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idk if this has been posed before, and my followers dont like taylor so if i posted it it wouldnt get much traction, but maybe "what you made me do" isnt referring to something she actually did but what the "you" in the song said she did. that they put the blame on her and literally "made" it so she did it.

I love this.

she is a product of what people tell her she is. “lying, calculating, manipulating, scheming snake who plays the victim” is this caricature that’s been painted of her. “look what you made me do” is her way of looking at headlines and saying, oh, so this is what I’ve done today, this is who I’ve become, because you said it was so. “look what you made me do” isn’t pointing out some revenge plot she has, but rather just plainly stating, “this is what I’ve done, this is what I’ve become in light of your twisted perceptions.”

for some reason I’m having a hard time explaining it but I’m really excited about this perspective!!!

Expand, open, speak, name, describe, exclaim, paint, caricature, dance, jump in your writing. We are here as writers to say everything. Speak for your moods, make your muteness and silence eloquent
—  Anaïs Nin, from The Diary Of Anais Nin, Vol. 4: 1944-1947.

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dude did u even R E A D kosme's callouts she's done some bad shit

This is the only one I found: and the link on it to another callout doesn’t work (it just sends me to an ad, idk if it’s a problem on my end or with the link).

…and the first thing on there is a Snow filter being called yellowface. I use those filters, they’re not yellowface, they just make your eyes look bigger and your face look smaller. They’re just cute.

Okay, here’s the thing, the problem with blackface is that it’s got a cultural history of being used to insult and mock black people via caricature, so when someone paints their face black or brown in that style and for the sole purpose of being a black caricature it’s bad, but when someone paints their face black because of a separate cultural practice (ie Morris dancers here paint their faces because the miners who used to dance painted their faces black with coal, to help people focus on the bright colours and movement of the dance rather than individual people or faces) or paints themselves for a cosplay (like the person who cosplayed Garnet) it’s an entirely different scenario and it’s not blackface, and when someone tans or uses fake tan it’s definitely not blackface. It’s also not blackface to wear clothing or makeup that is popular among black people, and so wearing clothing or makeup that is popular among Asian people is not yellowface… and using a face morphing feature on a popular app definitely isn’t.

Before I go on, I just want to say that it doesn’t matter what this girl has done - there is absolutely no excuse to stalk and harass someone irl.

Moving on with the callout post.

Oh it has links explaining why Snow is yellowface! Let’s see…

1. It’s kawaii and an Asian person says so.

2. It’s “imitating” people who are striving for features they don’t have.

3. Another girl did the same makeup with the goal of looking like an Asian.

So, for one, kawaii fashion is a fashion, it’s not poorly imitating an Asian person’s skin for the purpose of mockery like blackface. Cultures and fashions are shared amongst people who enjoy them, that’s life. For the second one… like… neither the Asian people doing the makeup nor the white people have those features or necessarily appeal to the beauty norms without the makeup, plus individuals doing it on both sides do it for far more reasons than to “imitate features” like that they simply like the fashion. I mean, your argument is “society tells people to look like this so we try to look like this but you’re not allowed to try to look like this”??? And for the third, first off, they’re imitating a fashion style, a makeup style, not parodying a person’s skin colour and race; secondly if you think calling an Asian fashion trend that was inspired by English fashion “yellowface” then you’re dumbing Asian people and cultures down to a fashion that originated in western culture and saying that wearing that fashion is a parody of Asian people, which is bollocks. The girl who did the Korean makeup tutorial on YouTube (a different girl to the one the callout is even for) is clearly a YouTube makeup artist showing off her makeup abilities. Sure, the YouTuber is dressing up as an Asian and some people might take offense to that and I can kinda understand, but it’s not the same as blackface - blackface doesn’t even involve trying to look like an actual black person for one thing; they smear on black or brown facepaint and giant red lips, it’s a mockery, an insult. Calling it “yellowface” is undermining what blackface actually is, just as calling things that aren’t blackface “blackface” is. (PLUS none of that actually addressed the Snow filter, it’s all about makeup and fashion.)

Back to the callout.

She insulted a Mexican one time (no context for that so no idea why she said it - everyone uses insults that they later regret while in heated arguments or when annoyed at individuals, I have no context for whether she said it because she actually hates Mexicans or whether it was just one individual that she insulted, but in the context of the callout it’s being used to make her look racist when it could easily be a spat between two people that she went too far in, so I’m reserving judgement on that). She also sassed back to anons and people going after her, oh the audacity.

Whether she apologized to this Mexican person is apparently up for debate, but all of the screenshots the callout post claims to have are showing up as URL not found. So I’m reserving judgement on that one too.

The IDing outside of her race thing confuses me - are we talking kintypes or Dolezal? I’d like some more context on that. What Dolezal and people like her do is insert themselves into minority support groups and advocacy things under false pretenses, appropriate transgender language and thus imply that there’s a “white brain” and “black brain” which simply isn’t true (and has gross race realism vibes), and they don’t appreciate the culture or share it pleasantly but instead claim to be something that they’re not in order to feign what would be seen in their ideology as a “legitimate claim” to that culture - if that’s what she’s doing I’ll complain about that, but if she just has a kintype or something that’s Asian then that’s not a problem, it’s not the same situation. Again, this fucking vague ass callout is making it hard to actually judge the situation.

As for the last thing, yeah, she fucked up on that one; telling people to slit their wrists and die is not cool. One question though: why does this callout once again claim something without providing links to the majority of the claim… it says that she’s talking about one specific group, mixed race people, but doesn’t provide proof that that’s actually what she was using “race faker” to mean? I mean, this callout post needs to provide proof of that because that sentence, telling anyone to die, is bad enough, but if she genuinely does mean mixed race people then you can report that as hate speech.

…notice how I said “report that as hate speech” not “go harass her and then stalk and bully her irl at a convention”. Vigilante mob justice isn’t the solution to this or anything.

~ Vape

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I'll take any lunoct headcanon right now, i'm in pieces again for those two. Maybe first date + first kiss? (Noct not being the chosen one) Thank you so much <3


-Luna visits Noct in Insomnia. He takes her around the city one of the days, it’s a big thing. He shows her all the places he knows she’d love. They buy a ton of quirky stickers at various little shops. He loses her to a stationary store for a good few hours and she finds him in the store’s cafe and he’s got a drink on order for her and he flags the barista and asks them to make it now that she’s there.

-They eat all their meals out on the town that day. They started with a nice breakfast at a crepe place. They went alllll the way back to the crepe place for lunch because Luna desperately wanted to try one of their more savory ones but wasn’t ready for it in the morning. And they go to a fancy restaurant and they’re the most dressed-down people there cause who the hell is gonna tell the Crown Prince and (Future) Oracle that they’re underdressed

-After the fun day Noct casually refers to it as a date. Luna questions him about it. He realized “Oh… shit… I forgot to ask…. if it was okay to consider it that…….” and he’s really flustered and embarrassed and trying to recover. And Luna at first chides him, looking serious as she does, telling him he should really be more considerate, and that she hoped the day wasn’t just because he was looking for a relationship when it had been a great day of fun, and Noct is scrambling like “No, I was always going to bring you to these places” (and he really was) “I just… wanted…. to, uh… maybe… start something……. if you wanted it too…… and I thought… this could be a good starting point?”

-And she was never actually upset with him, and when he says that, she smirks and says “Well, today can’t have been a date, then. But maybe tomorrow can. Take me somewhere fun.” and he’s just dumbfounded at first and she asks if he was all talk or something and of course he can’t back down after being teased like that

-So the next day they go to whatever the Insomnia/Eos equivalent of Disneyland is (KENNYLAND, WAIT, NO, THAT’D BE A HORROR THEME PARK TO NOCT) and they have tons of fun all day going on rides, making each other wear ears, and get face paint, getting caricatures of themselves, eating snacks…

-End of the day, Noct gets a kiss for the date :D This is just a cute kiss, corner of the mouth really

-Somewhere in the mid-point of her trip, he takes her to one of the gardens in Insomnia, to show her that Insomnia isn’t all concrete. Somewhere in a maze of flowers, they share their first real, romantic kiss~

My version of "Things I associate with the MBTI types"


// binary codes, brown foxing marks on an old book, lab goggles, question marks, blueprints, quiet snores, bent wires, astronomy, old science museums, checkered clothing, drool over a textbook, rusty swings, low tides, snooze buttons


// matte black, broken stoplights, chipped wood, black leather boots, sea foam, spilt soda, constellations, wisps of smoke at night, rapid pulse rates, sun-kissed hair, vandalized bookshelves, cinnamon rolls, street lights on the pavement, moonlight through window blinds


// smirks, clip-on microphones, a messy sock drawer, muffled raindrops on the rooftop, a horizon at dawn, finger taps on a wooden tabletop, white pillow cases, fire crackling, crescent moon, flashlight under a blanket fort, scrunched eyebrows, grids, an abandoned journal


// blood stains, graffiti, metal rails, motorcycle helmets, tan lines, photo montages, an empty ice rink, shadow art, campfires and roasted marshmallows, a volcanic eruption, thrift shoppes, sunglasses, cacti, comets colliding


// snake venom, electronic cigarettes, metallic nail polish, white horses, cobblestone, blurred photographs, the periodic table of elements, snow globes, a packet of mixed nuts, white noise, almanacs, grey bed sheets, magnifying glasses, cluedo


// broken light bulbs, “danger” road signs, helicopters, tuxedos, golf clubs, rolling dice, one-way mirrors, roman numerals, skyscrapers, headlights, casinos, marble walls, black coffee, mahogany, black ink, arm wrestling


// 2-inch pumps, a 4ft tall stack of books, almond flakes, lockers, hair tied up in a low bun, ripped navy blue jeans, hazard signals, spinach, bunk beds, tailored coats, cupid’s bow lips, sand in between your toes, pandas, blue margaritas


// synchronized swimming, lounge music, shaved ice, scrabble, pinecones, bulletin boards, red wine, radars, 3D glasses, platforms, city ambience, fairie lights, bougainvilleas, caricature paintings, thunder


// white-ink tattoos, the crunching sound in your mouth, watermelon popsicles, face paint, roller skates, keychains, velvet skirts, soft brown locks of hair, hydrangea-scented fragrance mists, lockets, red telephone booths, milk tea, scrapbooks


// golden glitter, artsy stamps on yellow envelopes, carved oak, woven picnic baskets, white roses, rosaries, feather-stuffed pillows, ceramic porcelain vases, hair rollers, jackfruit, fuchsia lipstick, teacup pigs


// melted ice cream dripping down a waffle cone, bonsai plants, music boxes, fragile figurines, blueberry muffins, comic books, “eye floaters” when you scratch your eyes too hard, a floppy disk, four seasons flavoured juice, crispy bacon, reading glasses, sushi, blue nail polish


// the sound of crumpling paper bags, photo booths, recycling bins, tennis rackets, dry-cleaned coats, keys unlocking a door knob, dried mangoes, newspapers, the crab meat in ramen, beer mugs, gift cards, large mcdonald’s fries


// latte art, curtains at a theatre opening, a dead tree at winter, cherry-scented lip balms, maple syrup, calligraphy, fabric band-aids, silver artifacts, prunes, music sheets, eyeliner ruined by crying, b&w filters, sour patch kids lollipops


// fresh pastel yellow paint, lilacs, striped purple trousers, flower crowns, bubblegum wraps, sparklers on july 4th, loose sweaters, blue highlighters, paperclips, ribbons from a christmas gift, hot caramel fudge on top of a sundae, floral snapbacks, rain puddles in a pothole


// claude monet’s water lily artworks, penpal, the sound underwater, snow residue under your boots, coloured gel pens, going on a hike at 5am, a fabric canvas, coconut juice, christmas-themed socks, billiards, polka dot rompers


// feet up the dashboard, camera shutters, speakers at full blast, donut holes, helicopter landing pads, tangled hair, tequila shots, bubbles, hysteric laughter, lip bites, ballet rooms, rustling leaves, pick-up trucks, hoodies, smoky eyeshadow, the salty taste of a teardrop, dollar signs, quicksilver

It always is important to remain critical and analytical of the media you’re consuming. For instance One Punch Man’s villains include a guy advocating socialism, a guy who looks at the perspective of the antagonists, and a minority group that deceptively claim they want to live in peaceful coexistence but their actual plan is to exterminate humanity and the one who lied about coexistence was a literal parasite. Anyone with a distinguishing trait or obsession that makes them stand out from the crowd is transmogrified into an evil monster by it. Saitama decided to follow his dreams instead of becoming a generic businessman, and is so completely unfulfilled in life that it’s what drives the show’s humor. In fact, keep thinking of professional heroism as a stand-in for non-standard careers and consider what kind of people the Hero Association is filled with: smug assholes, bullies, ineffectual wimps, people in it for the fame and glory, a lot of eccentrics, and a convicted rapist who is also a flagrantly homophobic caricature. All of this paints a very specific, very conservative, very pro-conformism picture which is of course exceedingly common for Japan.