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When You Try To Rob a West Indian @Majahhype

Two Peas in a Pod

Summary: The legendary Jack Sparrow has a daughter and it wasn’t your fault if you act just like him. What if the two of you were on board the Black Pearl and what’re the crews reaction of the two of you?

Genre: Comedy

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Written by Ashley

“What do ye think on the captain’s daughter?” Ragetti asked as he was playing cards with Pintel and Marty. “She’s a purdy one.”

Pintel chortled a bit and laid down a card. “The lass is a little too, eh…” he answered and paused as he looked around. “She’s uh…”

Marty looked between the two oddly and looked among his cards. He sighed and laid one down on the box. He sighed a little and glanced between the two again. “She’s different.”

“Gentlemen,” you greeted as you swaggered on over there and stopped before their little game. You stopped and almost lost your balance. “Do ye have any idea on knowing where the rum went?”

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Feature: Comedian

Name: Stephen Francis


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Movie you watch together based on your zodiac sign


Action/ Thriller: Taurus, Aries
Comedy: Sagittarius, Capricorn 
Romance: Leo, Pisces 
Musical/ Family: Gemini, Libra 
Sci- Fi: Cancer, Aquarius, Virgo 
Horror/ Drama: Scorpio

Action- Pirates of the Caribbean 
Comedy- Click
Romance- Blended
Family- Toy Story
Sci- Fi- The Avengers
Horror- Wrong Turn

Thriller- Taken
Comedy- Forest Gump
Romance- The Notebook
Family- Bambi
Sci- Fi- Captain America

Thriller- Black Swan
Comedy- Love Actually
Romance- Titanic
Musical- Annie
Sci- Fi- Lucy
Drama- Fight Club

Action- Divergent
Comedy- American Pie
Romance- Perks of Being a Wallflower
Family- Harry Potter
Sci- Fi- Superman
Horror- House at the End of the Street

Action- The Maze Runner
Comedy- Step Brothers
Romance- Grease
Musical- The Sound of Music
Sci- Fi- The Hunger Games
Horror- Annabelle 

Desmond’s was a British television situation comedy broadcast by Channel 4 from 1989 to 1994. With 71 episodes, Desmond’s became Channel 4’s longest-running sitcom.[1] The first series was shot in 1988, with the first episode broadcast in January 1989. The show was made in and set in Peckham, London, England and featured a predominantly Black British Guyanese cast. (via wikipedia)

Check out some episodes on Youtube. It was so lovely seeing our Caribbean people with their own show on British television. Big up the Guyana massive.