Someone put away my technology I can’t stop listening to this song. It’s so good. I love Amber.

Be careful what you wish for

(The rouge of the party I was DM'ing found a gold ring with a small gem in it that makes his skin tingle when he touches it.  He knows that is a good sign that something is enchanted/magic.  Unfortunatly, nobody is able to figure out just what the ring does.)

*After looking the ring over for the dozenth time*

(Friend) Rouge: “Huh, I wish I knew what this ring did.”

(Me) DM: “Suddenly, the gem on the ring lights up.  A bubble grows out from the gem, and once it is about the size of your head, the bubble pops.  Images flow into your mind at a dizzying speed, and then you know…  That ring, is a Ring of One Wish.”

Rouge: *facepalms* “You’re a dick.”