Flip Flappers – Episode 10: “Pure Jitter”

Cocona’s wish comes true & her world comes apart in #FlipFlappers – Episode 10: “Pure Jitter”

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Be careful what you wish for. Our opposing organizations clash at last, but (as always) most of the real shakeups surround our protagonist. Cocona’s trust is shattered and her world turned upside-down thanks to a series of reveals that threaten not only the relationships she holds most dear, but her very sense of self. Not to mention Mom is being, like, a total control-freak. It’s hard out here…

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anonymous asked:

Okay, so I guess here it goes? I just wrote the one ff in English about CS, it's Careful What You Wish For on ao3, my name there is Elysya and I am totally down for con criticisms. I just -- I really want writing to be a career for me so a little feedback would help me very much. Thanks in advance.

Don’t worry about the accidental anon, @londonsbridge - it’s no bother! Thank you for your request and I wish you lots of luck with your writing career.

Reviewers, links are below:

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If you need any suggestions on what to write, there are some notes here.

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