carefully used

People who call Snape a “hypocrite” for being derisive of Tonks’s changed patronus could really use a refresher of basic human psychology.

boy: do you wanna be my girlfriend? *offering me a box of chocolates*

me: sorry i have a boyfriend already

boy: who?

jaehyun: *ride in on a bike with training wheels wearing a helmet, takes 15 minutes just to cross the 5 ft distance between us, carefully gets off bike, takes off helmet, hold helmet between his arm and abdomen, strikes a dad pose with his hands on his hips, notices the chocolates and snatches it out the guy’s hand*

jaehyun, with a mouthful of chocolates: sup

jaehyun: *chokes*

So Trump won,

And I’d like to apologize in advance to the people I treasure here for the language that follows, but to all of you who voted 3rd party or did a so called protest vote, to the Bernie or bust crowd as well…I’d like to send out a sincere, heartfelt FUCK YOU. Actually, not just sincere and heartfelt but also angry and disgusted by the self entitled filthy pieces of shit you all are.

Smug sons of bitches - with no offense to your actual mothers who may be decent people, just created some really REALLY STUPID offspring. You were warned again and again about this, but you dense fuckers couldn’t get that this was the time to take one for the team. And now you killed us all, you’ve given a madman control over the worlds most powerful army and arsenal. Read these words carefully: YOU killed - us - ALL.

The number of states that could have been won today if you weren’t so VERY FUCKING STUPID is astonishing. And now you won’t have a future, your kids and mine if born at all won’t have a future…you effectively set us all on a path to the motherfucking apocalypse because you wanted to ride around on a cute lil high horse. So was it worth it? 

Hundreds of thousands of NATO troops are now on high alert for war, stock markets plummeted, one TRILLION dollars went down the drain tonight you dumb ass little self entitled shits. Gay rights, GONE. Women rights, GONE. Voter rights, GONE. Climate change discussion, GONE. Black lives support actions/groups, GONE. Healthcare, GONE. All minorities in danger…but rest assured all you college educated, white republicans, independents or otherwise, your turn to get screwed will come. If you don’t regret your stupidity now, you will soon…too bad it will also be too late by then. Some of you dumb fucks probably still think the law and constitution will still mean anything with fascists at the helm…lol

Don’t any of you fuckers dare say a word to me, I will end you. Actually, you can shove any views on the subject far, far up because if you excuse me, I’ve gotta go explain to my loved ones that some fucking little turds who think they’re special played around with fascism and that nothing matters anymore because our countdown clock just started and it won’t tick for long.

In re last post about blacklists: I’ve seen things on my dashboard that looked like they were carefully avoiding using some terms relevant to their content.

If this is intended to keep intelligence agencies or creeps from finding the posts, then I promise you that that’s not going to work. If they’re interested in the content of public Tumblr posts, they’ll find them anyway.

But if it’s intended to avoid blacklists to keep people from “becoming complacent,” that’s stupid and cruel. Relatively few people need or can handle an endless barrage of frightening and angry political news.

Those of us who are already doing everything we can don’t need to be reminded, every time we take a break and get on this site to read about fictional aliens, of how massive the problems the world’s facing are.

The message is, like, “oh, you spent all day volunteering for a nonprofit for a certain group of disadvantaged people? Well, guess what, those people are DEFINITELY FUCKED ANYWAY.” Yeah, thanks for that, buckaroo.

Plus, there are many, many people on Tumblr who can’t realistically do anything “useful” at all. Thirteen-year-olds and the severely-disabled, say! And it’s not useful to remind people, over and over, of dangers they can’t change. That’s the opposite of useful. That’s how you get PTSD.

so today me and @yqueerymir were thinking about the Lucio: in concert poster in Overwatch and were like oh yeah let’s buy it as a poster

turns out that not only does that not exist, but the image isn’t online anywhere ???? why ??????????

so we took the most logical course of action and went in game with all the settings on ultra and screenshotted it. this was not easy mind you, as my laptop was running the game at TWO (2) FPS and froze every time we hit printscreen

but y’know, we perserved and finally managed to get a good screenshot and then loaded it into an online poster maker, thinking we’d done a good job

oh no. there was more.

the image was 62mb and the upload limit was 50mb. so of course we then had to very fucking carefully edit it down, using a MCFUCKING LAPTOP TRACKPAD no less, and 2 HOURS after we began, we finally had a finished image

so we were like oh yeah buy a big poster, and selected the biggest size. as english majors, we mcfucking suck at maths, and selected 60″x40″. we then bought 3 copies and went wow 2 hours of work well done

and then we googled the size.


TL;DR we set out to make a poster and ended up with a 5 foot tall monstrosity and the feeling that we have played god

edit: if anyone wants the image because legit it is nowhere on the internet feel free to ask and i’ll upload it


Hi guys! This set contains a bunch of new meshes for your sims! It’s kind of a vintage bathroom. So have fun and as always some mods a very high poly so use carefully.

And Thanks to @sssvitlans @pralinesims for the other ccs in the picture and Buffsumm ( TSR) for the windows.








If you’re in Paris right now

- Emergency special number (if you need information) (please, use it carefully, too many calls will make the line crash): 0800 40 60 05 

- Schools and universities are closed tomorrow. (in the whole country btw)

- In Paris and IDF, it’s advised NOT TO MOVE. Don’t leave your home or the place you’re staying in unless you really have to.

- It seems taxis are free tonight if you need a ride home.


- 5 metro lines are closed: 3, 5,8 9 and 11

- Maps of the attacks (source: Libération). Streets are probabky closed around these areas.

zodiac signs as random aesthetics
  • aries: punk lolita americana adventurer
  • taurus: soft lace retro royalty
  • gemini: electric vodka retrofuturist nerd
  • cancer: glitter pixie floral disaster
  • leo: unsettling urban riot king
  • virgo: decadent fantasy springtime babe
  • libra: post-apocalyptic celestial femme anarchist
  • scorpio: firey destructive surrealist bitch
  • sagittarius: 20s grunge metropolitan deity
  • capricorn: suburban existentialist desert revolutionary
  • aquarius: modern nocturnal wannabe chic
  • pisces: slutty gold retro nymph
Spell Challenge Day 8: Sleeping Oil

(word inspired by: oil)

This oil potion is to help aid in falling asleep and having a nice restful sleep.

You Will Need:

  • 4 drops clove essential oil 
  • 4 drops rose essential oil
  • 4 drops sandalwood essential oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
  • carrier oil of your choice (olive, linseed, castor, etc)
  • Bottle with a seal
  • Blue food coloring 


Clean out your bottle you wish to use, carefully add your essential oils one at a time. Fill remainder of bottle with your carrier oil of choice and add a few drops of blue food coloring until you are satisfied with the color of your oil. Seal the top firmly. If desired (and recommended) charge your oil using moonlight and/or starlight, resting the bottle in charged water, with crystals related to sleep or moving it through the smoke of incense related to sleep. Personally I like charging things for sleep and dreams in moonlight or with moon water. For use simply put the oil near or under your bed. Recharge it occasionally to keep it potent.


*Instead of complaining about the state of our world, DO SOMETHING.
-UNICEF is in need of winter clothes for families living in displacement and refugee centers (their mailing address is on their site)
-Organize a book drive for a local school (there are many schools that don’t have books or supplies for their students. A few carefully used books can go a long way!)
-Get a group of friends together and clean up litter around the neighborhood (teamwork makes the dream work)
*(Especially for my lovely non-POC) Instead of closing your ears or turning your head away from racism or bigotry, open your mind and heart. I know the word privelaged has been thrown around a lot and you may think “well my life hasnt been sunshine and ice cream either!” but just think of the hardships you’ve had face. Close your eyes. Now imagine having to face them while being weighed down by 400 years of discrimination and the fact the fact that some people will hate/fear/judge you just because of your skin color (that may seem a bit dramatic, but that’s honestly what its like sometimes)
*Instead of apologizing for being late, say “thank you for waiting” or “I appreciate you staying”
*Instead of shaming people for their political ideologies, listen to what their concerns are (you may find out you have something in common…or not…but still listen!) in order to make change you have to understand what the people across from you are feeling
*Instead of looking at your phone or laptop everyday, take a few minutes to turn your devices off and take a walk outside or meditate
*Instead of just watching the news, read a book about our history, our laws and policies and how they’ve impacted different groups of people
*Instead of just saying “black lives matter,” shop at black businesses, read up on your local black politicians and laws that impact the black community the hardest and donate to black institutions (its not enough to just say “black is beautiful” or protest against police brutality or buy hip hop music)
*Instead of being hateful or bitter, just breathe, be open-minded, be informed and PLEASE be kind

With Love,
S. Rose

Unusual Herbs: Betony
External image

-Otherwise known as Wood Betony, Purple Betony, Bishop’s Wort, Lousewort, it’s scientific name is Stachys Officinalis

-A member of the Mint family, it is native to Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa

-Was highly used during the middle ages, as well as by the Greeks, Egyptians and even Druids, particularly for it’s use for banishing evil spirits. Today it is used medicinally in part as it always has been; mostly used as treatment for ailments such as gout, indgestion and headaches, though as with any herbal remedies it should be used carefully

-Betony has always been regarded as an extremely important herb, used for amulets of protection, it was considered by the Romans to be a cure all for many diseases (they listed 47 in total), and there are even sayings such as “He has as many values as Betony”, to describe just how highly desired this herb was.

-Magical uses include; love, protection, purification, removal of nightmares

More Unusual Herbs:




~지 그래요

This expression is used when carefully suggesting or recommending something to someone which they have not yet done.

It is less burdensome/more softer than (으)세요. It is used to friends and people lower than you, NOT your superiors. 

Can also be used in the form ~지 말지 그래요 when suggesting to someone to not do something or to stop an action they are currently doing/do. 

마음에 안 들면 바꾸지 그래요?

모르겠으면 물어보지 그래요?

많이 아프면 병원에 가지 그래요? 

가: 저는 듣기 연습으로 뉴스를 듣는데 단어가 너무 어려워요.

나: 그럼 드라마를 보지 그래요? 단어도 쉽고 재미있잖아요. 

가: 저는 테니스를 좋아하는데 같이 칠 친구가 없어요.

나: 그럼 스쿼시를 치지 그래요? 혼자서도 할 수 있잖아요.