Using infrared lighting, a live-streaming, high-definition “turtle webcam” positioned on a beach in the Florida Keys recorded the hatch of about 100 baby loggerhead sea turtles on Friday, July 25, just before 9 p.m.
The 3-inch-long babies erupted from a hole, came out en masse and headed to the Atlantic Ocean under dim moonlight.

The camera uses infrared lighting so hatchlings won’t be confused by artificial light and will go to sea — guided by moonlight reflecting on the water – instead of pushing further onto land.

Castles, olives and tortoises....

Kyparissia is one of those promising destinations waiting to be discovered by the boldest of wanderers.  Situated on the west coast of Peloponnese it seems as if it was strategically built by its lords to be able to defend people and lands.  The castle, overlooking the small town, was built during the Frank era and under it lays the old town with some interesting samples of house architecture.  

Kyparissia has some gorgeous beaches and is called home by the hundreds of Caretta Caretta tortoises which lay their eggs on the coastline each summer.  Unfortunately over the last couple of years real estate and construction, close to the sea, have created a major problem for tortoises.  If nothing is done right away, the second largest “maternity home” in the Mediterranean will soon be unsuitable for this amazing creature.