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So whenever I read complaints on this blog about careless mothers I didn't think that it would also happen to me. A woman came with a squad of children (4-5, under 10) around closing. When she took them outside of the store, to keep them entertained, she asked them who could make the best beat and they banged on the glass windows. I just??? When is that ever a good idea?? One of them even ran in when I was letting a customer out and wouldn't join his mother. God bless retail

My Other Blogs

So seeing as I didn’t really do anything to celebrate 300 followers, I thought maybe I would share my other blogs here or something. One if them is for followers who are 18+ though so don’t follow if you’re under that age.

Personal: @g0d-kai. This is where I post most often. It’s mostly JJBA and random stuff I find on friends’ blogs with stuff from other fandoms sometimes. As far as I remember this one has no nsfw content.

NSFW blog: @sins-kai. This is the 18+ blog and is just p*rn and h*ntai. I’ve marked it as an adult blog for this reason so do not follow if you’re not at least 18 years old please.

Art blog: @artful-kai. This is where I post all my artwork I do when I feel motivated to create art.

So uh yeah, there you go! Thank you again for the 300+ follows!

~Careless Chippo