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Whitney Houston at the American Music Awards, 1986

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What are your top 5 favourite things about Carey Price/favourite things Price has ever done? (if you can't narrow it down to five i won't blame you)

So this is the best question i have ever gotten in my entire life probably. so…. in no particular order, and like, i’m not including in-game moments probably ? bc then there will just be too many, but like also s/o to the 2014 olympic games where carey played 5 games, won all 5, and posted two shutouts and a 0.59 GAA en route to a gold medal. damn, carey. back at it again with the great saves.

  • i was just talking about the kre*der takedown, so i guess i have to include that. but honestly it was terrific and habs pr made this fantastic vine?? AND IN HIS PRESSER AFTERWARDS, he was all “i didn’t even know it was [kreider]” and it was. incredible. iconic, even. 
  • last year carey won basically All The Awards, walking away with the hart, vezina, ted lindsay, and jennings. during his acceptance speech for the vezina, he took the time to speak directly to first nations youth and encourage them to follow their dreams. “be proud of your heritage and don’t be discouraged from the improbable,” is one of the things he said, and one of the very best things about carey is how much he cares about the community from which he came. it was really, really neat to hear carey extend this encouragement to his fellow first nations members and it was a good reminder to those of us who aren’t first nations members to be aware of the challenges these kids face, often in remote areas with limited resources.
  • one time he lost his dogs and tweeted about it, and these joggers came up to his door all like “we think these are your dogs” and carey opened the door all in his robe and no shoes and was like “oh! thanks” and went back into the house to go sign some sticks to give them.
  • ok so up until this season, carey was not super active on twitter. he is STILL not super active on twitter, but at some point in november he got bored and began detailing the growth his movember stache for his followers. also, when he shaved (thank god), he tweeted “No mo’ stache!” which is a PUN, i hate him.
  • aw fuck i said i wouldn’t include game moments but listen. listen. the time we almost had a real life goalie fight b/w carey and tim thomas of the bruins. it didn’t actually get anywhere bc their sweaters came off but it was exciting for a while there. 
  • wait, that’s five already. ONE MORE, ok, the 2012 breakaway challenge at the asg skills competition, where carey was just fuckin around the entire time. like, yes, he is cool and composed in net but in life he is a GIANT DORK!!
  • ugh okay, wait, i’ve posted about this one a few times already but this video in which trent leon, a young boy from anahim lake, gets to go meet and spend a day with carey is maybe my Favorite video in the world, god. 
  • wait, i’m so sorry, this is EIGHT, but like, listen, michel therrien is a CRUSTY OLD MAN who DOESN’T PROPERLY DEPLOY HIS PLAYERS and ALSO HATES FUN, but one of my other fav carey things is the triple low five win celebration he used to do with pk before therrien BANNED IT.

ok honestly i have more. i do. but i’m going to stop because this is already long and embarrassing. 

thank u for this question, please feel free to talk to me about carey price any time, any day.

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Do you know why Alycia cried while doing the kiss scene in 3x07?

Because she’s a fan-fucking-tastic actor and knew that Lexa would cry if she ever kissed Clarke again because god, had she waited. First, three months of frantically worrying how to keep Clarke alive, knowing very well that she was one of the reasons she was by herself anyway. Then the two or three weeks (not quite sure of the time frame) that Clarke was in Polis and she tried her hardest to apologize to her. All she did was hope and pray that Clarke would forgive what she did. Yet even though she loved Clarke, that’s all she wanted–forgiveness. Never did she expect Clarke to reciprocate those feelings. I mean, she knew they were there because of their first kiss, but she never imagined in her wildest dreams that Clarke would act upon them. So when Clarke kissed her, it is no surprise that Lexa would cry. Because she finally found someone who loved her back. She finally found someone who she could be vulnerable with, who she could be 100% her with. And not only did Alycia cry while doing the kiss scene, but her lips were quivering and her body was shaking. I have NEVER seen an actor perform like that–so honest and so real. When Clarke kissed Lexa, it was like a weight or a burden was released from Lexa. She was able to let go of any self-doubt she had. All those nights she probably talked to the stars…talked to Costia, Anya, Gustus…wondering if waiting for Clarke was worth the pain she felt whenever she looked at her with love and affection and Clarke wasn’t yet returning the same feelings. But she did. Clarke looked at her with love and affection and she kissed her with a passion that had been hiding behind a broken heart. 

So why did Alycia cry? Because Lexa is a part of her, and she knows exactly how she would feel at that moment. Also, since that was the last scene she filmed, I imagine it was also a pretty emotional day. But the overall consensus? Alycia Debnam-Carey is the best of the best and deserves all the awards. This girl is going to win an Oscar someday, I guarantee it.


alycia debnam carey at the mtv fandom awards

“This goes out to all the fans, because this is your award. You did this. This is everything you guys worked for. It’s amazing to see that a character like this impacted you guys so much. It’s very humbling. The embrace that you showed for what Lexa is and who she is says a lot about the fandom itself and that’s incredible.”