he’s focused on getting into the guard and catching criminals! But for the first time since he was a kid, he hasn’t had to take every single aspect of life seriously, and so he doesn’t. Unfortunately, this causes the pendulum to swing a little too far in the other direction, into that careless territory where he breaks vases and takes a beat to realize he’s just been insulted.

Eugene is still finding Eugene. He’s lived with the Flynn persona for so long that the true crux of Eugene Fitzherbert got lost inside, and now is time for rebirth and rediscovery and learning who he is when the law is not constantly on his backside. And, for the first time, he’s genuinely happy. So, let a happy guy steal food from a gopher and cheer his heart out at sporting events.

it’s such a strange thing that we care about what we look like. like have you ever just considered that cavemen didn’t have mirrors or cameras or anything to see themselves up close with and they didn’t even care about what they looked like? we literally come from the universe, all of us, and we have most of the same basic parts/appearance but otherwise we look different. our skin and eye colours change based on where we live to protect us from harm and ours cells join together different to give us our other differences in appearance. we’re just built the way we are to survive as every other animal is. when did we go from recognizing our bodies for their health and grace and strength and resiliency to picking them apart and criticizing them and starving ourselves to eliminate parts of them and comparing them to others? when money became the vital part of owning anything and therefore critiquing bodies and selling products to combat these new flaws was a new marketing technique to make tons of it. they made something so unimportant a crucial part of life and i think it’s pure bullshit. don’t even just love your body but realize that its appearance is actually such a stupid thing to waste your energy caring about.


Scully honestly cannot remember the last time she was this bored.

She’s going on night three – three! – of this ridiculous stakeout. Originally, she and Mulder were supposed to take turns on the overnight shift. But after the first night, which he’d somehow talked her into taking, Skinner had called Mulder away to Vermont, and it’s been up to her to carry on alone.

On a case she doesn’t for a second believe is actually an X-File to begin with.

She hasn’t been here around the clock, of course. Even if she could stay awake for days on end, Mulder knows better than to ask that of her. But Skinner won’t approve a second set of agents for backup, either. He called her last night, about two hours after he called Mulder away.

“Agent Scully, I apologize for pulling Agent Mulder off the stakeout. Something’s come up that I need him to look into.”

“Just Agent Mulder, sir?”

“For the moment at least, yes. But while I cannot authorize the use of an agent to replace him, I will allow you to rely on videotape for the hours you can’t personally be on-site.”

“Sir, the regulations require–”

“I’m well aware of the regulations, Agent Scully. I’m overruling them in this instance. If Mulder’s work out of state keeps him away for more than 48 hours, we will re-evaluate the situation at that time. Understood?”

She hadn’t even attempted to hide her sigh. “Yes, sir.”

She is, at least, off the hook entirely for the hours the club is closed, and video surveillance covers the rest of the time she’s not here. Of course, she’s still responsible for reviewing the footage in search of their mystery woman. So far, no sign.

She is so. Very. Incredibly. Bored.

The furnace makes a sudden, horrible groan, and she jumps at the sound. There’s a clank, followed by another, and then silence.

“Oh no. No, nono, no, no…”

It doesn’t take much examination to determine the thing is dead. No amount of cajoling, fiddling, or downright begging will get it to turn on again. Great. Because this assignment wasn’t miserable enough already.


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life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

100 Reasons Why I Love You – Theo Imagine

Requested by Anon: Can you do a Theo imagine where you are his gf and you always had been there for him, supporting him, defending him, and he never understood why you are still with him after everything he had done. And one night he asks you why love him and you give him like a hundredreason why you love him? i just need something fluff and cute w theo!!

Word Count: 1,293

Warnings: Mentions of sex but no descriptions. one curse word, and FLUFF!!!!!

Author’s Note: Feedback is always appreciated :)

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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Y/N sighed in contentment as she snuggled closer to Theo in their shared bed. He had his arms loosely wrapped around her figure, which she found a bit odd. He always held her tight against him, with the intentions of never letting her go and holding on to her for every second possible. Wanting for his affection, she buried her face at the crook of his neck, but got no reaction from him. In fact he was tense. Something was bothering him and she didn’t know how to approach it. Theo had never been good at talking about his feelings.

She slowly and carefully started tracing random shapes on his chest as she peppered his neck with small kisses. “Babe?” Theo hummed in response. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he sighed deeply.

She looked up and quirked an eyebrow at him. “Liar.”

Theo just gave her a small smile, which surprised her even more. She expected him to chuckle, maybe even defend himself, but he didn’t. She knew this was serious.

She gently pulled his chin down, making him look at her. “Talk to me, babe,” she said softly.

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Unlike Godzilla, Pacific Rim doesn’t try to be serious even when it’s being serious. Characters have names like Stacker Pentecost and Hercules Hansen. The film requires you to believe that the best way to battle a giant monster is to build an even larger robot to fight that monster.

Much of the Act 2 drama derives from inter-pilot tension airlifted from the Val Kilmer scenes in Top Gun. It’s the polar opposite of the Godzilla school of drama, where everyone is a total professional who has absolutely no personal goal besides Saving The World. In Pacific Rim, Idris Elba is Rinko Kikuchi’s Obi-Wan Kenobi, and two of the last Giant Robot-pilots in the world frequently get into sneering fights over who’s the bigger badass, and Charlie Day is a scientist.

So, for all these reasons, Pacific Rim is a movie that I’ve heard perfectly smart people describe as “stupid” or “silly.” The problem with this line of thinking is that, really, that every blockbuster is pretty “silly,” in the context of Things Adults Should Care About. Godzilla is not less stupid than Pacific Rim just because people frown more. […]

The difference, I think, is that Pacific Rim glories in its own silliness. There’s a flashback scene where Idris Elba rescues a little girl, and when he emerges from his giant robot, the sun shines upon him like he’s the catharsis in a biblical epic. There’s a moment when one giant robot swings an oil tanker like a sword. Then it grows a sword out of its wrist. Then it falls from space to earth.

There are real complaints to make about Pacific Rim, I guess, all of them fair and most of them pedantic. I know a lot of people who have issues with the story. (“Why didn’t they use the wrist-sword earlier?” is a popular one.) Conversely, I don’t really know anyone who minds the story in Godzilla, possibly because everything stupid that happens is prefaced by Frowning Watanabe saying “This is why the stupid thing that’s about to happen makes sense.” Godzilla wants so badly to make sense. Pacific Rim wants so badly for Ron Perlman to wear golden shoes.

—  Darren Franich, “Entertainment Geekly: A call for an end to serious blockbusters”
daddy's 95 ❖ jongin

word count : 3304 words

admin : - velvet

style : smut, daddy kink, cheating, basically i have a thing for jongin’s skin, age gap - it’s a relationship stepfather - stepdaughter, so if you don’t like, please don’t read (个_个)

(not my gif, cr to the owner)

It wasn’t weird at the beginning, maybe because you were young and didn’t know what was really happening. You were six years old and had just started school, it was all so weird and when the the teacher asked you for the first time what you parents’ name were, you could just say your mother’s one.

Was it because you didn’t have a dad? Well, not really. You used to have a father just like all the other children in your classroom, it happened some months before that you mom and dad parted ways and you were not quite sure why, mom just said that it was for good.

It didn’t last long, at seven, when your teachers were already accustomed to the fact that little Y/N didn’t have a dad, he came into your and your mother’s lives.

Jongin was just like the princes you were used to see in cartoons, maybe without the blonde hair and the blue eyes, but he was probably the kindest prince of all.

He was your mother’s boss’ son, and thinking about it now: the thing was kinda fucked up. But he wasn’t even younger than your mother was.

She got pregnant at sixteen and when you were seven, she was only twenty three, she had just found a job and she managed to not take home just money, but even a twenty five years old Kim Jongin.

When Jongin first came to your house, you and your mother were waiting for him at the door. You probably never saw your mother this nervous and this beautiful. She already was the most beautiful woman on earth for you, but when she painted her lips with red colour and wore the shoes that make her look even taller than she already was, she just looked like a goddess in your eyes.

And probably even in Jongin’s eyes, that when came in couldn’t tear his eyes off her. He couldn’t until he saw you. And you were probably the most beautiful human being he had ever seen in his entire life, even without some teeths and with red puffy eyes caused by the fact that your mother didn’t let you wear one of her pair of shoes.

Right after, maybe in a little less than a year, Jongin became daddy in your eyes and his house became yours and your mother’s.

You were eight when you started sleeping in you new daddy’s house, and in the bed in the bedroom he gave you.

Daddy❞ you called out one night, it was probably half past eleven and he still was in his suit. When he heard your voice, he quickly lifted his head to see you standing by the door. His eyes became soft watching you drag your feet until you were next to him.

I didn’t finish my homework❞ you whispered dropping your gaze to your feet. He probably saw it coming as he chuckled. He knew you better than your mother, and probably better than your own self. The only times you were awake till late was because something about school happened.

And dear Lord, you hated school with all your being.

Sweetheart❞ he called you gripping lightly your wrist ❝why didn’t you finish your homework?❞ he asked taking you in his lap.

’Cause…❞ you started, unsure if it was better to say the truth or stick to the excuse you made-up some time before.

You lifted your gaze, positioning yourself better on his legs. Jongin knew you. He knew when you were lying and he knew when you were scared, when you were uncomfortable or too happy that you might have started crying.

I don’t wanna go to school, daddy❞ you whined hiding your face on his neck. His laugh rumbled through his and your body.

Princess, why do you always come to me? You know I can’t tell you no

At ten you still were “princess” and he still was “daddy”, he still came to your room to kiss you good night, but he started to kiss your cheeks and not peck you on the lips anymore. He was still the sweetest person on earth, he still cared for you more than he cared for anybody else on this world, but he started being always more tired and it was always more unusual to see him next to you for you night-time-talks.

He wasn’t going away, you knew it. Even if your parents started fighting over stupid things, they still cared too much about each other to ever end the relationship they had.

And other than that, Jongin would never leave his princess.

He literally grew addicted to the fact that he was your father, the only man in your life and he wasn’t going to let your mother take you away from him. It wasn’t anything sick or weird, he just really loved you as his own daughter.

When you were eleven your dad and your mom married.

Now Kim Jongin was you father even for the Korean State and on the papers you were not anymore Kang Y/N, but Kim Y/N.

When you were twelve Jongin started leaving the room when you were changing and started giving you your spaces, accepting the fact that you were becoming a little woman.

At sixteen boys started to come around and your insecurities started to surface, forcing you into diets.

It was half past two in the morning and you were seated by the fridge with a big spoon of lemon ice cream and probably the most devastated face you’ve ever had in your all life.

You weren’t sure if you were crying or not, you just knew that you were hungry as hell and you didn’t have a proper meal in - at least - two weeks.

You didn’t see you father approach you, but when you sensed his presence behind you, you let yourself go. He was sitting behind you, his legs at both sides of yours and his arms stretched in a tight back hug.

Your head fell into his shoulder and your back pressed against his chest.

Why are you doing like this, sweetheart?❞ he questioned resting his chin on your head.

You weren’t very touchy with dad anymore, even because it felt wrong, in some kind of ways. Sometimes it just pops in your head that your father is too handsome and when the sick idea that he is not your dad by blood, meaning that isn’t wrong for you to feel some kind of ways, comes, it makes you curl your skin in disgust.

Boys don’t even look at me❞ you sniffed, trying to calm yourself. Thinking about your dad in different ways makes you want to cry even harder.

Jongin pressed a kiss on your hair, then started to get up, taking you in his arms in bridal style. He started to take you to your room, and it didn’t even feel wrong that at sixteen your stepfather is still holding you.

When he reached the end of the stairs he finally spoke: ❝You have your daddy, baby. Why would you want anyone else to look at you?

At eighteen your thoughts about your dad started to go wild, and they didn’t feel wrong anymore. You started to crave for him. You started to wonder what was hidden under his shirt and why he looked so hot even if he was in his late thirties. You started to dream about you father - your stepfather -, you thought that maybe he may see you has a woman too, and not just as his step daughter, you thought of him basically every second of your life.

When you wake up, when you prepare for school, during breakfast - when he’s in front of you smiling -, when you ride to school, during school hours, when you have lunch, when you come back home, when you do your homework, when you eat dinner with him and mom, when you take a shower and the worst: in bed.

It really hurted when you were in bed alone, it hurted your head, your heart, your body, the boiling space between your legs.

When you were alone it was all fun and games, but when he was around it was kind of embarrassing, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes and you would find yourself checking him out.

So you started to avoid him.

Until he understood something was wrong.

The door of your room slammed shut. You knew your mom was at work till eight pm, and it was just five in the afternoon. The only ones at home were you and you dad.

You took off your earphones and turned around to see your dad walking silently towards your bed, sitting down.

He lifted his eyes and patted the spot in the bed next to him.

In your head curses started to follow one by one, while you raised yourself from the black chair you were on and started drag your feet to your bed.

His face was kind, but his eyes were hard and his jaw clenched in a tight manner. He wasn’t looking at you in the eyes.

You already saw you dad angry, but now you were too sure of the reason why he was angry at you.

When you sat down on your bed, chewing the inside of your mouth, he finally looked at you.

Why don’t you talk to me?❞ His voice sounded way more desperate than what you would have ever thought and his eyes were in despair.

Your gaze fell accidentally on his wet lips, making you silently gasp. Your eyes fluttered closed for a second, but swallowing quickly you reopened your eyes, trying to focus on your dad and not on the way you stomach started to dance at his presence.

What do you mean, daddy?

That word: daddy - still sounded wrong in your mouth, if referred to him.

You’ve been avoiding me for so long, is something bad happened?❞ he was so hopeless, his eyes so desperate that you took his hand.

You felt so sick in that moment, he was sad and you were thinking about satisfying your hunger for him. At least you were not playing him, you really felt something for your daddy, but your mother and some papers were in the middle of you two. Might as well just go for it, Jongin was nice, if he rejected you he wouldn’t tell anyone anyway.

Daddy❞ you called out, and your voice sounded more like a moan.

You took your daddy’s hand and put it on your right breast. If it felt good in your dream, it felt even better in real life.

Jongin eyes grew wide, he didn’t understand what was going on, but took off his hand right away, surprised when he saw your eyes go to the back of your head when you put his hand on your breast.

Wait, daddy❞ you murmured taking his hand again in yours.

You adjusted on your bed, sitting on your knees and placing his big and warm hand again on your right breast. Both of your nipples perked up and Jongin could see them through your white t-shirt.

You weren’t wearing any bra, since you were going to stay at home till the day after, where you were going to go to school. Jongin stayed still on your breast, watching it with his mouth agape.

You swallowed, you knew this was wrong, but you couldn’t care less in that moment.

You squeezed his hand, causing him to squeeze your breast to, Jongin’s tongue darted out of his lips, wetting them.

Y/N❞ he whispered, it was going to be a warning, but it sounded more like a plead.

You other hand snapped to the hot zone between your legs, with you middle finger you brushed your clit, squeezing his hand and your breast harder. A mewl brushed out of your lips and Jongin’s eyes run to your clothed womanhood.

Daddy❞ you moaned a little, opening your legs and grinding a little on your middle finger.

You were going to keep on talking, begging him to touch you, but he was faster.

Jongin’s lips pressed again your opened ones, his tongue started to taste your mouth and if the feeling between your legs was hot, his mouth again yours was even hotter.

You always looked at your dad lips in awe and now that they were on yours, you just felt too good.

Your hand left his on you breast to intertwine with his black hair. You were still kissing when he pulled your t-shirt down, exposing only your breasts. He took advantage of the new skin and left your mouth with a trail of saliva, connecting his lips with your left breast. He took your nipple in his mouth, circling the darker skin and then sucking on your perked nub.

If you didn’t know better, you would have thought that this was one of your wet dreams, where you moaned your daddy’s name and that was right and not wrong as it will feel in the future.

His mouth went to the other nipple playing just with his tongue, flicking it with the tip. His hands positioned on your ass cheeks, taking you with a sharp move into his laps, legs open and you clothed centre was pressing on his hardening manhood.

If your mother finds out❞ he whispered taking your shirt off completely.

You made quick moves, taking off his shirt button by button, throwing it out of the bed and on the floor.

If you don’t tell her, she won’t❞ you moaned taking in the beautiful tan skin you always adored.

Jongin always looked like as if he was kissed by the sun and then someone just poured honey on his skin. You were so in love with the color of his skin. It was so precious.

You pushed him down, so that his back was now laying on your bed. With a shy smile you pecked him on the lips and then went down on his neck, kissing it lightly. You didn’t want to spend time with games, you just wanted to taste his skin. You went down to the base of his dress pants, and just took a long lick of his abdomen, from his bellybutton to his neck, tasting his honey-like skin and his muscular figure. His skin tasted like cream and smelled like the cologne he always used, since you was young. You found yourself drowning.

Princess❞ he breathed when you then returned down with your face, planting a firm kiss on his clothed manhood.

Mh?❞ you looked at him, taking his clothed member - or at least the little you could since it was constricted in his pants - in your mouth, showing him what you would have loved to do.

Come here❞ he whispered looking at you. As much as he would have wanted you to give him a blowjob, he felt like stopping you and praise your body.

As you turned to kiss him, he quickly turned you around, so that now you were with your back on the bed and he was hovering over you. He too quickly took off your pants, you almost didn’t even notice it. He didn’t broke the kiss, he kept on playing with your tongue, but you had to open your mouth to let go a silent scream out when he pressed his finger on your clit, under your underwear.

You started to rock your hips, your mouths were against each other, but you weren’t kissing anymore. You were too focused on feeling his calloused fingers work on your throbbing clit.

❝I didn’t think that daddy could make you this wet❞ he whispered watching your face contort into pleasure when he dipped his middle finger into your heat.

Oh my God❞ you breathed together.

So tight❞ he smiled next to you ear, resting on his side, watching you moan and open your legs even wider for him.

His finger pumped into your core, while some of his finger brushed involuntarily against your clit, touching it just slightly, without stopping the nub from pulsing. And you weren’t sure if the throbbing in your ears was blood in your veins or your clit, but it felt amazing. Jongin next to you was panting, his other hand was now palming his member in his pants.

His finger in your core stopped moving, he took it off and spread your wetness on you clit, touching it with fervor. It felt too much, you wanted to come so bad, but still you couldn’t.

Daddy, please❞ you moaned, knowing that he was on the limits of endurance too.

He took his hand off you, working with his zipper for a little while, then took off both pants and boxers. When you saw his manhood you just smiled at yourself, you knew his skin there would be honey just like everywhere else, but now its tip was an hungry red and no honey color was there to be seen.

Jongin hovered over your body, taking his member in his hand before placing it just between your folds.

You had sex with some boys❞ he started and it was more like an exclamation than a question ❝now you will have sex with a man, baby

You gasped when he slammed his member into your more-than-wet womanhood.

Tell me who’s better❞ he whispered in your ear starting to pump into you.

Even if his first thrust was angry and violent, he then slowed down, trying to compose himself.

Don’t slow down❞ you moaned tracing your thumb over your nipple and squeezing your left breast.

Sweetheart, calm down. Relax. You’re too tight for daddy

His length into you was paradisiac, but almost too big. Your walls were being stretched to impossible, his tip started with brushing everything in you and then stopped there.

Here, baby?❞ he questioned when you let out a rather loud ‘fuck, Jongin’. It was almost incredible the fact that the only one who ever touched your g-spot was actually your stepfather.

Daddy, there please❞ you cried out arching your back. It was all almost too erotic for you. Jongin, your daddy, was fucking you in the bed, his usually combed hair was now a mess and his honey skin was all covered in sweat, his member was deep into your boiling core and his balls slapped against your ass. But his lips, oh his lips, they were the hottest. They were wet and tan, now red for the kissing and they were parted. His eyes boring into yours.

Baby, you’re so beautiful❞ he panted going a little slower, his orgasm approaching and yours was very near too.

You smiled a little, trying to reach your goal and it came too fast.

Jongin furrowed his eyebrows looking deeply in you, one of his hands left the side of your head and went to grab your ass, then he slammed into you one last time.

Your eyes went to the back of your head and you saw black for al least thirty seconds, your body shook from the violent orgasm and Jongin took off quickly his member from your entrance, grabbing it and slamming it into his hand. When he came he let his seed spurt on your clit, brushing his tip on it and helping you ride your last drop of orgasm through the friction.

He took a deep breath looking at your body. You nipples were red from his attentions, your lips red aswell, you womanhood was puffy and swollen from his actions and his white seed was all over your tummy.

Princess, you look gloriously beautiful❞ whispered Jongin, attaching his lips on her mouth again.

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While I completely agree with your yoi hp sortings personality-wise, I have a hard time believing Yuri "Let me ruin my stealth mission for this tiger shirt" Plisetsky wouldn't hold the hat hostage until it put him in the cool cat house.

….he would absolutely TRY.

hat: hmm, let me see here. you’re a tricky one. could go one of two ways!

yuri: right well I want the lion one.

hat: lol kid you’re either a snake or a badger. you’re burning with ambition to be the best, but you already know it’s going to take grindingly hard work.

yuri: FUCK YOU. GIVE ME THE LION. what do I have to do? pretend to be loud and friendly and care deeply about stupid things? I can do that. I can rehaul my personality, or fake it for seven years, if that’s what it takes. no problems.

hat: “…SLYTHERIN!”

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au where david got amnesia after getting hit by the logs in ep 12 (i'm not sure if that would actually give someone amnesia in real life but imagine the angst)

“He’s going to be fine, Max. No need to worry.”

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So your RP community is dying

I saw this post last night and, in my usual way, typed out a big fiery response to it highlighting the problems with the idea and how the idea itself didn’t address the problem it was intending to solve. Rather than leave it at that, here are some tips for those facing the same situation. 

Be the first to extend the olive branch

I know. The person you’re dealing with said something stupid, they don’t care about lore, and they did a bad thing in RP. I know, it sucks. But the fact is that if anything good is going to come of it, someone has to be the first to put out their hand and say “Look, forget it, let’s move on.” Don’t sit there waiting for them to do it. Don’t justify to yourself that it was all their fault and that if anyone should apologize, it should be them. Because apology isn’t what this is about. It’s forgiveness and a willingness to move on. Besides that, if you truly wish they hadn’t done it and wish they wouldn’t do it in the future, you’re not going to encourage them in that direction if you shun them completely. Show them that you want to give it another shot and be the first to ask for a return to square one. 

Demand proof of rumored wrongdoing

“Don’t RP with that person. I heard they said ___ to ___. I also heard that their guild ___s with ___.” Fill in the blanks with whatever would make you most upset to hear. “I heard they said ‘kill yourself’ to so-and-so.” Anything of that sort. Now, before getting angry and hating that person forever, go down the list. Do they have proof? Have you spoken to this person before hearing this rumor about them? Do you know them well? Do you know anyone you trust who can be a witness to their character? If two or more of these are in question, don’t be too hasty to reach a conclusion. Even if the person telling you in the first place is trustworthy to you, they may have heard it from an untrustworthy source with an agenda. Ask yourself if believing this rumor would ruin the rumored person’s reputation or cause others to avoid them. If so, there may be an ulterior motive for whoever started the rumor. 

Be flexible

A sign of a new roleplayer is their tendency to play fast and loose with the lore. Think back to when you first started roleplaying. In Warcraft, did you know that Night Elves and Blood Elves really, really hated each other? Did you know that Gnomes weren’t believers in the Light in the days before Cataclysm? These and similar misunderstandings can cause your RP to be misinformed and incomplete. Before you consider chewing the player out for not having read about every playable race, every faction, every class, every zone, and every novel in the Warcraft canon, ask them if they’d like someone to talk to about lore and how it affects their character. Don’t demand them to change their RP! Instead, suggest changes that will better allow them to fit into the community. It may be their $15 a month at the end of the day, but they’ll have a lot more fun if they have a wider pool of people to interact with. Make sure you tell them that you want to help them for this reason. Don’t help them just to satisfy yourself. (I’ll try to make another post more in depth about this)

Don’t bow down to popular rule

“But NetherStray,” you might say, “isn’t the idea of a community tightly rooted in the desires of majority opinion?” It is, yes, but the goal of integrating new players isn’t to make them conform to what the community wants. The goal of integrating new players is to help them find RP partners. That’s it. By improving how they interact with the rest of the community and by teaching them some basic do’s and don’ts of RP, you improve their chances of finding their own little community to exist in within the greater community. Whether that’s a guild or just a circle of friends is irrelevant. If they’re comfortable in the community, they’ll be willing to reach out. They’ll be more comfortable making new characters and trying new things, and when your community is in decline, pulling in new talent is much more important than retaining old talent. People will leave a community if nothing new ever happens. 
So where does popular rule come into this? It comes into all of it. Along the way, there will inevitably be fellow RPers who want to dismiss the new bloods. “Hah, look at this noob! They barely know the lore! What’s with their TRP? God, they’re so Mary Sue. Not everyone needs to be a special snowflake.” 

Stomp that shit out. Wow, you mean the person who’s new doesn’t know everything? You mean they’re not an amazing writer right off the bat? Say it isn’t so! It’s up to you to kill this negative talk right where it stands. Successful people don’t talk down to others. They don’t try to hold other people back. They see potential where others see ineptitude. Don’t be that asshole who could have been decent but instead decided to be a jerk, the person who made them think “Maybe I should just give up.” Lift others up. And sure, they’re not the best. Sure, they have work to do. They could improve! But they never will improve if they’re given a hard time every time they try to do something!

Conclusion, and why I’m doing this

As you might have read in the previous post, I’ve seen this happen on my original server. Once a bustling RP server with lots of active guilds, active stories, and fantastic players, the server has dwindled to only a few active guilds and cloistered players who stick to guild events and whatever social media website they’ve all flocked to this week. Too little was done to keep new players coming back. Too much was done to discourage new players from continuing to try, from improving further. Too many people were content to laugh at the new while crying that the old was fading away. 

You have to come to terms with the fact that if something isn’t growing, it’s dying. Whether it’s a business or an RP community, it’s always a building sinking into the sand. People will retire, they will grow bored of the mundane, and they will have plenty more good reasons to leave. The only protection against sinking completely is to keep building. And while events and well-meaning community leaders may try to inject life back into it, it’s the individual RPers and their everyday interactions that matter most. 

Support the newbies. Be the helping hand you would have wanted when you first arrived. Be the voice against doubters and haters that you would have wanted when people doubted and hated you. 


(i’ve been busy all day making the video, having my brother here and doing lots of stuff i feel like i didn’t have time enough to enjoy this ;_;)

I love, I LOVE that Touka made Kaneki worry about such banal things like trying to understand a girl and literally having teenage worries. We’re talking about Kaneki, a character that has suffered A LOT, a character that is constantly worrying about the safety of his friends, his own life, the traumas that chase him… he doesn’t have time for dates, he doesn’t have time to cry for the plot of a book because he has more important things to cry about, he has to worry about so many important things, that being able to rest from all that shit AND FOR ONCE have a NORMAL worry like being nervous in front of a girl… I think it’s beautiful? because it’s a reminder that he has a life. His life isn’t meaningless, his life doesn’t start when he becomes a king… he’s a person, and he has the right to care about stupid things like this one, a girl asking him if he’s a virgin. It’s such a human and natural moment for Kaneki, I love it.   

Because I can’t stop thinking about Lefou and Stanley with cats here are some headcanons ft. a little bit of Gaston because I can’t help myself

  • Gaston is secretly a cat person
  • He has his own little fur-baby at home, an orange tabby he named Gaston Jr or Antlers or something stupid omg
  • The only thing he cares about more than himself is this cat tbh
  • He’s the type of sap that calls himself “Daddy” when referring to himself with the cat
  • Lefou likes to play with the cat when he comes over
  • He’s never had a pet other than his horse, but Antlers is pretty cute and he didn’t try to throw him off every other day
  • When Gaston dies, “Uncle Lefou” takes in the cat
  • Just because they were “in a bad place” doesn’t mean the cat didn’t deserve a home
  • When Stanley and Lefou become official and Stanley visits Lefou, he spends all his time playing with the cat
  • Lefou gets little jealous tbh
  • When Stanley moves in, he and the cat become the best of buddies
  • He gives the cat the scraps off of his plate every night at dinner, even though Lefou “just fed him, Stanley!!”
  • One year for Lefou’s birthday, Stanley brings home a little brother for their baby
  • A little gray kitten with a bright pink bow tied around his neck
  • Lefou cries
  • Stanley cries
  • The cats look at them confusedly
  • It’s a mess
  • Stanley wants to name the kitten something Proper and Regal and Important, like King William of Villeneuve the Fifth
  • Lefou agrees but never uses such a ridiculous name
  • He calls him Sir Whiskers or Fluffybutt or Puffball or something
  • Poor cat would never know his name if you asked it, Lefou always used a different name
  • Stanley kind of regretted giving it such a long name, but insisted on using it just to be stubborn
  • Stanley might have been the older cat’s favorite, but he was always jealous of the bond King William of Villeneuve the Fifth had with Lefou
  • It wasn’t the cat’s fault that Lefou was softer and warmer and all-around more cuddly
  • He likes to sleep on Stanley’s pillow though
  • Which is okay because then Antlers can have Lefou’s pillow
  • Stanley pulls a full on Newt Scamander and refers to himself as “mommy” to the cats
  • “Stanley you aren’t their mommy” “shut up yes I am. listen, they’re purring in agreement”
  • One day Stanley comes home to Lefou asleep on the couch, one of the cats snoozing near his feet, while the other one slept on his stomach
  • Stanley thought it was the cutest thing he’d ever seen omg why was he so lucky
  • For Stanley’s birthday, Lefou didn’t get him another cat, but Stanley woke up to find little ascots tied around the kitties’ necks
  • On Gaston’s birthday, Lefou tried to coax Antlers into a red coat but he ended up with a mauled hand so settled for a red collar
  • This got really long but just… Stanley and Lefou with cats p l e a s e
Scare Pewdiepie 2

I. Cannot. BELIEVE. This! I just found out that “Scare Pewdiepie Season 2” is canceled and I am just OUTRAGED.
Yesterday, there was a story about Pewds on the news where they said some horrible things about him. Nobody ever looks at the GOOD things he does. They only look at his mistakes. They don’t mention the money he raised for charity, they don’t mention the 53 MILLION people who love him and who’s lives he changed. They only care about the stupid things he did. I’m not denying the fact that he has made mistakes. I am well aware of those mistakes. But he also apologized. Nobody talks about his apology.
So much effort and so many resources were put into the show. Felix nearly lost his mind in the process of making the season.
There were so many guests who went out of their ways to take part in the show. From different continents even!
We were all waiting for it (even though I couldn’t watch it anyways because YouTube Red doesn’t work here), I saw how excited Felix was and how happy he was after it was over. The cancelation of the show annoys me so much because the people who canceled it were willing to ignore the blood, sweat and tears that went into the show, (and into everything else that Felix does), and just ruin everything. I know I don’t know what happened behind the scenes and everything, but I just can’t ignore the INJUSTICE that is happening before my eyes and say nothing.
You, the person reading this, let’s join forces and try to change their minds. Peacefully.

Love Can Heal (Part 7)

 Pairing: Paul Lahote X Reader / Emmett Cullen X Ex!Reader

 Word count: 951

 Warnings: Depression; self-harm; pretty much stuff like that.


 Part 1

 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4

 Part 5

 Part 6

 Part 8

 I’m staring at the TV. I think about turning it on, but there’s nothing I want to watch. Paul is making me something to eat. I don’t know what since we couldn’t agree if it would be breakfast or lunch. I’m feeling horrible and I miss Emmett. Plus, I’m feeling guilty for considering the idea of kissing Paul. Wouldn’t be wrong since I’m not dating Emmett. And there’s something weird about Paul, an unknown feeling.

 When I’m done eating, Paul makes me watch this foolish horror movie. It’s impossible to pay attention to something so idiotic. I’m slowly falling asleep by the sound of Paul’s voice cursing someone who’s making wrong decisions. I rest my head on his shoulder and he pulls his arm around me. I decide not to argue about it right now.

 When I open my eyes it’s getting dark outside. Sam’s voice reaches me and I get up immediately. I head to the kitchen and mutter a ‘hello’ to Sam and Kevin.

 “Emmett wants you to call him.”

 “You call him and tell that if he’s missing me, he’s cordially invited to come here,” I say and Kevin holds back a laugh.

 “Shut up, Kevin. Don’t make fun of the bloodsuckers or they may want to mess with you.” Sam uses his Alpha voice to make Kevin stop and that’s what he does. I try to keep cool, but I just can’t.

 “Just because you’re an Alpha doesn’t mean you can control his private life. Or his thoughts. He’s free to speak whatever he wants.”

 The silence supposed to make me feel uncomfortable, but instead, I face Sam with all my sassiness. Well, all the sassiness I still can find inside me.

 “Good thing you’re not from my pack, or you would regret saying this.”

 “Good thing you’re not my Alpha, or you would regret saying this.”

 “Don’t you dare to threaten me.”

 “I’m a little girl, I’m not threatening you. If you’re feeling in danger for my words then you’re weaker than I thought. ” The fury in Sam’s eyes makes Paul pulls me back and Kevin stand up between me and his Alpha. I know he may shift into a wolf and kill me. But I don’t care.

 “Lucky for you I admire stupid bravery or you would be in some serious danger.” Sam states before turning to the living room and heading to the front door.

 “How can someone so insensate be your Alpha?”

 “Insensate? Who talks like that nowadays?” Kevin speaks, not giving a shit about Paul’s worried face

 “Ivy, that’s enough. Don’t mess with things you can’t deal with.”

 “I’ll deal with him when I become a vampire.” I enjoy feeling angry again. Like a fire warming my stomach. A small smile makes Kevin raise his eyebrows at me. “What, Kevin?”

 “You’re tough.”

 “No. I’m just… spitfire. Well, I used to be.”

 “Nice nickname for you. I gotta go now. See ya around. ” Kevin leaves me with a wolf who’s seriously worried about the dialogue that just happened.

 “Ivy, you…”

 “Yeah, I know.” I roll my eyes at him. I don’t really care if Sam is pissed off.

 “It’s good to see the real you.” Paul touches my cheek and I step back. “Sorry.”

 “Don’t be. It’s just that…”

 “You’re in love with Emmett. I know.” He looks at the ground and then back at me, awkwardly.

 “My feelings about Emmett are blurred by anger and disappointment.”

 “Good. Does it mean that I can kiss you?”

 He’s not joking and my heart beat faster when I get what he just said.

 “Are you…” A phone stars ringing and Paul hurries to answer. A few seconds later he comes back and hands me the phone. It’s Emmett.


 “What do you want?” It’s all I say.

 “I want to know if you’re okay with the dog.” Emmett is speaking too loud, just to make sure Paul can hear him.

 “The dog is taking care of me while you’re hosting some idiot vampire who could kill me just because I’m a human living with vampires.”

 “Babe, you know that everything I want is to keep you completely safe.”

 “Yeah, and guess what? You just found a way to keep me away again! ” I’m screaming and tears roll down my cheeks. The feeling I had when he disappeared hits me again and I start suffocating.

 “Ivy, don’t do this. I love you. ”

 I let the phone slip from my hand as I fall, struggling to catch my breath. Paul keeps me from hitting the floor, picking me up and laying me carefully on the couch. He tries to calm me down, counting down from ten. I close my eyes and slowly get back to normality.

 “Can you bring me some water?” I ask him with a tired voice. He disappears and comes back real quick.

 “You scared me.”

 “Did I?”

 “Yes, you did.”

 “You’d leave me too. When things get rough you would leave just like he did!” I’m screaming again, crying and being crushed by the weight of the stupid thing I just said. He wouldn’t care enough about me. Paul doesn’t say anything and that scares me. I close my eyes and sit up straight on the cough. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be an idiot.”

 “I’m not a bloodsucker. I’m not Emmett. If you really think I’d abandon you when things get rough, it only proves that you don’t know me.”

 “Well, I don’t know you.”

 “We can change that.”

 “Maybe, wolf.” I give him a small smile and Paul leans closer to me. I don’t push him away, I just stare into his beautiful eyes.

 “Maybe, little human.”






My Two Cents About Yandere Simulator

I don’t honestly remember when I first got into Yandere Simulator. But, what I do remember that I had fell in love with the game after seeing people do Let Play’s of it. I used to love going on YandereDev’s youtube channel and seeing updates about the game. I was hyped up about getting the game.

And then, I discovered @stop-yanderedev.

At first, I was like “oh great, some pointless hate blog”. I had seen blogs like that before and expected this blog to be run by a bunch of butt-hurt babies who have zero reasons to hate the game.

But, after going through the blog, reading all the posts and receipts, I woke the fuck up. I didn’t know how shitty the dev was and what he had done before. I also didn’t realize how shitty some of the fans were and what lengths they would go for to make “some silly sjws triggered X3″. The really cool mods over at @stop-yanderedev made me realize a lot of things about the game. And, I am so fucking glad that I found them.

I like Yandere Simulator, I really do. I think it’s an interesting concept with a lot of potential. But, the way YandereDev is going about this, I am very disappointed. I can’t believe that the fans of Yandere Simulator can come up with much more interesting concepts than the dev himself.

So, to get to the point of my little rant, let’s start talking about the things that I think can make Yandere Simulator better.

1. The Protagonist

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Firstly, I do not like Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi. She is bland and uninteresting to me. I do not know much about anime, but what I do know is that yanderes are supposed to pretend to be this cutesy, harmless person to hide the fact that they’re fucking insane. I’ll admit, I like the idea of having a yandere who is emotionless until they meet their obsession. But, I would love to see that emotionless yandere pretend to be sweet and innocent to hide the fact that they’re apathetic and cruel to those who get in the way of their obsession. Ayano would be a much better character if she pretends to feel something to trick people into thinking that she’s harmless and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I’ll admit, I love her name. Ayano Aishi rolls off the time rather nicely. Plus, Yan-chan is a really cute nickname. Her design doesn’t look too bad, either. But her backstory and personality is just so…meh.

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Same goes for Yandere-kun. From what I’ve heard, he’s sadistic and looks like another anime character. Aren’t Yandere-kun and Ayano-chan the same person? Why is Ayano apathetic and emotionless, while Yan-kun is sadistic and possessive? Why can’t he look like a male-version of Ayano? I would honestly love to see Yan-kun with a ponytail. It would be so cute! But no, we get this asshole right here.

Honestly, the protagonist is the most important character in the game. They’re the ones that will be remembered the most. If YandereDev wants his game to be the best it can be, he needs to work on Yandere-chan/kun and make them not boring.

2. Senpai

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Senpai/Taro Yamada is Ayano’s obsession, not to mention the main crush of all most of the rivals. If that’s the case, then why the fuck is he so BORING? I don’t care if he’s sitting in the “main protagonist seat”, how is that boy able to get so many girls fawning over him? He looks like a generic anime boy you see time and time again. He has no character whatsoever, as far as I can tell.

Now, I love Senpai. He’s probably one of my favorite characters (alongside Oka, Kokona, Midori, Shin, and Budo). Why do I like him, even though he’s boring? I like him, as in my version of him. I have so many headcanons, so many ideas about him that it made me love him.

My version of Senpai is that he’s kind and caring. He’s an awkward dork with a love for nature and animals. He likes reading and drawing. He loves his friends and family to death. He’ll stand up for others and risk his own safety for the sake of those he cares about. Senpai is not Senpai, but Taro Yamada. In my version of him, I give reasons as to why people would fall for him in the first place. I don’t just say “Oh, people like him because he ended sitting in some specific chair”, I give a real, valid reason for it.

Senpai has so much potential. I really hope he doesn’t stay the boring character that he is now.

3. The Rivals

There are rivals here that I like and make sense. Osana I can see as a rival since she had known Taro for a very long time and I honestly love the friends-to-lovers trope to death. Amai and Oka are adorable and Asu is amazing.

Then, there are rivals that I don’t like and that don’t make sense. Why the fuck would Hanako care if her brother got a girlfriend? I get that she loves him a lot and that she wants his attention, but what the fuck? If I was her, I would embarrass the hell out of Taro and tease him about all the attention he’s getting. I wouldn’t care if he got a girlfriend, unless that girlfriend is a fucking asshole or a crazy bitch. Also, why would two, grown-ass women be interested in student like Taro? I find that unsettling that two, grown-ass women would want to fuck a teenager. And, isn’t it illegal for teachers to date students?

Plus, their names. Oh my god, their names are fucking stupid. They’re not real names you would hear in real life or in an actual anime. They’re names that fucking middle school weebs in anime club would make up.

You want meaningful names, YandereDev? Then, DO YOUR MOTHERFUCKING RESEARCH. Don’t just type some adjective into Google Translate and see what that word is in Japanese. Go find some sites that provide you with actual Japanese names and their meanings, like Behind The Name or something.

Look, here’s an example!

[ Picture taken from the Yandere Simulator Wiki ]

Look at Oka Ruto. She’s the leader of the Occult Club and a fanatic for the supernatural, right? So, she’s a pretty spooky person. What name would fit her nicely?

How about Amaya Kuroba, instead? Amaya (雨夜) means “night rain” and Kuroba (黒羽) means “black wing”. Perfect for a spooky girl like Oka! You know how I got that name? I did my FUCKING RESEARCH, that’s how!

Or, or! What about Osoro Shidesu?

[ Picture taken from the official website ]

She is the leader of the delinquents and is known to be the strongest person at Akademi High. What name could possibly suit this badass girl?

Shinobu Tsuyoshi could fit! Shinobu (忍) means “endurance” and Tsuyoshi (剛) means “strong” or “tough”. Wow, another fitting name that’s actual Japanese! The wonders of doing your research.

In short, rethink the rivals. Their names need changing and some need to be replaced. And by some, I mean Mida, Muja, and Hanako need to go.

4. Info-chan

[ Picture taken from the official site ]

Info-chan is a character I’m very interested in. I find her character intriguing. A girl who seemingly knows everything about everyone at school? Sign me the fuck up.

But, when it comes to her “currency”, she loses me. Panty shots are dumb and gross. I don’t care about it being an “anime trope”, it’s fucking stupid. Of all the things, why did it had to be panty shots?

The only thing I have to say is that her currency needs to change. Be more creative with it, because panty shots just don’t cut it. AT ALL.

5. Character Designs

Most of the characters are really pale. Like, what the fuck is up with that? Not every Japanese person is pale like a goddamn white person. Asian people can have dark or brown skin. How do I know? BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING ASIAN WHO HAS BROWN SKIN AND I’M SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE THINK ALL ASIAN ARE PALE AS SHIT. Newsflash, we aren’t. Want examples? Look at Asians from the Philippines, or from India. Hell, look at Asians who are also black. Dark/brown skinned Asians exist, folks. But also, everyone looks the same. The girls have the same body type, save for their boobs, and face. So do the boys. Would kill YandereDev to at least have some diversity with the students’ body types and faces? Probably.

Not only that, why are female high school students wearing female middle school uniforms? And why are the skirts so short? Akademi High is a prestigious private school, right? So, their uniforms should look nice and mature. Like this:

Or, it could like this:

These uniforms are far more appealing and mature than the sailor fuku. These would suit the female students of Akademi High far more than the sailor fuku.

Also, on the subject of Akademi High being a prestigious, shouldn’t it be stricter about their dress codes? As shown in the pictures above, the students’ hair is not bright, rainbow colors but natural colors. Through research (yes, again), I gathered that Japanese students are not allowed to dye their hair bright, wild colors due to their strict dress codes. So, wouldn’t make sense for Akademi High to forbid their students from dying their hair wild colors?

To put it in short, make the uniforms look like they belong in a private, Japanese high school and making characters diverse isn’t hard.

And, that’s pretty much it! Like I said, Yandere Simulator has so much potential to be a really fun game. But, if it keeps going in the direction it’s already going at, then you can bet your ass that I’m not gonna buy it.

Again, thank you @stop-yanderedev for helping me realize how shitty the game and dev actually is. You guys are really awesome and I really hope you see this post.

So yeah, thanks for reading! I’m probably going to get shit on for stating my opinion, but whatever.

I also might post my version of how I think Yandere Simulator should be like, so watch out for that!


iamotakucheese  asked:

Ok so your thing about Katsuki figuring out izukus secret with all might and stuff. Yeah he's smart and shiz, but what if his conclusion was them dating or something instead of him getting his quirk from all might

@iamotakucheese This is…a very strange question for the lack of a better term  (⊙﹏⊙)

To be honest though, I’m having a hard time imagining it since, as you said, Kacchan’s very smart and rational and having him come to that conclusion is a little bit, um, out there.

BUT I guess it could be a funny scenario? With Kacchan revealing his thoughts out to EVERYONE in the class, like confronting All Might or something? And then things would get very awkward…..for everyone…. that they’re not able to continue with the lessons and just……… everybody went back to their homes DORMS

And then in the dorms everybody’s still awkward around one another.

Kirishima: Yo dude, why you gotta say that?

Bakugou: Why I gotta say what?!

Kaminari: It’s obviously a stupid thing to think about… and who cares if Midoriya-kun is All Might’s favorite student. All Might is still human after all, he likes and dislikes things!

Mineta: Kaminari said something smart… I can’t even??


Mineta: But Kaminari is right. Why’d you have to deduce it like that though? DATING…

Bakugou: Like I asked for your opinion, shithead?

Sero: Well…if we gotta put it that way the most logical conclusion would be to think that Midoriya is All Might’s illegitimate child.

Todoroki: I thought that and asked Midoriya about it, but it’s not true.

Satou: Does this mean Todoroki is smarter than Bakugou?


Kirishima: Do you realize the extent of your revelation, Bakugou?

Tokoyami: It’s okay to be stupid sometimes.


Midoriya: You know… I’m here… and I can hear all of this…

Iida: At least we all know it’s not true, Midoriya-kun. Bakugou-kun IS being stupid. With baseless conclusions!!

Kaminari: Yeah and besides…dating… we ALL know you’re dating Uraraka. Right?

Midoriya: WAT

Iida: WHAT!!!

Mineta: MIDORIYA…….

Midoriya: N-n-no I’m not!!

Ojirou: I thought it’s Asui…

Midoriya: WAT

Mineta: MIDORIYA……..!!!!!

Midoriya: B-but it’s not!!

Kirishima: I thought it was Todoroki…

Midoriya: WHY


Iida: Why haven’t you told me about this, Midoriya-kun, Todoroki-kun?!!!

Midoriya: B-BUT I —

Mineta: I TOTALLY support you and Todoroki, Midoriya!!

Midoriya: Todoroki-kun, help me!

Todoroki: I’m going to take a bath.

Midoriya: Don’t leave me!

Tokoyami: So it’s true…

Shouji: Congratulations.

Aoyama: Not even a formal announcement? No style at all, monsieur Midoriya!


It devolved from berating Kacchan to teasing/shipping Deku ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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