“My best Disney memory ever is visiting our local carillon tower. My boyfriend and I were the only visitors that night and the musician playing the bells turned out to be a big Disney fan who took requests. We spent the whole concert listening to live carillon renditions of Disney songs. It was amazing to hear “The Bells of Nôtre-Dame” on carillon. I will never forget that night.”

Quella lettera e quel profumo,
M’inebri come una marea e mi trascini
Mi stringi come un peluche, siamo bambini.

Quell’addio e quella puzza di fumo,
Mi abbandoni come un carillon e mi scacci
Mi lasci con un “non ho più bisogno di giocare”, siamo grandi.

Did you know...

That you could request a song to be played on the carillon bells in Rockefeller Chapel? You can request a song of your choosing here, and our friendly carillonneurs and the Guild of Student Carillonneurs will try to honor your request by arranging a piece for the carillon! Music like the Main Theme from The Godfather, The Beatles, and Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter have been played on the Rockefeller Chapel carillon. Another fun fact: our carillon in Rockefeller Chapel is the second largest carillon in the world! 

Noon in Ankh-Morpork took some time, since twelve o'clock was established by consensus. Generally, the first bell to start was the one in the Teachers’ Guild, in response to the universal prayers of its members. Then the water clock on the Temple of Small Gods would trigger the big bronze gong. The black bell in the Temple of Fate struck once, unexpectedly, but by then the silver pedal-driven carillon in the Fools’ Guild would be tinkling, the gongs, bells and chimes of all the Guilds and temples would be in full swing, and it was impossible to tell them apart, except for the tongueless and magical octiron bell of Old Tom in the Unseen University clock tower, whose twelve measured silences temporarily overruled the din.

And finally, several strokes behind all the others, was the bell of the Assassins’ Guild, which was always last.

—  Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms.

Another beautiful VOCALOID song that hardly anyone knows…It’s a shame really– enjoy, ‘Carillon’