Why Nash Grier may NOT be a douche...

So…I’ve seen a lot of crap on the intranets about nash-grier and his “What Guys Look For In A Girl” (or whatever) YouTube video. If you don’t know who Nash Grier is, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few months…seriously, the kid has blown up VIne. As far as the video goes, if you haven’t seen it, you can find it somewhere out there on the World Wide Web, I assume. 

Apparently, peeps are pissed. And I don’t really understand why.

Now before anybody gets all butthurt, let me elaborate a bit more…

In this video, there are 3 teenage boys( nash-grier , camerondallas , and some kid named JC) sitting on a couch and conversing about what type of girls they are more attracted to. A few examples are:

-girls who are entertaining, spontaneous, and fun

-girls who can cook

-girls who can “make you a better you”

so on, and so forth. No harm done in any of that. But then, these three boys move on to a few topics that A LOT of people didn’t seem to jive with. For example,

-girls who have a personality 

-girls who have naturally long wavy hair

-girls who can entertain them

-girls who are funny

-girls who have clean, “perfect” teeth

-girls who shave

There was more than that said, but it’s 12:38 AM by my watch and I need to get through this. 

So yeah, apparently people  REALLY didn’t like his video. A lot of people claimed that it was sexist, and that it gave girls (who already struggle with self esteem issues) a bad representation of what’s expected out of them. I see where they’re coming from because women do have it hard. Gone are the days when size 10 (not 16, that’s a myth) Marilyn Monroe was considered sexy. 

However, and this is where the stones start flying, I think that on the opposite side of the “building female self-esteem” coin, people have started giving women excuses to NOT take care of themselves. A lot of women are absolutely okay with going to Walmart in the middle of the day with their pajamas on and rollers in their hair because they are now being taught that “they are perfect, just the way they are”. Women are okay with being overweight or even obese because they’re being taught that “they are perfect, just the way they are”.Don’t get me wrong, THEY ARE PERFECT. They were made in the image of the almighty God, himself BUT…there’s no excuse in not making yourself presentable, when you leave your house. Maybe this is the Scarlett O'Hara or the Jackie Onassis in me, but I can’t fathom leaving my house without a bra on.

Point number two, HOW MANY PEOPLE DON’T HAVE SOME KIND OF IDEA OF WHAT THEIR FUTURE SIGNIFICANT OTHER WILL LOOK LIKE? If you tell me that you don’t, you’re a liar. These three boys aren’t the first, nor the last, to have an idealistic vision of the person they will date in the future. “Girls who shave” Really? A LOT of women don’t like facial hair on men. Some women don’t like guys who wear socks with sandals. I know I prefer guys with brown hair to blonde. I am more attracted to men who wear polos and khakis than I am to men who wear cargo shorts and well, whatever you wear with cargo shorts. “Girls who have clean teeth”. Is it really too much to ask for you to brush your freakin’ teeth every now and again, ladies? 

My point is, I really don’t understand why people are so upset over three adolescent boys making a video about their ideal girl, when everyone does it (unless you’re just asexual I guess).How many of you have turned down a date offer because you didn’t find the other person attractive? 

In sum, ladies, you’re beautiful just the way you are. You are beautifully and wonderfully made by The Creator of the universe who wants nothing but the best for you. That’s why I try to bring glory to Him in all things that I do, including the way I present myself. If you want to change something about your appearance, DO IT. If you don’t, then why do you care what these three boys have to say about it?  

Just my thoughts, maybe not yours.