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taylor swift invites me to her Reputation Secret Session listening party. i know that this means taylor’s read my blog, and she must know i’m not super happy with this album cycle. so i’m on my best behaviour, trying hard to be nice and not kill the joy of the fourteen-year-olds around me. we all sit down on her living room floor and chat for a while. it’s nice. taylor swift is nice. i’m starting to feel more relaxed, but i’m definitely still trying to keep the peace though. i tell her that fearless was a formative album for me and she thanks me and says it was so sweet of me to say that. taylor swift announces that she made snickerdoodles and she has to go pop them out of the oven. the fourteen-year-olds cheer, and as taylor walks away, they begin to talk amongst themselves. i happen to look up. the kitchen door is slightly ajar and taylor swift is staring at me through the thin crack, her eyes twin coals of searing, black hatred. i gasp a little. the fourteen-year-olds ask me what’s wrong. i say that nothing is wrong. taylor swift comes toward us with a tray of piping hot snickerdoodles and invites us all to take one. i decline and tell her i just ate. she insists that i take one. i tell her that i’m sorry but i’m really full and they smell delicious. she forcibly places a snickerdoodle in my hand. she tells me to eat it. there is no way i am going to eat this snickerdoodle because i am genuinely afraid that taylor swift will kill me. i am seriously afraid that taylor swift has put poison in this snickerdoodle and is trying to kill me. one of the fourteen-year-olds asks if the cookies are gluten-free. taylor swift’s mother andrea swift calls out from the kitchen to say that the cookies do, in fact, contain gluten. i loudly announce that i have celiac disease and then i toss the cookie into a nearby artisanal woven wastebasket while loudly announcing that nobody wants a cookie that has my germs all over it. taylor smiles at me. she says nothing. the fourteen-year-olds demand to finally hear Reputation and she presses play and the living room’s surround sound system begins to play the album. i am sweating. the fourteen-year-olds are having fun. we get to the part where she says “island breeze” in a caribbean accent. i visibly wince. taylor swift affects a friendly voice and asks me if i like the song. i tell her that i do. i announce that i have to go to the washroom. my thought is that i can walk down the main hallway and escape through the front door. taylor stands up and says she’ll walk me to the washroom. i say that it’s fine actually and i can hold my pee. taylor swift says that’s silly. she tugs at my arm until i stand up and then she very lightly holds my arm and guides me down the hallway, out of the view of the fourteen-year-olds. i am very scared. we reach the bathroom. taylor swift releases her hold on my arm. she looks very intently at my t-shirt. it’s an animal collective 2017 tour t-shirt. i got it when i went to an animal collective concert back in may. “i see you like animal collective,” she says. “please don’t kill me, taylor swift,” i reply. “there was VX nerve agent in that snickerdoodle,” taylor swift says. “oh my god,” i say, and i say, “taylor, please, i know i said the singles were bad, but that was only because i believe so much in your potential.” taylor swift levels her eyes at me. kubrick stare. “you’re seriously going to stand there,” she says, “wearing a t-shirt plastered with the cover art for painting with, and you’re going to tell me that my album is bad.” i am crying now. “floridada is a really fun song,” i whisper, through phlegm and tears. taylor swift’s eyes roll back into her head and an ancient voice echoes forth from her throat, intoning in latin: “Vos ipsi deceperunt me, quia novissima hora est.” somehow i die just from that.

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Americans never understand but in Toronto the biggest population of people are from the carribean. So that's why Drake sounds like that not because he's faking an accent. That's the culture he crew up in so it makes sense that he sounds like that. Canadians of Carribean origin make up Toronto's biggest non European population. It's just annoying cause American think black Canadians basically have no culture or we're just supposed to sound like whites. If we have accents we're accused of faking.


Love letter to the women in my kickboxing class -

To the small statured Indian woman who doesn’t come every week, who has a beautiful black ink tattoo across her shoulder blade, who attacks the bag like it fights back, and she has vowed to win at any cost.

To the middle aged woman with a mousey, innocent librarian’s face and a lithe body that could dead-lift the moon, who uses two bags if there’s enough room in class, who doesn’t tire easy, who doesn’t make a sound.

To the black woman with strong arms and a belly and big thighs who sweats and fights and fights and laughs through her own struggling, who talked to me for the first time today and had a beautiful Caribbean accent.

To the pale skinned, heavy-set, friendly-faced Mom of four who loves talking about her kids while we all stretch, who said to me “oh I love EMTS, they’ve helped me a lot, bless you” when she learned what I do when I’m not here, who uses weights far heavier than the ones I can handle.

To whichever woman in the part of the room I cannot see makes loud, heaving grunting sounds while we do ab work on the padded floor.

To our instructor who is wrinkled and tanned and pure muscle, who sings along to the songs into her headset microphone, who laughs at us and with us, who reminds me of my mother.

I fall in love a little bit every week, the way we encourage and tease and feed off each other. Women making other women stronger.
Eni Aluko: ‘The minute you are brave enough to talk about race you are in a difficult situation’
In a revealing interview, the striker opens up on her problems with the Football Association after telling the organisation about what she felt was ‘discrimination, victimisation and bullying’ in the England camp
By Daniel Taylor

Race, for some reason, is this taboo subject that everyone avoids talking about. The minute you are brave enough to talk about race, you are in a difficult situation. That in itself is discrimination: the mere fact I am in this position. I probably can’t play for England again. I’ve lost my England career despite being the leading scorer in the league last season.

I believe all these things are happening because it’s a conversation about race and this is a big problem in the world right now. Herman Ouseley [the chairman of Kick It Out] said it. On the pitch there are clear punishments when it comes to issues involving race. Behind closed doors we don’t know the FA processes.

We do know The Player has not been picked since this incident. Lianne Sanderson hasn’t been picked since she complained about why her 50th cap was forgotten on the same trip that the 100th cap of a white player was remembered. Lianne asked: ‘Why me?’ The 50th cap is a customary celebration. It’s standard. There is a presentation in front of the team and you have a special shirt with ‘50th cap’ written on it. It’s a big deal. She asked why she had been forgotten and she hasn’t been picked since.

Anita Asante disappeared without trace despite playing for one of the best teams in Europe. Danielle Carter scored two hat-tricks for England and doesn’t get picked any more – why? There are lots of national teams that are very white, not just England, and I’d hate to say we should be picked because we’re black or mixed race. But are we all bad characters? Are we all terrible players? That’s the question I think people need to be asking because a pattern is emerging here, as clear as day, and my belief is that it’s a culture.

I was under no illusion people didn’t like me and that FA staff and players were almost encouraged not to like me. A perception was created around me that ‘she’s a troublemaker, she’s a know-it-all’ or ‘a pain in the arse’, as was said by Mark Sampson after I’d scored a hat-trick in one game. There are other players who have scored hat-tricks for England and they weren’t addressed as a pain in the arse. So why was I? That, I believe, is the definition of bullying – insults, in derogatory terms, directed at one individual with the intention to undermine them in a group of people. Unfortunately that is one of many examples.

For months one member of staff used to talk to me in a fake Caribbean accent. He thought it was OK to do that, he thought it was funny. I believe he was empowered to do that because of the culture. We pleaded it [in submissions to the FA] but they chose to ignore it.

Yes, in a football environment industrial language is used. I’ve been at Chelsea five years and been the butt of many jokes. And I give it back sometimes. That is the beauty of team spirit in a healthy dressing room. I’m not a sensitive, precious person. I’ve been in the [England] team for 11 years, I’ve been through ups and downs. I’ve played for boys’ teams. I’ve played for Chelsea, at the top level, and I’ve been dropped by Chelsea before but I can recognise something toxic when I see it. This is a culture that has systematically dismissed certain players. There is lots of talk about being the most together team in the world – I’ve truly never felt so isolated as I was in that team between 2014 and 2016.

This is the Spanish accent tag! My old one was broken so I made a new oneee. I tag @aljofares @c-bassmeow @biconharry @des-nu-do @gelopanda @wicomepava@brago@guajirita​ & anyone else who wants to give it a shot. I’m just tryna hear some beautiful accents tbh

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honestly after a decade-long career built entirely on the firm establishment of to-the-letter authenticity and honesty in her lyrics it’s shocking to hear taylor swift affecting a caribbean accent over a dancehall beat and bringing future in for a guest verse that opens with “you’re so dope/don’t overdose”


Allyuh want some Pineapple Chow? Made with fresh pineapple, red onion, scotch bonnet pepper, cilantro, lime juice, a pinch of salt and sugar - the longer it marinates the better! This sweet, sour and spicy snack can be eaten any time of day and super easy to make :)


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Batfamily fluff -

Birthday at Wayne Manor
I need to tell you something…
1 Year

Jason Todd -

Deals with a demon 
Pop tarts and ducks
To be continued 
Sit on my lap 
“I’m pregnant” 
Day 4 
Rapunzel hair
Share with me your secrets
Please do
Free Garlic Bread day!
Let it go!
What the fuck?!
Tease (NSFW)
Home (NSFW)
Nightmares (NSFW)
Thank you Wonder Woman! (NSFW)
Revenge (NSFW)
Only for the night
Stay with me
What’s your flavour?
Getting into the spirit
Or both?
Megaphone (NSFW)
The cupid this city needs
Bloodlust (Spoopy Sin)


45 minutes (1)
Teamwork (2)

Tim Drake-

Dolphin kisses
Help yourself 
Serious crime
Big cats
“I’m Batman!”
Dork (NSFW)
You took your time
Love potion
Bad influence
For luck
Disney movie


Honored (1)
Gummy Bears (2)
Nerves (3)
You did (4)

Damian Wayne (Older) -

Help the puppies get home 
You’re mine
Ten years
Perfect for me
Not today
My apologies
Seven minutes in Hell
Worth the wait (NSFW)
The way you look tonight
The greatest heist
His attention

Damian Wayne (Younger)  -

Only the best for him



I need advice(1)
Why should I want your help?(2)
Is this the right advice?(3)
How about Grayson’s advice?(4)
What the hell did you do Todd?!(5)



Pizza (1)
Messages (2)

Get out:
Get out (1)
Come here (2)

First date (1)

Dick Grayson -

Nightwing Stripes
I love it when you wear my clothes
Sleeping Beauty
Seal it with a kiss
Not complaining (NSFW)
Saving the environment. (NSFW)
Perfect score
Lucky Charms
My clothes
Sin (NSFW)
Spur of the moment (NSFW)
Handcuffs (NSFW)
Thank you
Booty pop
A man of my word (NSFW )
Cheap Thrills
Human decency
Get it over with
That works
“Take your medicine” &  I missed this
Help me please
Stress Release (NSFW)


Panda Love -1
You’ve forgotten something -2

Magic word:
Whats the magic word? (1)
That’s the Magic Word! (2)

Nope!  (1)
Feedback form (2)

 It’s not a date …(1)
Okay so it might be a date (2)
Where’s my date? (3)
It’s a date (4)


This is serious!
The first move
About time
Make me
Wait it out (NSFW)

Cassandra Cain:

I was right. 

Roy Harper:

Birthday Princess
Assist me?
Little talks (NSFW)
“Boyfriend” does my makeup challenge
Sorry (NSFW)
Feelings (NSFW)
Heroic deed
Together +  In my arms
Dick move
My Cupcake


The System:
Stop punk! (1)
It works! (2)
Bubbles (3)

5 Minutes:

Five minutes (1)
How dare you Harper (2)


Professional  (1)
Crushed (2)

Disneyland (1)
Tinkerbell (2)
Speedy Pan (3)

Keeping up with Arsenal:
Keeping up with Arsenal:Day 1

Wally West:

Birthday Cake
Food baby
Slow (NSFW)
Poster child 
Some kind of Magic

Conner Kent:

Punishment (NSFW)
Bye Kitty!



Jaime Reyes:

Pumpkin Spice
Moved on

You’re dead:
You’re Dead (1)
Smile (2)

Metropolis is nice (1)
Compatible (NSFW) (2)
I thought we were going to Metropolis (NSFW) (3)

Garfield Logan:

T is for ? 

Alfred Pennyworth:

“What did you see now?” 

Bart Allen :

Don’t fake it
Blessed sushi


Father’s day :

Bruce -  Happy Father’s day
Damian -  My little Princess
Tim -   Gotcha!
Dick   -  Circus
Wally   -  Ice cream
Jason -  Cupcake day!
Roy -   Baby Otters

Soulmark Universe:

Soulmark Universe #1: Jason
Soulmark Universe #2: Roy Harper

Spoopy Nights (Halloween 2016):

Spoopy nights #1: Bad Blood
Spoopy nights #2: Together 
Spoopy nights #3: Butthole (NSFW)
Spoopy nights #4: Shooting Star
Spoopy Nights#5: Sugar rush
Spoopy Nights #6: The Hellish Path (Slight NSFW)
Spoopy Nights #7: More fun 
Spoopy Nights #8: Just For Now (Slight NSFW)
Spoopy Nights #9: Uniform
Spoopy Nights #10: You can call me … (NSFW)
Spoopy Nights #11: Deals with the Devil
Spoopy Night #12: Cruel
Spoopy Night #13: I got you babe
Spoopy Nights #14: Trick-or-Treat!
Spoopy Nights #15: Masks

Head Cannons:

Snapchat Holidays:

Text Convos:

Group text: Birthday party for a Princess

Dick Grayson:

crush with child
best friend
 best friend cont.
 Princess Nightbooty 
More Dick Grayson dressed up as Bruce Wayne for Halloween that you didn’t ask for

Kyle Rayner :
Kyle Rayner with a male s/o

Roy Harper:
In love with his best friend

Wally west:
Wally west with an s/o that hangs out with just guys

Jason Todd:
Head canon on Jason finding out his s/o is batgirl
Jason comforting his s/o after a shocking experience

Diana Prince:
Sex with Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) would include (Head Canon NSFW) 
Dating Wonder woman would include 

Damian Wayne:
Being married to Damian Wayne includes

Kaldur teaching his male s/o to swim

Barbara Gordon:
Oracle with female vigilante s/o…

Garfield Logan:
Head cannon: Someone flirting with Beast Boy’s s/o


Batboys with s/o with 5 yr old child from previous relationship

Batboys with Caribbean s/o’s being taken to Carnival

Batfamilies confessions during Yom Kippur

Batboys with s/o’s who are photographers and are constantly taking pictures

Headcanons for Batboys with a s/o with anxiety

Just imagine the guys getting action figures of themselves and their s/o.

Headcanon: Various DC women x Fem! s/o’s

Roy, Barry and Wally & Bart having a Mexican s/o

Headcanons for Batboys with short s/o

Batboys with a male s/o 

Head Canon on batboys finding out that their s/o works as an information security consultant.

  Head canon: Batboys with a Mexican s/o

Batboys seeing their s/o naked for the first time accidentally

Batboys with Caribbean significant other

Headcanon: when the s/o is a year or two older

Head Cannons of the batboys walking in on someone confessing their love to the their s/o

Headcanons of the batboys with a s/o with a Caribbean accent

Flash fam with s/o who can stop time for short time periods

Batboys protective over s/o’s

batboys protective over pregnant s/o’s

batboys reaction to their s/o’s butt slapped

Damian’s nightmares

s/o’s coffee meetups: 1 & 2

s/o’s react to seeing the boys masked


batboys reacting to s/o’s being in previously abusive relationships 1 & 2

Curvy s/o’s

Heads up black americans

Black People from Caribbean countries also get told we have no culture, because whether you’re from french caribbean, spanish caribbean , dutch caribbean or the english caribbean countries your culture is viewed as a immitation of a great more prominent culture. Your culture is hardly viewed as an independent culture of its own. “Its not really a culture you created yourself, its really british/spanish/french culture.” 

Black People from the caribbean don’t know where in Africa we from either. We are not more knowledgeable or more conscious than you. Alot of us went through or is still going through that phase where we distance ourselves from anything african. Some of us will die not accepting our ancestry because anti-blackness & anti-africanness is world wide. Try telling a Jamaican, Bahamian or Guyanese etc their african and watch them freak out…” Mi nuh one of ‘em”

Black people from the caribbean go through “melting pot” bullshit, yep. The caribbean is a lot more diverse than the media lets on. The caribbean has a quite sizeable chinese, white, latino (i know its inclusive of alot of ethicities) and indian population, with a small indigenious population also. So black people who are noticibly mixed with any of these races think their a black of a better quality.Trying to find a Miss Jamaican/bahamas/trinidad/barbados etc who isnt mixed is a challenege, because that still considerated the height of beauty. Becuase even though black people makeup the majority of the caribbean, blackness is still hated and looked down upon. White people who stayed behind after slavery still have the most money, they make up like less than 10% of the caribbean and they have 90% of the wealth. 

Black people from the caribbean also go through colorism. The lighter the skin the more you are considered beautiful, inteligent, wealthy and capable being in charge. Yes the majority is dark or medium toned skilled but being “high yellow” or “brown” is still what many strive for; i know you’ve heard the songs about it. People will mixed up batches of dangerous chemicals that consist of hair perm (lye) & actual bleach to lighten their skin. 

Black people from the caribbean have different accents/dialects and these accents are actually hated. We don’t all speak the quasi-jamaican rambles that you’ve seen portrayed on tv and in movies. If you’ve been there long enough you can actually hear the differences in how we speak. These accents are looked down upon and considered low class, when i came to america my mom begged we to pick up the accent because it sounded more ‘proper’ even the AAVE. When i got to go to an american school everyone who didnt make fun of me for speaking jamaican actually thought my accent sounded cool which is something i wasnt used to. “I chat bad,” was ingrained in me. Alot of us don’t even speak a variation of english. Completely different languages are spoken in the non-english speaking countries. 

We hate each other:
Though we for the most part are all black people who went through relatively the same struggles of colonialism, slavery, labour riots, racism, lack of representation in politics, we cant agree for nothing. Most of the caribbean can’t stand jamaicans or atleast have a negavity view of jamaicans “ too violent, too loud, too proud.” Barbadian and Jamaicans hate each other. People from the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas think they’re better than everybody. Everybody and they mama look down on haitians. etc, its a whole mess and we practically the same people with the same history. Its all dumb as fuck. West indians are so hard headed. 

We contributed to african american culture: Yeah, either directly as immigrants or indirectly through the media. yeah alot the afroecntric movement of the 60s and of the 90s was from caribbean influences. I aint even gone talk about Bob Marley’s contribution, its been said. If you look in the wikipedia of alot of legendary African American actors, musicians and celebrities alike you’ll see that either they immigrated or their parents immigranted from the caribbean. We actually go through alot of the same issues you go through regarding race. I like to think we’re “central americans”, kinda too american for non americans but not enough for actual americans. 

Alexander Hamilton probably had a distinct accent

from the Reddit thread (x):

“Any answer to this question basically resolves to:

  1. Did the British-administered Leeward Islands have a distinct accent?
  2. Did Hamilton possess this accent by the time he moved to the mainland colonies?
  3. Would this accent have meaningfully distinguished him from other English speakers in colonial America?

As far as I can tell, there is no extant account of anything unusual regarding Hamilton’s own speech. I checked three separate biographies and found no mention of an unusual accent. The best I can find is an angry “satirical” essay about Hamilton that highlights his alien status but only tangentially refers to a dialect or accent difference.

It is also important to keep in mind that American (or “pre”-American) people did not have a cohesive accent either, given the geographical diversity of immigrants. The divergence of speech into what we think of as “British” accent (which is, of course, really a massively subdivided array of possible accents; someone from London speaks differently than someone from Cumbria) and “American” accent (same deal–does someone from Mississippi sound the same as someone from Wisconsin?) does happen gradually after the Revolution, but the popular notion that 1770s-era colonial America was full of people speaking in received pronunciation is an imaginary construction by more recent popular media.

In most urban centers (and most places the so-called “founding fathers” liked to hang out), English was a mutually intelligible language, regardless of accent. But you’ve also got to consider that Martin Van Buren–who was elected president and was born in America–grew up speaking Dutch as a first language and went through his entire public life with a firmly Dutch accent.

So, to your question:

Since Hamilton came from Nevis, one of the British-administered Leeward Islands (he moved between a number of these during his early life), but moved to St. Croix, which was controlled by the Danish, at 13, his accent formation was probably influenced by his time in both Nevi and St. Croix. We know that accent formation is still particularly malleable into one’s early twenties, but that accent formation comes primarily from peers rather than parents (so Hamilton’s mother, who was French and English, would not have factored particularly heavily into the development of Hamilton’s own accent).

The best source I can find that discusses English-Caribbean accent among the Leeward Island colonies is in “Euro-Caribbean English varieties,” Jeffrey Williams’ chapter in The Lesser Known Varieties of English: An Introduction, eds. Schreier et al. We read here that “different European ethnic groups settled in different areas of the islands [and] formed their own villages, with each developing its own distinctive accent” (140). Williams also offers a table that identifies the primary ethnic groups that settled in St. Kitts (which contains, as a subcategory, the island of Nevis), as Irish, Scottish, and English, noting the existence of both a local non-creolized dialect, a local creole, and the use of the “standard” English language on the island. (139-140). The primary thing we get out of Williams is the notion that accents are specific to the combination of influences on a given island and that they are all distinct from each other–so Hamilton’s first 13 years in Nevis would have given him a “distinct” accent.

When Hamilton moved to St. Croix, he found an island where, in the words of Hamilton biographer Ron Chernow, “as a rule, the merchants of St. Croix were natives of the British Isles, so that English, not Danish, functioned as the island’s lingua franca.” Hamilton was multilingual (we know he spoke English and French fluently at this point), but his work in a trading company likely put him into contact most regularly with English speakers, many of them from them from London or other large British urban centers.

By the time Hamilton comes to the mainland American colony in 1772, his accent is probably “set.” For the most part, this subject does not generally come up in writing or secondhand accounts (at least as revealed through a few biographies I searched).

One interesting incident comes from Chernow’s biography–he mentions that George Clinton, governor of New York and future Vice President, got into a substantial argument with Alexander Hamilton. At one point, Clinton, in response to a “declaration of war” offered by Hamilton, responded with a pseudonymous series of essays and newspaper articles which featured a caricature of Hamilton–literally named “Tom Shit,” who was a “mustee” (an old derogatory term for a white person with mixed-race ancestry) and produced “Creolian” writing. Tom Shit is also portrayed as a “subject of his Danish Majesty.” So there’s a number of political attacks going on here, but the “Creolian” writing one seems somewhat appropriate for this discussion. Whether Clinton’s responding to an actual tendency in Hamilton’s writing toward unfamiliar English construction as a result of his Caribbean upbringing or whether he’s just trying to slander Hamilton in any way possible is unclear, and Chernow doesn’t offfer much elucidation on this specific point.

By the way, I’d give page numbers for Chernow’s biography, but the electronic copy I’m looking at doesn’t have them and I have no idea why. The book itself is just called Alexander Hamilton.

“Creole” does occasionally reappear as a charge against Hamilton, but it largely seems to be a racial concern rather than a linguistic one. More often, it’s group in with charges alluding to his illegitimacy–basically your run of the mill Revolutionary Era ad hominem attack.

So, tl;dr:

  • Hamilton’s accent was likely informed by his childhood in both Nevis and St. Croix and would have been “distinct” because of this, along with the relatively advanced age of his migration to the mainland colony.
  • Hamilton’s accent would not have been particularly out-of-place given the wide array of English accent spoken in colonial America, even among the “founding fathers.”
  • Evidence of Hamilton’s linguistic difference largely seems to boil down to racialized attacks in service of some larger political agenda, rather than objective commentary on the way he speaks.”

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as someone in a ts tumblr gc we did look up floridada ur mission was accomplished but i have a real question. is she seriously trying to do a carribean accent i thought she was jst drawing out the lyric im so distraught that ruined my life

oh my god flkjadslkfjalskdfjlkds that’s so funny i love it

“caribbean accent” is maybe an overstatement, it’s more that the structure of the song is clearly meant to mimic dancehall (compare, for instance, this to ready for it) and her vocal delivery has a lot in common with the style and diction of rihanna - and she’s hardly alone in pulling from the rihanna playbook, but it does ring as a little inauthentic imo

time for my “favorite little things from hamilton in no particular order” list

  • “why do you write like you’re running out of time” 
  • the way Hamilton always says his name in his own theme even though it interrupts other people’s themes
  • Hamilton’s “just you wait” juxtaposed with Burr’s “wait for it”
  • “aaron burr, sir”
  • the person in the Cabinet Battle who goes “not my alcohol” in the background
  • “civics lesson from a slaver, hey neighbor / your debts are paid cuz you don’t pay for labor”
  • the way the use of the same actor for Lafayette/Jefferson and Hercules/Madison gives both meanings to “I fought with him”
  • and how laurens/phillip saying “i died for him” makes me CRY
  • “you walked in and my heart went BOOM”
  • “handsome, boy does he know it”
  • how drunk they all are during the Story of Tonight reprise, these giant fucking revolutionary nerds
  • “Martha Washington named her feral tomcat after him-” “THAT’S TRUE!” because he is a giant fucking nerd who needs you to know about this historical fun fact.
  • “You’ll understand the reference to another scottish tragedy without me having to name the play” and then he names the play. and all the characters. and the setting. DO YOU GET IT ANGELICA IT’S MACBETH.
  • the way the play never lets you forget that Hamilton was an immigrant
  • the way the play makes it clear that no one else ever forgot that Hamilton was an immigrant
  • “ya best g’wan back where ya come from!” in a clear mockery of a caribbean accent
  • “sir, i don’t know what you heard, but whatever it is- Jefferson started it.”
  • the way Eliza sings “helpless” during Satisfied
  • “Let me be part of the narrative” / “I’m removing myself from the narrative” / “I put myself back in the narrative”
  • Eliza beatboxing for phillip during take a break
  • comma sexting
  • “Here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements.” / “Sweet jesus.”
  • “I’ve been in Paris meeting lots of different ladies / i guess i basically missed the late eighties”
  • Literally anytime Jefferson goes “Waaaaaaaaaaat”
  • “Pick up a pen, start writing.”
  • the way that the cabinet battles are probably almost exactly how it went down
  • “how do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive / how do you write like to need it to survive / how do you write every second you’re alive / every second you’re alive”

You know what I wish there was in rwby


Like I know some people have British accents and Australian accents and stuff but I wish there were specific accents for each kingdom like

Vale is the normal American accent / other accents cuz it’s the more generic looking kingdom so far that looks like a normal American city

Atlas would have like British accents or something along those lines cuz they’re all posh and “proper” up there and British accents are usually tied with being fancy (picture Weiss with a British accent)

Vacuo maybe would have a southern accent? Maybe like some Caribbean accents? And idk we haven’t really seen what vacuo is like

I really cant think if one for Mistral I’m stupid

And Menagerie would have like Australian or Caribbean accents like it’s an island

And like there would obviously be mixes here and there for people who moved to other kingdoms but but would be so cool

And I Grow

Author: Zoe

Word Count: 3,00+

Warnings: a little bit of sexism, the requester asked for a female so sorry if you don’t have those pronouns, uh injuries, swearing, death, ANGST, oh yes and blood whoops….does drinking alcohol need to be tagged or

Author’s note: I’m so sorry concerning the lateness these have been appearing. I really have been trying to get these out on schedule- but I’m nearing th end of my trip and things are getting pretty hectic. So, sorry if this happens again. I’ll tell you when I get back.

Author’s note 2.0: also, I got really carried away and it’s pretty crappy, so sorry hamilsquaad I tried

Request:  I just uploaded a poem, but I’d like to know what people think to it, it’s my first the attempt at writing stuff like that. So if you could please read it ^_^ also a head cannon/request: the reader is like 13 years old (female) and is abandoned by her parents completely in the pub where hamilsquad is and they like look after her and take her to gwash and they all raise her and stuff and she insists on going to war with them & you can take it from there :D thanks

no seriously go read the poem it’s vv good and sends a good message

these notes are a mess i;m so RYR

You were lost. And small. And tired.

And did not know how to work a map. Or read a map. Or read, in general.

Your parents left you at a bar (the one on the east side of town), oh five hours ago. You walked home, just as you would if they had forgotten you at the ball since they had drank too much wine. They weren’t home.

In fact, it looks as if they just packed up and left.

You huffed.

So, now you had an empty house, a bag of clothes and books (the ones that your father would never let you read because women were not to read), a map, an umbrella, and an address book.

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a hodgepodge of all my favorite parts from hamilton, act ii
  • “seventeen. sept, sept, seventeen, sept sept seventeen eighty nine.”
  • “this financial plan is too many damn pages for any man to understand!”
  • jefferson’s little gasp right after washington calls for hamilton and before he says, “daddy’s calling.”
  • “YOU DONT HAVE THE VOTES AHAHAHA HAHAHAHA. UR GONNA NEED CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL AND U DONT HAVE THE VOTES.” how tf can political jargon sound so fucking awesome i don’t even know wtf.
  • the trumpet intro to “the room where it happens.”
  • “wouldn’t you like to work a little closer to home??” “actually, ah would.” like, this part isn’t even a joke this is actually the truth this is literally why jefferson agreed not just because of the virginia thing but also because of how close it was to his house.
  • “you got more than you gave.” – “and i wanted what i got, when you got skin in the game u stay in the game, but u don’t get nothing unless u play in the game, oh u get love for u, u get hate for it but u get nothing if u waitforitWAITFORIT.”
  • the callback in the background of “NOTHING!” after jefferson is all, “he knows nothing of loyalty!” in cabinet battle #2.
  • all of jefferson’s digs at hamilton’s fashion sense when he literally dresses like a christmas decoration
  • the piano intro to “one last time”
  • “WE’RE GONNA TEACH THEM HOW TO SAY GOODBYE.” aaaaaand i’m sobbing.
  • george iii’s COMPLETELY CONFUSED exclamation of “john ADAMS???” 
  • the PIANO NOTES AT THE PART IN “say no to this” when hamilton is reading the blackmail letter from maria reynolds’ husband THAT ARE LATER ECHOED IN “we know” WHEN JEFFERSON MADISON AND BURR CORNER HIM TO FINAGLE THE TRUTH
  • that previous line being said with an obvious caribbean accent BECAUSE HAMSY IS FROM ST. CROIX
  • hamilton’s answer of “it’s quiet uptown” when his fellow federalists would like to know who he’s promoting
  • “hamilton is a host unto himself, as long as he can hold a pen he’s a threat.” WHICH IS THE SINGLE BEST SUMMATION OF HAMSY’S CHARACTER EVER.
  • “mr. vice president. mr. madison. senator BURR. what is this.”
  • “is THAT what you have are you done?” when they tell him about the cheque stubbs.
  • jefferson’s line in “we know” where he’s all like, “THOUGH VIRTUE IS NOT A WORD I’D APPLY TO THIS SITUATION.” and the way he delivers it
  • “you see that was my wife who you decided to–” “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.”
  • jefferson’s disbeliving-holy-shit-wtf-yet-completely-chill “my gawd” delivered after hamilton’s blustering confession to his affair with maria reynolds (ngl this part gives me life)
  • “i love the man but he’s in traction.” jefferson in reference to john adams WHICH IS THE MOST EXCELLENT THING because they really did become pretty good friends later on in life
  • “in the eye of a hurricane there is quiet.” alkdfjasdfasdf and that sound you hear in the distance is my quiet sobbing
  • “i’ll write my way out/overwhelm them with honesty.” alksjdfasd WHY ALEXANDER that is literally the WORST PLAN in the history of EVER it NEVER WORKS
  • angelica’s ice cold, “i’m not here for you.” and the subsequent “oooooh” from the chorus
  • “be careful with that one love/he will do what it takes to survive” why YES i am STILL SOBBING
  • you forfeit all rights to my heart/you forfeit your place in our bed/you sleep in your office instead
  • the upbeat whistling at the beginning of “blow us all away” and the spryness and the sheer wide-eyed hope that is philip schuyler hamilton alkdsfjasdfsdf and NO THIS PART DOESN’T MAKE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT MORE PAINFUL AT ALLL
  • “hey ya’ll look pretty good in your frocks/how ‘bout when i get back we all strip down to our socks.” philip HAMILTON U FOX
  • “this is my very first duel/they don’t exactly cover this topic in boarding school.” clearly you did not attend hogwarts did u philip
  • “the hamiltons move uptown and learn to live with the unimaaaaaaaginable.” AND I AM NOW BACK TO CRYING
  • eliza forgiving hamilton in “it’s quiet uptown” and i am STILL CRYING
  • “can we get back to politics–” “–please?” “yo.”
  • “we have fought on like 75 different fronts.”
  • “burr. when you see hamilton. thank him for the endorsement.” OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH.
  • “i’ll give him this–his financial system is a work of genius. i couldn’t undo it if i tried. and…i’ve tried.” jefferson u FUCK of COURSE U TRIED UGGGH.
  • the orphanage, and yes cutscene to me STILL SOBBING


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