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Women Who Weld

Ten years after becoming a proud member of the Ironworkers Union Local 377, Diana decided it was time to be her own boss. Venturing out on her own to open DC Metal Work, a metal fabrication company that’s stood tall amongst a male dominated field. 15 years later, Diana’s deep sense of accomplishment is why she’s always eager to provide other females with the encouragement and gentle nudge they might need to join the trades. She even shares her welding chops and experience with students at the Oakland-based school of crafts, The Crucible. That is, when she isn’t too busy passing down the blue-prints to the way around the workshop to Diana’s 9-year- old daughter Lucy.


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I made another trip to the hardware store to get inspiration this week, and it hit me— a candelabra made out of pipes! It’s different, sturdy, and easy to do. This is a great idea for a Valentine’s gift. Make a night out of it; pizza and beer by very rustic candlelight. Use some great textures to to set the table. Faux fur and wool blankets, a nice slab of wood for a flat surface, bamboo plates, his favorite beer, and a nice pizza pie are the perfect set up for a cozy night in. Forget the cards covered in pink hearts and get to the hardware store! This will be a piece you can keep around forever. It’s a fun conversation starter in the home and perfect for late-night picnics. While you’re at it, cuddle up in this Carhartt Clarksburgh Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt & Copper Harbor Hat.


Beth Beverly of Diamond Tooth Taxidermy

Beth Beverly is a state and federally licensed taxidermist, operating out of her studio in Philadelphia. She graduated from the Pocono Institute of Taxidermy in 2010 with high marks. Beth is an avid animal lover and preserver. Everything she works on has a distinct, fashionable flair. Take a look at her website to see even more of her wearable art.

“It’s important to me that I communicate my sincere love and respect for animals through my craft. I really do pour my heart into every piece, and I can honestly say that there are literally blood, sweat and tears embedded into every mount.” — Philadelphia’s premier couture taxidermist, Beth Beverly

Hear what’s it’s like to be a taxidermist from Beth in this short clip


The Wild ‘N’ Wooly rodeo team are roping experts. Cowgirl Joette Donnel has a few tips to share about practice before any competitions.

Keys to Roping Practice:

  • Focus on keeping your horse correct.
    - riding good position
    - keep your horse keyed in on your cues, this is important for changes in speed and     direction
  • Working well with your teammates.
    -Understand your teammates and how they will respond to changes during your run.
  • Being aggressive and accurate with your roping.
    -Precision equals success

Ranch Rodeo Practice Tips From Team Wild ‘N’ Wooly:

1.) Learn to work together!
2.) Having a plan for any changes that may happen.
3.) Know the best technique and leverage to be fast but efficient for handling cattle on the ground to doctor or tie them down.
4.) Communication is key! Teams that talk to each other work much better together.
5.) We really focus on where everyone’s position is while we are roping a steer. Everyone has a place and a secondary position in case one of us should miss.