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Hello, I was wondering if I could have an ask of a Dalish Inquisitor sneaking off in the Abor wilds and when the companion finally find them hours later they're surrounded by a bunch of halla just laying around them while they sleep peacefully, something they haven't done in awhile (Romanced please)

The Dalish are my soulmates.

Solas: High Approval: He’s been hunting for hours, but his skills are rusty and it took him far longer than it should have to finally track the Inquisitor down. When he does find them, they’re asleep in a meadow filled with halla, looking more peaceful than he had ever seen them. He can’t bring himself to interrupt. He smiles at them, sets a few protective wards, and starts back to camp. Then he stops. He looks at the Inquisitor, how peaceful they are, and he sits against a nearby tree. A nap might be nice. Low Approval: He stumbles upon the Inquisitor’s hiding place by accident. He wasn’t actually looking for them, just looking for a place to be alone for a while. He rolls his eyes at them. They looks so Dalish and it’s almost sickening. Despite his distaste for the whole scene, he leaves them in peace. Just before he leaves, he sets a few wards. It wouldn’t do for the Inquisitor to die during a nap, after all. There’s more to do yet. If Romanced: He’s been frantically combing the forest surrounding the Temple and the camp for hours, unable to focus long enough to dredge up his ancient tracking skills for a forest like this. When he finally catches up to the Inquisitor, the sight nearly takes his breath away. He’s never seen them looking so peaceful. The halla have clearly accepted them as a friend, as kin, lethalen, and are grazing peacefully all around. He wonders if the skittish creatures would defend the Inquisitor if a threat neared, and as he watches he thinks that they might. He walks the perimeter of their meadow, setting wards and making certain it’s safe. Then he settles himself beside his vhenan, taking them into his arms, and falls asleep.

Josephine: One of the scouts found the Inquisitor, and she thought it would be a good idea for her to go get them personally. Yet when she finds them, she discovers that she can’t disrupt the scene. It’s so foreign to her, halla roaming nearby and the Inquisitor sleeping peacefully in the grass. They look like some lost barbarian royalty. Just a few more minutes. If Romanced: She smiles when she finds her lover, asleep in the grass. It’s not the first time she’s found them taking a nap outside and she knows it won’t be the last. After a short internal debate, she winds her way through the grazing halla, careful not to startle them, and lays down beside her lover.

Cullen: He’s been searching for the Inquisitor for hours, worried that they’d been taken or something. When he finds them napping instead, looking more at peace with the halla than he’d ever seen them, he’s annoyed. But only for a moment. He understands the need to find some peace. He leaves them alone, but sends a couple of soldiers to make sure that their peaceful nap stays that way. If Romanced: He was frantic with worry as he combed the forest, and he nearly fell to his knees with relief when he found the Inquisitor at last. They look so peaceful, more so than he’s ever seen. He knows that what happened at the Temple must have been hard, awful for them. They deserve some rest. Rather than leave them alone, however, he lays down next to them and smiles, just watching them until sleep takes him, his hand steady on his sword hilt.

Leliana: She found them first, before the others. She knew where to look. She stands at the edge of the meadow, hands on her hips and a smile on her face. She considers waking the Inquisitor, but she’s never seen them so at peace. The halla will alert them if there’s danger. She posts a couple scouts nearby and leaves without interfering.

Vivienne: She clucks her tongue at the scene before her. The Inquisitor may be Dalish, yes, but they need to maintain their image. What if someone saw? There’s twigs in their hair and dirt on their armor now. She’s about to march over and straighten them up but then she notices how peaceful they look. She can’t help but soften. They deserve a rest. She returns to camp, determined to send anyone looking for them in all the wrong directions.

Varric: Aww. This is the kind of thing that he wishes he could put in his books but that no one ever wants to read, the quiet moments after the battle, between one crisis and the next, when the hero just needs to be alone. If he were a poetry kind of guy, this scene would probably be pretty inspiring, the Dalish hero napping in the sun with some halla. He leaves them to it, but lets Nightingale know where they are.

Iron Bull: He tracked the Inquisitor to their hiding spot when he realized he hadn’t seen them for a few hours. When he sees where they’ve been, asleep on the ground with halla all around, he just grins and goes back to camp. No need to interrupt. If Romanced: He breathes a sigh of relief that his kadan is safe. After everything that happened at the Temple, he was worried. But there they are, asleep in the grass like a wild elf should be. He grins as he lays down next to them. He’ll keep them safe.

Dorian: He went for a wander for his own health, to be alone after everything they just learned, but he finds the Inquisitor instead of peace of mind. He watches the Inquisitor sleep for a few moments, looking very Dalish, and thinks about his homeland. Then he walks away. If Romanced: He smiles when he finds his amatus asleep in the grass. They both needed some time away, then? That’s fair. He settles himself on the ground beside his lover and watches him sleep, thinking about his homeland.

Sera: When she finds the Inquisitor, she nearly makes a very loud comment about elfy elves sleeping in the dirt with halla, but she stops when she sees their face. They look so peaceful that all her ire fades away. She knows how much they need some peace. She leaves them alone. If Romanced: There’s her honeytongue! Finally! She runs up to them, startling a few halla as she goes, but stops short when she sees how deeply asleep Inky is. After a few moments thinking about it, she lays down too. It’s not so bad, laying in the grass.

Cassandra: She’s been searching for hours! When she finally finds the Inquisitor, she almost launches into a speech about recklessness but stops short when she realizes they’re asleep. When she realizes just how deeply asleep they are and how much they must have needed it, she finds that she doesn’t have it in her to wake them. If Romanced: After hours of searching and worrying, she finds her lover asleep on the ground with halla all around, and she melts instantly. It’s such a romantic scene, the sun shining on their sleeping face and the breeze ruffling their hair. She looks around to make sure no one else is nearby, then lays down beside her lover. She can’t resist.

Cole: He knew exactly where they were and why they were there. “Haunted, hunted, too much, too much. We didn’t know. Need to be away, sort it out. I’ll help.” He turns away anyone who might wake them, redirecting them without anyone noticing.

Blackwall: He’d been walking, wandering around and thinking about the Wardens when he found the Inquisitor. He almost went over to them, he almost just walked away and hoped he wasn’t noticed. But then he saw that they were asleep and he stops. They look so peaceful, even after what just happened and all they learned. Maybe that was what he needed, too. Just let it go for a little while. He leaves feeling better than he has in weeks. If Romanced: “So careless. What would I do if you got hurt out here alone?” he murmurs, gently brushing the Inquisitor’s cheek with his fingers. He’d almost left and hoped he wasn’t seen, but they were asleep out in the woods alone. He needed to protect them. And they looked so peaceful that he didn’t want to leave. He lays down beside them, gathering them in his arms, and hopes their peace will rub off on him.

I read Howl’s Moving Castle again and I made a list of all of the things Sophie calls Howl and here they are

(companion to this post)

A wicked man

Only a child in his twenties, for all his wickedness

This overdressed boy

Young man

A slitherer-outer

Thoroughly self-centered

Fickle, careless, selfish, and hysterical

A mess

Not only heartless, [but] impossible

Quite impossible

Poor Howl


post 12.15: where’s the angel? (wrote this weeks ago, but still relevant) thanks to my amazing beta reader @tinkdw <3 [487 words]

“Cas isn’t picking up.”
“Dean,” Sam says, in an exasperated tone.
“Don’t Dean me, Sam! He’s been away for days, and we got zero updates from him!”
“Well, he got a new lead on Kelly, right? He’s probably busy with that.”
“I’m not even sure there is a new lead on Kelly,” Dean sighs, nervously pacing across the motel room they’re staying in. “There was something wrong, last time we spoke to him. I should have asked.”

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Can you do pynch for the ship thing please <3




who is more likely to hurt the other?

I mean. Adam doesn’t usually get hurt by ronan so much as he gets annoyed. disappointed. pissed. He never lets ronan’s venom actually get to his veins, he’s too busy telling him how unnecessary the flash of fang is. ronan on the other hand. like. he’s easy to hurt. adam would never in his life want to hurt ronan (it’s his honest to god nightmare) but I think ronan works himself into such a despair at the smallest jealousies and perceived injustices that adam could make one careless comment and ronan would fixate on it

who is emotionally stronger?

ohhhh adam. it’s adam. He’s been dragging so much emotional rubble for so long that he’s built up a tolerance. strong is like The Most adam adjective that I can think of. ronan never had to get to adam’s level of detachment and dissociation bc the first 15 years of his life were gorgeous and easy, and he’s still growing into his protective shell. Adam had to be born in his

who is physically stronger?

it’s ronan tbH he has the upper body strength of a boxer and the broad shoulders of a lynch (but also adam has clever hands and muscular thighs from years of biking everywhere and he can handle himself)

who is more likely to break a bone? 

ouch. They’re both capital R Reckless when they’re together and they have some brutal years under their belts. adam has some poorly set knobbly fingers and ronan has an old snapped clavicle that took forever to heal and constantly bruised knuckles so like. idk. In the future, when adam parrish has escaped from his childhood prison, I’d like to think that they both get ugly minor injuries from doing joyful ramp and dolly and shopping cart type activities only

who knows best what to say to upset the other? 

surprisingly difficult question to answer bc I mean. It’s ronan. but is it? he systematically winds people up and adam is so deeply irritated by him that he straight up walks away, but also adam can be ice cold?? it’s so easy to get to ronan. They both fumble and call each other mean names when they want to compliment each other it’s a big mess

who is most likely to apologize first after an argument? 

holy shit would you believe neither??? the most stubborn humans on this earth!! record holders!! we got some emotional repression folks! hooooo boy

adam never starts arguments for no reason so he’s always thinking it through and coming to the conclusion that he’s in the right?? surprise he ain’t apologizing

meanwhile ronan can’t stop being cruel even though he knows it’s hurting people, it’s this vicious self-protective instinct that hurts so good and so wrong. and then his pride gets in the way once he’s cooled down. but he will come to st agnes on his knees and grab adam’s hand and try to make it clear that he’d step on his own pride on the way to adam’s door

who treats who’s wounds more often? 

sad & unfortunate :(( adam treats ronan’s solely bc ronan doesn’t know how the fuck to treat an injury and also ‘none of them wanted to hurt adam parrish’, so ronan’s got his stupid pointless anger related scrapes and adam’s got his anti-bacterial gel and they are a dream team

who is in constant need of comfort? 

neither of them come out on top here man. They’ve had some shared harrowing experiences, and some separate trauma that they’re trying to tell each other about (if their stories could just stop. sticking. when they try to say them out loud). in v different ways, neither of their families are families. Ronan doesn’t let himself fall asleep, and he doesn’t let himself go through things, and the repression starts to calcify into cruelty like it did right after his father died. adam can’t stop thinking about gansey on the roadside, and he can’t be touched some days, most days. he can’t stop swimming or he’ll die. He can’t keep swimming or he’ll die. The gangsey is a critical support system made of so many weak beams

who gets more jealous? 

are u fucking serious,,, it’s both of them pal. remember when every combination of his friends that didn’t include him made adam like. sick with jealousy. remember when ronan saw gansey talking on the phone with adam and wanted to put his hand through a wall. or when adam brought blue along on their quest and he spouted nasty shit the whole day. they both deeply want each others attention and they don’t seem to realize that they already have it? always?

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? 

ohh god. oh man. oh boy. Here’s the thing. adam’s gonna walk away from ronan, but he’s not gonna walk OUT on him. he’s going to walk away because he’s not on a leash, he’s gonna spread those beautiful fucking self-made wings. And ronan is too!! in his own time he’s gonna build his own spaces that aren’t the barns and he’s going to realize what home means to him and they’re both gonna walk out the door and back but never close it behind them

who will propose? 

a controversial topic! I’m on team adam for this one pals. I was on team ‘adam’s gonna kiss ronan first’ for a while before trk like a FOOL and I realized the error of my ways bc ronan is physical as fuck! and a risk-taker! of course he kissed adam smh. But a proposal? That’s a contract. That’s a speech. That’s a chess move. Ronan wouldn’t corner adam like that. Adam knows how ronan feels and more importantly he knows how HE feels himself, and I think one day ten years into their relationship the practicalities are gonna beckon and he’s gonna look ronan in the back of the head while he’s sleeping and roll over into the curve of his spine and tell him he wants a ring on his finger 

who has the most difficult parents?

omg… fuck off

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public? 

tactile bastards! both of them! ronan especially wants adam’s hands…., any which way he can get them. I mean. He will kiss adam’s hands when they’re at dinner at nino’s and he’ll hook their fingers together even for the 20 second walk from the BMW to monmouth’s front door like he LIVES FOR IT (adam feels nervy and exhilarated every time it’s gay)

who comes up for the other all the time? 

i mean they’re always together so they don’t really bring each other up. if they’re not together they’re with gansey/blue/henry or even fox way babes/vancouver crowd etc and those ppl get real tired of it real quick. adam usually keeps his ronan related musings to himself though like he has self-control unlike… R.N.L. himself

who hogs the blankets? 

ronan does tbh adam has never hogged anything in his life and ronan is a shit

who gets more sad? 

an unfair Q, man. They’ve both had a super rough time, especially right post-trk?? those few months are hard. Ronan cries a lot. Adam gets numb and far away a lot. They have a lot to be sad about. (But more to be happy about. They made it. They honestly just stare at each other and laugh breathlessly and touch foreheads and hands and scars and can’t believe their luck)

who is better at cheering the other up? 

I sorta said this with ronsey but I think ronan is THE BEST at doing dumb shit to take his mind off of things. Like all that stuff about making adam quiet and turning off the lists and anxieties in his head so that they can do smth mindless and dangerous? yeah that. memes and songs and poor decisions. depression whom?

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

this never happens wtf they’re not really ‘playful slappers’ HOWEVER adam will glare at ronan so hard that it probably feels like a slap

who is more streetwise?

it reeeeally depends on your definition of streetwise?? Like if we’re talking survival it’s unquestionably adam. He can fix your car and bandage your wounds and figure out your taxes and make himself invisible and blend his accent into whoever’s around him. He’s wicked sharp and fast on his feet. But i mean. he can’t quite drive stick. and he wouldn’t be caught dead in the sort of underground that ronan ends up in. ronan is streetwise in terms of the actual street, and he knows the most brutal avenues a person can end up on, the real life nightmares that feel closest to the ones in his head. Ronan is smart enough to navigate the chaos, but adam is smart enough to avoid it altogether

who is more wise?

adam. easily. ronan is intelligent and instinctive and talented (or adam wouldn’t get him as well as he does) but adam is a genius and that look behind his eyes….. he’s lived about 1 billion times more than he should’ve by age 19

who’s the shyest? 

neither of them are shy exactly they’re just buried under 9 surface level personalities that you have to crack open with your bare fuckin hands

but if you met either of them in the hallowed halls of aglionby you would think adam was shy and ronan was a rampant fuckwad so based on appearance?? adam. he keeps his head down.

who boasts about the other more? 

as soon as adam is officially his bf ronan takes a ten year long victory lap he’s so embarrassing

who sits on who’s lap?

y’all. we all know ronan sits in adam’s. it’s a fact of life. he probably had a sexy dream about it when he was 17 and took his morning shower in holy water

NCT-127/U Reaction to accidentally hurting you with something they said

Here you go! Thank you for the request, I hope it’s alright! 


Seeing you were upset, he’d apologise over the issue and try to understand why you were hurt so it wouldn’t happen again. He’d be very willing to listen to you, and to apologise, not meaning to have been hurtful and wanting to show to you it wasn’t his intention. 

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Taeyong seems like he’d be very intune with your feelings and realise immediately if he’d hurt you, instantly feeling bad and apologising. He’d be somewhat gloomy and angry at himself for being careless, but would make up for it one way or another, and be very careful not to say anything that might hurt you in the future. 

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Not intending to have hurt you, he’d probably feel guilty once he realised how upset you were, pulling you into a hug and trying to amend things quickly. He wouldn’t want to dwell on it too much and make it a big issue, but would be willing to talk it out with you if you wanted.

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He might try to brush over it at first, and laugh it off quickly as a joke, but once he realised you were actually upset he’d try to take back what he said. He’d try to offer his healing smile™ and get you to smile back so he could apologise in a lightheerted, but still caring, way to show you he didn’t want it to be a serious fight. 

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If he didn’t think it was something to seriously be hurt over, he might get a bit annoyed at first and not want to apologise, but if you were really upset he’d realise something was wrong. He’d talk it out and apologise when he understood why you were upset, promising to be more careful in the future as although he enjoyed joking around, he didn’t want to hurt you. 

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At first he’d be confused as to why you were upset, you’d probably have to tell him that it was something he’d said as he only meant it as a joke. He’d be very reproachful once he realised you were hurt, being extra clingy and cute to try and get you to forgive him, probably quite pouty and upset with himself until you did. 

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Seeing your reaction to what he’d said, he instantly apologise, gushing about how he hadn’t meant to hurt you and would be more careful next time. He’d defiantly be the type to talk it out and want to understand why you were hurt so he could avoid anything that was hard for you in the future. 

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Winwin would be confused as to why you were hurt, and upset with himself for hurting you. Although he didn’t mean to, he’d feel guilty for upsetting you and you’d probably have to come to him to talk it out and reassure him it was fine as long as it was an accident and he hadn’t meant to hurt you. 

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He’d probably be understanding if you were upset, wanting to apologise and correct what he said, and maybe a little mad at himself. To me, he doesn’t seem like he’d be too into skinship constantly, but after knowing he’d upset you he’d want to hold you and feel close to you to reassure you he didn’t mean to hurt you, and also to keep you close. 

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Being as young and as savage as he is, he’d probably be quite indignant about apologising - insisting he only meant it as a joke and didn’t want to upset you, but if you were really hurt, he’d feel bad about it and try to make it up to you another way. He’d turn on the aegyo and try to get you to laugh and forgive him, to get things back to normal. 

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Don’t Let Go (Reggie Mantle x Reader)

A/N: First fic in a few weeks! I’ve been busy with school and I’ve also been sick. Hopefully once summer rolls around things will get better. For the anon who sent that Cisco request, don’t worry I’m thinking of something for it. As for this fic, I just finished Riverdale, and I love Ross Butler. I’m really sad to see him leave the show, so my boy Reggie is here to fill the void in my heart.

Word Count: 885 words

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EXO Most to least likely to do PDA

For those who don’t know PDA=Public Displays of Affection
Remember this is just my opinion and might be completely wrong!
Xoxo, Ara~

Lay: More than liking when people stare at you or something, I think he simply wouldn’t mind at all and that’s why he’s at the top of the list. I think Yixing would just adore being with his significant other and it doesn’t matter if its in public or private, he would enjoy showing his affection to that special someone. 

Chanyeol: I think he would be the kind of boy who loves showing his girl, loves going around with her and people seeing how happy he is with her and how much she means to him. Even though Chanyeol tries to keep a lowprofile sometimes or take care of his image I think that his girl would be more imporant and he would ismply give his girl her place. 

Suho: I think that in this sort of think our leader would be similar to Chanyeol. Nothing to be shy about and nothing to hide, if he’s with someone he probably is 100% commited and won’t mind giving her some kisses here and then and hugging her all the time. And let’s admit it, he is pure love and probably wouldn’t be able to hide the need to give it all to her.

Tao: He’s probably the type of “why are you blushing so much? They are staring so what? xD” So I don’t think he would mind at all but of course would notice if you get uncomfortable or something and stop. But I also think he would protect his significant other from other people (aka rumors or people talking about them) and help you overcome that feeling we get when people talk or stare at us for some unknown reason.

Baekhyun: I have this kind of thought that Baek baby has like two sides. One where he is all extrovert and smiles and laughs and the other that becomes all shy. I think that it would depend on the day and place for him to do some PDA. Maybe he would kiss his girl’s cheek every now and them but he would also keep himself in a safe zone, like try to not get too touchy. Maybe somedays he would be careless, like not always but from time to time he would show a little too much affection (Which is all cool tbh xD)

Chen: I don’t think Chen actually cares about PDA at all xD but I do think he is a gentleman and wouldn’t put his girl in a position where she could feel uncomfortable and that’s why he’s like in the middle of the list. He, of course would show affection but instead of getting touchy or kissing his girl all the time, he would simply say it or show it with actions. Like instead of making out at the park he would take her to eat some ice cream and maybe hug a little in the park bench while taking selfies. He’s just a gentleman I swear.

Xiumin:  Just like Chen, Xiumin is a gentleman and wouldn’t even dare thinking on making his girl uncomfortable. I mean it can happen to anyone, but Xiumin more than anyone would try to avoid it. I think that’s the kind of boy he is, always thinking ahead and putting others first. Of course there would be cute moments where he would kiss you and stuff like that, but you know, more like dates, like moments that are about the two of you. But like when you go to an event, go with him to some awards and such, he would keep it all cool. HProbably he would just surround your waist with his arm the whole night and stare at you the whole time xD (That’s more than enough tbh, I mean look at him. What I would do for just a glare)

Luhan: I think this is where the real definition of shyness starts. Lulu might not look that way but I do think he is completely different when surrounded by girls. He had said it himself, that it’s hard to talk to shy girls because he is shy too. So of course PDA  maybe won’t be out of the question but it would definitely be at it’s minimum. But let’s not forget he is a manly man, so of course like very ocasionaly he would steal you a kiss and be more affectionate in public than how he normaly is. Tbh that’s nice, I like when they take you by surprise xD

Sehun: HE is a soft ball of fur! Like.. he is so so so adorable and shy and might be a the sexiest man alive but he’s still a child! I think that even though he has grown to be a very fine man, Sehun grew up in SM/EXO/training, so probably doesn’t have much experience with girls. Maybe he does now, I don’t know but honestly.. I think of him as a complete shy baby when a girl he likes talks to him. So thinking about PDA… probably would freeze him. 

Kai: I’m not going to lie and say he’s not a flirt because he is and that smirk and those eyes kill… but when it comes to showing affection I don’t think he likes everyone seeing it. Not to keep an image or anything as some may be, just… he would want to keep those moments for you two and you two alone.

Kris: Him in the other side… always so cool, always so nice… and yet… I have friends like Kris and when they show some affection it’s like the whole world is going to explore. Not because they don’t do it, it’s just that they really really mean it, they are very serious about it and don’t like to just fool around. If he is into someone, if he is showing his affection it means it’s a big deal to him and that’s why he wouldn’t so it so openly and so often. I think that’s his personalty, it’s like keeping his word, he won’t promise you a think unless he really means it; I think he is just like that with emotions too.

Kyungsoo: Talking about soft balls of fur… Kyungsoo is probably like Kris in this matter, once he means something there’s no way back, once he does something, it means he is dead serious about it. He’s also a very private person, there’s no need for others to get involved. “Our relationship is ours and only ours, I like to keep it that way” So probably yes, he would be a little possessive like how I described Xiumin, but never show more than that. His girl is the only one who gets to see that soft side of him, because she’s the special one, the one and only. 

The Adrien Diaries...

1 Apr 2017

Oh shit.

Oh shit shit shit shit SHIT!

If I wasn’t dead before, I must be now, because there is NO WAY any of what happened today is real.

Have you ever been equal parts terrified for your life and smug as hell? Because I can tell you right now, the experience is similar to drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth, and is just as hard to swallow.

I mean– I don’t think I’ve ever seen father look so angry livid enraged APOCALYPTIC, and I was there when he heard harem pants were back in style!

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it’s that time!!  😸 🍁 🎃

She turned around, her unnervingly perfect face was cold and imperial and proud. “Is there a particular reason you are following me? I’m sure you are needed with your High Lord.”

Yes he was, damn it. But he found himself following her instead. He grinned at her, “My name is Cassian.”

“I am well aware what your name is. I asked you why you were following me.”

He didn’t know. He was five hundred years old and he didn’t know why he was following some human who wouldn’t even be worth chasing after in a handful of decades. “I was curious about what constituted as fun for you humans.” A band of iron glinted at her wrist, catching his eye. “That bracelet you are wearing, where did you get it?”

She faced him fully, her eyes looked up to him with cold calculation. “Why do you ask?”

“You welcome fae ambassadors into your house but you still wear the iron? A bit hypocritical, don’t you think?”

She stepped toward him, a grace that should be too fluid for a human, the golden brown hair glinting in the fire place, “And leave ourselves defenseless? Your High Lord can shatter our minds with a sliver of a thought. It would be careless to leave ourselves too vulnerable.”

A low laugh caught in his throat and he stepped forward. “Fair enough, Nesta Archeron.” He stepped forward again, “You never did tell me, what do you do for fun?”

Her scent filled his nose just then, filling his head, nearly dropping him to his knees. If he was a lesser male, that was exactly what he would have done. He gripped his self control and stopped himself from closing the space between them and kissing her.

Nesta, Nesta, Nesta

She arched her brow by a fraction, giving him a sweeping look that led up to his eyes. He gave her a slow, vicious smile, one that would get under her silken skin. Her nose flared delicately and she gave him a small, cold smile, “Not you.”

She turned  to leave. Stopping at the door, she looked over her shoulder at him for a fraction of a second before leaving him alone in the study.

Cassian was left with more questions than he had answers. A slip of a human female managed to get under his skin with a few words. It would seem she played to win.

“Until next time,” He said to no one. 

Next time, he would win.


I have been asked my multiple people to continue my flash fic, so here you go!!

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[Part one]

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Hi Momtaku! How many soldiers do you think have accidentally walked into doors, posts and walls when Commander Erwin walks past, because they were too busy swooning over him to watch where they're going?

Obviously all of them!

Thinking about the gloriousness of Erwin Smith, momtaku falls into a dream like state. Her mind begins to wander as she imagines the scene at the Survey Corps headquarters…

Sitting at the head of the long conference table, Erwin couldn’t help but notice the bumps and bruises that were visible on the faces of the officers looking back at him. It was nothing new, of course. During his years as a squad leader he’d become aware that many of his fellow soldiers were unexpectedly clumsy at times. Since becoming Commander, however, the problem seemed epidemic. Nearly every soldier present showed some sign of injury. Their last expedition had been weeks ago, providing plenty of time to heal. Erwin knew these marks were recent.

Looking at their flushed faces, Erwin suspected that commenting on the situation would cause them embarrassment. He instead decided to investigate the matter privately. The well being of his soldiers was always paramount in his mind.

On a typical day, Erwin would hurry through the halls of the abandoned castle that served as their headquarters, eager to accrue every precious second he could add to the day, but during the investigation Erwin slowed down. Rather than rushing through the hallways, he’d saunter. In an effort to appear casual, he’d make deliberate eye contact with the soldiers he passed, greeting them with confidence while looking for unexpected hazards.

At times he’d drag his long fingers along the walls to check for protruding nails or other dangers. He’d taken to “accidentally” dropping his pen as an excuse to bend low and inspect the uneven stone floor. Another trick in his arsenal was to feign a yawn. He’d stretch upwards languidly, touching the beams above his head to determine their height and ensure they were high enough to avoid causing damage.

Erwin saw nothing unusual during the time of his secret inspection, yet a report from the infirmary indicated that concussions and falls had increased nearly 20% during the same period. Erwin silently cursed and wondered if better lighting might improve the situation.

The next evening while the majority of the base congregated in the dining room, Erwin found himself in a dim hallway, reaching up to secure an additional lamp to the wall. His shirt had come untucked and he felt the cool of the evening on an exposed strip of skin across his back. The sound of a plate shattering jolted him from his activity.

He looked up and noticed a young female cadet lying supine on the floor, the remains of her dinner scattered across her. As Erwin rushed to help, he suspiciously eyed the doorway she’d been attempting to enter. He determined to take a closer look before the budget meeting the following afternoon.

Erwin finished the last of his correspondence with 20 minutes to spare – enough time to grease the hinge of the offending door and check it for irregularities. He grabbed the oil he used for his harness as he exited his office.

Reaching the door he uncapped the jar and saw that it had been overfilled. Erwin knew that one careless motion would cause the clear liquid to spill from the nozzle. He removed his jacket and dropped it to the floor beside him. He then rolled his shirt sleeves as extra precaution, baring his muscular forearms.

He greased the hinges and checked the width of the door to make sure it was regulation sized. He then swung it gently a few times to ensure it’s motions were smooth. Satisfied, he hurried to the meeting.

Erwin sat down, feeling confident that his efforts to improve the safety of the base had been a success. He allowed his chest to swell with pride for just a moment. The green bolo tie glittered with the movement. Erwin smile quickly faded, however, as he noticed the signs of a hastily cleaned nosebleed on Levi’s face. The danger was clearly still out there and it seemed that even his normally graceful Captain was not immune to the unknown hazard lurking in the halls.

Guardian Angel

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Hoseok/J-hope X reader

Fandom: BTS

Request: Could you do something where reader is an agent of some kind and she is supposed to be a bodyguard for a specific person (jimin or hoseok plz) and then there was an attack of some kind and then she protects them but not without getting like seriously hurt in the process. And maybe they had also grown close and fond of each other?

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

It was the day of the boy’s biggest concert and you were ordered to direct them through the airport safely. Everyone kept telling you that it would be a bad idea to become a body guard due to your gender but you weren’t one to listen. It was sexist to think that you couldn’t do as good or better of a job than any of the male staff could. You had been working with Bangtan for a while but never spared much conversation since you were usually involved in high stress situations but you didn’t mind. They were all very sweet to the staff members and you really had no complaints to be made.

As per usual, you walked over to the opening of their plane, waiting to escort the member you were assigned to you. Hoseok comes off the plane with a huge, contagious smile on his face.

“Good morning, Hoseok”

You couldn’t help but give back a smile.

“Good Morning, Y/N. Did you get a chance to eat this morning? It’s really early for you to be out here.”

You nodded, lying.

“Yeah, i’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me, I’m more worried about you. We do this pretty often but some of those girls are rough..i’m surprised they call themselves fans when they treat you like that.”

He gave a shrug, walking along side of you. You could see why all these fans were obsessed with them, looking as gorgeous as they did and being as sweet as they were. You wondered if you would would be a fan if you weren’t working along side of them.

“I’m sure they mean well..” He said, sighing. You could tell it bothered him but there wasn’t anything to be done about it. There would always be those sort of crazy people out there and he knew it came with their sudden popularity. Nonetheless you stayed close to him as you approached the uproar of fans. There were cameras flashing everywhere, fans already screaming, and people pushing to get closer all around. You kept a distance between you and Hoseok but made sure nobody went past your arms.

“Jhope! Look over here!” fans called.

He glanced down at you a few times to check on you and when you made eye contact he gave another warm smile. As the end of the airport walk was approaching you stopped the group of members at the road, looking for the van that was supposed to pick them up. You searched around for it when you didn’t see it in sight and one of the fans shoved you out of the way to get a picture, plunging you into the road. You knees scraped the concrete under you and all you could remember was the headlights of an oncoming car with the sounds of gasps and screams from the sidelines. 

The warm feeling covering your hand was the next thing you noticed, your eyes still closed as you moved around in the bed. Voices could be heard but you weren’t even paying attention, squeezing the hand of the person holding yours.

“She’s awake!” Hoseok yelled at the nurse who rushed out of the hospital room. 

You winced at how bright the lights were, looking around.

“…Hoseok..? Why am-ow, ow, ow.” The sharp pain of your side took over your will to speak. 

“Please don’t move. The doctor said you broke 2 of your ribs when the car hit you.” 

The look of sheer worry in his eyes made you feel guilty for letting this happen in the first place. Although when you realized you were still holding his hand you pulled yours away.

“I’m okay, It just hurts to sit up. Shouldn’t you be at rehearsal for tonight?”

“I told them I wasn’t leaving your side until I knew you were okay. You got hurt because of me….”

“Hoseok that’s not your fault, I was doing my job-”

“Why do you do it?” Hoseok blurted. 

“Do what?”

“Choose to protect us. I don’t like seeing you get hurt even if it is for us.”

You let out a sigh, knowing where this was going.

“Because I care about you guys. When I met you guys for the first time I thought you were all politer than the other celebrities I worked with. You were all so passionate about work and it was admirable. If I could do anything to help you guys I wanted to be there for it even if we don’t even have conversations. In a weird way you guys motivated me to do even better.”

He let a small smile show but he still didn’t like seeing you do this to yourself. 

“Maybe you could stick by our side without getting hurt?”

“I can’t be a stylist. I’m awful at that sort of thing, you already have a manager, and plus I’m fine where I am now. I’m happy doing this.”

Hoseok nodded, not trying to convince you to quit.

“I feel bad though. All of you know so much about us but we don’t get the time to get to know you. Since i’m here you can tell me more about yourself Y/N. Do you have a boyfriend?”

You immediately started to blush.

“W-why is that your first question? No, I don’t.”

He smirked, seeing you get flustered. He sat closer to the bed, leaning his elbow on the side next to your arm. 

“Aw why not? You’re pretty, strong, protective, and going off the minor conversations we’ve had you’re really smart. Is work too much for you?”

“…I just don’t have one…right now..” You said, quietly.

He burst out laughing.

“I’m just teasing you, Y/N. But you are all of those things.”

Hearing the compliments from him made your face feel hot but you couldn’t help but be a bit paranoid. If fans even caught a glimpse of this conversation there would be never ending controversy. Plus he was wasting time with you here when he should be practicing.

“Listen, I’m really okay. You should go catch up with the rest of them.”

His hand went over to hold yours once more as he brought it up to his lips. You froze in your place, watching his face. 

“I’m the best dancer in the group, if anyone needs practice it’s them. I’ll go back in time for the concert so for now i’m going to be here with you.”

The sincerity in his voice easily made you cave. 

“Why do you care so much…?” You suddenly, blurted. 

For a minute he sat there thinking about his answer but eventually said, “I feel like if you were in my place you’d do the same for me.”

It wasn’t completely false. You would have stayed along side of him if he got hit by a car due to a fan’s carelessness but you would have stayed by his side for any reason and he knew that. 

“What about you then? What secrets are you hiding that you want me to know?” 

Hoseok’s face lit up as he told you stories about the members that you would have never known, cracking up at how ridiculous and exciting it must be in the household with them. He seemed to be genuinely enjoying talking to you and above everything else it made you happy. It must have been hard for him to make friends like this once he started to become famous so he was so enthusiastic about making one. You could honestly listen to him speak for hours, watching him become entertained by his own stories, and moving his hands around a lot while he explained the situations. It was evident to you now just how easy it was to fall for someone like him. Every word that came from him was actual sincerity and his attitude was nothing but sweet. You started to grow your own smile on your face and he stopped mid sentence.

“What is it?”

You shook your head.

“Nothing. I’m just happy I get to talk to you.”

Hoseok pulled his phone out of his pocket.

“You can always talk to me whenever you want. Where’s your phone? I’ll add my number to it..”

“It’s in my pocket. What should I save your name as?” You asked, amused.

He reached out and grabbed your phone, adding his number to your contacts. He flashed you a glimpse of your contact for him, giggling. It read: Hobi~♥♥♥♥!!

 You burst out laughing.

“isn’t that a bit ridiculous? What if someone see’s that?”

“Then they can talk to me if they have a problem with it.” Hoseok stated, proudly.

As you both slowly stopped laughing he looked up at you. You felt nervous having him staring at you so much but didn’t stop him. He bit his lip, looking as if he had something on his mind but he didn’t say it out loud. You should have stopped yourself there. It was extremely unprofessional to continue to flirt with him but your mind was set on the boy sitting in front of you. To you he wasn’t the extremely skilled dancer and rapper by the name of J-hope. It was just the handsome and talented Jung Hoseok.

“…I wish it wasn’t like this.” You admitted, letting it slip from your mouth before you could stop yourself. It seemed like self control wasn’t your strong suit today.

Hoseok leaned his head on his arm, tilting it slightly to maintain eye contact with you.

“Like what?”

“n-nothing…I shouldn’t have said that…”

“You wish it wasn’t like the way it was? Me being in a group while you were a staff member? Yeah, I thought about that too. I wanted to talk to you every time you were assigned to me but I was afraid of getting you in trouble. I even got a little jealous watching you with the other members. It’s dumb but there are benefits of you being a member of our staff too.” He spilled. 

“..You like me?” 

He sat up straight, dramatically putting his hand over his chest.

“You didn’t even notice? Wow. I’m hurt, Y/N.” He said, joking around. 

“How am I suppose to notice when you never spoke more than a few words to me?

Hoseok pretended as if his heart was hurting, clenching his shirt and groaning.

“Okay, Okay! I’m sorry, if I said I liked you too will you stop already? It hurts to laugh.” You giggled.

He instantly acted as if nothing happened, siting back up with a new smile on his face. 

“How about a dat-”

“Jhope! It’s time to go already. If we don’t leave now we’re gonna be stuck in traffic and you won’t make it to the concert. I stalled enough for you so please just come with me without a fight.” The manager begged. 

Hoseok nodded, standing up from his place. 

“Yes, I’m coming.” 

Before he completely stepped out of the room he stopped to look back at you one more time.

“Don’t forget you have my number. I’ll come back to check on you after the concert.”

“Alright, hurry before you’re late.”

With one last smile he left the room, leaving you in there alone with your thoughts. You face instantly became red thinking about what just happened and you held back the screaming fit you almost threw out of happiness. You finally had a shot.

Consequences of a Drunken Night

Part 2 - Hangover Morning

Pairing: Sirius Black x reader

Words: 1389

Warnings: some swearing

Summary: you get drunk with your best friend Lily Evans and the Marauders. Morning came and it’s time to confront a terrible hangover and the few memories you had from the previous night.

A/N: Thank you for all the love guys!! You’re so awesome and I really hope you like part 2!!

An annoying knock on the wall woke both, Lily and you, up drawing you to sit up and shake your best friend’s shoulder. You looked up and saw Lily’s sister, Petunia, looking at you with a sneer expression. “Wake up, you freaks, it’s like 1 p.m. already I don’t want to have you two laying down there all day,” she barked and stumped her way to her bedroom. She hated magic and everything and everyone related to it so she usually treated you like this.

You groaned as you felt hammers banging your head and your muscles extremely sore. Yes. You felt like shit. Being hangover was no joke; you hated when you drank carelessly. “C'mon, Lils, let’s get some food in our systems,” you said groggily shaking Lily to wake her up once again. You stood up and headed to the bathroom where you disposed of your running mascara and tamed your (y/h/c) hair. You looked at yourself in the mirror and saw the consequences of your drinking from the previous night. You had dark circles bellow your (y/e/c) eyes and as you splashed your face with fresh water, you felt pain in each and every single muscle.

When you left the bathroom, Lily was already in the kitchen preparing her special ‘hangover medicine’ juice for both of you. You went and helped her prepare the juice.

“I had the weirdest dream last night, you know? The alcohol must’ve messed up with my head even when I was asleep,” your friend explained, serving the cold beverage in two glasses and handing one of them to you. You sat on a chair near her and started drinking. “I was dancing with James and you with Sirius and then you kind of kissed him and James kissed me. I felt so happy and ugh… Merlin! I think I like him more than I thought!” Lily put one hand on her heart and the other on her forehead dramatically and you laughed softly at her exaggerated reaction. She blushed as she realized what she had just said, while you chuckled.

Of course, you knew about her strong feelings towards the Gryffindor chaser even before she started suspecting something was happening herself. Lily Evans was head over heels in love with James Potter and she couldn’t deny it.

But while you were grabbing your head, which hurt from that soft laughter, you realized you had a dream of the same situation. Or was it a memory? Did you really kiss your long time crush the previous night? “Wait… I think I had the same dream,” you paused standing up and taking a worried glance at your best friend, who was staring at you with her eyes wide open. “Was it really a dream? Maybe we actually did it…” you looked concerned but also delighted by the thought of kissing Sirius; and even better, him kissing you back.

“For Godric’s shit!” Lily murmured, taking a sip of her drink. You chuckled at her response. She didn’t normally swear so she caught you by surprise with the comment. “What should we do? I mean, we can’t just leave the matter aside like it’s no big deal, can we?” she expressed her uneasiness in a quiet voice, almost a whisper, as if she was worried someone would listen.

You opened your mouth to say something but closed it as you heard the doorbell ring. You heard Lily’s mom open the door and four voices greeting her. You recognized them the instant you heard them. They belonged to the Marauders. You were excited to see them, but also nervous because you knew they remembered more than you did because they had drunk less than Lily and you.

They strode to the kitchen where they found and greeted you and your friend. They expressed their delight mockingly as you were alive and not dead because of massive hangover. They sat down on the free chairs around the table and started to recite the stupid things you did caused by too much fire whisky.

“Well, you drank last night too. I recall some singing from Peter if I’m not wrong,” you teased playfully pointing at your friend, who was slightly blushing. You realized Sirius and James were quieter than usual and didn’t mock you as they generally did. Maybe it was because of the kiss, hoping not to make things awkward. Or maybe they were just tired. You left the thought aside, not wanting to ruin the moment for you.

“I may have sung, but you danced like your life depended on it,” Peter answered to your playful teasing imitating your moves from the past night with a smirk on his face.

“You were so drunk you almost fell like ten times when we were leaving the place,” Remus said pointing at Lily. He then turned to point you, “and you, Miss (y/l/n), danced with Sirius all around the street. It was hilarious,” he added wiping a tear that was streaming down his face, caused by his laughter.

“You even called me a princess,” Sirius added with a chuckle. He was acting like himself around you now so you assumed that maybe the kiss didn’t mean anything to him and he was just tired. You tried to give your best poker face not to call for attention, but you were still a bit heartbroken.

“Why don’t we go for a walk to clear our heads?” James proposed standing up from his comfortable sit and taking Lily’s hand, guiding her towards the front door. You spotted her slightly pink cheeks and smiled to yourself. Everyone pouted but eventually agreed it was for the best and stood up.

As you were heading towards the door, a strong grip grabbed your wrist forcing you to turn around to face Sirius. He was avoiding your eyes, like if he was embarrassed, but didn’t let your hand go. He started fidgeting with your fingers absentmindedly, trying to get the stuck words out of his dry mouth. “(Y/n), I… what do you remember about last night?” he asked abruptly, raising his gaze to meet yours.

“Not much, really. We drank, laughed, danced and came back. That’s pretty much it,” you answered, leaving the kiss part aside not to make things awkward between you two. Maybe he was just more drunk than he remembered and kissed you by accident.

“Oh, well, then I have to tell you something… we kinda kissed. You dared us actually,” Sirius explained with a grin on his face, remembering how careless you’ve been. “I would kiss you and James would kiss Lily in order to go home or you’d stay,” he chuckled, looking down. “I don’t want to get things weird I just thought you should know.”

"Okay… then what should we do? Ignore it or-” you didn’t know where the courage to ask that came but you were too curious to actually think about the reason. You couldn’t finish your phrase, interrupted by Sirius’ face getting closer to yours, finally crashing your lips together in a deep and messy kiss. You were caught off guard but still reacted quickly. You felt electricity flowing through your entire body and shivers down your spine. You pulled away when you decided you needed air and looked at him surprised, a grin on your face that mirrored his perfectly.

“I don’t think we should ignore it,” the black-haired boy said softly, your foreheads pressed together. He smiled at you and you smiled back, biting your bottom lip. Neither of you could believe it. You were hoping for this moment to happen since fifth year and you could finally enjoy it. He grabbed your hand gently and walked towards the house front, where the rest of the group was waiting for you.

“Where have you been?” James asked impatiently, like if they’ve been waiting for hours. But before he could keep complaining, Remus nudged his arm and signaled with a not so discreet head movement your intertwined hands. You blushed and tried to avoid their amused gazes while they smiled at their friend widely.

The six of you started your stroll, pleased. Now, none of you was disappointed as the night before but contented with the start of your day. You realized that everything would change between you and Sirius and you were ready.

Part 1

He had been careless. That’s all I remembered. He drove with a lit cigarette hanging out of the left corner of his mouth, his eyes drooping ever so slightly every two minutes, scaring the death out of me. He walked on the middle of the street with earbuds in his ears and his hands buried deep in his pockets. His face was emotionless even when his father yelled at him again or the teacher called him worthless and he was careless. Or so it seemed to the rest of us, but if he had really been careless he wouldn’t have slit his own wrists, and if he really was careless he wouldn’t have left a suicide note, and if he really was careless he would be alive. But while he was alive, the world didn’t care, because they thought that he didn’t either. In our eyes, he had been careless.
—  b.d. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #19 // but nobody is
Diabolik Lovers - Vampire’s first dream of the New Year

holy heck!! I translated a thing!! I found this short story from a Dengeki Girl’s Style scan and decided to give it a shot. It’s really funny!! >:D There might be a few mistakes, but I worked really hard!! Please correct me if you see anything wrong!

Kou: Shu-kun, are you awake-?

Shu: ……Ngh

Laito: Shu-, hey Shu!

Shu: ……

Kou: Shuuuu-kuuuun!

Shu: …Nn…You’re loud, what is it- Cold……! Where is this place……?

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anonymous asked:

hey! so I guess you're pretty busy and i hope things are going find and wish you nothing but good luck ☺️☺️. I have a prompt! Im watching s3 of rtte and an idea just came to my brain. When Heather arrives in ep 7 of s3 Fishlegs says that she's staying with Astrid, what if at night Hiccup is like overwhelmed by thoughts, totally forgets abt that and decides to go to Astrid's hut and the two of them have to make a silly excuse or you know

A/N: Hello! <3 Thank you so much for your kind words, and for this lovely prompt! I sincerely appreciate it, and I hope that what I’ve whipped up suffices. Please do feel free to send in another, my dude! :’) 

(*Note: Takes place during 03x07. Not S4 compliant.)

Emergency (Alternatively titled ‘Future’)

Hiccup was seated at his desk with several pieces of parchment spread out before him: one depicted the immediate waters surrounding the Edge, while another was a census of Nadders, organized by time, flock number, altitude, and direction. The third, however…

The third was simply a myriad of scribbles and doodles and scribbled-out doodles, all completed while he made fruitless attempts to connect disparate dots and mismatching puzzle pieces. Hiccup stared down at the map and furrowed his brow, glancing between two documents, trying to make sense of the numbers–

(He tapped the metal of his prosthesis against the wooden floorboards of his hut. He drummed his fingers on the surface of the table. He cast his gaze toward the corner of the room, momentarily letting it linger on a slumbering Toothless… Before scrubbing a hand down his face as he rose from his seat.)

–Even after half an hour of trying to analyze the data, the figures glaring up at him still didn’t make sense.

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Watch Out Below (13)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12

The wait for Thorin’s arrival felt infinite. Between you and Thranduil, there were few words exchanged as you fumed and he preened. Your mind, underlined with anger, ran wild with ideas of what the elven king had planned for you and Thorin. Amidst you flurry of thoughts, you couldn’t help but pause and wonder if Thranduil had been right in his guess. Did you care for Thorin more deeply than you should?

The dwarven king had dragged you through sleet and across mountains with your hands and feet bound. It could be argued he had treated you as poorly as Thranduil did at that very moment and yet the experiences were wholly disparate. The elven king staring at you with his serpentine eyes was stone incarnate while Thorin was more; he was a river which flowed from a pool of tragedy and betrayal which had turned him to ice. The king of Mirkwood, however, stood unbending and unfeeling like a tree which grew leaves just to spite the sun.

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