anonymous asked:

ooh do you know any deerkin/cariboukin self care things ??

I will try to give you some help with this:

-Eat foods that your kintype/s may enjoy. Here are some tags that I have found on kin-food that you may enjoy: deerkinwildcrafting, vegetarian, and grass-like foods.

-Listen to calming music. Here are some things I have found that you may enjoy: here, here, and here.

-Decorate your room in ways to try to make you feel like home. Decorate with sticks, nature-inspired items and bedding, images of deer/caribou and where they live, and etc.

-Try to find antlers that match you, or you could try to make your own antlers through looking up horn tutorials.

-Wear clothing that reminds you of your kintype/s. They can be thicker when it is colder out, such as sweaters that may have a color similar to your kintype. You could also try to get clothing inspired by your kintype/s.

-Read about where you feel like home. Learn about the plants, the trees, the other wildlife, read even more about your kintype/s, learn about nature in general, etc.

-Try to learn about ways to help with protecting and saving the caribou.

I hope that this helps you some.

-Mod Shard