caribbean: crossroads

  • Crossroads symbolize the joining of paths the making of decisions. In almost every culture it is a sacred place where rituals are held, offerings are left, and items are disposed of.  
  • Crossroads are sacred to Hecate, Triformis, and Diana. Hecates three ‘faces’ protect each of the different paths. Hecate sees past, present, and future. She rules all places where there are three or more crossroads. Altars are put at the crossroads to leave Hecate offerings and give devotion.  The crossroads are also thought to be protected by Hermes and Diana.    
  • Due to the hatred of witchcraft by the Christians, Witches and burglars alike were hung and buried at the crossroads. Making people believe they are haunted. It is also a place where people supposedly go to sell their soul to the devil.
  • Witches believe the crossroads to be a sacred place where rituals are done and dirt is collected. Spell remains are often buried at the crossroads. It is where interaction with spirits and other worldly forces are heightened. It is a place to contact and leave offerings for spirits. Samhain is celebrated at the crossroads.
  • In the Hoodoo religion, many of their rituals are done at the crossroads.This is also shown in European and African folklore. 
  •  In Africa almost every group has their own Deity that guards the crossroads.
  • Some cultures heal at the crossroads.
  • Faeries aare also found at the crossroads.

 May the moon light your path!

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