anonymous asked:

Which kind of job are you hoping to get? Somehow I could see you in communications/ marketing or in a startup, like that of caricakes (the tumblr/youtube ginger 👧)

I would love to work for a startup but visa"s are the biggest problem and I get conflicting stories if I can apply for residency visa or not. Some say I can once I have a job offer at least, others say I can’t.

Its frustrating.

caricakes  asked:

I'm not sure how I found this blog so late in the game, but I'm glad I did. I'm a Mod and I now work in the EYK Studio occasionally so it is starting to get harder to step outside the EYK bubble and remember what it felt like to be a fan with absolutely no contact/power with the site. These opinions are really valuable and for the most part valid, so I will definitely be paying more attention to this blog from now on!

Thank you, Mod cari cakes! ^^