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"Even if Shiro was the same age as the other paladins it's still abusive because he's their leader". Do people not understand that, unless he actually abuses that power and takes away the agency of one of the other paladins, it is. Not Abusive? What is with these crazy statements?!

Antis act as though Shiro is a teacher or a nurse or a carer or someone who is contractually obliged not to engage in any kind of relationship with the people they care for as it is taking advantage of vulnerable people. That is not the situation Shiro is in. He is only their leader because he pilots the black lion. He doesn’t have any actual kind of authority over them like literally if he tells one of them to do something and they don’t there’s no actual consequence apart from anything that goes wrong from the fact that paladin didn’t do what he advised and the plan goes wrong/they get hit. He’s literally there to advise them strategically in battle and take the lead, he isn’t actually contractually their superior. Only then would they actually have any kind of leverage with that argument.

Disabled people’s lives are not tragedies.
Parents and carers are not “heroes” for loving disabled people.
Disabled people’s private moments should not be shared without consent on your “warrior mom” blog.
Disabled people are not your pity hires, dates, or friends.
Disabled people do not exist to be saved or spoken for by non-disabled people.

Treat disabled people with respect and dignity.
Treat disabled people like people.

man. you know what I really wanna do? make a comedy play/tv show script about being in a system.
because let’s be honest, it’s not a dangerous thing, dramatic yes, confusing yes, but not dangerous to people outside of your system.

  • “Wait, WHAT DO YOU MEAN (bilingual alter) WON’T WAKE UP WE HAVE A TEST TODAY!!!!!”
  • “…who put the body on a roof again?”
  • “uh…”
  • “GODDAMMIT (teenage alter) WHAT DID WE TELL YOU”
  • “…no, no (little), go to bed, it’s past your–No you can’t stay up the body is doing adult stuff– JUST GO TO BED!”
  • “questions we ask the host:
    what’s for dinner?
    what’s this word?
    who’s this?
    how do we talk to this person?
    what’s the equasion for this?
    things we ask (older alter):
    where’s the host?”
  • “why is everyone asleep it’s literally 7pm?”
  • “why is everyone awake it’s literally 3am?”
  • “can everybody shut up I’m trying to front”
  • arguments about what to do
  • including over what we eat
  • arguments over going to friends’ houses
feel free to add some system friends…

Picture something for me

Zack can’t think of a suitable word in English for what he wants to say, so out of habit he says it in Mandarin, and of course the others have no idea what he said. He expects them to complain, because his teachers did back when he tried to contribute in class, and starts to apologise

but instead of telling him off or staring at him blankly Billy has out his phone, looking up the meaning, and the other three are over his shoulder reading the translation and description of the word, and once they get it they’re like “Oh yeah totally, I feel that-” and carry on

Zack who takes note of all his friends tiny quirks and needs because he’s so used to looking out for those things being a young carer he does it without meaning to anymore, being totally taken off guard when he realises they’re doing the same for him and making these extra efforts because they love him and he’s not alone anymore. Friends do that, friends do that for the people they care for and he has someone else other than his mother now who does that for him: these four give a shit about him, they genuinely love him and want to know and work with this stuff

I feel like a lot of people focus on how having friends is a welcome, yet surreal change for Trini, but Zack’s the same and I think he gets brushed under the carpet a little

Let’s be real here -

Bitty graduates Samwell, moves in with Jack, and adopts like a dozen kids.

He doesn’t mean to. It’s not his plan. He’s going to get a job or something but he’s a carer. He can’t help it. While he’s looking for a job and working on building his CV he starts volunteering at a children’s home and it breaks his heart to leave all those kids there alone and he and Jack have so much love and so much space and there’s so much need and…

So, long story short, they start fostering. Just short term at first but then some longer term fostering arrangements. They come out, get married. Jack buys then a big house with his big NHL salary. They adopt one kid. Then another. They still foster. Bitty isn’t even pretending to look for jobs any more. He volunteers and he feeds and loves whatever kid comes through his door and Jack is just 100% along for the ride. At any given time there are between 4 and 6 kids in the Bittle-Zimmermann household. They adopt another. Always older children. Always children who are ‘less desireable’.

Jack gets the C. They start hosting rookies. They’re both old enough now that they look at these rookies and wonder if they were ever that young. The rookies all start off vaguely uncomfortable to see their Captain so besotted with Bitty and paternal to all these kids but they get over it. Half of the team jokingly calls Jack dad when he’s not listening.

Just, give me Jack and Bitty with a home full of love and kids and laughter and joy.

Tips for Caringhearts! Or any caretaker of an age regressor

If you’re new to this whole “taking care of an age regressor” thing, you might be a little confused as to what to expect! Here’s a little guide of helpful suggestions I could come up with based on general age groups!

• very cuddly
• needs lots of naps
• might use diapers
• be gentle and soft with them please
• likes chewing on things
• feed them
• hold them
• may be very babbly or completely nonverbal
• might be calm or fussy
• pacis, bottles, teethers
• stuffies and blankies should be soft
• lullabies
• soft carpet or mats for crawlers
• not too loud or too bright please

• might be mischievous
• giggly
• cute clothes are necessary
• pacis and Sippy cups
• all the stuffies
• cute plates and eating utensils
• nap time might be harder to enforce
• makes messes if you don’t watch them
• lots of crayons
• cut up their food for them
• buckle their seat belt
• everything is a game
• Disney everything
• tickle fights
• brush their hair
• bubbles!
• tea parties
• there’s monsters in the closet
• piggy back rides
• imitates caregiver
• “I am a big kid!”
• needs help/reminding for brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, washing hands, etc.
• less baby talk, but uses simple sentences, may make small grammar or pronunciation mistakes
• they shouldn’t touch the sharp things!
• or hot things
• they will probably want to touch the hot things and the sharp things

• more autonomous and can help you take care of them
• help pick out clothes
• tie shoes
• lots of questions “what’s that?” “Who’s that” “why?”
• watch lots of cartoons
• the character shaped food is always better
• thinks they can do everything by themselves but they still need help
• night lights
• play pretend
• wants to learn
• take fun trips to pool, park, zoo, etc.
• sings lots
• arts and crafts
• read with them
• chores
• hold hands to cross the street
• speech easy to understand but may be random and excitable, unrelated to what you were saying
• character t-shirts
• cute hair accessories, bracelets, etc.
• pillow forts

• wants to be more independent
• board games and card games
• video games and movies
• still needs bedtimes and curfews
• help cook meals
• give them little assignments
• needs to know you’re proud and you love them
• climbs trees
• can have more big kid conversations
• hang out and play with them
• write cute notes and stick in their lunch boxes
• help them make hard decisions but allow them some freedom
• might need to limit time with electronics
• sports and team games
• comic books/ magazines

Remember, this is just a list of suggestions. Every regressor is different, and you’ll have to get to know them personally. They may have qualities from each of these sections! If you’re ever unsure as to what your kiddo needs or wants from you as their carer, the best thing to do is to ask them! They may be unsure of what they want themselves. It can take time and experimenting, but together you can find what works for the both of you together.

☆how to care for your carer☆

with a lot of suggestions out there of how to care for the kiddo, still, caring can be mutual, although maybe not in the same ways. a lot of carers are also mentally ill, sensitive, traumatized, and anxious; just like the kiddos.

(aside for the carers: you need to learn to take care of yourselves, before you can take care of your tinie properly) 

  • communicate 
    • you say what you need, encourage the carer to communicate what they want or need. tell each other if you have a bad day. try to be honest and theyll be honest back 
  • send them reminders 
    • like little messages that you love and appreciate them too. carers also need to remember that they are completely adored 
  • reasonable sleep time
    • it can be hard to push for when “youre the kiddo” but still, its possible to make the carer promise to go to bed. use puppy eyes, or nag if needed 
  • self care 
    • washing up is also a tough one, but if you try the way of “unless you do it too, i wont do it” it might work. if you can see your carer face to face, maybe ask to wash their hair, or bring them lotion - they will find it adorable and itll make them feel cared about 
  • spoil them
    • if not with material things, then with crafts like a drawing or a coloring page, or with affection. (if you can get them something like bath bombs, or lotion, it might help with the self care point) 
  • cooking
    • a good way to make sure an evil witch didnt curse the apples is to help them make a meal. maybe, if youre big enough, make something for them - if you are ldr, encourage them to cook something healthy and yummy
  • reign back the attitude
    • sometimes it gets hard for the carers to deal with fussiness, so try to be a bit more complacent with the reasonable little things. this shows your carer that you trust their judgement
  • make caring for you caring about them too
    • it can be subtle - like holding their hand during a monster check, or protecting them from a storm in a pillow fort. make sure they know you care about them too
  • dont be selfish
    • consider the carer, and their needs, and their feelings. they are human too. all the tips on tumblr usually go to a lot of extremes that are not okay in real world & relationships - never force your carer into anything theyre not comfortable with. dont get upset when they dont comply your every will. treat them like you want to be treated
  • take time to know each other 
    • if you are in a relationship outside of regression, get to know each other and do different things. give each other time to rest and grow
  • love them and be nice
Breaking Age Regression Misconceptions

1.) It doesn’t matter what gender you are to regress

2.) It doesn’t matter what age you are to regress

3.) It doesn’t matter if you’re not physically small

4.) Your facial appearance doesn’t have anything to do with your regression

5.) Although many people in AgeRe have faced some type of trauma you are not less valid if you didn’t.

6.) You are still a valid age regressor if you regress voluntarily

7.) Half regressors are still regressors and should be treated just the same

8.) It’s okay to be a nonverbal regressor

ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇ sᴏᴜʀᴄᴇ ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴀᴄᴛɪɴɢ


HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.



Non-vegans seriously need to stop treating farmers like the epitome of animal carers and lovers. Farmers are business people who care for them as commodities, not people who actually care for the animals as they are. Sure, they will say they love their animals to high heaven and, sure, I cant stop anyone believing what they want to make themselves feel better about their own actions. But the reality with animal farming is that at the end of the day, no matter how much they claim to dote on them, they are more than fine with trucking those same animals straight to slaughter.