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Everybody (including Kara herself) always points out how she and Mon-el are different, can you list the things they have in common? Because I haven't found much

Well, I think the reason why they make such a good couple is because they are so different that they complement each other, but let’s give it a shot:

  • They are refugees on Earth and they had to go through a lot of challenges to try to fit in.
  • They have powers.
  • They seem to have the same religious beliefs (Rao and all that stuff).
  • They have grown up in more “advanced planets” in terms of thecnology and society.
  • They are members of very powerful families. (Kara > House of El, Mon-El > Daxam’s Royal Family)
  • They have the same type of humor. They are very goofy/childish sometimes.
  • They try to avoid problems by making a joke or trying to hide it.
  • They care about each other.
  • They are willing to sacrifice themselves to save others (or each other).
  • They have expressed that, sometimes, they feel alone and different, since they are not a regular person.
  • They have daddy/mommy issues.
  • They are superheroes/trying to become one.
  • Despite of having very strong prejudices against Krypton/Daxam, they’ve been able to overcome it and be in a romantic relationship.
  • They have a lot of pressure and responsibility on their shoulders. People always expect things from them. Kara for being a superhero and Mon-El for being the prince and having to reign (eventually).
  • They seem to have problems listening to each other.
  • They are very impulsive sometimes.
  • They are supercute (pun intended).

Anyway, those are some of the stuff that I think they have in common, but I’m sure there are a lot more, so if any of my shipmates can think of something else, you are welcome to reblog this and add it.

What if...

Ezarel is actually engaged with Eweleïn since their childhood ? Like their parents married them without asking their opinions like in the Middle Ages ?

Since Eldarya seems “medieval” on many things (like food), some people’s mentalities maybe stayed this way. Moreover elves (well, actually mostly Ezarel) act like they’re really proud of their race and maybe Ezarel’s and Eweleïn’s parents are really close-minded about other races and absolutely want their children to marry another elf.

That would justify the fact that Ezarel has to tell her about the kiss like Valkyon said in the 14th episode (if the person he’s talking about is Eweleïn, of course) and also their relation : they’re close and care about each other, more than about anyone else (cf Eweleïn reaction in episode 12 when Ezarel is unconscious), but they don’t seem to be in love.

Well that’s only my supposition but that would make sense, to me.

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So when there was speculation about Yuuri and Phichit being in a relationship, what did fans think of it? I imagine the majority would find it sweet, but some probably think that one of them isn't good enough for the other.

It was always kind of overshadowed by Viktuuri because Viktor and Yuuri were much more famous than Phichit at the time the ship started but most people thought it was really cute as it was clear how much Yuuri and Phichit cared about each other

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Alright, what are your top 5 favourite Voltron pairings and why? Also, who are your favourite VLD characters? Why do you like them?

pidge I’m a multhishipping Bitch so what may be my top 5 right at this very moment (March 24, 2017, 5:47 pm) may change but here I go.

Top 5 Voltron Ships

1. Shidge

Idk if it isn’t that obvious. I love Shidge so much and I feel their dynamics is so good. They care about each other and I feel they balance each other out. Pidge is daring and smart and assertive, somewhat aggressive, but Shiro keeps her at bay. And Shiro tends to be self-restricting and too serious so someone who is both level-headed and goofy would be good for him. And they have some history between them before all this but not so big a history that they don’t get to develop much of their relationship. I honestly just love Shidge so much.

2. Shance

Shance was actually almost my otp rip. But the Shidge shippers found me and adopted me and I fell deeper into Shidge hell. The salt was greater in Shidge too and you know how salt controls 90% of my actions. But Shance will always have a special place in my heart. It would just be such a good but also strange ship. They both have issues with themselves and I think they would learn to really bond over that and overcome their problems or maybe learn to live with them. Lance has always looked up to Shiro and that kinda just hits me right there. And Shiro is just so good a support. But ofc I yearn for the day Shiro opens up and maybe Lance would be there to help.

3. Hance

My obsession with Hance was rather recent. I read this one really good hance fic and liked it but not enough to make it to my top. But now I am so down for Hance. The reason is actually very simple. Hance dynamics reminds me of me pining for my friend. It just hits homerun to my heart and just, friends trope can do miracles. You have mutual pining, one-sided pining, and just SO MUCH. Honestly, I won’t be surprised if Hance happens. Hunk and Lance have always cared for each other and tbh are closer to each other too. So like, it would be nice to actually seem them. This is one of the few ships, I’m rooting for in canon.

4. Pallura

Honestly, this was my super secret rarepair. I never saw anyone shipping it so it never grew that much on me but I love it to bits. I cry at everything Pallura. I know they barely have anything on them BUT I STILL LOVE IT. And I’ll cry if you talk Pallura to me and love you forever. ;w;)/

And as I always say, Pallura is the ship I would ask to be canon is I was given a chance to make one voltron ship canon.

5. Shunk-Kallura-Allurivan(its a tie of three deal with it)

I can’t choose rip. 

I started liking Shunk just recently. It never really occured to my mind as a ship until a friend of mine started talking polydin to me and I realized how this ship is so fluffy and good and it pains the heart so much. Plus, Hunk and Shiro are actual the space parents™. Look me in the eye and tell me Hunk is not the mom friend of the group and therefore the Space mom. They are just such a good and underrated ship.

Honestly, the whole Kallura thing was a ride. I was so salty about the antis that I honestly started salt-shipping what I used to dub as my notp. I changed the meaning of notp to new otp and if that isn’t enough salt, idk what is. But the deeper I dug into Kallura, the more I stated liking the ship. The Kallura community is full of nice people too and that just made me like this ship all the more.

Allurivan. Honestly, idk. They rarely had big moments but I ship them. I just see so much potential in Allura and Kolivan and ofc there will be tension and it will take a really really slow slowburn trope for them to actually develop feelings but I want it and I feel it would be worth the wait.

My Fave Characters

This one is hella harder dude

1. Lance & Pidge (fucking fight me I love both ok both)

I’m not choosing ok

Lance is such a precious character to me. He wasn’t originally the type of character I die over. I’m usually all for edgies with rough backstories like Pidge and keith. But when Lance showed drama with his family, I just flipped. I live in a very family-oriented environment so like at that moment, I just clicked with Lance’s character and started to delve into it deeper and I found myself relating to him more and more and loving him.

Pidge and I just really resonated. I saw her and she was an instant fave. I really really just love Pidge’s character.She’s smart and assertive and speaks her mind. She’s not afraid to fight and speak for herself and she knows what she wants to do. It is not everyday you see a well-grounded female characters who don’t have to go through this whole feminine™ role and that is so nice.

2. Allura


Allura is a character I love for many reasons. She’s a princess that has spice. I’ve seen princesses in mecha that just lets me down because they end up being plot devices to further protagonists and sometimes they end up being damn hella annoying too. But Allura, Allura is the protagonist. She has her storyline and her theme and character. She’s ready to give up everything to save her father’s legacy and save the universe. Her theme has always been duty and sacrifice and damn hell right her character sticks to it so well. (Destroying her father’s AI, rejuvenating the balmera despite probability of dying, saving Shiro and sacrificing herself, owning up to her prejudice and accepting Keith and the Blade) She is just so well-written and I wanna cry. I love her so much.

3. Shiro & Keith (yes they come as a matching set)

I’m also bi for Shiro if that is not so obvious. I just really love Shiro. I want to wrap him up in a blanket, let him drink warm cocoa and let him watch cute chill videos of kittens and puppies. But Shiro is a deep character and he may not remember doing really morally questionable things in his stay with the Galra and I honestly want to see how he would deal with memories of that.

Keith is edgy™. ofc I love him. But his character is actually a lot more deeper. He wants a family and people he cares about and boi, he’s just ready to fight for you. When things get tight, he tends to play devil’s advocate and be a lot more practical. It usually gets looked over as sounding harsh and detached but he handles the job well and we always need devil’s adovates in teams.

4. Hunk

Hunk is a real sweetheart. I loved his bit over the balmera arc and his character growth was so amazing and refreshing. It’s nice to see a kind and goofy chara, really. I love how he is a worrier but also a fighter. And how chill he seems. Hunk feels so chill with the big things and when I see him, I just also have this tendency to also chill. He’s a pretty well rounded character who can be understanding, funny, sassy even. And he’s just a really good support for the team.

5. Coran & Ulaz (deal with it)

Coran is a character I am guilty of ignoring. I’m so sorry. But Coran is a wonderful character. He is caring and always there for the Paladins and Allura. I really loved his bits in season two especially with Allura. They were so warm and precious. ;w;

There is no good explanation why Ulaz, a character who barely got screentime, is here. I just think he is really hot. Ulaz is hot so he is here.

dear monsta x,
please don’t be hard on yourselves!! monbebes will love you always and forever. make sure you sleep and eat and laugh. it’s okay not to win first place and you shouldn’t blame yourselves.
monbebes will work hard for you this time and get you your first win. you deserve it. thank you for all your hard work. when i listen to your music i automatically feel happier. not only are you good singers and dancers and producers, you are good people!!
you care about each other and your fans so much. we are lucky to have you. never lose hope!
love jill (a monbebe who has no way to contact you but just wants to share her appreciation so she’s writing a letter to nobody)

a message to Adam Horowitz and everyone in ouat

If emma or regina were a man, im sure everyone would ship them from the start, and they would probably be a couple by now. The show says love is about sacrifice, and they have sacrificed themselves for each other many times and showed that they CARE about each other. So im confused, isnt that the message of the show? isnt that true love? im sadly sure adam and the crew just wont let them be together because they are both women. and thats is just disgusting, disrespectful and not nice at all.

Adam say its a family show, and thats what they are, henry emma and regina, they are a FAMILY!

Hook is a misogynistic rapist and abuser who have showed many times, he truly doesnt care about emma. Now because they are straight, they can be together, even being problematic as hell. And now, a hug that we have always wanted, happens just because of hook. that’s horrible adam. think about that.

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i hope you're doing okay leela! i love you sooo much and i know we don't know each other but i genuinely care about you. you deserve so much happiness. hope you're doing better.

oh love, this means so much thank you :( :( :(  it’s mind boggling that you’d take the time to send me so much love and i’m honestly overwhelmed and so grateful to you!!

i’m feeling a little better today actually :) self care is ordering thai takeout and sitting in a nest of blankets and re-watching the start of gamingmas whilst surrounded by fairy lights soooooo,,, this evening has been quite lovely tbh xx and i actually feel some sort of visceral joy and relief at the fact that trump’s healthcare bill got pulled today like,, i’m in disbelief. i haven’t felt any sort of happiness associated with the real word in so long, and obvi it’s a shame that such a small victory should make us so excited–but at the same time it’s such a hopeful sign and i feel so proud of all the organizers and activists who helped make it happen. iaweoirjaoeir anyway ilu thank you so much i hope you’re having a beautiful day <333333


top 15 rwby duos - as voted by my followers

#4. Ruby Rose + Yang Xiao Long


By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.

I feel like in Voltron the creators do a really good job of showing how much Keith and Lance care about each other separately

Keith is really caring and gentle towards Lance when he’s hurt

But he’s also not afraid to express how he’s coping when Lance is away from him for a long time, he’s impatient and stressed, he just wants him back to normal as soon as possible. He wants to see him healed and OK again. 

And then there’s Lance who’s a lot more forceful and serious, he knows Keith is in danger so he wants to go down and protect him. There’s no hesitation, he doesn’t care what he’s getting himself into as long as it means Keith comes out safe and alive

But he’s also fearful, because he’s scared that he might lose him and he’s not sure how he’ll be able to cope if that does happen

It’s such a good way of showing that even though they’re always at each other’s throats, in the end they really do truly care about each other. 

These situations show that they pretty much can’t live without the other, and that they also have a very special and important relationship. Gradually as the show goes on, I think they’ll both come to realize that. 


Fangirl challenge  | Relationships
Farscape, Aeryn Sun and John Crichton


Hunk, you big, gassy genius!

can we talk about the boys first time? philip making sure lukas was okay with doing it, asking for consent twice. lukas smiling after philip kisses him. the two of them threading their fingers together. being cautious and gentle.