Personal After Party :: Cargent

The dance had been amazing and Allison felt like she was on cloud nine right now. In her opinion it had ended way too soon and when the orderlies escorted everyone personally back to their rooms, Allison had barely been able to stay in hers for more than a few minutes. This had been the happiest she had been in this hell and she didn’t want the night to end. Neal and her made up and he had confessed he loved her. She had known but hearing the words were completely different.

Opening her door, Allison checked the corridor of her hallways and made sure there were no orderlies around. When the coast was clear, Allison made a dash out of her room and towards Neal. It didn’t take her long to open the door and come inside, shutting it silently behind her. “Who said I’m not a expert sneaker!” Allison said happily, turning to face Neal with a grin. “The night is still to early to end and I wanted to be with you some more.” Allison said, stepping closer to where he was. 

Find Me || Cargent

Things were crazy after Allison had spoken to Peter. The FBI immediately started to investigate the hospital, bring up all the paperwork that was needed to get Neal out of there and back to work for the FBI. As the craziness started, Allison was led out of the building with Peter. They rode a taxi together to June’s. All the while, Peter asked her questions, almost interrogating her in a way a father who was worried over their son would. Allison answered everything he wanted and when she was asked if she really loved him, Allison met his eyes head on and told the agent that she loved Neal like she had never loved anyone before. Peter must have found what he wanted in her eyes because he smiled and nodded.

They finally made it to June’s and it was then that she met the lady that had given Neal a true home. After the initial greeting, she sat down with June and Peter, retelling the story she had told Peter back in the office.Again, she cried as all the pain-filled memories held onto her thoughts. Once she had calmed down, Peter had stood up, assuring her he would be back in the morning. He left and June helped her get settled in Neal’s apartment.That night she fell asleep alone in his couch, not wanting to sleep on the bed without him.

The days went by in that fashion. She spent most of her time with June downstairs, playing with Bugsy. June had set up an appointment for her and baby to be checked in a week. Her dad shipped over all her clothes to New York for her to have and opened an account for her with a few hundred dollars for her to spend on her needs. A few days after she had arrived, Peter stopped by and told her that they were going to get Neal that day. That was enough to make Allison cry all over again. She hadn’t realized exactly how much she missed him or worried about him until she knew he was coming home.

The day Neal was due to come, Allison had hardly slept, to antsy to even lay down really. She spent the better part of the morning with June before heading back upstairs to show. She wasn’t sure exactly sure when he would come home but she had spent the rest of the day outside in his roof, watching the New York City skyline. It was when she heard his whistling, movement inside, that Allison’s heartbeat stopped for a moment, watching as he moved inside but he hadn’t seen her yet. Brown eyes stayed on him as he made his way to the roof and when he opened the door, when Allison saw him actually there in front of her, she gave a broken laugh when he spoke her name, tears filling her eyes as she looked at him. “Yeah it’s me.” She barely whispered, voice cracking under the emotion. It was hard to just stand there watching him so Allison ran, ran to him and jumped. Legs wrapped tightly around his waist, Allison cupped his face,kissing him with every ounce of love and passion in her body. “He actually did it. You’re here, you’re here.” Allison cried, kissing his cheeks, nose, jaw and finally burying her face in his neck. She inhaled, taking in the scent she had missed so desperately and sobbed. They were back together, back where they belonged.


So many nights trying to hide it
But now I stay awake just pleading for more
To think this heart was divided
I’m losing sleep cause I can’t ignore…