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Lucy falling for the reader who's Alexander's sister and a vampire.

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So, the reader is Alexander’s sister and a vampire, but the vampire part is not really presented. Please enjoy! -Admin Lily

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the master of Carfax Manor, your host, Mr Alexander Grayson and his lovely sister, Ms. (Y/N) Grayson.”

Lucy claps along side Mina and Jonathan. She’s excited for the Americans moving into town bringing new technology. It would be such a thrill to be able to meet one of them tonight. She talks to Mina and Jonathan for a few moments before going to frolic among the crowd.

As she talks to the various friends and acquaintances she sees, she notices a woman watching her out of the corner of her eye. It is you! The American woman to come to London with her brother to seek fame and fortune. She had so many questions!

“Hello, Ms. Grayson,” Lucy says, approaching.

“I am Lucy Westenra, daughter of Lady Westenra.”

“Hello, Ms. Westenra, I am (Y/N) Grayson, but a dove such as yourself simply must call me (Y/N).”

Lucy blushes but recovers and replies, “Well then, (Y/N), I suppose a beautiful rose such as yourself should call me, Lucy.”

You feel your face start to redden in response but regain posture. You and Lucy chat. Exchanging endearments and generally trying to embarrass the other. As you talk, you find out Lucy is best friends with Mina, who has been getting looks from your brother since he saw her. Lucy finds out about your work with the wireless light source.

“You designed it?” Lucy asks in amazement.

You blush a little, “Well, yes, but I’m not the lead engineer or anything. I just got the basis of it for them.”

“That’s amazing! I hope all goes well tonight!”

Later, when you look back to those minutes where the light was working, you’ll still feel a success from the way Lucy lit up when her light bulb did.