I’m always a little bit restless nowadays. That’s a problem. Some days I spend hours pacing circles into the carpet, some days I knock rhythms into desks, some days I can’t think calmly unless I’m running full tilt, tears from cold air drying on my face.
I think I bargained away my stillness at some point but my mind is whirling, spinning, jumping from idea to idea, thought to thought to thought, whiplashing from memory to prophecy so fast I can’t tell what’s real. Can’t remember what I got in exchange.
Doesn’t matter.
People call me Blue. They call me Ink. I write with the speed of a plague and it’s fury but I don’t think that’s new. I can’t remember a time I didn’t fall asleep without words spinning into creation under my tongue. Can’t stay still enough to remember much at all, really.
There’s an old black cat on campus with one blind eye bit two others that work well enough. He likes fish, and chicken as long as it’s raw. He sniffs at my iron chain around my neck disdainfully every time I talk to him. I can’t find it’s clasp anymore. I don’t think there ever was one.
Doesn’t matter.
What does matter are all the poems tacked up on my dorm walls. What matters is the level of cream in the mug outside and the amount of blue pens I still have. What matters is salt on the windowsill and doorway threshold. What matters is that even through the endless momentum I experience, I can still remember my true name. What matters is that They can’t seem to touch my writing at all.

Careful What You Wish For - JulesHawke - Mass Effect [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 82/?
Fandom: Mass Effect
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Relationships: Female Shepard/James Vega
Characters: Female Shepard (Mass Effect), James Vega, Jeff “Joker” Moreau, Kaidan Alenko, Garrus Vakarian, David Anderson, Steven Hackett
Additional Tags: Romance, Sexual Tension, Science Fiction, War

He’d worshiped her from afar, always wanted the chance to say hello, maybe to serve under her. Then his mission had gone horribly wrong and he blamed her, resented her for it. Or did he. James Vega finds himself in a position he never expected and has to come to terms with his own pain and doubt.
Bioware owns all thing Mass Effect, I’m just playing in their sandbox.

Have a snippet -

The enemy numbers dwindled until only the clone and Brooks remained. Time stopped and so did his heart as Shepard charged at the clone and they both rolled over the edge of the cargo ramp.

‘Shepard.’ He and Kaidan yelled at the same time, both running to where she’d disappeared.

A fall from this height would kill her and James expected the worst as they reached the opening. His eyes stung at the thought of losing her, the idea of following her over the edge at the top of his options because he didn’t want to live without her. He almost sobbed aloud when he saw her hanging on, arguing with the clone.

Dropping flat he slid down the ramp while Kaidan hung on to his feet. Hooking his fingers under her armour he heaved and pulled her to safety. The Normandy stabilised and he guessed that EDI had taken control. He watched through wide eyes as Shepard literally kicked the clone off her ship. Some part of him had expected her to save her doppelganger but, like she said, they made this personal. And yet as they turned to walk back into the ship he saw the way she squeezed her eyes shut, how her hands dropped to her sides and her shoulders slumped.

He wanted to hold her, to comfort her because watching yourself die had to be the most bizarre and confusing experience he could ever imagine. Having something you were afraid of appear before you would send you reeling. But she walked ahead of them, distancing herself from her actions and them. Kaidan glanced at him and he saw the worry in his eyes. Trotting to catch up he moved beside her.

'You okay, Lola?’

'I’m fine.’

'Really, because - .’

'Not now, James.’ Her voice cracked and she pursed her lips.

'Okay, but we will talk about this.’

She stopped and glared at him and for a moment he thought she would take her anger, grief, regret or whatever she felt out on him. He could handle it, and he would for her. But she gave a slight nod of her head and turned to meet Joker, all signs of her distress pushed into a hole for later as she became the strong, dependable woman everyone expected her to be.

James hated that she did that, that she couldn’t let anyone see she suffered. He knew the crew wouldn’t see it as weakness but she did. Joker reported on the results of their fight, making special mention of how Steve did some awesome flying and it reminded him that they weren’t the only ones who could have been killed today. The ship, the crew and the future had been under threat. Another responsibility Shepard would carry on her shoulders.

'What about the mercs? Any of them left?’ Shepard walked with Joker as they spoke.

Joker stopped. 'Just her.’

The rest of Joker’s sentence disappeared beneath the pounding in James’ ears. His skin burned and his fingers curled as he rolled his neck and bared his teeth. Palming his pistol he watched as Shepard spoke to Brooks, wanting nothing more than to put a bullet in her head.

'Admit it Shepard, you’ll miss me.’

Brooks broke free, turned and ran. A single shot rang out and she dropped to the ground.

'I don’t think so.’ James lowered his gun.

'Ah, maintenance to the shuttle bay.’ Joker spoke into his com but James didn’t miss the grin on his face.

'Nice.’ Kaidan said softly.

'Guess there’s no getting through to some people.’ Shepard sighed.

They walked off the Normandy, meeting the rest of the team on the dock. Conversation went on around him but James only half listened. His concern for Shepard outweighed everything else. As Bailey approached Shepard sucked in a breath and visibly tensed.

'Maybe now we can have some actual shore leave,’ Kaidan said as he walked beside James.

'That would be nice.’ Shepard scoffed.

'Shepard,’ Bailey stood in her path, 'want to explain why you and your crew are shooting up my docks and the archives.’

James put his hand on her shoulder as she went to speak. 'I’ve got this Commander. I can give C-Sec a report.’ He met her eyes and waited for her to argue with him, silently pleading that that she would hear his unspoken message. Go home, take a shower, relax. Don’t fight me, Andy, let me take care of you.

@vorchagirl this is the one you’ve been waiting on ;)

adorablecrab  asked:

I have a theory that Enjolras and Montparnasse bond over their extremely sugary and fancy coffee orders.

“You didn’t say mister Loud and Blonde was coming too,” Montparnasse complains.

“Shush,” Jehan smiles. “You like this coffee shop.”

“I’d like it better without people being loud and blonde at me,” he grumbles, holding the door open for Jehan.

“Oh they’re here already!” Jehan chirps happily and they wave towards the table where Grantaire and Enjolras are sitting. Well, Enjolras is sitting at the table. Grantaire is sitting on the floor on his knees, trying to coax a tabby cat out from underneath a bench.

“Can you order for me?” Jehan asks, eyes immediately focussed on the cat. “I’d like a mint tea.”

“That isn’t really tea, Jehan,” Montparnasse grimaces.

Jehan makes a kissy mouth at him and skips off, giving Enjolras a hasty hug from behind before dropping to their knees besides Grantaire.

Montparnasse walks up to the bar and nods at the barista. He does like this place, the guy knows his way around a coffee machine. “A fresh mint tea and a caffé mocha, please,” he says.

“Usual obscene amount of whipped cream?” the barista grins.

He hums approvingly.

“Here you go,” he says, sliding a tall glass with a sprig of mint soaking in boiling water towards Montparnasse. “I’ll bring yours over in a minute.”

“Thanks,” Montparnasse nods and he joins the others, which means sitting down opposite Enjolras, while Grantaire and Jehan make purring sounds at the cat.

“Hi,” Enjolras says stiffly.

“Hi,” Montparnasse returns in kind as he places the cup of tea next to a cup of nondescript black liquid that he supposes is what Grantaire considers coffee.

Jehan makes a content squealing sound from behind a chair and Grantaire gets to his feet with the cat in his arms. He sits down and Jehan follows, scooting their chair closer to Montparnasse’s and pulling the tea glass towards them. “Thank you, love,” they hum.

Montparnasse leans his head towards theirs for a moment and looks at Grantaire. The cat is now sprawled out across his lap, letting him pet her tummy. “You’re creepy, you know that,” he says. He’s seen people try to cuddle the shy tabby before and it never works.

“You’re one to talk,” Enjolras says. “And R is just good with cats.”

“Awesomely good with cats,” Jehan grins, stretching out their hand to scratch the cat under her chin. She purrs in approval.

“So, what’s new with you guys,” Grantaire says, taking big gulp of black coffee.

“How can you drink that as is,” Enjolras horrors and Montparnasse has to admit that’s basically what went through his mind.

“We can’t all be cleansed souls like Jehan,” Grantaire says, unconcerned.

Jehan sips their tea and bats their eyes wholesomely.

“What’s up is several things I won’t talk about,” Montparnasse says, sitting back. “Because I don’t feel like listening to a lecture about my ‘lifestyle’.”

Enjolras rolls his eyes.

“He promised not to do that though,” Grantaire grins. “Can’t guarantee he’ll make it of course,” he says with a wink.

Jehan gives Montparnasse an expressive smile. So he’s not the only one that has to be bribed and instructed into these hangouts. The idea of Enjolras having to agree to behave is kind of funny though.

“Here you are,” the barista announces his presence, walking up to the table with two cups. “Two caffé mocha’s with extra chocolate syrup and whipped cream.”

He puts the cups down and Jehan thanks him. Montparnasse and Enjolras don’t, instead they are staring at each other with a very uncomfortable realisation on their face.

“Well,” Montparnasse huffs. “At least you have better taste in coffee than your- Than Grantaire.”

“I resent that,” Grantaire says with a face completely free of resentment.

“He’s right for once,” Enjolras snarks. He gives a small shrug with his shoulders. “And…we’ve decided to actually go by boyfriends now.”

“Really?” Jehan beams. “That’s awesome! Aw, but I also really liked your ‘we’re together, fuck your labels’.”

“That still applies,” Enjolras says.

“Except now I can also tell literally everyone I meet that the blonde tornado of justice is my boyfriend,” Grantaire says triumphantly.

Jehan snorts.

“Stop nicknaming me after natural disasters,” Enjolras says, hiding a grin. “Drink your disgusting bitter insomnia juice.”

“I think it’s cute,” Jehan says, eyes twinkling. “What would you be, Parnasse. One of those forest fires that you don’t see coming?”

Montparnasse gives him a sideways glance. “Drink your boiled weed, Jehan.”

Jehan laughs and they and Grantaire wonder out loud whether Bahorel could be classified as a hurricane or a tsunami, while Montparnasse picks up his cup. He glances at Enjolras across the brim of it and smiles ever so slightly. Enjolras pulls a face in return and they both take a sip. At least this is getting your money’s worth.
36 Hours in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan - The New York Times

Oh, my goodness gracious.

This article gets it right, this itinerary looks like a blast, and I very much agree that the UP is awesome, but… I don’t know what to say. If the readership of the New York Times decides to come here, it’s going to be transformed, and not in a good way.

Put us on maps, but please, please don’t all come here at once.

The Adrien Diaries...

28 Mar 2017


Don’t get me wrong, I love Ladybug, with all my heart but…
I thought I was the blonde in this relationship!

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  • Coraline

“She wants something to love, I think… something that isn’t her. Or maybe she’d just love something to eat.”

I’m happy to announce that this illustration was select by LAIKA and the International Animation Festival Chilemonos for an exposition in my country.

the foxes as welcome to nightvale quotes
  • Neil: Whisper a dangerous secret to someone you care about. Now they have the power to destroy you, but they won’t. This is what love is
  • Andrew: The last thing I want to do is hurt you. And after that, the to-do list is complete and I can go home and watch TV
  • Kevin: if you see something, say nothing and drink to forget
  • Nicky: I let my haters be my motivators. Mostly they tell me I suck, and then I get sad. This was a terrible idea
  • Aaron: Be careful what you wish for, because it probably won’t come true, and life is mostly about expectation management
  • Dan: There’s no harm in trying. Really depends on what you’re trying. Either way, give it a go. It’s probably fine
  • Renee: The reason we say “bless you” after someone sneezes is because we know they will die someday
  • Alison: Top of the morning to you. The rest of the day to me. I never said this was fair
  • Matt: Drive it like you stole it, but you stole it because you really loved it and you would not like to see it damaged. Basically, drive carefully.
  • Wymack: Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight. Don’t bring a knife to a knife fight, either. Stop going to knife fights altogether. What’s your deal with knife fights?
  • Exy in general: listen; it's probably nothing. If we had to shut down for every mysterious event that at least one death could be attributed to, we'd never have time to do anything, right?