An (abbreviated) catalogue of things I love

A galaxy of thanks to @ofgeography for the inspiration

(most of the things I came up with were food tbh)

  • Languages. Languages, languages, languages. Languages spoken and unspoken, simplified and pidgin, unrecognized and resilient
  • Calluses
  • The first beautiful days in March
  • Hands that are squarish and blocky, with big thumb joints; farmers’ hands
  • The calm, sweaty, completely depleted feeling you get an hour after a 2k
  • Aspirated consonants
  • Scalp massages
  • The smell and texture of ripe sourdough starter
  • Getting letters in the mail
  • New wool socks
  • Pigeon pose
  • Women with broad shoulders and good arms
  • People in insulated Carhartt overalls
  • Cumin
  • Rarebit
  • Proto-Indo-European linguistic theories, the wilder the better
  • Marginalia
  • The Book of Ezekiel. Dude had vision
  • Working out with other people who get it. Just methodical, sweaty companionship
  • Really happy store clerks when they tell you to have a good one
  • Milwy with olive oil and salt and cucumber and fresh goat cheese, eaten with your hands
  • Running in the rain or the snow
  • Mom-and-pop stores
  • When cats seek you out looking for attention
  • The Arabic words baḥr and milḥ, which make you feel like the air is the sea and you are swimming
  • Cheese. Manchego, gorgonzola, camembert, jarlsburg, ementhal, stilton, just a big old slab of Cabot Hunter Sharp cheddar
  • Snow
  • Big family get-togethers
  • Drinking hot cocoa in the middle of the snowy woods halfway through a long ski and feeling it in the tips of your toes
  • The way wine and cider burble when they’re fermenting
  • The look on someone’s face when you get their present just right
  • The querrrrulll??? sound chickens make when they think you have food
  • Really dramatic Good Friday services
  • Listening to Kathy Mattea’s Good News on Christmas Eve and crying
  • Nalgene water bottles
  • People who notice you’re struggling and cook you dinner or buy you cake completely unasked
  • British pubs. Weatherspoons, that doesn’t include you
  • Dresses
  • Emerging from treeline on a clear day
  • Eight oarlocks clunking in unison and sending the boat singing
  • Contradancing
  • When people reach out to you unexpectedly after a long silence
  • Kibitzing with my mom on nytimes crossword puzzles
  • People talking super enthusiastically about the things they find interesting
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Lying prone on the floor and listening the hum of the refrigerator
  • Maps
  • People who are good at coming up with snarky responses on the spot
  • Long hugs with people of a similar size, chest-to-chest, with your heads touching
  • My old chaplain, Wendy, who was so unabashedly gung-ho about wading into a river to baptize me on a chilly day in April
  • Strong chai
  • Cooking for other people
  • Bumblebees

anonymous asked:

What exactly does "the look is sexy burglar meets classic east coast prep" look like? I am very curious here. Is this a year round look?

It is when you wear your oversized black wool turtleneck the day before Thanksgiving, to a half day of work, with black skinny jeans, black lace up boots and a black beanie, to hide dirty side braid hair and your French Studio manager says you look like you’re set to rob a bank. But then, the next week, you wear the same turtleneck (because you wear it at least once a week when the weather permits) with cropped demi-boot cut cords, black chelsea boots and your hair in a long CBK-like ponytail and another coworker tells you that you’re ready for a weekend further up the east coast like the girl she hated in boarding school.

So then it becomes a game, to see what each day’s outfit falls more on the burglar or classic east coast prep spectrum… typically a confused-somewhere-in-the-middle look. It’s a lot of black, charcoal or neutral color clothing. It’s a lot of oversized sweaters: wool, cashmere and cable knit. It’s more stripe shirts, ranging from t-shirt to men’s rugby shirts. It’s boots: Bean, ankle, calf and riding. It’s trainers, ballet flats and mules. It’s totes, totes and totes: leather canvas, camo, and one of which is a monogramed boat tote. Oversized sweatshirts, Carhartt wip overalls, baseball or fisherman’s caps… the list goes on. 

It’s really just more of a fall through early spring look. During the summer it is less of a burglar look.. but still the same amount of black.