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okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham

Below are some caricatures I did of some of the animators at Disney for the annual Disney caricature show. In 25 years, these were my first entries into the show. Also, I’ve just started on Instagram. I’ll be putting up more personal stuff there, not just Disney stuff. Follow me @randy_haycock

you, scrawny anime weeb: evangelimo is good

me, buff jock japanese caricature enthusiast: show me those great sweet jiggling water balloon titties, and save that plot shit for those mango books

I can’t even put into words how much I hate Mon-Hell. I’ve never hated a fictional character so much. He ruined my show, ruined one of my favourite characters of all time - the fabulous Kara Danvers - and he’s just such a horrible, horrible character overall. The Supergirl writers have really, really plummeted to a whole new level of crappiness. Kara Danvers don’t need no man. Kara Danvers needs better writing and structure, not to be sidelined for a “star-crossed romance” suffocating her character growth to the point where she’s a shadow of her former self. Season 2 has sucked. Kara is such a whiny caricature in a show which has been retconned so much by the CW that it’s almost unrecognisable and that my friends, is super sad. Season one wasn’t perfect but tell me, in what universe would Kara settle for such an ugly douche frat boy ass? Forever waiting for Kara’s brain to return from war.

Zodiac Caricatures

Aries: Shows up wearing Armour, throws everything about and slams things down like a heavy metal drumming solo, turns into the hulk at one point.

Taurus: Never gets out of bed. Eats in bed. Eats a LOT in bed. Snuggles up to a designer handbag then falls asleep again.

Gemini: They are never still, bouncing this way and that leaving pranks everywhere. They speak so fast that it just becomes one long hum of trivia, insight and sometimes nonsense. Telling which is which can be difficult.

Cancer: Someone says hello and t’ey dive behind the sofa, peering out cautiously. They are approached so they burst into tears, then laughter, then tears again. 

Leo: They only communicate in lines from famous theater productions, especially Lion King. By the end of the day, people are sick of hearing about how they just cannot wait to be King. 

Virgo: They show up in a full bio-hazard body suit with a gas mask, and clean film the chair before they take a seat. When asked if they are feeling a little uptight, they respond with “not at all.”

Libra: They wander in as light and graceful as air, daintily using their limbs like that of a ballet. They smell like sugar and vanilla and by the end of the day, everyone is in love with them.

Scorpio: The coffin lid creaks open, and they let out a shriek that could only come from the innards of hell itself. The Sunlight burns their skin like that of a vampire. 

Sagittarius: They wander from town to town with only a sleeping bag and the stars above them. They don’t even have to eat, gaining nutrition through knowledge and laughter. 

Capricorn: Their reply to everything is a slightly disgruntled grumble and sarcastic comment. Even when people comment on how nice their cheekbones are, they look suspiciously at them and tut. 

Aquarius: Everyone else is asleep on Sunday morning, but Aquarius have signaled to the grays and been beamed up. Why gather rest when they can be part of an alien invasion, especially because this is unique and differs from everyone else. 

Pisces: They lounge about smoking Pot, wondering and coming out with synonysmously interesting but vague statements while looking like they haven’t slept in three days.  

In Defense of Flat Characters in Re:Creators

(Repost because the Re:Cre fandom and my following has grown a lot since I first made it and I’d like to share it again. The flat characters I talk about have grown in the later half of the show, but this was originally made in the context of the first 8 or so episodes)

The biggest weakness of Re:Creators is that several characters are, at first glance, just shallow, tropey caricatures. Now, no show is immune to this problem, but perhaps it’s more obvious for a meta anime like this. However, I contend that this might also be a strength for Re:Creators.

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Yes, Magane is over the top evil.

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Yes, Alice is a one-dimensional fantasy protag.

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Yes, Meteora is a walking info dump.

And they’re supposed to be that way. That’s how they are in the fictional source material. Only time will tell if this is a legitimate explanation or just a cop out. But, so far, it appears legitimate and consistent.

What’s more, it seems like the complexity of the “character descriptions” for any of the creations also ties to their ability to grow in the real world. Selesia, Mamika, and Yuya were well fleshed out characters and thus easily adapted to the real world.

On the opposite end of the spectrum… Magane was a one dimensional psychopath with no thought for nuance beyond devious wordplay. Alice was an epic fantasy protag, which almost never have depth, just a hero complex. And Meteora, bless her heart, was an infodump NPC in an RPG.

And I love this dynamic for a few reasons. First, it would’ve been hella boring if fictional characters came into the real world only to behave as rational, thoughtful people. Second, storytelling is all about dichotomies, and this is a new one that only a meta-story can explore. Shallow vs Complex. And finally, I love it because of the implicit depth of these originally shallow characters.

Meteora is one of the most compelling tragic characters in modern anime, and not enough people have realized it yet. She talks a big game since the real world interpreted her infodump NPC nature as being incredibly knowledgeable. And while everyone treats this as depth, it really isn’t.

“Hadn’t team protag confirmed that Meteora and her world were created with a lot of thought and complexity?” you may ask. Sadly, no. Only Meteora herself made that assertion. To which I ask a simple question: how would she know?

If she were made with depth and complexity, then upon entering the real world she would likely be able to distinguish simple works of fiction from complex ones. But if she were made thoughtlessly and without care, could she conceive of a world more complex than her own? On a scale of 1 to 10 she would have to view her source material as a perfect 10, even if, for someone born in the real world, it would fall much closer to the bottom of that range.

So then her self-assessment proves useless. What do we have to judge her complexity? As previously mentioned, the complex characters are able to change and evolve. Meteora, however, has remained static since we first met her. And some of her own comments support this conclusion. Food is better and more flavorful in the real world. Almost everything is better and more vivid. Translation: her world is lacking in detail, and by extension, perhaps she is as well.

Meteora believes, quite strongly, that she and her world are deep and complex.

And she’s wrong.

Adding insult to injury, this all makes her a compelling character in the story of Re:Creators, while being very simple and one dimensional in the world of the Re:Creators story. Put all of this together, and she’s the greatest tragic character in modern anime. Certainly more tragic than can be found in any Madoka or Evangelion clone.

America (Chavez) is already great.

I was having an off day, and drawing this was highly therapeutic. Well, drawing America was. I didn’t put a lot of effort into the Donald Trump caricature and it probably shows, but IDGAF.

As a queer Latinx of Mexican heritage, I’m upset pretty much every day of this election cycle and America Chavez is such a good conduit for my anger. I wish she was real.