The Paperwork Mistake That Made My Luxury Car Worthless

My BMW X5 SUV is in the shop for its third leak-related problem this year. While it was there, and by coincidence, the dealership’s used car manager called and offered to buy it because there is demand for that model in the used market. I told him it was already at the dealership and he could take a look at it.

The used car manager called me later to tell me my car only has “salvage value.” It turns out that the last two times I took it to Big O for tire repairs they wrote down my mileage incorrectly. One time they recorded it as 30,000 miles. Another time they said 80,000 miles. The actual mileage is around 50,000.

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For the awesome female character gifsets I have:

  1. Helen Stoner - the speckled band
  2. Kitty Winter - the illustrious client
  3. Violet Smith - the solitary cyclist
  4. Irene Adler - obviously 
  5. Lady Hilda Trelawney - the second stain
  6. Violet Hunter - the copper beeches
  7. Mary Morstan - the sign of four
  8. Elsie Cubitt - the dancing men
  9. Lady Frances Carfax 
  10. Mrs St Clair - the man with the twisted lip ·
  11. Lady Mary Brackenstall and Theresa Wright - the abbey grange ·
  12. Annie Harrison - the naval treaty ·
  13. Aggie - the master blackmailer ·
  14. Nancy Barclay - The Crooked Man
  15. Mary Maberley - The three gables
  16. And of course: Mrs Hudson (but she’s the last one because it requires going through several episodes to find the best bits)

Who’s missing? suggestions? :D

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oh gosh 6 fun filled anatomy facts let’s see…

1.) The reason our sense of smell isn’t as great as say, a dog or a sheep, is because our olfactory bulbs in the brain are much, much smaller.

2.) The Tapetum Lucidium is the glowy, inner sheath found behind the eyeball that reflects when light shines on it. It only occurs in animals though, so don’t go shining light in your eyes now. You can see this when you shine a headlight on a deer!

3.) Those born with vaginas have bigger adipose deposits in the breast area, hips, thighs, etc. This is because the body is preparing itself for the event of birth, and adds extra “cushioning” for the baby when the person gets pregnant

4.) The brain is contralateral. This means that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.

5.) The appendix, located at the base of the large intestine, is a vestigial organ. Pretty much, the appendix was once something important in the human body, but we evolved to the point we don’t need it anymore. However, if it bursts, it’s contents are released into the body and can result in inevitable death if not treated (this is appendicitis)

6.) The left side of the heart is actually thicker than the right side. This is because the left side pumps blood to the entirety of the body except the respiratory system.