carina stop that

  • Attending to me when I walk into OR4: What are you doing here?
  • Me: I'm here to intubate!
  • Attending: Well how many have you done so far?
  • Me: Approximately.... zero...
  • Attending: Meh. Here's the Mac blade. Don't knock her teeth out.

so let me get this straight

a 13 year old girl compliments Joseph on his chemistry with Leah and politely asks him about Klaroline at a convention (where the whole point is to communicate with your audience and give fans the chance to ask questions), meanwhile the TO cast and crew are acting like butthurt immature teens and are bullying William Shatner on twitter into watching and live tweeting their show, but the girl asking Joseph about Klaroline was totally harassing him???

okay then

I purely do my makeup for the sole fact that I love to apply it. It’s fun, it’s something I am good at and it genuinely makes me happier. I feel no need to justify the reason behind it, but I feel I am always getting so much negativity because of it. I hope that others don’t feel scared to express themselves whether it’s how you do your makeup or hair or the clothes you wear. Don’t ever feel to need to be sorry for your appearance screw the people who judge a book by it’s cover. They don’t belongs in your life anyways.
—  Maddie carina

anonymous asked:

LOL did u see carinas tweet to that CKer that is also in charge of that petition ( wonder how thats going right about now) Well anyways Carina was like PLZ STOP SPAMMING ME. LMFAO thats hilarious I don't usually like CM but the shade LMFAO..

Can’t fault her there. She get’s spammed quite a bit, must be tiring. 

Don’t underestimate fans

okay 1st things 1st happy new year everyone :) after all the bad ratings i just thought that I should write something about the effect of fans and writers on a TV show

So here are TVD ratings of seasons 2 and 3 back when TVD still had a good storyline, character progression, a main plot and most of all stable and beleivable ships which didn’t take the whole time

If you could notice, when an episode is all about a ship, here DELENA ratings drop (ep 19 and 20 had the worst ratings)


 why ? (I already explained this on a previous post here ==> X

The fans tried to make the writers understand what went wrong, but nothing , they said : “If you don’t want to watch don’t watch” okay you just lost 1 million viewers in one season. But still 2m viewers is good.

TO season 1 TVD season 5

They had pretty much good ratings, they lost a lot of viewers since season 4 but still, but then episode 15 happened, they killed Katherine (does JP have something against popular characters ?) and they lost 0.6m viewers (kill my favorite character once shame one you, kill my other favorite character ….) 

No let’s go to the Originals, why don’t they have the same number of viewers as TVD knowing that it’s centered on the most favorite characters ??? (i mean what’s left of them),the ratings were raising until ….. episode 16 when rebekah left (claire holt) losing one original already droped the ratings, imagine losing another, so basically TO turned into TVD, two brothers fighting over/for a girl and protect her ??? we already saw that thanks,+ trying to copy klaroline and caroline on cami ???? seriously ???? don’t you have imagination.


They basically lost 31% of their audience and they deserve it The only good things on this season are : Bonnie, Kai , BONKAI (come on who wants to watch stupid delena drama and forced steroline)

This season was good (for me) but the recast was a bad idea, but even with that we had decent ratings, till the killed again Kol (when people started to get used to sharman, I don’t say they should’ve kept him, Buzolic will always be the real Kol, but killing a fan favorite character for the 2nd time isn’t a good idea) + recasting rebekah+ killing mikael again + don’t get me started on the wolves storyline and jayley ??? people gave up


Killing Kai (another popular villain from the Kevil club) + Focusing on steroline + those stupid heretics and their stupid storyline + focusing on forced steroline + talking about elena all the time + ignoring bonnie + making bonenzo endgame ???? WTFF DO YOU WANT BEAUTIFUL STRONG BONNIE TO BE WITH A MURDEROUS VAMPIRE OBCESSED WITH LILY LIKE ENZO ??? poor thing she deserves so much better ( i’m not talking as a shipper but as a bonnie stan) It’s totally messed up, TVD should get cancelled please stop this nonesense.

Focusing on only Klaus and Elijah + making Freya a nanny + Jayley (seriously kill jackson he’s totally useless-ish (ish because he saved freya)) + ignoring hayley + bring back don’t bring back Kol on ep 6 ( seriously he should be back by now wtf why are they dragging this ??) and daggering rebekah  and right after that they had their wort rating 0.8 on ep 7 (I’m proud of you guys)  and in that period the cw announced that TO and TVD will be airing on fridays (DEATH SLOT) that’ the only reason that made the ratings raise on ep 8 and then they focused too much on cami and klamille and ratings drop again.


The fans are the ones watching, if you often make them angry and disrespect them on twitter you’re the only one who loses, you should accept criticism and with that make yourself better. 

Preference #2: You talk to your kid in a different language and he hears it

Requested by anon: “can you do a preference where you talk another language apart from english obvs (maybe spanish) and you are talking/teaching your kid that language and the boys hear you talking and they think its cuTE”


“Mom”, your kid called, “can you help me with my homework?”. “Sure, what is it?”, you asked. “It’s my Portuguese homework. I have to introduce myself”, he explained. “Okay, do you know how to say your name, right?”, you checked. “Yes, meu nome é Alex”, he proved. You pulled a chair and sat by his side on his desk, teaching him how to say how old he was, who were his friends, what were his hobbies, dreams and talents. “How can I say that my dad plays the drums in a world famous band?”, he asked. “Hm, okay: meu pai toca bateria numa banda internacionalmente famosa”, you told him. “What the hell? Why is Portuguese so hard?”, he groaned. Ashton, who had been leaning in his kid’s bedroom door, laughed. “I know, buddy. It was really hard for me to learn it too”, he said. “You speak Portuguese?”, Alex asked. “Well, only ‘eu te amo’, ‘estou com saudades’ and things like that”, Ash said looking at you with a smile on his lips. “What does ‘saudades’ mean?”, your boy asked. “Eu estou com saudades’ means ‘I miss you’”, you answered. “Oh, no, please don’t start telling me your guys’ story again”, Alex shook his head, “I know how you met him when he did a concert in your city, how you fell in love when you locked eyes while he was on stage playing that old song, hm, the amnesia one, how you survived a long distance relationship and blablabla”, he said making fun of it. You and Ashton laughed because it was true, Alex had probably heard that story a few times now. It wasn’t your fault everyone asked, though, and it was a telling worthy story, nobody could deny. “Well, see if you’ve heard this before: eu e sua mãe jantar hoje noite”, Ashton said. You started laughing really hard and both of them just stared at you. “Sorry”, you said, “but, Ash, you really need to learn more Portuguese or Alex will be better than you soon enough”. Your boy high-fived you and got back to his homework as you took Ashton’s hand so he could take you to that dinner he tried announcing in your language.


You and Michael were visiting your hometown and, for the first time, you had your little girl with you. You left the airport and took a cab to your old house, not wanting to bother your parents and hoping you could maybe surprise them. Unfortunately, they weren’t home yet, but you could get in, as you had the keys. You were settling everything in as you heard the door opening. “Y/N? Sei qui?”, you heard your dad asking if you were there. “Sì, papà!”, you shouted, hoping he would hear you. You heard some steps and, soon enough, they joined you. “Ah, Michael, we missed you!”, your mom said, “and, Y/N, you look so pretty, baby girl!”. “No, wait, we have another baby girl now”, noted your dad. “Aw, lei è così carina!”, your mother exclaimed, pinching your girl’s cheeks. “What was that?”, Michael whispered in your ear. “It means she’s cute”, you said kissing his cheek. “Oh, that’s right, isn’t it?”, he smiled. You went to your girl and got her in your arms. Your mom couldn’t contain herself. It was no secret she always wanted a grandchild and, preferably, a girl, so you could say she was over the moon. “Così carina”, she couldn’t stop saying to your kid. Your girl had her father’s eyes and they were open wide, showing her confusion front a new language. She opened her mouth hesitantly and, being used to it, you knew she was going to try to mimic the sound. “Cos caia”, your baby said, laughing after. “Oh my God, baby!”, your mom screamed, taking her into her arms. Michael and your dad were talking about some random music stuff, but, when Mike heard his kid saying that, his head snapped fast and he almost cried with joy. “How does she do that?”, he asked in awe. “She knows more Italian than you, babe”, you teased him. “I can say the necessary”, he protested, walking your way. “What is that?”, you asked. “Ti amo”, he said with his head leaned in yours. “I love you too, Michael”.


Luke was away on tour for a month now, and you were skyping him with your girl on your lap. He was talking about how wonderful it was to be in such a big headlining tour, how incredible it was to visit so many countries he never thought he would go because of his music. Your kid, being the talkative one between you three, was telling him about her new teacher and friends, and how excited she was with the school show, where she was asked to sing a song. “Baby, that’s amazing! I’m so proud of you”, Luke said, “do you know what you’re singing?”. “Not yet, but probably ‘Let It Go’!”, she answered. You laughed remembering how many times Luke has sang that with her: countless. You could see in his eyes how much he wished he were there to see her sing, even though he was concealing it with his big smile. “Tell him”, you encouraged her. “Tell me what?”, Luke asked genuinely confused. “Je t’aime”, she said and looked at you panicking as she forgot the rest. “Et tu…”, you started, hoping to help her. “… me manques!”, she finished, proud of herself. Luke just stared, awe all over his face. “What did you say, baby?”, he asked, even though he already knew the answer, having said that a lot to you. “I said that I love you, daddy, and that I miss you”, she answered, “right, mommy?”. “Yes, exactly”, you reassured her. “So this is what you’ve been actually doing while I’m away?”, he joked. “She asked me to teach her something in French”, you stated. “I can say: veux tu m'épouser?”, Luke said proudly and you two smiled, remembering why he knew that. “What does that mean, mommy?”, your girl asked. “Do you want to marry me?”, Luke answered for you. “Yes, I’ll marry you, daddy!”, she said excited, opening her arms to the camera. You just laughed, hoping two months could go by as two days so you could all laugh together at home.


You and Calum were hosting a brunch at your place because your parents have come from your far away home. As they were only able to do that a few times a year, they didn’t exactly know how to speak English fluently, but they could understand how much Calum loved you when he asked for their permission to marry you. “Baby, come here”, you called your little boy, result of some attempts with Cal, “do you have anything to say to your grandparents when they arrive?”. “I want to say they should live here with us so they can always give me those amazing presents”. You laughed and said he was a cheeky boy. You continued organizing your living room when he called you. “Mom, can you teach me how to say that in your language so they can understand me better?”. Calum had just walked into the room and you two looked at each other, touched with how thoughtful your kid was. Cal walked over to where you were, sat on the couch and pulled him to his lap, the look of wonder never leaving his eyes. “Okay, repeat after me: ustedes debían vivir aquí con nosotros”, you said very slowly, cheating a bit and shrinking the sentence. Your kid started to repeat what you’ve just said, but started laughing when he noticed Calum copying him. “Dad, I can’t do it, you’re distracting me!”, he argued hugging his belly from laughing too hard. “Oh, c’mon, you can’t do it because Spanish is impossible”, Cal said. “No, it isn’t. I already learned ‘te amo’”, your kid disagreed. “I can say ‘I love you’ too”, Calum protested, “but I want to bet who learns that new sentence before”. “Deal!”, your boy said. He repeated it tons and tons of times until he could say it better than his father. “Ok, you won”, Cal said smiling, proud of his kid. The bell rang and when your parents entered, your kid ran to them and said what he had just learned, making your mom cry. “Are we that good as parents or is he a miracle?”, Calum asked, pulling you into his arms as you both watched your little intelligent and thoughtful miracle.

A/N: I have no idea where the name ‘Alex’ came from. And also please correct me if there’s anything wrong, because I can speak Portuguese, a pretty good French, but almost nothing of Spanish and Italian. Ps: I don’t know if you’re still reading this lol but if you’re reblogging it, you might want to click the little button where you can reblog it as a text and not a link. Ok, sorry, I’m out.

PYRRHIC: false lessons in loving mad gods and monsters – you are the worshiper, you are the altar, and you are the sacrifice. 

i. hungry face - mogwai  ii. believing makes it easy - shearwater  iii. the darker days of me & him - pj harvey  iv. gotta be somebody’s blues - jimmy eat world  v. don’t fear the reaper - guster  vi. born to - jessica hoop  vii. simple math - manchester orchestra  viii. if there’s no hope for us (rogue version) - arab strap  ix. voodoo games - daughter darling  x. closer - kings of leon  xi. please don’t stop - carina round  xii. wolves - down like silver  xiii. pyrrhic - julianna barwick