cargo makeup

i just mean like. most of the ppl asking abt whether they can be butch or femme dont actually wanna be butch or femme. they just want permission to write up thinkpieces about how femmes who wear cargo shorts and no makeup are valid or how you can still be butch and pretty and none of that fucking serves anyone bc butch/femme somehow became social markers to dictate privilege on this site and ppl just wanna figure out where they stand in terms of oppressor/oppressed discourse and thats GEEKY


Mall trip with!! He’s such a bamf, he bought his first khaki cargo shorts, what a g, right??

Also we went to Claire’s and played with bows and flower crowns. We run this place. Going back once I get another paycheck. Way too many headbands to get!

It was a really nice trip, brought me out of a bad funk. We popped in at Charming Charlies, Burgatory, Rue 21, Payless, H&M~ at Ulta I got the lady to show me how to contour, so hopefully that will be showing up more. It’s pretty clear in the last pic… My goal with makeup is to have someone ask if the beard is drawn on :P