Sitting in the snow

He’s Syber wearing a scarf drinking hot chocolate while it’s snowing.
He’s a blue wolf, he shared me a reference where his character has dot eyes, so I thought it would be amazing to immitate that style of eyes, because he looks really cute and innocent that way!!

A pic for Syber, taken at Anthrocon 2017

Traditional: Color markers.

yes but actual punk!jily

like i mean, part of the punk movement in britain in the 70s-80s

  • the marauders as an underground punk rock band, not like famous or popular but known of amongst the people they associate with
  • they sing about revolution, and love, and the oneness of the two. they sing about being viewed by earlier generations like a group of degenerates. they sing about equality and freedom and liberty. they also sing about heartbreak and loss and the early summer days of relationships.
  • james is the lead singer and guitarist. sirius is on bass. peter plays drums. remus is second guitar or keyboard, if needed, and also sings harmony. they record their music at the run-down studio near where peter lives, free of charge because he’s mates with the owner.
  • tattoos.
  • james with a heart shot through with an arrow on his neck, and full sleeves on his arms, dragons and swords and knights, a lot of arthurian imagery because he likes the idea of that sort of romance, even though he’s perfectly aware love’s not like that, (and also muggle!james will always be an english student to me so headcanon that he got his first tattoo, a sword in a stone, the night after he finished le morte d'arthur), but mixed in with quotes and images from asimov and clarke and bradbury because he’s unashamedly in love with science fiction, the possibility of it all.
  • sirius with sailor tattoos, you know the sort, ships and anchors and sea monsters on his upper arms from his stint in the navy when his parents got tired of him causing trouble, all mixed in with some lewd pictures that you have to get right up close to see properly and angry words, ‘revolution is a right’ (paraphrased from victor hugo), maybe, or 'the liberation of humanity is all or nothing’ (from the 1968 paris riots). he also has, running around his right wrist, 'we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars’ (wilde) because well, and around his left wrist 'more an antique roman than a dane’ because he would die for his friends, unquestionably.  i would probably fight you over those two.
  • also he has a white sheep on his ankle and thinks it is hilarious.
  • remus covers himself in literature, and images from that literature. it’s not - like, none of it is visible unless he’s shirtless or his sleeves are rolled all the way up. he has the last line of gatsby ('so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past’), bits from prufrock ('do i dare/disturb the universe?’) and 'what matters most is how well you walk through the fire’ because he’s not a big bukowski fan but he loves that line more than anything, he’s got neruda swirled about with colours and wayward images, he’s got the second coming in honour of his granddad who fought in ww1.
  • peter has the jabberwocky on his left arm and a rocket ship on his hip, and five birds on his right shoulder. he - there’s meaning behind them, but he’s never told his friends, because he’s worried they’ll think it’s funny. (it’s for his childhood, basically; his mum read him lewis carroll and they laughed their heads off, because carroll is fucking weird, man, nothing’s ever made him feel like the moon landing did, and there used to be sparrows in his back garden in the summer, and he would watch them hopping around and feel happy)
  • (lol i just realised the majority of these are literature-based. i am a parody of myself)
  • oh!! also they all have the ramones’ logo on the inside of their right arms, because that’s how they became friends and also decided to start a band, over a love of the ramones.
  • lily’s got tattoos too actually!! (im really sorry how this turned into just a tattoo post but it develops i promise) she keeps hers quieter, secret, because they mean a lot to her - they’re an image of eve and the serpent and delilah cutting samson’s hair, samson’s eyes open and his hands on hers, encouraging, because lily (although part of the irish catholic diaspora) isn’t particularly devout, she doesn’t even really believe in god, she was thirteen the first time an adult man tried to come onto her and her dad told her she shouldn’t have been wearing so short a skirt, and she sees in eve, delilah, her own experiences, one of the oldest stories humankind has to tell.
  • she also has mermaids, a gaggle of them on her shoulder, because she likes mermaids. who doesn’t like mermaids.
  • she’s actually an artist!! i mean, she has a day job, she’s not supporting herself off her art, but because her job is manning the desk at the quietest book shop in the world, she’s mostly free to spend her time sketching. she’s relatively successful, actually, she’s able to earn some extra dosh that way.
  • she is also part of a grassroots mostly youth anti-fascist group who protest at national front marches etc and raise awareness/money for other more prominent anti-fascist groups like CARF. they were present at the battle of lewisham. lily has a scar running down her cheek from it. it’s faint, but she’s proud of it. and that’s how they meet, actually!! sirius hears about the group via benjy fenwick who’s involved in it himself, and they turn up to the next meeting where, of course, james meets lily for the first time.
  • and she’s never really heard their music before and tbh after meeting james for the first time she doesn’t really want to, because he’s a brash cocky arrogant git (or so she thinks) and doesn’t seem to think this is serious at all. they begin a kind of hate-flirty relationship (tho the hate is entirely on lily’s side, james thinks she hung the goddamn moon) and would happily bicker for the next century or so if lily wasn’t forced into going to one of their concerts.
  • and the sheer emotion, the passion behind the music, anger and love and exhilaration all wrapped up in song, just overwhelms her. she loves music, of course, but it’s never felt like this, and james catches her eye and smirks at her and her heart is beating out of her chest, and it’s then she realises: fuck, i’m already in this deep.
  • and she volunteers to design the album art for their baby album they’re putting together, and she and james end up falling in love obviously
  • that’s it for now folks i’ll let u know if i’ve got more
The police in melbourne are well and truly on the side of the disgusting fascist reclaim Australia scum. they just tried to crush the left, breaking through the picket line on horses, screaming at us and pepper spraying comrades. doing absolutely nothing to the actual NEO-NAZIS yelling racist shit on the other side. it’s absolutely horrific. this is what our government stands for.
—  Anonymous CARF Activist
French police make woman remove burkini on Nice beach
Authorities in 15 towns have banned burkinis, citing public concern following recent terrorist attacks in the country
By Ben Quinn

“The idea that men with guns forced someone to strip on a beach in any other context would b considered sexual assault - not in France where racism towards Muslims warps all notions of basic personal rights -to ones body, religious expression, freedom of movement (being at a fucking beach) and so on. Absolutely vile. These are the same cops that punish protesters and strikes against the state of emerge and laws. Standing up to islamaphobia concerns all of us, political clarity, confidently taking the side of the oppressed is more urgent than ever today.” - Yasemin Shamsili (CARF Activist)

the-god-of-asgard  asked:

Lara was a new warrior in Asgard. She came from Alfheim, from an adopter family. She was self taught but she considered herself a good fighter. She knew magic, mastered bow and dagger but unfortunately her sense of direction was not strong. She had just arrived and was looking for the place she was supposed to stay in She wore a large hood that sometimes prevented her from seeing. She bumped into a red haired woman, "I am terribly sorry!" She back up and saw her green ey

Carfeful there. She said, smiling. You look a little lost! Maybe I can help. The other said. “ I am Lyra, what are you looking for ?” She asked

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Getting tested for Autism/Aspergers

I have been tested at age 18 and my dad JUST got tested at age 54 for autism. Its important to get someone you think really knows their stuff and is nice to test you. You can get a recommendation from your primary doctor, ask your health insurance company what doctors can test you near you, or ask a fellow aspie where they got tested.

My experience getting tested was not good. I was supposed to have someone else test me, and the receptionist was all weird and handed me over to a different guy who made me feel awful. I was 18 and he practically yelled at me and my mom for me living at home still, and he told me “you don’t have the emotional capacity to become a social worker” what the beep!? Make sure you ask what credentials they have, if the building/person isn’t accredited with more then their college degree, go somewhere else, believe me its worth it.

oh and trying to get tested at places like CMH (community mental health) is only for people who are seriously mentally handicapped, most autistic people do not qualify for their free help.

My dad had a great experience and his person was nice, really knew about autism and the group which is called B.R.I.A.N.S. has received full accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This accreditation requires compliance with rigorous standards established for mental and physical health care facilities. This means if you ever need extra help, like more tutoring at college or need accommodation at work, having someone that is more accredited will help you get what you need more.

The actual testing:

You will do A LOT. there will be asked to respond to hypothetical social scenarios like “if you were in a group and some started calling you names, what would you do?” Answer truthfully, even if you think it “sounds bad” You will do simple reading and writing and really simple puzzles just to make sure your I.Q. isn’t really low. You will be asked to remember random things to test for memory and your tester may want you to take the MMIP which is a super long yes or no “fill in the bubble” test which finds out what your personality is like. Usually you will take a  really long “fill in the bubble” test no matter what. The testing isn’t really hard, it just takes a long time and is a bit stressful.

Don’t forget to ask to ask take a break if you need one, if you are feeling overwhelmed you can always do a little testing one day and more testing another day. You have to speak up for yourself! Your tester isn’t a mind reader and won’t know if you need a break, testing usually takes 2 to 6 hours and you are not allowed to bring a parent or friend in with you for testing. You can bring in your parent or a friend when you go in the first time if you want, and you are not doing testing, and your tester just wants to understand why you want to be tested and what you think is going on for the first meeting.

Ao Haru Ride Chapter 44 Translations

Page 1:

Page 2:
Yuuri: So..Mabuchi-kun was really not dating Narumi-san… And despite that, he rejected her…
Shuuko : As I thought.. if only I had told Futaba sooner…

Page 3:
Kominato: Don’t worry,I talked to Kou about being halfhearted as well. And, I only told you about all of it after Yoshioka began going out with Kikuchi. So, don’t worry too much.

Page 4:
Kominato: Kou is an idiot,though. But..He’s finally expressing his an idiotic way. I think he is a good idiot.

Page 5:
Futaba: So..
Kou: Mhh?
Futaba: I think I understand now
Kou: About what?
Futaba: You know, Kikuchi-Kun is my boyfriend. So, saying things like that in the classroom, where everyone can hear,..they could misunderstand. That’s really bothersome. That’s why, stop that.
Kou: But this is to catch up for the festival.

Page 6::
Futaba: Like I said, there’s no need anymore
Kou: Plus, you won’t meet up with Kikuchi now
Futaba: What’s with that..
Kou: So, you want to go to the movies with me?
Futaba: I’M.NOT.GO-ING.

Page 7:
Kou: I am not asking if you want to go or not. I am asking you if you want to go with me or not.
Futaba: !
Kou: You’re really taking your time to answer now. Why?
Futaba: You’re saying such impudent things. I was just taken aback!
Kou: …then..

Page 8:
Kou: Is there really nothing left of me,inside you?
Kou: Again,you’re taking your time..
Futaba: !
Kou: Is it that you’re just hesitating about your feelings? Yeah.
Futaba: (Thinking:) What..

Page 9:
Kou: I am going to steal you.

Page 10:
Futaba: (Thinking:) That is the joke now. He was saying ‘a friends representative’.
Futaba: We’re going to face each other seriously. Don’t bother us.
Futaba: (Thinking): I won’t fall for Kou’s trick anymore.
Futaba: Kou, you should face Narumi-San.
Kou: I faced her seriously. I was talking to her.
Futaba: (Thinking): Eh..?

Page 11:
Kou: I faced her seriously. I don’t have any other answer than this.
Kou: Is this not facing?

Page 12:
(People talking in the hallway, Shun is showing up)
Shun: Wah?
Futaba: Ah
Shun: I was surprised.. Yoshioka-San, what are you doing in a place like that

Page 13:
Shun: …
Futaba: Ahh,don’t misunderst-
Shun: Apart from that, aren’t you too careless? Shouldn’t you  not jump into such situations?
Futaba: (Thinking): Why.. Why? I was just trying to clear this up

Page 14:
Futaba: (Thinking: We discussed, though..And Kou is..)
Yuuri: Futaba-Chan
Futaba: Say..say.. Kou was really saying weird things..
Shuuko & Yuuri: …
Futaba: Eh? What? Maybe you knew already..?
Shuuko: Sorry. I knew.

Page 15:
Yuuri: But you’re dating Kikuchi-Kun now. She didn’t know if she could talk about that.
Shuuko: …
Futaba: So that’s how it was.. No need to apologize.
Futaba: For me,there’s Kikuchi-Kun. That’s why it’s too late now.

Page 16:
Futaba: (Thinking): It’s useless to look at me like that

Page 17:
Futaba: (Thinking:) He talked to Narumi-San.. Well,it’s none of my business. Whatever Kou tells me,it’s useless. And however he looks at me,it’s useless.
Futaba: (Thinking): It’s useless!!
Futaba: (Thinking): 'Kou: Is that not facing?’
Futaba: (Thinking): Nhh..You say that..! How obstinate.

Page 18:
Futaba: (Thinking): It’s not good this way. Maybe I should look at him once.
Futaba: ?!
Futaba: (Thinking:) He’s not looking?
Kou: ?

Page 19:
Futaba: (thinking:) Could it be,that until now.. he wasn’t really looking at me?
Futaba: (Thinking): He wasn’t. I thought I was looked at,though. I wanted to ignore him, but in the end, I kept being aware. I tricked myself.

Page 20:
Touma: Are you okay?
Futaba: Yeah,I’m fine. I’m fine.
Touma:  By the way. About christmas.. We’ll have a live (with his band)
Futaba: Really? You’re going to have a live!!
Touma: We’re only one besides many bands,though.

Page 21:
Futaba: Ehh. But it’s awesome!
Touma: No,no,no..
Touma: We’re going to perform a song we made. I wrote the lyrics.
Futaba: Woah, The lyrics? That’s awesome. I don’t know much about it, but isn’t it hard? What kind of feeling is it?
Touma: Well..

Page 22:Touma: It’s.. I wrote it while thinking of you. That’s why,about christmas..
Futaba: (Thinking what Kou said:) You really take your time with answering.
Touma: I’d like you to come,Yoshioka.
Futaba: I’ll come! Of course!

Page 23:
Touma: I’m happy about it…Ah,but now I’m nervous. Don’T laugh,okay?
Futaba: (Thinking): I didnt take any time to answer now.
Futaba: I won’t laugh.
Touma: Alright. Let’s work hard! And after the performance, let’s go eat somewhere.
Futaba: Yeah.
Someone in the background: Hey,hey, the 100 first for the exams are out!
Another Guy: Oh,let’s go see!
Touma: Should we go see,too?
Futaba: Okay.

Page 24:
Futaba: (Thinking): I’m 98th..I barely made it in the list.
Futaba: Kikuchi-Kun, are you listed?
Touma: Yes,I’m 50th.
Futaba: Oh,that’s impressive
Touma: To be honst, my parents would have made me leave the band if I was below 50th. So I’m happy I made it and Yoshioka-San can come to the live performance.

Page 25:
Touma: I am relieved I can show you the song.
Kominato: Ueeeeh?! Wait,aren’t you amazing,Kou?! (Kou is 4th)
Kou: Ahh..maybe a bit.

Page 26:
Tanaka-Sensei: If you keep on making that good grades, you can go back to the advanced class in your 3rd year. If you feel like it. Shouldn’t you try?
Kou: Mhh..
Tanaka-Sensei: But in the term-end test,last time..
Futaba: Ehh.. Kou will go back to advanced class?
Futaba: (Thinking): Wahh,I hope he didn’t see I was watching
Kou: …

Page 27:
Touma glares at Kou

Page 28:
Touma: In 3rd year,the classes won’t change. So I can’t be in the same class as Yoshioka-San.
Futaba: (Thinking:) Kikuchi-Kun..He also heard was Tanaka-Sensei was saying.

Page 29:
Some guy: The bell is ringing
Another guy: Let’s return to the classroom
Shun: Yoshioka-San is a bitch..

Page 30:
Shun: Or am I wrong?
Futaba: …
Futaba: (Thinkin:) What he’s mean..

Page 31:
Futaba: (Thinking): But,from Shun-Kun’s point of view.he’s right
Kou: Yoshioka.
Futaba: !
Futaba: (Thinking): It’s all Kou’s fault!

Page 32:
Kou: Wait. I have something to tell you.
Futaba: I won’t!
Kou: It couldn’t disappear.

Page 33:
Kou: I thought I could erase it. About Yoshioka. But I wasn’t able to.
Futaba: Why do you say those things’s too late..

Page 34:
Futaba: It is too late now! It’s the wrong timing for us! You said it too,once,right?
Futaba: You said it like this..
(Flashback scene)
Futaba: I thought it,too. Whatever I thought could begin,it didn’t begin.

Page 35:
Futaba: This is the answer for you and m-
Kou: That’s why,this time,for it to begin, choose me.

Page 36:
Kou: Did you really erase me?
Futaba: I did.

Page 37:
Futaba: There are lots of things I moved away from!
Futaba: I think it’s better for you to go back to the advanced class!

Page 38:
Futaba: (Thinking what Kou said): Have you really erased me from your mind?
Futaba: (thinking): I did. I decided to erase you from my mind. I decided to face Kikuchi-Kun from now on. I wanted to do that.
Futaba’s mom: Futaba?

Page 39:
Futaba’s mom: What is wrong? You didn’t even say hello.
Futaba: Ah,sorry. I’m back.
Futaba’s mom: I found this in your room and cleaned it.
Futaba: (Thinking): It’s the carf from the school trip..

Page 40:
Futaba: (Thinking): About Kou..why do I always..
Futaba: (Thinking): Kou’s scent disappeared..Like this scarf, I can erase him. There is no scent left
Futaba: (Thinking): The scarf with Kou’s scent..

Page 41:
Futaba: (Thinking): I can’t take it. I don’t want it to disappear.

Page 42:
Futaba: I don’t want it to disappear..
Futaba: (Thinking): This was my own voice..I heard it.

(Translation by me, Scans by YAN)