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The very fun frustrating part of this show is that you can make an argument that every character can be A, like how last night I was positive Ali killed Charlotte, but then I saw this video

about how the writers had planned to go with the same plot as the books that A is Ali’s twin Courtney, but changed their minds, and then I saw this video and how Pll is inspired by the films Vertigo and Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, the latter was in the theory I did here

 this last episode gave a HUGE clue, and the more I started to think about it, the more obvious it was. Hanna’s twin is A and she killed Charlotte.

Why? Her twin is Bethany. There is a definitely a reason we haven’t seen her face. Her current one not the flashback.

Cece is the one who killed Toby’s mom not Bethany, when Bethany broke out of the cell she wasn’t going after Jessica she was going after Charlotte. Mona thought she killed her, Melissa buried her, that shot we see of her hand going up the other one reaching back is probably Hanna’s.

1. In the S3 finale the liars are trying to figure out Spencer’s loyalty to them  by seeing if she knows Redcoat’s identity. Spencer follows redcoat into the bathroom they realize she is still with them because instead of calling her name she taps her on the shoulder

Why pick Hanna out of all the other girls.

2. S3 holds a lot of important Hanna clues. Which correct me if I’m wrong is when Marlene said she decided who A was. In the episode where Hanna is going for a job interview Marlene posted this

I mean hello!! Mirror shot like these represent either split personalities or twins and the redcoat I think is foreshadowing to when we see Hanna in the above picture.

3. In S4 when they’re in Ravenswood  Hanna see two young girls in redcoats but not their faces 

like a nod to Bethany

4. S4 When Mona and Spencer use Wilden’s phone they call contact number Kisses. Hanna answers and says hello. She says “why are you calling on me my moms phone?” Nice lie Hanna given Wilden’s history with your mom. More like you were busted and got called on your burner phone. Kisses like how A signs off her messages.

5. Hanna is SMART. Spencer is known as the genius of the group but we learn in S5 Hanna is a genius and even got into more colleges than Spencer. In s5 there’s a flashback Mona gives Hanna a book Hanna says that’s a Spencer Hastings book. Mona says you’re smarter than Spencer you just use as a way to hide. Very true no one expects Hanna to be devious.

6. BIG CLUE. In S5 EX 16. Spencer and Caleb go to the apartment building to find Mona’s laptop. Spencer runs into Mrs. Horowitz their teacher this conversation is so important. Mrs. Horowitz complains about the smell. Spencer says “ have you talked to the renter about it.” “Oh there’s was this blonde girl about a month ago” “What does she look like?” “ I tried to stop her, but she was in a hurry didn’t see her face” Yeah I bet running into your teacher after disposing a body would really be a buzzkill. Who’s in the bin? My guess is Eddie he knew something about Bethany. All roads lead back to Radley

7. Now in case you’re wondering how is that Hanna it’s probably Cece. Look at this and be prepared to say HOLY SHIT

This is a picture of Spencer and Caleb in the building

Next episode Hanna goes with Caleb to dispose the bin I wonder why

this credit goes to @prettylittlesleuth


8.In the episode first secret. Spencer gets Ali to “help” her win the election. At the party Ali being the biatch she is (I MISS THAT ALI) hands Spencer the extra stubs. Spencer burns them Ali says “I would have looked first never know who your friend aren’t” Camera pans to Aria and Hanna. This leads back to the earlier reasons , Hanna being unsuspected, I always thought it was Aria, but it was Hanna.

9. Another big one

In this last episode we see a flashback with Melissa and Hanna. Melissa ( who needs so much more screen-time) tells Hanna Wren dumped her because Cece told him how Melissa buried Bethany. THAT’S why Charlotte died. “If she told him who would she tell’ Hanna had to get rid of Charlotte so here comes the murder plot. Also go back and rewatch that scene when Emily tells her about Melissa. Hanna looks extremely nervous, and then immediately goes to Spencer and Caleb to put the blame on her.

Like I said before Marlene was inspired by the film Vertigo.  The plot is that a detective who has a fear of heights loses her partner. An acquaintance of his hires him to follow his wife Madelaine who’s been acting strangely.  Her husband believes his wife has been possessed by her great grandmother.

He does and they fall in love, but then one day they’re near a church where Madeline claims to have nightmares ,Madeline runs to the church, and since the detective is afraid of heights can’t go up to save her. He sees her body fall to the death.  He becomes obsessed with her. Later he meets a woman named Judy who looks like Madeline, the detective asks her to dress up like Madeline, he notices the necklace was the same one Madeline wore. He drives up to the church and makes her tell him to the truth. Madeline and Judy are the same. The husband paid Judy to impersonate his wife, while he killed her. The Madeline he sees going up to the church is Judy, the one falling to her death is an already dead Madeline.

We learn in 6x11 that Charlotte did not kill herself, but was murdered . “She was murdered?” Hanna says nice way to make it seem like you care

Ok soo here’s what I think happened. Cece gets a phone call telling her to meet at the church. OR IS THAT CECE?

Look at this credit goes @ezraxaria

The car in the back is Hanna driving away.

This is Hanna’s twin Bethany. Impersonating Charlotte

They killed her earlier and now are setting up the suicide plot. Bethany takes Charlotte up there and drops her off.

Next episode Hanna puts the blame game on Aria because she saw them, but Aria didn’t bother to ask what Hanna was doing either. She didn’t delete the footage for Aria’s benefit she did it for her.

She told her mom on purpose she knew that her mom would do what she’s always done and save her ass by stealing the footage.

Going to the dinner scene at Ali’s house. Ali is pissed at Aria for saying Charlotte should not come home, and then leaving town when she died. During the prayer Ali says “let us find whoever killed Charlotte him or HER” Camera goes to 


In the ending of this episode A has a piece of cake. The very first shot of the scene

She’s a mastermind, an absolute genius. 

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