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First we had Carol…

The we had Carol Yarn from Mosaic Moon…

And now….we have the Carol shawl!!!

Yarn was created by the absolutely amazing Morwenna at Mosaic Moon Fine Hand-dyed Yarns and Fibers, inspired by the Season 4 still of the  amazing Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier, and the pattern for this Faraway, So Close shawl is by Carina Spencer.


Saturday 23, 2017 of September at 09:47.

Spencer saw himself walk down the semi crowded streets. His main desire for that morning was to simply get his daily coffee at the small shop at the corner.

He didn’t know what that little place gave him in order to comeback. There were plenty of other coffee shops around that area, but for some reason that certain place was were he felt at home.

Whether it was its pastel yellow image, its freshly brewed coffee, or its daily home made pastries (chocolate sprinkle donuts for him); then well, he just wouldn’t have options to know why that was his location.

Entering through the clear wooden framed doors, Spencer was greeted by the daily smiling face of Carina.

He was too oblivious to the crush she had developed on him after weeks of shopping there and though times when either Penelope or Derek used to go get coffee with him– either one would try to let it cross his mind, but Spencer wouldn’t budge

“Daily order?“She asked smiling at him widely to which he nodded. “Please…” some days they would carry a conversation, others a few words, but many were like these: limited words like limited calling minutes on cellphones in the 2000’s.

And so when Spencer received his warm chocolate and rainbow sprinkles donut and his hot black coffee, he walked out with a face and a thank you to Carina.

“It’ll be a good day.”

Unfortunately he jinxed himself, just as he had stepped on the newly made crack in front of the shop, what seemed to be kids were running around and though he could get away from all of them, one was the only one to cause his day to go a bit down.

There his coffee went flying to the puddle next to him and his donut had been stepped on in his process of keeping his balance.

“Aw, fuck.” He said looking sadly at his freshly made donut. There a girl stood looking at his expression after dusting herself off.

“I’m so sorry! I swear to god I am! I’ll get you a new one, please! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to! I was just running to some friends because we’re late to so dumb school thing for the football players– you don’t care, but please let me buy you a coffee, I’m broke and I only have enough money for the coffee right now! Please…” her eyes looked at his soft ones.

“Uh… okay.” That was all he could say to the lost girl, who nodded walking inside. It took him a while to process it all, but he knew she was genuinely sorry.

So as they both walked into the shop, she gave him a smile before Carina came back. “Back, Spencer?” He nodded with an awkward smile that y/n mimicked while shoving her hands into her pockets.

“The daily?”

“Just the coffee.”

For a few minutes the two stood there in awkward silence waiting for Spencer’s coffee. Often times she would check her phone as her friends rushed her to get to the bleachers, but she was a bit far away.

So when Carina called for them, they both rushed to her grabbing the coffee.

“Thanks…” he said taking a sip of it. “Uh, thank you for not being mad about it or you probably are, but hiding it.” In that moment she heard his gentle laugh causing a bright smile to form on her face and her head to lift up to look at his features while he laughed.

“Oh fuck…” she whispered under her breath realizing how god like he was. “I’m y/n by the way.” “Spencer.” With a smile the two shook hands as they stood by the corner where Carina made the coffee.

“Wanna make a deal?” She asked looking at him, biting her lower lip in a playful way. He shrugged nodding his head. “I’ll buy you your daily tomorrow since I’m getting paid later today. Just give me your number and I’ll let you know what time we can meet here.” He didn’t see it as such of a bad idea, but her face screamed out too young, so before saying yes he had to ask for her age.

“How old are you?” Giggling at his question, y/n took out her ID to show him the year. “Relax, FBI. I’m 18, soon 19 in a few months.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, Spencer looked at her. “How do you know I’m in the FBI?” He questioned making her smile drop. “I-I didn’t. I was just assuming since you asked for my age.” Obviously he knew she wasn’t lying. His profiling skills were better than her life.

“Alright.” He said handing her his phone just like she handed her phone to him. Interchanging numbers. She tried putting an emoji next to her name, but none were appealing. Spencer had simply put in his name and a taken a picture of himself.

Once they got their phones back, the two smiled before putting it away. y/n had walked to the door and once she reached that spot, she turned around smiling at him. “Talk to you later stranger.” Spencer had received that with a smile.

Once she had left, Spencer looked around the shop before heading out the bookstore next door. It was a library as well, for the ones who had time to sit and read there.

So for the first half hour of sitting there, Spencer had read fifteen books. Only for the thought of y/n popping into his head out of nowhere. If it wasn’t for her, well he would probably have half as more of the books he’s read sitting next to him in a stack.

But just as he thought about her, so did she as she sat on the top of the bleachers. Her apathy taking over as she questioned if she should text Spencer or not.

Suddenly the desire to talk to him had grown bigger. Her ambient was boring, but loud. Seeing the football team just runaround wasn’t her to go sport. So she did: she texted Spencer.

y/n: hey spencer! (get used to my lowercases) I just wanted to remind you to be put for your “daily” like the lady said, tomorrow morning.

-oh btw put this next to my name.


-I tried looking for it, but you didn’t have the app I use to get it.

spence ❀: As you wish.

-I guess I do have to get used to your lowercases.

He let out a chuckle sending a screenshot of her contact information.

y/n ♡: aw isn’t that cute ! you don’t even have a profile picture of me, smh.

In that moment she sent the only picture of her that she had in her camera roll. He hair in pig tails, clear glitter lip gloss, and the rainbow puke Snapchat filter, just without the rainbow. Instead it was her pouting her lips slightly, having the red tint the filter gave, over her cheeks and nose.

His smile was forming slowly. Spencer knew she was beautiful, but he hadn’t looked at her that much in the coffee shop as he would feel awkward if she caught him staring.

spence ❀: That’s cute.

He was too nervous to say more, but with him just saying it was cute– it was enough to make her smile all day long.

y/n ♡: I have a little flower next to your name and the picture you took. It’s too adorable by the way, but I could put the electra heart, full on black heart next to your name.

spence ❀: We could be matching if you put the ‘Electra Heart’ next to my name.

-What even is Electra Heart?

y/n ♡: ooh! you’re right! we could match, it would be so cute!

-wait you don’t know electra heart?!

-spencer I’m calling you, I don’t care.

-btw here’s your contact information.

Looking at the cute black heart to the name she put in after he put in spencer, he smiled until he saw his profile picture.

spence ♥︎: Oh God, no not that picture. What was I thinking? Let me see if I have any or I’ll just ask for pictures of me.

He had forgotten about her calling him, but she hadn’t called him due to the fact her friends wouldn’t let her go.

“Stay until it’s over.” Diana said pulling on her arm. Y/n just wanted to leave and hear Spencer voice. 

So when he didn’t find a picture of his own that he liked, he went to Penelope and JJ to send him pictures of him.

JJ: What’s this even for? You never ask for your pictures?

Spencer: Just a contacts picture.


Spencer: JJ relax, I just met them today.

JJ: Well here. I have these ones.


The conversation with Penelope was more bubbly. She was too excited to know Spencer was talking to girls.

Penny: Spencer! Let me see her picture, please!

Boy wonder: Penelope, please just send me a picture of mine.

Penny: Is she cute?

Boy wonder: Adorable, now the picture.


She had sent the pictures he needed just after she sent that and to him both the pictures Penelope and JJ had sent we’re good enough.

Boy wonder: Later, things take time.

Penny: Fine, but I’m seeing the mysterious person first thing when we head to work.

Spencer simply smiled before going back to his messages with y/n.

Sending the pictures both his co workers sent, she smiled looking at them with the thought of how handsome and adorable he was.

y/n ♡: are you still up for that call?

spence ♥︎: Totally, if you’re able to.

y/n ♡: always.

And just when she was about to call him, her friend snatched her phone trying to look at her conversation with Spencer, but mainly saw his pictures.

In those few seconds Hotch had called him in for a case.

Spencer had sighed when he read his message. He wouldn’t be able to hear her voice for the day as it was obvious he would be busy all day long, but he would try to text her at times.

“Give it back you asshat!” y/n yelled at her laughing friend who read the parts where she acted too nice. “You’re making him think you’re too nice, you’re not y/n.”

Y/’ rolled her eyes looking at her. Her friend looking closely at the pictures Spencer sent.

“He’s cute.”

“I know.”

spence ♥︎: We got a case. I guess that call will have to wait. :/

Once her friend read the message, she gave y/n a half smile while handing the phone back to her.

y/n ♡: it’s okay, go save lives 💕.

And though they didn’t talk to hear each other’s voice, they anticipated the hour when they did.

I struggled to write this, but I’m hoping I won’t in the future.

struggles of a new tumblr writers.

this shit had me coding and I haven’t coded since sophomore year.

also how do you put images in here??? I’m so dumb at this lol, BUT I REALLY HOPE THAT THE ONES WHO READ THIS LIKE IT !!!