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Black Thread: A Witch’s Best Friend

I’ve met a lot of Witch’s from numerous backgrounds who have only ever used black thread as a means of keeping things out (black being a color for banishing negativity and numerous other bad spirits and mojo)

After listening to one friend describe how she used black string as a banishing agent for her windows WITHOUT first cleansing her house, it occurred to me how many of us don’t think about it keep bad things IN.

In short, I’ve started using it on curse objects and anything I use to absorb bad luck or anything of the like. For instance, if you are burying a box at the crossroads, tie it up in black thread to keep the bad or good inside and keep anything else out. You can even tie off your box of Witchy things with black string or thread to keep the good in ad the bad out. Or if you curse a poppet for future use and need to keep it in your witch box wrap it up in thread to keep it from tainting everything else in your box :)

Just a thought is all. :)


Happy 4th of July! Celebrate U.S. Independence Day with:

10 American Road Movies Directed by Women

Crossroads dir. Tamra Davis
Farah Goes Bang dir. Meena Menon
The Guilt Trip dir. Anne Fletcher
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Little Miss Sunshine dir. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
Manny & Lo dir. Lisa Krueger
River of Grass dir. Kelly Reichardt
The Road Within dir. Gren Wells
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Wanderlust dir. Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini

Maybe some of us are meant to be parallel lines
No matter what, we can never meet at a point
Even though we are together
And maybe some of us are meant to be crossroads
We meet, but only once and for all
Never again
—  Together But Not Together // JustScribbledWords