so… lol.. it turns out… we took the used car i bought into the shop to get it fully checked out, keep in mind the carfax said it had been completely serviced, and it’s so broken that they told me it’s not even safe to drive home and i’ve been driving it for almost a month lmao. also the repairs cost about as much as i bought the car for. just a reminder that life will get ya! 😛 and my existence on this earth is a fucking joke 🤡


I came across some new (to me) photos from the Edward Gorey production of “Dracula”. These are the sets designed by Gorey taken at the Martin Beck Theater in New York. Although you can’t see the wonderful details, you get a sense of how brilliant they were. The sets are:

- Act Break Curtain
- Dr. Seward’s Parlor
- Lucy’s Bedroom
- Carfax Crypt

I’ll be posting more (new) photos this week.

Please fire me. I’ve been getting yelled at all day because the free car wash at my dealership has been closed this week.

It has been pouring rain constantly and these people don’t understand why we won’t wash their cars.

How To Buy a Car, by ME!

    I couldn’t have less time to be writing a blog right now because I have to wash my hair (really pushing the limit), do some laundry, and go find a car to buy (literally any jo shmo can buy a car- why is this so hard?), before meeting up with my boyfriend to go to a friend’s for dinner. Note: When your career as an actress is ‘in development,’ the word 'actress’ really means: 'unmarried housewife.’ And despite the time-crunch, I’m going for the blog post, 'cause writing to you is matzoh ball soup for my growing soul.


Little Girl Lost’s Guide For Buying a Car

    These years in our twenties are really a learning curve- times in which we discover in ourselves absurd gaps of knowledge that like to show up and smack us in the face just when we least expect them, specially designed to make us feel borderline retarded. (Hint: It’s cause we are.)

    For example, buying a car. You want to do it well and not get screwed over, when you suddenly find yourself thrusted into a hero’s journey including KBB (Kelly Blue Book), Carfax, MSRP’s, epic amounts of research, and phone calls with salesmen (aka stalkers).

   When car salesmen try to make you feel like a complete idiot, and it works, you just want to scream back: I GRADUATED COLLEGE MAGNA CUM LAUDE! I’M A PLAYWRIGHT, DAMMIT, A JOB STRICTLY RESERVED FOR INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE. I JUST DON’T KNOW ABOUT CARS- YET—- so please be nice to me because my Dad and my really BIG big brother are on the East Coast and can’t help me with this. OKAY?

   So you give in to how much you don’t know, and watch every video on Edmunds titled “How To Buy A New Car.” After a few weeks of this, you slowly begin to comprehend the meaning of MPG, the benefits of buying/financing vs. leasing, and you even start to understand what they’re saying in car commercials- those words you previously dismissed as cryptic coding. As you grow more proficient in the language of cars, your enlightenment leads you to have hope for football, too. The possibilities for what you can comprehend are suddenly limitless! What’s next? Chinese? Astrophysics? Baking from scratch?!

   After some test-drives, you cuddle up with your cute boyfriend who you like-like so much, and if you’re really lucky, you get to do research in between Friday Night Lights episodes, canoodling and sushi take-out. You are now armed with more information, and are able to come to a clearer vision of what you want.

   You thank the heavens/universe that you are still in your twenties and can at least blame this learning curve thing on your age, that you’ve simply never had to do this before, and definitely weren’t paying attention when your parents dragged you to dealerships as a child. You’re thankful that the next time you or a friend has to buy a car, at least you’ll know where to start.

  …The end is now in sight. You have “wisely” chosen a vehicle based on affordability, resale value, miles per gallon, safety, warranty and taste. It’s only a matter of finding a dealership that has Your Car, certified preowned, with mileage under 45,000, in black, white…or maybe silver. No other colors can work, unless the price is super sweet.

   You feel closer to your sweet boyfriend and other friends who have been helping you, but certainly not spoon-feeding you. You feel slightly embarrassed that it took you so long to catch on…but when you forgive yourself for having a weak spot (I’m an artist, not a car aficionado, dammit), you start to feel grateful, knowledgeable, empowered.

You stop writing this blog.

You wash your dirty-ass hair.

You go in search of your f*cking awesome car.

*Cue sunset, pump-up music, and image of you flying down an empty desert highway, wind blowing your wild- and clean- hair…*

So say Outlander S3 were done in the style of Frozen...

Claire breaks into song on the way to the print shop like: 

I’m in my gown, 

I’m on the moor 

[checks out how fiiiine her boobs look] 

I didn’t know THOSE did that anymore!! 

I wonder how my PBJ will taste!!

[montage of carriage journey]

For years I’ve roamed hospital halls

Twenty years dreaming ‘bout those… EYES

Finally I’m through Edinburgh gates!  

[montage of walking through Edinburgh]

Now he is ACTUALLY round the corner 

This’ll be totally strange

But wow! Am I so ready for this change 

[montage of walking down carfax close]

‘Cause for the first time in forever

There’ll be Jamie, there’ll be light!

For the first time in forever

I’ll be “dancing” through the night

[stops under the A. Malcolm, Printer sign]

I don’t know if I’m elated or gassy

but I’m somewhere in that zone, 

cause for the first time in forever 

[grins at the camera] 

…we are gonna bone 

for @stageandhistory​ who GETS me

One of the very first things I ever wrote for the Bram Stoker au

Influenced heavily by an early chapter of Dracula. In fact, the latter half of this is a direct homage to a scene from the book.

“Now then,” said the Count, “So that I will not sound so very much like the foreigner when I go alone to Carfax, without my friend Skywalker Luke – forgive me! I have fallen into the habit of placing the father’s name first, as we often do in my country – my friend Luke Skywalker to correct my words, tell me about your English childhood! I wish to hear how you were so easily able to rid yourself of your own accent.”

Much startled, Luke asked him what he meant. “I did have some small accent when I was still learning to speak,” he admitted, “Just as I came to live with my aunt and uncle, but no one has ever remarked upon it. How on earth did you know?”

The Count’s eyes brightened and he smiled, though that smile did not lift Luke’s spirits as he thought perhaps it might have been meant to do. “You told me there were no Skywalkers in England, yes? There have been some, in long ages past, from time to time in Germany and in Transylvania and even as far abroad as Turkey. You must have come from one or other of those bloodlines, though how you got to Exeter I am sure I cannot guess.” He then leaned forward and brought his fingers together beneath his chin. “Did it take you very long to speak after the fashion of the English children?”

“Well, no, I suppose not,” answered Luke. “I must have been young enough still that I could learn to mimic the voices of my playmates to communicate. I should think it must have taken no more than a year or two for people to forget that I had come from abroad.”

“Wouldn’t it be amusing,” said the Count, “If your family had been the Skywalkers that came from Transylvania? For then we should be countrymen, you and I, and visit more often.”

Luke must have made some polite answer or other, but a cold and creeping feeling had returned to settle in his stomach, though he could not say with any degree of certainty what it was that made him feel so ill at ease in the Count’s presence. The conversation turned to matters of the estate, to his relief, and he did what he could to deflect attention from himself and his childhood, as though there were some need for secrecy. When a rooster in some distant barnyard raised his salutations to the morning, the Count leapt up with a sound between a sigh and a guilty laugh.

“Has it come to morning again already? What a terrible host I am turning out to be, letting you stay up for so long.” With a genteel smile he said that Luke ought to make his conversations about England a touch duller so that time would not fly so. Then he bid him goodnight – “Or rather, good morning,” Luke had replied with a moment’s cheek – and left him in the study.

Luke resolved to write his dear friend, Miss Organa, who had been his companion from early childhood on the Yorkshire coast. They had always kept a bargain that whichever was able to travel must keep the other well informed of their adventures, and Luke was beginning to feel that this would turn out to be a very adventurous ordeal. With a grimace, he shut a book of rather grim fairytales sitting on the desk, and reminded himself that not all adventures were good ones.

Interesting how when carfax puts their fursona on their front page they become a respected business but when i try to wear a fursuit to work suddenly that’s “unprofessional”

honestly, i hope people don’t just run and make assumptions with my post about Lana aka “Unphysical” because a saesang fansite because the list that she’s on in made of exposed fansites as well, which is why i’m confused as to why she’s on it. like i don’t think she’s done anything, i just want proof as to why someone would even put her on it. i personally don’t consider her as a saesang fansite which is why i’m confused as to why whoever made that list would think that she should’ve been put on it.

like what kind of disrespect?
where is the proof?

like i get why mimh is on there…but lana…she ain’t done nothing wrong but putting these high quality, limited edition photos of johnny like she’s really out here doing the Lord’s work and y'all wanna drag her down like that. nah fam. show me the carfax and then we can talk.

(p.s. sorry for this. i’m just emotionally attached because she does so much for us johnny stans, like she is always feeding us well whenever she’s out doing her thing. like johnny is so lucky to have someone who puts this much work in as a fansite…ok im dumb being an emotionally wreck for people who don’t know i exist…i’ll just leave now.)

anonymous asked:

You think I could get an Audi TT for around 3000-4000?

Yes just get the MK1, make sure it’s had it’s timing belt replaced (it’s a 1200 dollar job and will need to be done since it’ll probably have high mileage), don’t rely just on a car fax. A bad car fax is a good car fax, because the bad shit was reported. A good carfax can be a bad one, because shit could have been left out. Don’t buy a rebuilt title. Don’t buy one that has engine modifications. Don’t buy from a used dealership. Buy the car used, private party, ask to see all the receipts, ask what problem’s it’s had, put your face flush with the paint and check from orange fleck, that is indicative of stock oem paint. If it’s been painted over, then you’ll see slight waves in the paint, even when it’s done professionally, when you put your head up close. It’ll mean that it probably was in an accident and they covered it up. The part that was painted will fade in a few years, and the stock paint would remain pristine. The fewer the owners that it’s had, the better. Buy from an audi enthusiast. Someone that loved the car. Ask for the receipts they have on the car. My old TT could run until 300 or 400k miles, because it was well cared for. Ask about oil leaks. Ask if the cluster is still working (it’s notorious for dying out with the MK1, and it’s an expensive fix… just electrical though. I never had engine issues) you could email me if you have more questions

Here’s an example in your price range :

But if I could buy the MK1, i’d go for something with low miles like this one