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okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham

Below are some caricatures I did of some of the animators at Disney for the annual Disney caricature show. In 25 years, these were my first entries into the show. Also, I’ve just started on Instagram. I’ll be putting up more personal stuff there, not just Disney stuff. Follow me @randy_haycock

I can’t even put into words how much I hate Mon-Hell. I’ve never hated a fictional character so much. He ruined my show, ruined one of my favourite characters of all time - the fabulous Kara Danvers - and he’s just such a horrible, horrible character overall. The Supergirl writers have really, really plummeted to a whole new level of crappiness. Kara Danvers don’t need no man. Kara Danvers needs better writing and structure, not to be sidelined for a “star-crossed romance” suffocating her character growth to the point where she’s a shadow of her former self. Season 2 has sucked. Kara is such a whiny caricature in a show which has been retconned so much by the CW that it’s almost unrecognisable and that my friends, is super sad. Season one wasn’t perfect but tell me, in what universe would Kara settle for such an ugly douche frat boy ass? Forever waiting for Kara’s brain to return from war.

I hate how everyone is trying t rug sweep the concrete incident because it wasn’t included in the show

Because first of all we shouldn’t HAVE to be thankful that they choose not to include a racist caricature in a children’s show it should never have been a possibility in the first place

Second of all it was still included in the art book for everyone to see an artbook which is aimed at children honestly I consider this no better then if they had included her in the show because it will still have the same affect

And last of all the fact it was created at all the fact that someone who works on su drew a racist caricature in the year 2017 the fact someone looked at it and decided it “couldn’t read :(” and “collects shoes

people have a right to be upset about this just because it could have potentially been worse and you think we should be grateful it wasn’t doesn’t change that

Zodiac Caricatures

Aries: Shows up wearing Armour, throws everything about and slams things down like a heavy metal drumming solo, turns into the hulk at one point.

Taurus: Never gets out of bed. Eats in bed. Eats a LOT in bed. Snuggles up to a designer handbag then falls asleep again.

Gemini: They are never still, bouncing this way and that leaving pranks everywhere. They speak so fast that it just becomes one long hum of trivia, insight and sometimes nonsense. Telling which is which can be difficult.

Cancer: Someone says hello and t’ey dive behind the sofa, peering out cautiously. They are approached so they burst into tears, then laughter, then tears again. 

Leo: They only communicate in lines from famous theater productions, especially Lion King. By the end of the day, people are sick of hearing about how they just cannot wait to be King. 

Virgo: They show up in a full bio-hazard body suit with a gas mask, and clean film the chair before they take a seat. When asked if they are feeling a little uptight, they respond with “not at all.”

Libra: They wander in as light and graceful as air, daintily using their limbs like that of a ballet. They smell like sugar and vanilla and by the end of the day, everyone is in love with them.

Scorpio: The coffin lid creaks open, and they let out a shriek that could only come from the innards of hell itself. The Sunlight burns their skin like that of a vampire. 

Sagittarius: They wander from town to town with only a sleeping bag and the stars above them. They don’t even have to eat, gaining nutrition through knowledge and laughter. 

Capricorn: Their reply to everything is a slightly disgruntled grumble and sarcastic comment. Even when people comment on how nice their cheekbones are, they look suspiciously at them and tut. 

Aquarius: Everyone else is asleep on Sunday morning, but Aquarius have signaled to the grays and been beamed up. Why gather rest when they can be part of an alien invasion, especially because this is unique and differs from everyone else. 

Pisces: They lounge about smoking Pot, wondering and coming out with synonysmously interesting but vague statements while looking like they haven’t slept in three days.  

quick cinco de mayo info in case you got out and celebrate
  • do not even dream of getting seats for you and your table of 10+ people immediately. It’s going to be a long wait time and there’s a lot of people going to be on the wait list.
  • if you’re a small party and they’re offering tables there’s still going to be a wait, sorry we do wish we could sit you as fast we can but people take time to eat and talk.
  • it’s going to take a while to make your drinks. seriously don’t even act surprised, you know it’s the 5th just please be patient.
  • if you smoke and are planning on smoking in the outside seating area, just make sure you’re actually allowed to first. some places let you smoke out there some places don’t. so just double check.
  • if you do smoke please don’t wave the hand you’re holding the cigarette around because you burn someone because it’s probably crowded. 
  • if you take your kids please take them at an early hour. like seriously, people get wasted pretty fast on the 5th. don’t put your kids through that. 
  • you’re food is probably going to take a while, especially if you go to the restaurant at night or after 5pm. at that time everybody is heading to their nearest Mexican place for drinks and a bite to eat. 
  • it’s going to be crowded just try your best to make room for the staff carrying plates, food, and drinks. 
  • Don’t expect the staff to dance with you. they’re working.
  • drink responsibly and don’t make a mess. the staff has to clean it up don’t give them more work then they need.
  • Make sure you can get home. seriously have a ride ready, have a designated driver, make sure you have cash for an uber or lyft. make sure you can get home, and take of yourselves and you freinds. 
  • Don’t flirt with the staff and keep your hands to yourself. do. not. touch. the. staff. it’s creepy, it’s uncomfortable and it’s the fastest way to get kicked out. 
  • don’t ask the latinx staff what cinco de mayo is about. google is free. 
  • Don’t throw anything like a bottle?? i’m saying this because legit it was probably for me last year at work. i had to clean it up and got a couple of cuts because the glass went under some hard to reach places. a beach ball? yeah sure just don’t hit any staff that’s busy at the moment. if they ask you to stop it’s  probably for a reason.
  • You still have to tip your server and the bartender. I can’t believe i have to say this but oh man people are terrible and your servers live off tips.
  • please don’t start a fistfight over something stupid. please.
  • Racists don’t get a free pass just because they’re drunk. y’all may think this coming out of nowhere but there a lot of people that enjoy the labor and food of latinx in a Mexican restaurant and say slurs. they do and they’re assholes because they know we can’t say shit. 
  • have your orders ready as soon as you can BEFORE you get the bartender’s attention.  
  • have your ID ready. some places card you after a certain time, so just have it ready and make sure you don’t lose it! last year i think i found about 17 ID cards. keep’em close.  
  • don’t even go in with racist Mexican caricature costume. like don’t show up with a sombrero/mustache/poncho. honestly why do i have to say this. why.

 that’s all i can think of, off the top of my head. i’ll add more if i think of anything else. basic stuff, don’t be an asshole. 

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while I’m eternally thankful that it never made it onto the show, they still published it for the world to see. by “scrap it”, I meant more “crumple up and trash the paper and never speak of it again”.