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I’m sitting at my desk and I’m not sure if it’s the combination of prescribed drugs I’ve taken, the Pandora station invading my mind or just the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach, but at this present moment my desire to fly seems insatiable.

I want to pack up my desk, untie my hair, kick off my loafers and board a plane. I don’t want to think, I don’t want to pack and most of all I don’t want to explain my departure. I simply crave the luxury to take flight.

To see more, discover more, learn more, eventually becoming more.

I guess until I find my wings, I should pick up a new book and delve into my dreams.

anonymous asked:

if you are west indian that doesn't that mean your roots trace back to india? and therefor you are not black? My apologies if this comes across as rude

It’s fine! Thank you for asking! As the story goes Christopher Columbus was searching for a Western route to India versus an Eastern route through China. Therefore, when he sailed West and landed in the Caribbean, he called it the West Indies. People from the region are now called West Indians.

The Caribbean had an indigenous Native American population called the Caribs, who were mostly killed off by the Europeans. I try not to call myself Caribbean, out of respect for them. After the natives faced genocide, African slaves were brought to the Caribbean to work plantations, which is why the majority of the Caribbean has a black population. However, there are West Indians descended from the Indian subcontinent as well, who mostly came to the Caribbean as indentured servants. There is a large population of Indo-West Indians in Guyana and Trinindad & Tobago. West Indians descended from India are called Indo-Caribbean

The bloggers @indocarib and @saltfishandbake are both Indo-Caribbean, I believe, and the “official” ethnic term for African descended West Indians, like myself and @afrohijab, is Afro-Caribbean.