Tablo tweeted a photo of Eat Your Kimchi’s moderator!!! :D

(there’s only two EYK Mods, me and her…)


You MUST, MUST Vote for EPIK HIGH’s video on Eat Your Kimchi!!!

[Don’t Hate Me] is currently #3, [Up] is #9

Because this shows that all the staff on Eat Your Kimchi are massive High Skools

Also, Tablo is a Canadian-Korean just like Eat Your Kimchi are Canadians who live in Korea so they’re like totally best friends

………am I pushing it? :p

caricakes asked:

I'm not sure how I found this blog so late in the game, but I'm glad I did. I'm a Mod and I now work in the EYK Studio occasionally so it is starting to get harder to step outside the EYK bubble and remember what it felt like to be a fan with absolutely no contact/power with the site. These opinions are really valuable and for the most part valid, so I will definitely be paying more attention to this blog from now on!

Thank you, Mod cari cakes! ^^

caricakes asked:

Hey, I'm the red head in the picture you posted of sticker distribution today and if you'd like a few more stickers or buttons I'll be in Gangnam tomorrow (Gangnam Sta. 2pm) giving out more!

thanks for the info^^!

caricakes asked:

I adore your edits and I feel so guilty for having Photoshop and not using it. HOW DID YOU LEARN TO DO THESE THINGS? Did you just play around with photoshop or did you learn these tricks somewhere?

omg thank you! ♥ well, tbh i don’t know, exactly. i guess i started learning when i was around 15 on that awful photoshop 7 lmao. then back in 2006-ish i moved to livejournal and started making icons. so, yes, basically, playing around with photoshop was what helped me the most! just making stuff. ofc, sometimes tutorials/psds/etc helped me along to way come out with effects i did not know how to create, but you improve little by little (and honestly, you can always improve, no matter how “good” you are/think you are). awwwn, you should use it, photoshop is so much fun! :D good luck, bb!