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Zodiac Caricatures

Aries: Shows up wearing Armour, throws everything about and slams things down like a heavy metal drumming solo, turns into the hulk at one point.

Taurus: Never gets out of bed. Eats in bed. Eats a LOT in bed. Snuggles up to a designer handbag then falls asleep again.

Gemini: They are never still, bouncing this way and that leaving pranks everywhere. They speak so fast that it just becomes one long hum of trivia, insight and sometimes nonsense. Telling which is which can be difficult.

Cancer: Someone says hello and t’ey dive behind the sofa, peering out cautiously. They are approached so they burst into tears, then laughter, then tears again. 

Leo: They only communicate in lines from famous theater productions, especially Lion King. By the end of the day, people are sick of hearing about how they just cannot wait to be King. 

Virgo: They show up in a full bio-hazard body suit with a gas mask, and clean film the chair before they take a seat. When asked if they are feeling a little uptight, they respond with “not at all.”

Libra: They wander in as light and graceful as air, daintily using their limbs like that of a ballet. They smell like sugar and vanilla and by the end of the day, everyone is in love with them.

Scorpio: The coffin lid creaks open, and they let out a shriek that could only come from the innards of hell itself. The Sunlight burns their skin like that of a vampire. 

Sagittarius: They wander from town to town with only a sleeping bag and the stars above them. They don’t even have to eat, gaining nutrition through knowledge and laughter. 

Capricorn: Their reply to everything is a slightly disgruntled grumble and sarcastic comment. Even when people comment on how nice their cheekbones are, they look suspiciously at them and tut. 

Aquarius: Everyone else is asleep on Sunday morning, but Aquarius have signaled to the grays and been beamed up. Why gather rest when they can be part of an alien invasion, especially because this is unique and differs from everyone else. 

Pisces: They lounge about smoking Pot, wondering and coming out with synonysmously interesting but vague statements while looking like they haven’t slept in three days.  

Let’s look at these tags used to describe me in that last post:
>Black republican
Actually just conservative, thanks.
>sell out
I assure you there was no financial incentive that made me conservative
Proud of it, babe.
>Uncle Tom
Calling me a racist caricature from minstrel shows? How progressive of you.

okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham


Mickey Mouse meets Minnie in the park and then takes her to a Vaudeville show in The Nifty Nineties (1941)

The two actors in the show are caricatures of Disney animators Ward Kimball and Fred Moore who also voiced themselves

America (Chavez) is already great.

I was having an off day, and drawing this was highly therapeutic. Well, drawing America was. I didn’t put a lot of effort into the Donald Trump caricature and it probably shows, but IDGAF.

As a queer Latinx of Mexican heritage, I’m upset pretty much every day of this election cycle and America Chavez is such a good conduit for my anger. I wish she was real.

John Musker and Ron Clements, our wonderful directors and two of the most-caricatured artists at the Disney studio over the years. I drew them how I often experience them: in passing and in a hurry to their next Moana production meeting!

I couldn’t let this year’s Caricature Show slip by and not have a go at its star players. Thanks for everything, Ron and John!

anonymous asked:

there was a post going around abt one of the character being a jewish caricature (in the show, not the original) i think?

As I’m not Jewish, that could very well have slipped past me but from the characters I’ve seen, I’m not sure which one that could be referencing.



Caricature dump!

These were from our annual caricature show, I totally forgot to post them. More to come!

From top to Bottom:
Amazing young animator and surfer- Allen Ostegar
The man, the legend- Collin Mapp
Head of Story on “Moana”- Dave Pimentel
The human cartoon, legendary- Eric Goldberg
MJ re-incarnated, animator extrodinaire- Andrew Feliciano
Designer of all the characters you love- Bill Schwab


Sardi’s restaurant in New York, known for the hundreds of caricatures of show-business celebrities that adorn its walls, also scenes of several movies were filmed in it including The Country Girl for which Grace Kelly won an Oscar

Disney’s annual Caricature show is coming up on April 1st! I love this time of year because everybody gets together for a day to share their art and some good laughs! Submissions are due tomorrow so I’m cranking through as many as I can on my Sunday! Here is master animator Eric Goldberg, with whom I have the pleasure of working with everyday.

Happy Sunday!