Walt and Mickey! Did this a while ago after visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Fran, if you haven’t been, it’s quite the dose of inspiration. A true genius, Walt accomplished so much, in such a short amount of time.

ART(inter): Valentine’s Day Edition

In our new interview with Lampu Kansanoh we discuss her new series of oil paintings, Love Impressions, in which she imagines herself and her boyfriend of 10 years in a variety of dramatic, and often humorous, situations.

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It was so strange. It was so unreal at times. Like walking into some bizarre painting, some caricature of life, because how else did he explain it? How did Dean go from laughing, and smiling to this? When did it happen? When did he cleave straight down the middle, a broken shell, something unformed and unfinished lying there, letting the sea knock it around