My Royal Wedding Guest Fashion Faves

Alrighty! I’m too lazy and too tired to make a full on edit but here are 10 wedding guest looks that I really enjoyed! I might not wear all of them, but these looks impressed me for one reason or another.

1. Lady Kitty Spencer (best dressed, hands down, no questions asked)

2. Princess Beatrice (so elegant and cute and fun and pretty and nice and I love it)

3. Carey Mulligan (no complaints here, Erdem coming through)

4. Sofia Wellesley (I don’t know why I really liked this but I just did. I felt like it fit her well and was nice for the spring occasion)

5. Jacinda Barrett (I just love this color and i think she wore the dress well)

6. Joss Stone (so cute and fun but also appropriate)

7. Countess Spencer (this impressed me. I love the cape and the fit and the color)

8. The Countess of Wessex (this length was super in this year and I thought Sophie wore it well)

9. Doria Ragland (simple and sweet and appropriate and I really enjoyed it)

  10. Carole Middleton (as far as simple coat dresses go, I think Carole killed it)



Goku - Tom Welling

Vegeta - Hugh Jackman

Teen Gohan - Josh Hutcherson

Trunks - Michael Pitt

Bulma - Carey Mulligan

Chi Chi / Milk - Zhang Ziyi

Krillin - Martin Freeman

Piccolo - Benedict Cumberbatch

A18 - Margot Robbie

Freezer - Leonardo DiCaprio

What do you Think?


another meme i won’t finish: movies [10 of ∞] → the great gatsby
Stocks reached record peaks, and Wall Street boomed a steady golden roar. The parties were bigger, the shows were broader, the buildings were higher, the morals were looser, and the ban on alcohol had backfired. Making the liquor cheaper. Wall Street was luring the young and ambitious, and I was one of them.