carice von houten

who by fire - What happens when Melisandre meets pop culture


i. power and control - marina and the diamonds // ii. girl on fire - alicia keys // iii. nightcall - kavinsky // iv. die another day - madonna // v. run the world - beyonce // vi. toxic - britney spears // vii. seven devils - florence + the machine // viii. love game - lady gaga // ix. this world - selah sue// x. entertainment - phoenix // xi. gods and monsters - lana del rey // xii. atomic - blondie

On that note.. I hate when people use that horrible acronym starting with M to describe beautiful 35+ women.

I mean, I’ll confess the majority of the girls I’m attracted to fit the basic twentysomething “conventionally attractive-ish” types  you’d expect of a single chap of my age but like anyone else I’m attracted to individuals not some dumb checklist and in the GoT cast Carice Von Houten, Lena Headey and Michelle Fairley totally own my heart forever (good job none of them would actually want it, you know portions of my heart being shared out among wonderful actresses, that could get messy!)

I don’t think this is in annnyyyyywwaaayy unique so why do young guys have to justify fancying women that differ from the conventional standard evvvveerrr so slightly with a leery/silly word that reduces individuals to some sort of odd fetish? I mention this as Carice has actually talked about being refered to as a “MILF” despite not having kids on her twitter page.

It’s the same shit I got when I had a large girlfriend “chubby chaser” etc etc and it just seems silly and degrading to make out some sort of weirdness in being hot for beautiful, amazing individuals who don’t fit some arbitary ideal of desirability.

…but please, pleease please don’t see this as trying to score liberal points for the amazing feat of… fancying hot women. Any man I see trying to do that about say liking a large girl or whatever I consider lower than the divs banging on about MILFS and chubbies. Just putting that out there, respect to all the beautiful ladies across the spectrum and boo to utter sillinesss.