We talk a lot about Enjolras interrupting his speech to praise Feuilly and I have nothing about it, but what if that weren’t the first time he does something similar? What if he loved his friends so much he just can’t help but say it whenever it comes to his mind?

Like one day he’s discussing education with Combeferre and stops in the middle of a very eloquent argument to say: “Oh, my friend, we’re so lucky that you exist! You’re so kind and wise and caring and you’ll be a great doctor, but you could also become a teacher and all the children would love you deeply!”

Or he’s explaining why monarchy sucks and when he has everyone charmed by his words he exclaims: “My dear Bossuet, you always manage to make me laugh when I’m at my worst and I really wish I could share some of my luck with you because you deserve all the good things in life!”

Or he’s talking about the groups that are ready to join them for the revolution and suddenly he starts to cry and everyone is very worried and ask him if he’s okay or if he wants to rest and continue tomorrow, but he wipes away his tears and says: “No, I’m fine, it’s just that… Have you read the poem Jean Prouvaire wrote last night? It was so beautiful! A gorgeous work of art!”