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That Monkey Island seems interesting. What is best about it?

oh boy oh boy. This game series is FULL of puns which make you groan so loud people on other side of the country will hear you.

Also, it’s basically an adventure game about pirates so the most important part about it is plot. which is great.and mad as hell.

Also the characters and especially the main character which is a weird combination, because he’s a super DORK but also very smart and with sarcastic sharp wit

Also this game, supposedly set in 17th cenbtury Cariibean has shitload of modern times references (and since it’s a LucasArt game, a lot to Star Wars)

The gameplay itself is quite hard, well it’s a puzzle game, and some of this puzzles can be ridiculously madly hard so you have to try the most nonsense ways to solve it. which is fun

also freaking INSULT SWORD FIGHTING. I live for it