caricature dump


Last Caricature Dump!

Top to Bottom:
Nick Orsi- Character Design Wizard
Michael Woodside- My longest lasting desk mate.
Mike Klim- Animator, likes hats.
Nathan Englhardt- Supervising Animator “BigHero6″ & “Zootopia”
Tony and Renato- Directing Animators!
Sunmee Joh- Story Artist on Moana!
Some Porta Potty’s
Mitch Counsil- I grew up down the street from him in rural Canada, and we just met at Disney…


Another caricature dump!

Malcon Pierce- Animator extraordinaire (supervising Moana’s character)
John Lasseter- Our boss…please don’t fire me for this.
Halima Hudsom- The coolest person I know.
Jeff Ranjo- Amazing story artist, not sure if he liked my potato portrait…
Jen Hager- Amazing animation supervisor.
Gillian Mine- This lady looks after all the artists with endless amounts of food.
Jorge Ruiz- A crazy man full of too much love.


Caricature dump!

These were from our annual caricature show, I totally forgot to post them. More to come!

From top to Bottom:
Amazing young animator and surfer- Allen Ostegar
The man, the legend- Collin Mapp
Head of Story on “Moana”- Dave Pimentel
The human cartoon, legendary- Eric Goldberg
MJ re-incarnated, animator extrodinaire- Andrew Feliciano
Designer of all the characters you love- Bill Schwab