carhartt store

silentkiller6  asked:

I don't dress feminine either, so I usually go to the Vans store, Zumiez, and Tilly's. But it's hard for me to find jeans that are not tight so if you do know any store. Can you please let me know? Ooh Express has some good stuff too, also H&M. 👌👌 you should check it out

I’ve gone to Vans a couple times recently so I’ll definitely keep it on the list! H&M is pretty hit and miss for me, but I will definitely check out the other three!

I haven’t had messages suggesting jeans to pass along but usually if I want a looser pair of jeans I actually shop at western wear stores, I tried the men’s section of an industrial store when they were having a lazy good sale and had good luck with that as well!