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Why did the Imperial Japanese Army have aircraft carriers? That seems a bit ridiculous.

They had FOUR FUCKING CARRIERS to be precise:

The Akitsu Maru, which has the dubious honor of being the sunken carrier with the worst loss of lives of all time:

The Kumano Maru

The Yamashio Maru

And the Nigitsu Maru, which may or may not have actually been a carrier, as all of them where converted cargo ships.

As for why? Basically, the ridiculous rivalry between the army and the navy, mostly due to budget and political influence affairs, which not only led to this, but also, among other things, both service developing and operating aircraft of their on, AND BOTH OF THEM DEVELOPING AND OPERATING TANKS!

A bureaucratic nightmare that all it achieved was wasted precious resources, and in a positive way, at least for us, contribute to the defeat of Japan.

But I’m sure @lex-for-lexington and @fujisan-ni-noboru-hinode can tell us much more about this disaster. 

Rebelcaptain drabble

Wee drabble not really worthy of an AO3 post. For @rebelcaptainprompts - A Hand To Hold

In the cargo ship evacuating the injured from Yavin IV where the Death Star looms in orbit, Jyn and Cassian listen to the comms from the battle they’ve left behind. They started this fight, made it possible, but neither of them is in a position to take part in its end. Broken bones, ruined muscles, bleeding organs, exhaustion - even without their injuries they’re of no use in a space battle that needs combat pilots. They sit side by side on the edge of Cassian’s bed, which is one of a dozen in the cargo hold. No one else is listening though, the beds not occupied by anyone else as fortunate or upright as them.

Jyn’s face is pale and tired and she keeps holding her breath, exhaling loudly when her lungs burn and she can’t take it anymore. Her eyes are shining when the first shot misses, her jaw tight. Cassian reaches his hand out and grasps hers where it grips the edge of the bed, feels her tremble echoed in the pounding of his heart, sending ripples through his bruised body. Her hand turns up, fingers twining with his, gripping just as tightly to him as she did the bed. Cassian doesn’t mind, he’ll take the pain for her, over and over again.

When the farm boy finally gets his shot in, when it’s finished, she laughs and sobs, and he pulls their joined hands to his heart as she drops her forehead to his shoulder. He doesn’t let go of her hand for a long time after that, even as they collapse back into the sleep they deserve.

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At LIN: Honestly I could nerd out about languages for so long, they are so interesting. Now... I have a bit of a long story about why people studying languages and linguistics are unsung heroes. (Mochi I am very sorry, some major flooding is going to happen now...) Back when I was in uni I attended a seminar by a professor on the importance of languages regarding cognitive thinking (this sounds a little technical but please bear with me) (1/5)

He told a story about an eskimo who got lost at sea while fishing one day, and was picked up by a cargo ship. He was returned safely to his tribe a while later, they all thought he had died and asked him to explain how he’d survived. Their language did not have the word for cargo ship, so he had to say he was picked up by a big boat, a really, really big boat. The thing is his tribe could not believe his story and thought he had died and came back to haunt them. (2/5)

So they cast him out and he went back on the cargo ship and ended his life away from his family. Now the professor went on to explain that this was an exemple of how it is very difficult to wrap your head around an idea if you can’t attach a word to it. I think I remember him saying that some dictatorship would ban the use of words such as revolution and rebellion, because they thought if people couldn’t use the words, they wouldn’t talk or think about it. (3/5)

Back to why this is important to me: I have said that the word “lesbian” is negative in my native language. I could never have applied that to me, it didn’t even have the meaning that it is supposed to have. But I studied English and ended up being in contact with a lot of different cultures and some people who referred to themselves as “gay”(4/5)

That word to me was so good, a literal synonym of the word “happy” I had no issues with using it to refer to myself. I wanted to be happy, I wanted to be gay. So this is the very long story of how learning about languages helped me learn about myself. I wish you all the best with your studies :) (5/5)

That’s a reaaalllyy interesting point you have there, nonnie :D I don’t mind the flooding, but I do have a submit option open for your longer stories!

Yet another thing that Fallout 4 dicked over are the Norwegian ghouls of the FMS Northern Star.

From what little we know they were just a crew of a Norwegian cargo ship that washed up on the coast because of the Great War. They don’t seem to know any English and apparently have never left the boat, making them a group of scared and isolated people who might think they’re the only ghouls in the world. When you explore the ship they yell at you to leave them alone.

So naturally they attack on sight and you just murder them all. There’s no warning about this and you can do nothing to prevent it. Yaaay. *slow clap*

How about we actually do some actual fucking writing?

  • If you bring Curie or Codsworth along they speak perfect Norwegian (cuz they’re robots) and the crew is overjoyed that someone understands them. Maybe this can lead to a quest to restore a robot with a translator module so they can communicate with the outside world.
  • If your SS has high intelligence, or has Danse with them (because the BOS would study pre-war military and civilian code systems), they can use something like ship flag communication to at least gain their trust.
  • If you bring Hancock they’ll talk about how there’s other like them out there. He’ll mark Goodneighbor on a map and tell them they’re welcome. You might spot one of the ghouls there after you’ve done this.
  • Piper will remark that she would love an interview if she could understand a word they said.
  • If they see Preston they’ll recognize his Minuteman uniform and express their condolences about Quincy.
  • They know some weird shit is going down at Warwick Farmstead; they keep an eye on everything and they’ve seen ‘odd people’ skulking around. If you’ve done Institute quests about Warwick they will be suspicious of you. The Institute may require you to wipe them out because they don’t want observers monitoring their activities.
  • They were the ones who tried experiments with the anti-mirelurk pulse signal on Spectacle Island until raiders fucked it all up. Once you re-activate the signal and prove it works they’ll share the technology on the condition that you kill the raiders at Poseidon Energy who launched the attack.

Look that wasn’t too hard. Isn’t that nicer than another bunch of mindless raiders?

Collection of thoughts I had during my second viewing of Rogue One:

-Anyone who doesn’t see that Cassian is bisexual is objectively wrong

-Bodhi talks way faster than I remembered and he never shuts up

-K-2so still made me laugh every time he speaks

-‘Cassian thinks so too’ why does Cassian not want to bring Jyn to Jedda? Is it just that he doesn’t trust her? Would he rather go alone?

-Chirrut and Baze were way gayer than I remembered like damn guys chill

-Cassian’s hair looks so soft I just want to touch it

-Bodhi died as he lived: alone and in a cargo ship

-The hug at the end makes me irrationally emotional? Like it’s not a romantic thing (to me) it’s just relief and gratitude and sadness and fear all poured into one action

-The music was better than I previously thought it was

-Cassian is a bit of a dick to people but I kinda love it

-Bodhi’s face throughout Jyn’s speech to the rebel council was so perfect

-Everyone deserved better honestly why did they have to suffer?

Ya all cant convince me by this point that the garla aint a very social species that does not like being alone

Like you almost never see a garla alone, and the one garla you see alone is the guy who’s fucking planting bombs and freeing prisoners when he should be infiiltrating the higher ranks, or the guy working in a people dense inviroment. or the guy who literally traps people to work with him and got very attached to hunk when he showed prowess and better food judgement then him.

also the one garla  that goes to earth on what i assume was a solo mission to figure out stuff about the blue lion? gets into it with a human, another incredibly social species, then has a baby with him.

random garla soldier meets someone “from the main fleet) and immediatly assures them that they get the commanders name wrong as well and feels comfortable enough to ask if theres a way to get in the main fight and admitting that he’s bored on the cargo ship, AND admitting that he’s not the most blood thirsty galra out there to this total stranger

even sendak- mister “there weak becouse they value others lives” commends and talks with his officer when he can easily leave him in the dark and just tell him what to do

and zarkon- mister big bad who has commanders who take care of and care for his crew exicuted or worse goes ape shit over loosing his bond with his lion and keeps reaching out even though its obviosly pointless and not working anymore

so obviosly a social species but like- they dont like admitting there a social species, put on a tought front even though when there put on solo missions or left alone they get pretty awful at there jobs and ten times more grouchy.

So with all this in mind imagine how part garla, part human keith who obviosly has both sets of instincts and instinctual social needs in him, felt when he lost his family, could not make friends by doing what his instincts told him to do which was become the best to show his peers that he is a worthy ally to be brought into a social circle or pack, then stuck alone in the desert for around a year chasing feelings that might just be him going crazy?

fun facts about marquis de lafayette
  • came to america illegally, against the rules of the king, disguised as a pregnant woman
  • didn’t tell his wife that he was gone until after he was sailing away
  • got captured and brought back to france again, escaped on a cargo ship and bought all of the cargo to keep the ship from stopping
  • was raised on a farm because after his father died his mom fucked off to paris without him
  • got laughed off the dance floor by marie antoinette once
  • after the revolution he came to america and people were making gloves with his face on them
  • he refused to kiss the hands of ladies wearing these gloves because he didn’t want to kiss himself
  • named his only son georges washington de lafayette
  • named his daughter marie antoinette virginie de lafayette and called her virginie after washington’s home state
  • fought in the revolution for free because he loved america that much
  • napped with george washington under a tree once while using washington’s coat as a blanket
  • he was super tall especially for the time, like 5'11"
  • became fluent in english within a year of arriving in america
  • found out about the revolution from king george’s cousin, who was complaining about the revolts at a dinner party
  • is buried under american soil and a little american flag flies over his grave to this day because he had it imported from bunker hill
  • he didn’t have to help us but he did it that was nice
  • and then we went and fucked up the country anyway
  • we need to fix it for him

Derek creeping checking in on Stiles because he just happened to be in the neighborhood when he heard Stiles mumble his name. So it’s completely understandable he runs towards the noise just to make sure no monster of the week is hiding underneath his bed.

Or so Derek tells himself every single morning as he laces up his running shoes before heading out for his routine morning run along the path he and his wolf agreed upon, just to make sure his mate is safe and sound.


Alien (1979) dir. Ridley Scott

Final report, the commercial star-ship Nostromo. Third officer reporting. The other members of the crew—Kane, Lambert, Parker, Brett, Ash, and Captain Dallas—are dead. Cargo and ship destroyed. I should reach the frontier within six weeks. With a little luck the network will pick me up. This is Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off.

Things I Learned from Assassin's Creed...

Altaïr: Some times you do not get to see the fruits of your labors but you have to entrust that those you love and leave behind will carry out your name and legacy. In Altaïr’s case, he left a great legacy to follow don’t you think?

Malik: Its okay to be grumpy, freedom of expression. Just remember that your grumpiness and sass better keep those you’re close to in line by reminding them they can’t get away with whatever they want.

Ezio: You can’t prepare for how much life will take away from you. What you can do is work that much harder to grow and love more people, with the memory of those you lost in your heart. You fall in love more than once.

Edward: The greatest treasure in life isn’t found on some deserted island, or on a rich cargo ship, or in the heated blaze of glory. But it IS worth fighting for. At the end of the day, remember those who have fought and died with you.

Adewale: You can spend your whole life fighting for freedom, it’s okay. Find yourself a noble cause and stick to it. Be warned, you might find yourself incredibly alone though…

Haytham: Family isn’t perfect. We are not perfect. We are not our parents. We do not have to let the ghosts of our pasts haunt our actions. We can make our own choices and fix the problems in the world the way we see fit.

Connor: Sometimes you are given a great burden to shoulder alone yet you are also given little to no support to start off with. That doesn’t mean you stop fighting for what’s right. Family doesn’t stop with blood.

Arno: Revolution isn’t just a change of government or publicized thinking. It’s a change of temperament, a change of heart, a period of growth. No soul comes out of a war unscathed or without having lost something dear to them.

Shay: Stand against what you believe to be wrong, even if you must leave family and friends behind. In the end, you must be able to live with the choices you’ve made, no one else’s opinions matter.

Evie: We have people we look up to, and while it’s admirable to strive to be like them, we can’t. We must be our own person and love, and fight, and live to our fullest capacity. Little brothers need constant supervision.

Jacob: Sometimes you have to be a little rough to get the results you want. Be comfortable in your own skin, love who you want, talk the way you want, walk the way you want. And always have a killer top hat on hand.

Desmond: Your ancestors can cast a big shadow over you, but that’s not their purpose. Their pasts should teach you humbling truths and help you make the big decisions in life, no matter how unprepared you feel. This is YOUR life - live it the way you see fit.

Chapter 28: Rowaelin Reunion (Rowan’s P.O.V.)

For the wonderful @delaneyjanuzzi ! She asked for the Rowaelin reunion in Queen of Shadows. I hope you like it!

This is my first time writing in first person point of view, so please bare with me if it’s a bit iffy. Thank you @acowar for beta reading my stuff :D

Characters and dialogue are not mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate ships.

Well, specifically cargo ships.

It was only a few days ago that I had stowed myself away in the hold of a vessel bound for Adarlan. It was easier than I had thought, considering my size. Although it did come with much frustration. After half an hour of shifting around and repositioning myself in the confined space of the cargo area, I finally settled as the ship made its way towards Adarlan, more importantly, towards Aelin.

Time slowly became a figment of my imagination on this blasted ship. The only thing keeping me sane as a stowaway was the thought of Aelin, how she would react upon seeing me- upon realising I had disobeyed her first command to me and come to her, and what she would do if she knew that her absence had been a weight on my heart since I had last seen her. Whatever I did she always found a way to occupy my thoughts once more. This was unsurprising, of course, considering that there were absolutely no windows or entertainment in the cargo area. The only thing feeding me light were the small holes from the deck above. A senseless decision on my part to stow myself away, but what can a Fae do when he knows he would be unwelcomed at the destination.

The ringing of bells from above suddenly resonated through the cramped space, pulling me away from my thoughts. Thank the Gods. That meant the ship was finally docking into Adarlan.

Finally. Finally. Finally.

While unfurling my legs as much as possible into the tiny space in front of me, I debated what my next move should be upon leaving this damned ship. Aelin had mentioned multiple times that there was no magic in Adarlan, therefore my steps had to be formed properly, with no defence mechanism other than the weapons I had strapped to my body.

It was the loud clamouring from above that pulled me away from my thoughts this time as I realised that I had to leave before someone found me. That means I would just have to make my plan as I go. Crawling through the narrow space between the bulky shipments scattered around the lower deck, I unlatched the hook of the trap door that I used to first enter the lower deck back in Wendlyn and pulled myself out swiftly. The shouting of the men assaulted my ears further as they move frantically from one side to another, trying to arrange where everything should go. Taking this as an opportunity, I quickly made work of shifting into my other form, only for my breathe to be taken away from me and my vision to blur. Only then did I remember once more the one thing that made Adarlan stand out amongst other continents.

Adarlan had no magic.

My limbs suddenly felt lighter as I stumbled through my steps before finding my balance. Everything was still blurry around me as my sharp vision was turned dull. It took me a few seconds, or was it minutes, to finally reorientate my eyes to the area around me. The men were still running around on deck, unknowing of my presence.

Get out. Get out. Get out!

Taking in my surroundings once more, I made quick work to leave this damned ship as I leaped off the front edge and onto the planks that made up the dock. Walking as fast as I could away from the ship, I tugged my pale grey hood over my face, looking down at my boots as I neared the edge of the dock where it merged with the city.

Faster. Faster.

The dock led to a market which I hurriedly pushed myself into, shouldering the people that were going the opposite direction. Only when I thought there was enough distance between the dock and myself did I relax- slightly. This was a new area after all, a continent I barely know about. There was only so much I can relax without caution.

The lack of magic within my body was something I knew would take me awhile to get use to. My body was lighter, my vision and hearing duller than it has ever been, and my shifting abilities taken away from me. All these things I have grown to live with since I was young was stripped away from me in a matter of seconds.

For Aelin. You’re doing this for Aelin.

The thought that it was all for her put me easily at ease. For Aelin, I’d be willing to do almost anything; even if we didn’t have the blood oath between us.

The market area was just as loud as the docks, even louder if I could say so myself. My hood remained over my face, concealing me from the public’s eyes and, more importantly, my ears. If anyone here were to know I was Fae, they’d send me right to the King of Adarlan before I could find Aelin.

Gods, please let Aelin be safe. Please let me survive her wrath upon disobeying her orders.

Setting down the path in front of me, I continued to push through the crowd of the Adarlan market and towards the slums. Aelin had proudly mentioned back in Wendlyn that she had- has, a home in the slums. One she used often when she was still Celaena Sardothien.

It was ridiculous to think how long ago that was.

Asking for directions was already out of the question. It was best to keep to myself as much as possible. The less people know, the better. I’d just have to rely on my senses now, no matter how dull, on picking up the scents of the slums.

Finally breaking through the crowd and into a more secluded area, I rushed my steps further before it became too dark to travel. It wouldn’t be such a complicated feat for me to travel in the dark, but after being confined in that blasted ship for so long in the partial dark I’d like to see something brighter for once. Inhaling the air around me, I noticed how the once sweet smell of pastries from the market was turning more and more putrid by the second.

Good. I’m closer to the slums.

The slums weren’t exactly like one would imagine once I entered the area. It still had buildings like the rest of Adarlan, it was just simply more degraded; and more filthy, to be honest. Pleasure houses littered the streets, the bright lights outside the building flickering on and off from overuse. Taverns and gambling houses were next placed in between the pleasure houses like they’ve been there for far longer. The previously rancid smell of the slums was replace almost immediately with opium upon going deeper within the area. They seemed to be coming from the taverns. Opium dens underground, I’m guessing then. A loud ruckus came from the buildings as doors open and closed while people enter and leave. Shouting and cheers combined together as one resonated through the night air of the slums, either from winning or losing their bets in the gamble houses. Men and women stumbled around the streets, either dressed in expensive garb or in cheap clothing. But they were all looking for the same thing in the slums: a release.

Pulling my hood farther down my face, I tried to catch Aelin’s scent as I walk. Of course, this took longer than it would’ve been if magic was permitted in Adarlan. My senses were duller than ever and the smell of opium seemed to overtake any other scents lingering around.

Damned opium dens.

For once in my life, I felt more exhausted than I ever was. Being crammed on the lower deck of a cargo ship then being stripped of my magic was something that was bound to take a toll on me at one point. I just wanted to find Aelin, to make sure she was alright, to help her in whatever she needed here in Adarlan despite her anger at me for disobeying her.

I hope she doesn’t get too angry.

You’re over a century years old, Rowan. And you’re afraid of a mortal girl? My mind seemed to mock me for my thoughts.

Shut up.

While trying to pick up a scent, I thought of the many ways Aelin might react. Of course I came to Adarlan for a reason, but it was more on my part wanting to see her above everything. I just hoped she would listen to me before lashing out. But at the same time, her anger would be reasonable as I did directly disobey her orders.

After an hour of wandering between the streets and alleyways, trying to form what I was going to say once I found her, a familiar scent finally hit me- Aelin’s scent. It was something I could never mistake: jasmine, and lemon verbena, and crackling embers. A scent that fit her so well in so many ways. Rushing my steps, I followed the sweet smell as it led me towards a more secluded area of the slums. The streets were finally quiet as less and less people were present as Aelin’s scent strengthened with each step.

Find her.

Find her.

Find her.

Fog from the, now, starless night air grew all around me as I slinked through alleyways and shortcuts. Nonetheless, I kept my hood over my face, determined to pull through without having to expose my face. Aelin’s scent grew as I walked through an alley near a tattered apartment building.

I paused. Faintly, I could hear her voice approaching, closer and closer towards the alley I was hidden in. It was mixed with another voice- two voices to be specific: a male and a female. The fog concealed my view of what’s in front of me so I couldn’t see who she was with. I was relying entirely on my hearing.

Then, suddenly, silence. The scrape of their boots stopped and the sounds of their voices disappeared.

Did she notice? Did she scent me?

Did she scent herself on me? She had to.

Even with my dull senses, I could hear one of them, probably the male, pull out a knife from his pockets. A male. The Fae inside of me growled at the thought that there was an unknown male with Aelin. From my sense, he seemed to be a demi-Fae. A warrior, maybe. That only eased eased my frustration slightly.

Go to her.

Go to her.

Straightening myself, I walked out of the fog that concealed me while my hood remained over my face. My steps were confident, assured as I tried to upstage the male with Aelin, but cautious at the same time. I prepared the dialogue of what I was going to say in my head, making sure that I had all my reasons in check to explain to my queen.

But, apparently, I didn’t need to.

Before I could utter a single word, a small sob sounded through the night before a familiar body crashed against me, her arms wrapping themselves around my neck as tears ran down my surcoat. My arms wrapped themselves around her automatically, missing the feeling of her against me. I buried my hooded face in her neck, breathing in her sweet, sweet, scent that I had missed so much in Wendlyn.




It could’ve been minutes, or it could’ve been days, but I stood there in the slums, holding her up as she cried quietly against me. I revelled in the feeling of her, finally having Aelin near me once more- being able to hold her at night, tease her, train her, worship her.

My Queen.

Aelin was shaking, her arms only tightening around me rather than loosening. I didn’t let her go either, I didn’t want to let her go.

“How did you get here? How did you find me?” Aelin pulled away farther enough to face me, her face tear streaked but her expression, Gods her expression.

She was happy. She was happy.

I gave her a smile, the ones that I reserved only for her and no one else.

“You made it clear my kind wouldn’t be welcome on your continent. So I stowed away on a ship. You’d mentioned a home in the slums, so when I arrived this evening, I wandered until I picked up your scent.”

I’ve missed you so much, I wanted to tell her, I should have gone with you from the start. You should have let me stayed with you.

Every day without you was agony for me.

But I didn’t voice any of my thoughts. Instead, I glanced around the area as my smile slowly turned into a frown.

“You have a lot to tell me.”

Aelin only nodded, her grip on my shoulders tightening as more tears left her eyes. Reaching up, I brushed a loose strand of her red hair that escaped her hood before gently cupping her cheek and caressing it with my thumb. She had a lot of explaining to do, first and foremost as to why her hair was red, but I couldn’t be bothered to ask her for specifics now. My queen was in my arms, and happy to see me.

“But you’re not hurt?” I asked softly, my eyes wandering over her face to check for anything different, “You’re safe?”

She nodded once more, burying her face in my chest as her arms went around me. My heart thudded faster as I wrapped my arms around her just like before. I gently buried my face on the top of her hood, breathing in her scent like it was a drug.

“I thought I gave you an order to stay in Wendlyn.”

My heart stopped for a second before I realised she was teasing me.

“I had my reasons, best spoken somewhere secure,” I mumbled against the fabric of her surcoat, “Your friends at the fortress say hello, by the way. I think they miss having an extra scullery maid. Especially Luca—especially in the mornings.”

She laughed. Oh, her laugh. I’d sail across every continent and kill everyone in the way if I could keep her this happy every single day. Aelin squeezed me tighter with her arms, crying once again.

“Why are you crying?” I tried to push her away, to see what was wrong, only for her to tighten her arms further.

Gods. This woman is strong.

“I’m crying,” she sniffled, “because you smell so rutting bad my eyes are watering.”

I let out a loud laugh, a real one that I haven’t had ever since she left. Finally, Aelin pulled away from my chest, flashing her grin at me.

She’s happy.

“Bathing isn’t an option as a stowaway,” I muttered, releasing her only to flick her nose. She shoved me, although I knew it was a joke from the grin that was still on her face. Glancing down the alleyway, I finally noticed the male and female behind Aelin as they waited for us. My eyes immediately assessed the male, realizing that he must have been monitoring my interaction with Aelin. Probably to see if I was deemed safe to her or a threat.

“Are you just going to make them stand there all night?” I asked Aelin.

“Since when were you a stickler for manners?” Aelin slung an arm around my waist, her grip on me unusually tight. But I wasn’t complaining. Why would I? Instead, I slung my own arm around her shoulder, pulling her close against my body.

I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much, I wanted to say but decided that it would be better said later when we were alone.

The closer we got to her two companions, the harder my stare became to the male as his stare became equivalent to mine. It looked as if he was challenging me to a duel. For once, I was in doubt which of us would win considering his build and size. But then again, my skills may be better than his so I may just win. I like to think I would.

Stopping in front of them, I continued to give the male a hard stare as we both refused to look away. I could practically feel Aelin rolling her eyes beside me.

Suddenly, I was forced out of the stare as Aelin squeezed my side. Hard. I hissed, pinching her shoulder right back for what she did.

“Let’s get inside,” she broke the silence, leading me away towards her apartment, I’m guessing. I vaguely remember the female saying her goodbyes and the male following us but my mind only thought of the woman beside me.

And, for now, that’s all I could ask for.