This perspective of Elmina slave castle in Ghana eerily resembles a ship about to set sail.
“In everlasting memory of the anguish of our ancestors. May those who died rest in peace. May those who return find their roots. May humanity never again perpetrate such injustice against humanity. We, the living vow to uphold this.”

Wait a second...

Most people think Will’s face is starting to turn fish-like b/c he is breaking the rules and not ferrying the lost souls like he was supposed to.

However, I believe that Captain Salazar (the new bad guy) is taking the lost souls that Will is supposed be guiding. Salazar is building an un-dead army with them and screwing up Will’s life! 

Will didn’t break the rules!
That’s why his face is messed up and why he looks so angry.

So yah, rest assured Will is still a good guy and their is hope that his face will go back to normal, lol. He’s still my fave, fish face or not!

My entire grade is doing opinion pieces on if we think we should celebrate Columbus day as a school and as a city. and if not, what should we do.

Now a strong, and logical, argument from Italian Americans is that Columbus day is the only day to celebrate Italian heritage in America. 

But during my research, I found out all of October is Italian Heritage month. so, like, I get they really want their day, but you got the whole fucking month to celebrate your heritage. And not having one day of the month isn’t gonna hurt you. 

Now I can only speak from my perspective, but if you change Columbus day to a day like Indigenous peoples day, there is still technically 31 days of Italian Heritage. Now Columbus landed in the Caribean, and Caribean Heritage Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Native American (American Indian) heritage month each have 30 days (June, September 15-October 15, and November respectively), and African-American history month has 29 days at most. Now those are all the groups at the top of my head that were affected by Columbus, all having fewer days than Italian heritage month. Now, I am a bit biased being someone of Puerto Rican descent, but people of Italian heritage shouldn’t really be complaining about losing a day for thing guy.

idk. Just my two cents. And I can completely get if you disagree. So if you do disagree, try to convince me otherwise. If anything, it will help me with my essay. 


Headcanon - Armando Salazar

Request:  “Headcanons pre-ghost!Salazar x daughter!reader ?”

gifs are not mine.

Being Salazar’s daughter before his demise would include:

  • Him being probably the most overprotective father on Earth
  • Him being quite strict, expecting you to be ladylike and follow all manners and rules of etiquette
  • You being afraid to even look at some boy, knowing that father will get irritated
  • Him sometimes taking you aboard the Silent Mary because he’s afraid to leave you alone in the manor
  • Throughout almost all of he journey you gazing at the horizon while standing at the end of the ship, dreaming about being free like the waves themselves
  • Having those rare happy family moments when you’re alone with your father, simply dining and giggling about various things
  • Him telling you intimidating stories about how he sent many pirates to their demise, hoping that you will form the same views as him, but that only makes you more interested in pirates
  • Whenever he comes back from long-term missions he always brings you something beautiful like flowers and various gilded trinkets, or books
  • At moments like these you forget all the troubles and feel like the most loved daughter in the whole World
  • Silently hoping that this hatred for pirates won’t drive your father to his damnation