Argh, you guyyyyyiiiiiisssss, I am the worst! I am SO super busy busy busy with being sad and confused amazing busy life stuff right now, I just haven’t had a second to revel in the never-ending cavalcade of Daily Outfits and lovely meals and poetical indoor scenery and celebrity happenings that is this amazing, dizzying, glorious life we all lead!!! On Tumblr!!!

Basically, Robert and I are preparing for yet another cross-country move (for some reason, we have really frustrating crazy “I can’t think of anything to do but call the cops five times a day” neighbors everywhere we live), and moving is really stressful for us, because I’m all, “I think we should break up!” and Robert is all “I need a higher SPF than this - I don’t care what the government says!” You know how couples are.  

But I did want to pop in briefly and say that I saw Bridesmaids yesterday, and I thought Gwyneth Paltrow was adorable in it. And it’s so cute how she and Blythe Danner always play mother-and-daughter! But I do have to say, I think Gwyn is getting a little long-in-the-tooth to play these cute young fuck-ups anymore. I mean, she looked a little haggard in this. Come on, Gwyn! There are plenty of awesome sexy roles for older blond women! Let Carey Milligan have a turn already!