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Nicole Sherzinger just said "be careful what you wish for cos you just might get it", TO Simon, after completely hating on a guy, who was talented but openly gay

For real?

Careful What You Wish For

Title: Careful What You Wish For
Author: benjji2795
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 7523
SummaryJack had certainly heard a lot of stories, having spent his whole life around hockey. But he always thought the stories were more like urban legends, like tales of babies who showed up on player’s doorsteps because they “wished” for them, or players turned into animals for a day. The sorts of things Jack had heard about, but had never seen happen. He counted the idea of the Stanley Cup granting wishes whispered to it to be the same thing. Something that made for a great story, but couldn’t possibly be real.

Most memorable line: “You big, emotionally-stilted hockey dork,”

The Wish List and the Rag Tree

by Lunarrua (75k)

Be careful what you wish for.

College student Louis is behind the charity fundraising gig that propelled singer-songwriter Harry into stratospheric fame. But now Louis wishes he hadn’t fallen so hard for the clumsy idiot – especially since it’s clear Harry isn’t looking for someone like him. Meanwhile, Liam is a record company scout who wishes his crush wasn’t so obvious. Zayn wishes people would appreciate his artistic vision. Harry wishes he could remember how to breath. Niall wishes his friends would keep their clothes on around him


Note : Anxiety, Excessive drinking, Manipulation