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Yuzuru’s post-FP interview at Worlds 2017 (a short one;  there will probably be many longer interviews from tomorrow):
(Somewhere between 4’30” to 5’15” of the video) 

Yuzuru: “There is no other competition in which the term happiness fits so well.
(While performing the FP) I had the feeling as if I was being absorbed into the music. I was feeling challenged while skating and it was hard, but I was happy at the same time.
I think there won’t be any other competition like this one, or rather I hope there will be none, as it was such a hard competition.
However, if I may say, everyone had a bit of inattentiveness thanks to which I was able to catch up even from the mistake I made in the short programme. So I think I will have to train even harder so that I won’t create any careless mistake in the future.”

(translation by Sophie Moroi in YHIFG, FB)

CONGRATS ON THE GOLD MEDAL, YUZU!!!!  I’m so happy I won’t be able to sleep tonight!!! (It’s already 4am, haha!)

earlier i reblogged an addition to my post about creepy advances towards trans people because it included some excellent commentary about how women of colour and gnc women also get similar comments, which i regretfully neglected to include in my original posts, but it also included a line that apparently trans men benefit from being infantilised and called “smol soft princes” because it lets them get away with abuse.
i don’t really find that agreeable, and i’d say that having a reputation for being “small and vulnerable” would make people more susceptable to abuse? i’m not saying the example given has never happened, but the way the sentance phrased “trans men who are not abusers” as if that’s some rare thing also made me very uncomfortable, which is why i have deleted this reblog. i’m very sorry to anyone upset by that commentary and i’ll make sure not to be as careless in the future, i hope you all have a lovely evening.

Ensure Them That They Are Loved Early

So I was just sitting here thinking randomly about how I used to get bullied as a kid in elementary being a young gay boy. I was always feminine so it was very obvious to everyone that I was gay although I never admitted to it naturally at that age, but I remember a few years ago my mother telling me about how I should have done this and said that, referring to the fact that I never told anyone in my family anytime I got picked on, beat up or even jumped at that yonger age. I lived in Gary at that time as a feminine gay boy under the age of 10 and I grew up with a house full of women, so to tell them that I got picked on at school and the reason why would have basically meant telling on myself (coming out/outing myself), which I obviously wasn’t ready to do at that age. Now all that time that I was a kid and even going into my teen years, adults and even teenagers would tell me how to speak and how to walk and act to be “less girly” I even remember our pastor pulling me to the side after church one day and telling me something along the lines of how I need to stop all that “girl stuff”, my mother whooped me once because I had clear nail polish on my nails, and my older cousins husband at a time teaching me how to “sit” on a couch more manly when me and my sister stayed with them out of town for a summer. Now those things happened at different times in my life but mostly between the ages 7-10. So I never cared about any of the masculine ways that people tried to teach me and it hurt being scolded for doing stuff that came naturally and things I liked that didn’t effect anyone other than myself, but growing up in Gary at that age I couldn’t say anything, I had to “stay in a child’s place”. Eventually time passed we moved from Gary still in Indiana but a much better safer city, long story short on this part I became more comfortable and loving of myself came out and then came out completely in high school, where I later came to terms my late sophomore year that I’m Transgender. So referring back to when I said that a few years ago my mother told me I should have said this and that yada yada about getting bullied and criticized when I was a kid, the thing about that statement is, no one can tell me (HERE COMES THE PROFANITY) what the fuck I “should have” said or done. Now as a 23 going on 24 year old TransAndrogynous woman, no one can tell me what I should have done when I was a child because for one the time has passed so should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and two none of these people who are still in my life now can put themselves in that position. As a heterosexual woman in her mid/late 30s at the time my mother was just that a heterosexual woman so she couldn’t possibly know how it felt to be in a gay boys shoes under the age of 10 living in the hood. None of the women in my family nor men for that matter could put themselves in my shoes so that I could have a solution, I was raised in a loving environment but that being said it still wasn’t an environment that was presented to me at that age as an environment where I can be myself and be comfortable and loved. At that age I didn’t think I could come out or just be myself because everybody always tried to get me to be something I wasn’t and I was too young to say anything because I thought I wouldn’t be loved anymore if everybody heard I was gay from my own mouth. So I feel like as a 23 year old TransAndrogynous who has surpassed being a gay boy and a gay teenage boy, how can you say, “You should have” with such ease as if you’ve been there and dealt with it? I know I’m not the only person who’s gone through this but I don’t believe it’s talked about enough and the issue with it is, these days everyone is having children left and right with no knowledge on what they could be possibly and/or truly raising. My grandmother used to always say “you never know what you’re having/raising”, yes people are having girls and boys but they don’t know nor do the consider that they could be having/raising a gay child, a trans child, a child that could be androgynous or a gender fluid child, or a child who considers themself to not have a gender etc. Very few to none of people actually consider these things, they just think I’m going to have a little girl or boy and he or she is going to have a husband or wife and happy happy joy joy 😞😒. It’s worse for the younger people who are having children because the majority of them don’t know themselves yet especially the young men, even a lot of people my age don’t and yet they are careless with bringing the future into this already cruel world with unknown intentions on whether or not they can love and support them when they turn out to be different from what they expected or wanted them to be. That’s where the issue starts so I say all of this to say, ensure children that they are loved regardless early on in their life, right from the beginning. If you aren’t going to love your child unconditionally no matter what then you shouldn’t have them (my personal opinion and belief). Why? Because once you have children it isn’t about you it’s about them, they need to know that they can truly come to you their parents and family with anything, it starts with you so why not show them that when they look back you’re going to be there with open arms, an open mind, and an open heart. My family raised me with love I’m not saying they didn’t but what they didn’t do is ensure me that no matter who I am and what I am that I was still loved and supported when I was a kid. Of course when I got older I found out and most of them gave me the “we knew” statement, and then the question is so why not come to me as a child and let me know that then? Why tell me now that I’ve already endured pain and hurt and decided I don’t give a fuck if you love me or not this is me, which people should possess that attitude but had I known as that gay feminine little boy in Gary so long ago that I could have liked boys while my family knew about it and that I could be myself and play with/collect Barbies and what not, things would have went much more different and somewhat smoothly in certain parts of my life, but I’m thankful that I got out of Gary at a young age because my mind opened. So if you have kids or want them tell your kids, any kids, show them and ensure them that they are loved no matter what early in their life because it’s supposed to be about them, after all The Children are the future, at least that’s what The Voice told me and I Believe it as she did. Royal LeBeau @morrisondauthor

Update: Current Coming Soon List

There’s a Farkle Under Your Bed (A Future Snapshot): It turns out Cory Matthews has been chasing the wrong boy out of his daughter’s bay window for years. But, the real threat is now clear… Or at least pretty clearly hiding under the girl’s bed.

Fighting with the Freaking Sun! (A Future Snapshot): Even people who are perfect for each other fight. Fighting with Riley Matthews is a little like fighting with the sun… But Farkle would probably die without her warmth and in the end, they are always.

The Lucky Ones (A Socialite AU): Farkle Minkus, the young and newly appointed Head of Minkus International, has just married middle-class, all-American Riley Matthews and she’s quite a packaged deal… Can Riley play her new role of perfect, wealthy housewife?

Missed Moments of Pluto and Mars (A Future Snapshot Collection Companion): So many times, so many missed moments, and Farkle can’t help but wonder how things would have been different if he’d just took the opportunity.

Birthdays, First Times, and Letters from Princeton (A Future Snapshot): This isn’t how Riley thought they would end. Then again, she never thought that they would. (Break-up/make-up fic)

The Electronic Configuration of Hate and Love Pt. 4: THEY KISSED! What the hell happens now?

Little Drunk, Lotta Careless (A Future Snapshot): The color pink has never seemed so intimidating. Riley finds out she’s pregnant for the first time as a Senior in college. (Pregnancy test fic)

We’re Always on the Same Team (A Future Snapshot): Wedding planning is going to be stressful, they say, but Riley figured that ‘they’ don’t have to deal with two smothering mothers, a best friend on the edge, and a teething little bundle of joy.

The Lucky Ones Pt. 2 (A Socialite AU): Don’t wanna give too much away so we’ll just say that things escalate? Everyone cool with that?

Crazy Kids (A Future Snapshot): Lucas going to Riley and Farkle for help on how to get Maya back once he moves back to New York.

The Lake and Us

Park Jimin has always had a lot of free time. He works as a freelance photographer. He didn’t need to go to an office and sit at a desk for a designated number of hours for 5 days a week. He was given projects that he accepted online and met with the client either through an online conference or a face to face meeting to get the specifics of his job and he negotiated a deadline. After these were taken care of, he took his sweet time to go out and take pictures for the project. He specialised in landscape and nature photography so it always helped that he lived in the suburbs, on the edge of a forest. Jimin took his own sweet time, he liked moving at his own pace. He was paid more than enough, he always made sure.

His life was filled was filled with simple pleasures that he indulged in while saving up to fulfil bigger dreams. He lived in the present, not worrying about the future but he took the little steps he thought were necessary so he could be as careless in the future as he was now. These small pleasures included playing old vinyl records of Whitney Houston or Frank Sinatra in his small studio apartment. They included waking up in the middle of the night hungry and ordering in burgers because he could. They included strumming the guitar in the middle of the woods, singing out his heart where no one could hear him. They most definitely included making coffee late in the evening and curling up next to his boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook as the younger tried to do his homework.

Jeon Jungkook was a couple of years younger than Jimin but his disposition was as bright as his if not brighter. He was a music major in university and he wanted to be a recording artist or a producer once he graduated. His dream was to make his thoughts heard through his music just like Jimin’s was to show through his pictures. Jungkook was in his last year of college and he already had had a few campus interviews. Knowing his own caliber, he would get into most of these but he knew which opportunity he would choose. He knew that his fate was already written and if he was to make it big, he would make it big no matter where he started. So he would start at a place that let him spend time with Jimin just like he did now.

Jimin and Jungkook met at a bar one night due to mutual friends. Neither of them were gay per se but when they realised they were two people of the same wavelength, their thoughts at the same frequency, they decided to keep hanging out. They got closer naturally and ‘hit it off’ as they say, so when Jimin asked Jungkook out on a date in the forest for a picnic, he agreed immediately. Jungkook pulled along his guitar which he played when they were lying on the grass, staring up at the sky with filled stomachs and warm hearts. Jimin hummed along to the tune Jungkook played, their voices harmonising as they sang countless songs together.

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spacequnari-deactivated20170712  asked:

“Try to limit your movements.”

you didn’t give me a pairing so i hope you don’t mind i chose adele and cullen for you!!

thanks for the prompt!!

Adele tutted, resting her weight on Cullen’s chest by pressing an open palm against his bare chest. He groaned, shifting as if to get up but she only applied more pressure and gave him a pointed look.

“You’re going to hurt yourself even more, Cullen,” she muttered with nearly clinical detachment, inspecting his torso, “and you’ve already done a number on yourself.”

The Commander winced, going to pry her fingers off of himself. Adele sighed and ran cold fingers over the puckered wound on his side. She watched his flesh knit under her spell, but it wasn’t a shallow gash by any means.

“If you don’t stop squirming you’ll split yourself right back open.”

“Adele.” His voice was gravelly and she met his heavily-lidded, amber gaze. “I am fine.”

She scoffed and he felt the coolness spreading, creeping through his veins and he felt the magic thrumming in time with his blasted headache.

“Right. I’m not stupid - you’re not going anywhere yet, let alone down to do work. You’ll need rest.”

Adele seized up as callused fingertips brushed against her cheek, feeling it grow warm with the contact. “Thank you, really. It was foolish, charging off like that.”

Her lips curled. “Won’t contest that. I was…very concerned. The attack on the temple was intense, yet you insisted on throwing yourself about like you did.”

“I am sorry if I caused you alarm.”

“No. I-…I’m being stupid.” Adele’s shoulders slumped as the faint glow of her healing spell faded. “You needn’t listen to my admonishment - you’re only doing your duty.”

“Duty does not detract from care.” Cullen said as she lay by his side, curling up near enough for him to hold her. His lips brushed against the edge of her ear. “I promise not to be so careless in the future.”

“You better, Cullen Rutherford,” she murmured, “or I’ll break down the Maker-forsaken Veil myself to kick you up your dead arse.”

“I can believe that.” He chuckled. They fell into a comfortable silence, her breaths soon filling it, slow and steady. Adele just didn’t want to lose him, Cullen knew that, so he was going to try his best not to let that happen.

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Little Drunk, Lotta Careless (A Riarkle Future One-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle

Characters: (Major) Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus, (Supporting) Topanga Lawrence-Matthews, Cory Matthews, and Auggie Matthews, (Mentioned, mean kinda?) Sophia Mars Minkus (oc)

Rating: T because, like, retrospective thoughts about sex and language.

Description: “The color pink has never seemed so intimidating” Riley finds out she is pregnant for the first time as a Senior in college. (Pregnancy-Test fic)

Author’s Note: This is Riley finding she’s pregnant with Sophia, for those of you who have read Just Go To Sleep, Riles. If you haven’t…GO DO IT!!! It’s basically a sequel!

“Okay, Riley, breathe. Just breathe,” The jumpy brunette muttered to herself, bouncing on the balls of her feet as her gaze flickered over the shelves before her. “It’s just a little plastic stick! Nothing to be freaked out about.”

But it wasn’t just a little plastic stick and there were about a million to choose from and there was definitely something going on to be freaked out about. 

Riley Matthews had never bought a pregnancy test in her life and had only seen one done once before, the time Maya had had her ‘big scare’. How was she supposed to know whether to go digital or not? Cheap or expensive? A single test kit or the pack with, like, ten?

How did other women do this?  

And who the fuck thought to put the goddamn diapers across the aisle from the pregnancy tests anyway? Because whoever it was, was an asshole.

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20 Interesting Zodiac Sign Facts About Taurus(Part 6)

1. Taurus get revenge by living a great life.

2. Taurus expressions are always authoritative.

3. Taurus have a strong sense of self-preservation and self-worth.

4. Taurus will be able to make a good living in almost any business.

5. Taurus tend to think and analyze before they allow themselves to feel.

6. Taurus will be faithful to those who love them.

7. Taurus can be very careless about their future.

8. Taurus have a hard time finding someone who… 

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Field of Flowers (Request)

Hey guys, as the title says, this was requested by otomefangirlvina - I hope you like it! ^ ^



You sighed quietly as you watched the cherry blossom petals dance in the wind. A gentle breeze caressed your cheek in its journey through your slightly open window. It had been a week since your last date with Edward and you were getting lonely…Of course, you never said anything - you understood that, as a prince, he had to fill certain obligations and sometimes, that meant that you would be lonely. “No. I can’t think like this! Edward is doing his best for his people…so I have to do my best to support him!” Lightly slapping your cheeks and whispering motivational words to yourself, you turned back to the Spring designs you had in mind for Edward’s next public appearance. “Let’s see…if I put this here…and add some embro-” *BANG* you looked up in surprise as a very familiar silver-haired prince came bursting into the room, shutting the door behind him instantly. As soon as he arrived, there was a sharp knock at the door, “Miss ______?” Not quite sure what was happening, you answered, “Y-Yes? Who is it?” “It is Louis, may I come in?” His question was greeted with Edward waving his arms about furiously, desperation in his eyes. “U-Um, just one second!” You got up from your seat cautiously and walked up to the door, ushering Edward to hide behind it. After opening the door, you were greeted by a very serious looking Louis. “I apologize for the sudden disruption but has his Highness stopped by here by any chance?” Hearing his question, you hesitated, “Um…” you glanced at Edward, unsure what to say. He grinned a mischievously sweet smile at you and held a finger to his lips. “…um no, he hasn’t…” You felt terrible for lying but Edward’s unnatural behaviour was too intriguing to let him leave now. Nodding in understanding, Louis bowed and left. “Thank you, and sorry again for the inconvenience.” “No…problem…” You said quietly as you watched him leave.

The second you shut the door, warm arms embraced you from behind. “E-Edward..?” You called out in surprise as you felt him nuzzle into your neck. Mmm…My flower…it has been such a long time since I last took in your wonderful scent…” you felt the blood rise to your cheeks at his natural comment  “W-Wha- Edward! What are you saying?…More importantly..what are you doing here? Don’t you have loads more work to do?” He sighed at your question. “…I do but…look at me, just one week away from you and I’m already losing my sanity! My dear, please, spend this evening with me.” He turned you around to look at you, a spark lighting his violet orbs. Mesmerized by his sincere tone, you nodded gently, “Okay…” His eyes lit up as he led you to the window. “Come on, this way.” You looked at him in surprise, “T-through the window?!” “Shh..” he soothed, “We need to keep quiet or Louis will find us…” You swallowed your words and confusion and followed after him silently. One thing you hadn’t anticipated though, was the fact that your workroom was on the second floor. With the grace and elegance of a butterfly, your silver-haired prince jumped down gracefully, landing perfectly. Once he reached the ground, he turned and gestured for you to follow. You backed away, slightly intimidated by the overwhelming height. Seeing your hesitation, he stretched his arms out and whispered soothingly, “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you. I promise.” Taking a deep breath, you squeezed your eyes shut and jumped out of the window. It seemed like you were going to fall for all eternity but, just as he promised, you felt his strong arms wrap around your body, preventing you from hitting the hard ground. Opening your eyes, you were greeted by Edward’s kind smile, his violet orbs settling on you as you felt the blood rush to your cheeks. “U-Um, you can put me down now! T-Thank you for catching me…” He gently placed you on the ground, seeming almost reluctant to let you go. “S-So! Where are we going?” Hearing your question, he perked up. “It’s a secret.” “What?” “Come on, close your eyes.” “My…eyes?” He nodded at you sweetly, as if he didn’t know that you could never refuse such a heart throbbing smile. “Close your eyes, please? For me?” Finally giving in, you nodded and obediently lowered your lids, blocking your sight. Gently, he began to lead you somewhere. He walked behind you and held onto your elbows to make sure that you felt as secure as possible.

A few minutes later, you could feel a slightly cooler breeze sweep against your cheek as he stopped and finally said. “Ok my dear, open your eyes.” After your eyes had finally adjusted, you inhaled sharply. The sun was beginning to set, dying the sky elaborate shades of scarlet, gold and peach. If that weren’t enough, the colour stretched across a magnificent field of flowers. Tulips, roses, daffodils, you name them, and they were there. “Wow…” you breathed, unsure what to say - the beauty simply took your breath away. As you stood on the hill, looking down at the expanse of colour, you felt Edward’s warm embrace from behind as he whispered, “It’s breathtaking.” “yes…it its…” you agreed, nodding slowly. However, when you turned your head to look at him, he was not staring down at the field, as you had expected..instead, he was looking intently at you. Blushing the same crimson that painted the sky, you looked away as he continued. “You really are amazing. Even now, when I’m standing in front of the most beautiful scenery one could imagine…my eyes only see you…their beauty is no longer noticeable now that I have met you…You’ve changed me, _____, when I’m with you, I think things I’ve never thought before and I do things I never would’ve even imagined doing in the past…This past week has been so lonely without you…so just for tonight…stay with me…” so he felt the same way, you thought, feeling something warm rush through your body. “…too…I’ve been lonely too…” You turned around so that you could finally hug him properly. He wrapped his arms around you yet again and rested his chin on your shoulder.”I love you _____.”

Bonus aftermath: It was way after dark when you returned to the castle and, despite your best efforts to avoid being seen, you were met with a very impatient Louis. “Though I respect your wish to take a break, Your Highness, you cannot be so careless in the future! There is still so much more to be done!” After an hour of Loius’ scolding, the two of you were finally set free. You turned to Edward soon after, preparing to retire to your room. “Thank you for a wonderful evening Edward…goodnight…” As you turned to walk away, a big hand stopped you. “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not letting go of you tonight.” And before you could answer, he had sweeped you up in his arms and was carrying you to his room, where a long night lay ahead.


Finished! ^ ^ Sorry if it’s not very accurate…I haven’t actually read Edward’s route yet (>.<”) Despite my ignorance, I hope you liked it! Hehe and thanks for the request! It’s always fun to hear other people’s ideas ^ ^

Stay Beautiful~


When I was 18 I was filled with thoughts that looked like this

But today I turned 20. 

-I am on my way (and ahead of schedule might I add)  to graduate with a major in Communications and a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences

-I have no clue what my dream job is, but after being accepted to do a week long service trip with 11 strangers, I have now successfully applied and been accepted to lead my own trip next spring anywhere in the country to perform service for an organization of my choice

-I could careless who my future partner is going to be, or walking down the aisle right now because that is years away and relationships are the last thing on my mind honestly

-I’ve accepted that I may or may not even have kids or a dog…personally I wish I could have a bear, but that’s a whole other conversation

-Owning a house doesn’t even sound appealing anymore. I want to travel or have a cute little apartment that is filled with my art and pictures and lots of plants and flowers

-Family gatherings are one of my favorite things ever and I much rather brag about myself, my mom, or my brothers at this point in my life

-Retirement…well in this damn country I probably wont be able to retire till I’m 60, soooo I’m just going to avoid thinking about that

To say the least, I made it to 20! So this is a reminder for myself and for anyone that needs it…life goes on. It changes, the people around you change, but most of all, you change. Your views are always assimilating to your situation, so eventually when your situation changes, even if it is brief, your perspective will alter. Keep your chin up and remember that you can and will make it.

Take a step forward – The unfortunate implications of the unfinished Sousuke + Haruka subnarrative

After the end of the second season, I ended up hardly writing down my thoughts because there seemed to be too much and nothing at all to say. I probably would have only ended up ranting about the issues I had with Eternal Summer in terms of execution, and in some ways I’ve abstained from talking about them because focusing only on the negative seems very self-defeating in purpose.

However, since I’m going to pull another programme on Free! in February, there are certain topics I know I need to cover well in advance to round out what it is exactly that I want to discuss. There are many a great and wonderful things I want to talk about too, surely – yet there’s also something I know I need to tackle before I can even hope to approach more optimistic subjects with confidence, because otherwise it’ll always loom in the background as something I’m dying to say.

And that something, really, is this:

Sousuke and Haruka’s shared storyline never gaining proper closure feels to me like not only a missed opportunity in terms of individual development, but also casts some rather unfortunate implications on how it’s possible to perceive the subsequent dynamic of Rin + Haruka and Sousuke + Rin.

Disclaimer the 1st: Before you progress past this point, please note: this is not about shipping. This is not about who you think should be with who. This is about story-telling and narratives, and how certain elements of this story can be interpreted, not how they should be or even were intended as. I’m pretty sure KyoAni didn’t intend any of the things I’m about to say, but as is always the issue with life, intention and execution are not always the same.

Disclaimer the 2nd: Please note the following is not word of god. They’re the words of someone on the internet. The purpose of this post is not to convince anyone to agree; the purpose is to confront my uneasiness over certain issues so eventually, I no longer have to.

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There are series of major events happening in the world at the meantime. The protests Iraqis are doing to raise their voices and clarify their demands to have an epic change in many parts of the government. Though the government of Iraq has had actions in the past years to gain the Iraqi people’s suspicious: money corruptions, lack of services, fake promises for future developments, carelessness towards the war going on in Iraq and etc. Therefore, the people of Iraq has had enough of all of this, and are going out in almost daily-weekly protests in most of Iraq’s provinces.
Now, the thing that is unfortunate and shocking, is how almost no arabic TV channel is viewing or giving out news about those protests, then how would non-arabic TV channels view the protest? The protest is being spread through Facebook social website. I am writing this to let the world know that the people of Iraq have a voice, and that voice is strong. That they do never stand still watching corruption with happy smiles. They do not fear any character leading any army. That’s how we face our wars, against Isis, and against the government.


Let the world know, let yourself know Iraq by its overwhelming people!
Don’t believe everything TV channels show (or don’t show) about us.
Let the truth be cleared, we are alive and we want our lives!