Wish is a hell of a spell.

So a little background: I am DM for a campaign of five first time players. They’ve all been very excited to play, but one of my players has died literally every session so far. This happened at the end of our session just the other day. The guy’s current character is a High Elf named Asriel.

Epheram (Human Fighter): (ooc) Oh my god. Asriel didn’t die. What the actual fuck.
Jebeddo (Gnome Ranger): (ooc) DM! Make him roll to survive!
*Whole party, including Asriel, agrees*
Me: Okay, roll… I don’t know… Constitution, I guess?
*crit fail*
Me: Okay, so, umm. You guys successfully complete the campaign, and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately, in a couple thousand years, Asriel’s great great great granddaughter wishes that her brother was never born. Asriel, turns out those berries Jebeddo found earlier are actually incredibly poisonous to High Elves. You fall to the ground and die.
*Whole party loses it*