i literally am going to ruin everything if u guys aren’t careful lol but seriously what is this it’s been like 12 days I think this beats my iskandar blog in follow speed &&. idk but i am slightly concerned about u guys… i mean… this is the problem child of the fate franchise u ok there

but seriously!! I honestly never even expected this &&. so I am very glad to have you all here!! Every single one of you jhjghjasd aaaa you are all precious ok!! 

@archvrous ;; ok but let me tell u about how gr9 you are also just bury me in feels i will literally return the favor tenfold you know it’s true. I just …. re a ll y love archer &&. fOR SOME REASON SHINJI JUST DOKIS OVER EVERYTHING RELATIVELY SHIROU SHAPED SO UH…. but yes u gr9 keep doing your thing we should get to know each other better ;w;

@asturiat | @scleraed ;; U KNOW UR THE REASON I FELL INTO THIS DEATHPIT CALLED THE MATOU FAMILY FEELS I SWEAR. without you, this blog would not exist, so thank you for somehow convincing me to do this, whether or not I was apprehensive at first is honestly very irrelevant. I am here now &&. cannot escape. But tbh you are fabulous to chat with thank u ;w; 

@beduier | @intemera ;; NENE I M JHJSGHJKAHSDKJGHJSD shinji matou confirmed alter arthur &&. somehow flukey summons a servant lol i can’t believe this is going mainverse but at the same time…. alchemagus half baked grail child… would likely do something like that…. it not too late 4 u shinji…. 

@blindriderr &&. you r o ther blogs ;; slay me with feels chat with me on skype god fucking forbid ok i love you a lot pl ea se just hsdajkghjsdhgjhsdjhgjsdhgjhajsdgh …. emOTI ON S

@caelairata ;; ok but let’s bounce some more headcanons off of each other &&. scream on skype &&. make skype comedy gold, because that’s what we’ve been doing so far and for fuck’s sake I love every single fucking moment. Your Mina is beautifully written &&. I keep getting nostalgia punches to when I first read dracula… also LXG…. but whatever, I love u friend 

@cat-antics ;; you’re adorable neko is adorable I remember when you first followed me on iskandar &&. i was like wHAT FANDOM IS THIS because shiRO i got confused but bless u, because i sat down &&. watched K project it was fab also we should thread at some point ok

@charxon ;; WE GONNA ALWAYS YELL, SHINJI WILL ALWAYS HAVE A BUNCH OF LOWKEY FITE ME FEELS 4 FRAYNE &&. HE WILL DECK STERLING IN THE FACE tbh I love your character development i adore chatting with you let’s continue these things for eternity 

@cursedspear ;; MY GOD I LOVE YOUR DIAR. PROTECT HIM FOR ALL ETERNITY OK. You have a brilliant writing style &&. gorgeous themes &&. you’re an overall cinnamon roll let me protect u forever as well literally come into my arms we can also complain about how bad we are at cooking birds of a feather flock together ;w; 

@eorlic | @nomorale ;; i love your writing a lot ok you are fabulous also I will eternally giggle at Nite &&. Knight…. squINTS A LOT BUT LIKE WOW let me just awkwardly stare &&. admire your things from af a r…. 

@irisvclum ;; i am so glad I met you on my iskandar iri should adopt smolskandar but tbh iri should also tAKE SHINJI AWAY FROM THE MATOU FAMILY ZOUKEN SUCKS &&. the eizenberns know alchemy bc homunculi obvs &&. he needs a bETTER PLACE 2 LEARN…. but also you are fab &&. i will literally wait 5ever for u to return but also take your time ;w; I am always on skype if you want to chat ever 

@itsapirateswaifforme ;; I LOVE. YOUR DRAKE. I. LOVE. YOUR. DRAKE. i also love your art for fuck’s sake its’ gorgeous. honestly drake &&. shinji will literally just cauSE ISSUES and drake will be the reason shinji never has spending money hell no is he letting her in his savings account but… tbh all of his spending money will sADLY GO TO DRAKE whoops but jhsgjahjdsgh !! 

@jxkyll ;; jfc just…. je k yll &&. hyde i remember when i used to write a book-based jekyll wow… but when I saw your blog for the first time i was like …. G O D i remembered wh y i love J&&.H so much also never 4get when hyde had his femur broken by a smol…. 

@murasakinoai ;; friend u have destroyed me with feels over that one sakuji thread ok i mean like what twisted fucks let that happen… obviously us but wow i jus t re ALLY LOVE. YOUR. SAKURA. A LOT. please always do your thing

@myrmadorned | @alleyest ;; gIV E ME ALL THE INTERACTIONS BARD. EVERY SINGLE ONE. shinji is going to literally protect medeaus forever what a precious child also adult shinji is way more matURE… kinda… but also ju s t jfc he will also cLING TO YASHI R O bc smol shinji &&. grail shit ily ;w; 

@nvius ;; krystal u are automatically here because i will aLWAYS FEEL FEELS FOR OUR THINGS OVER ON THE FMA SIDE BUT ALSO HELLO HERE FROM THE FATE/HELL SIDE your envy is so gr10 you have such passion for your problem child i admire that like 100000000000% 

@ofbastct ;; pl e a se always have feels with me i will always doki over my threads with you on the yugioh side of things never 4get alex v much likes bastet… but al s o i ju s t….. bastet please give shinji many kittens he need s t hem so much 

@ofgemstones ;; sLAMS HANDS DOWN RIN TOHSAKA IS BEAUTY &&. GRACE &&. IS TOTALLY FREE TO PUNCH SHINJI MATOU IN THE FACE but i love your rin &&. tbqh let me make this the rin section bc @shinchuu &&. @tohsakas are alSO BOTH BEAUTIFUL RINS YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF MY PROBLEM SON…. he will recover hopefully 

@pathwalks | @pathcrosses | @vonrittern ;; A U TU MN I LOVE YOU. I ALSO AM DOKIS ALL OVER FOR SHIROUJI SHIP JESUS IM TRASH but plea se let’s have these idiots wander around in sword creation sand hell for all eternity at least they will have each other ;w;

@sarrutum ;; MAMI. I AM TOTALLY ALWAYS DO WN 4 ARCHERSHINJI &&. MAGUS GIL THREADS also i mean my mainverse shinji will not hesITATE TO SUPLEX MANY TABLES IN GIL’S DIRECTI O N BU T fu ck i love your portrayal please scream facts about sumer at me i lOV E ANC I ENT SHIT 

@sacerdox ;; kAREN. DONT’ WORRY U CAN LAMENT TO SHINJI ABOUT HAVING A SHITTY DAD I MEAN ( shinji voice ) thats rough buddy. i mean…. anGSTY CHILDREN WHO NEED HELP tho i mean… more like need support systems tbh group for those who feel personally victimized by either kirei kotomine or the grail itself….

@sciathuladh ;; u get free stab shinji privileges ok like 1 what a gr9 cú 2 shinji needs to be stabbed a bit but hsjkghjasdhgjhjsahjghajksdgh als o me admiring u from afar a lot…. 

@tcdosou | @verhexene ;; jENNY SCREAM WITH ME ABOUT EVERYTHING ALWASY I ME AN …. pl ea se do ok i ly …. we need to thread one day…. when i am…. less … lazy i actually am almost always lazy whoops. 

@ulsterswardog ;; dOGE. also i love skype cha ts with you i also adore your queue tag i will never get over that ple a se let’s just laugh about things a lot ok always. 

also special shoutout to @motherfuckingpretendmaster thank u for being in the asshat boat with me i will always enjoy that fact this is the seaweed club B)

&&. the rest of you lovelies !! 

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So you like stuff about my place..

I’ve gotten a lot of super nice messages about my Canadian Gaelic posts. Some folks were genuinely surprised that Canada has its own Scots-Gaelic dialect. 

Would you also believe that Nova Scotia has its own French? Canada is bilingual English-French but the French spoken in the Maritimes is not Quebecois, it’s Acadian. The closest language in North America is that of Louisiana Cajuns. The British people who settled Nova Scotia really hated the people from Western France who had also settled there, so they drove them out, forcing them south. They went to Louisiana because it was Spanish at the time and in the British colonies there was a rule that any Acadian community should be assimilated. (Many came back - we let them stay. For now.)

That was your random fact of the day you probably never cared to know about lol The real reason for this post was to share with you some more of my Canadian Gaelic heritage - through music. 

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anonymous asked:

How are you okay with people using steriods? I'd think as a fitness trainer and aspiring health care provider you'd care about people's health.

I’m not going into a huge rant about this, so let’s get this over with really fast.

1. Unless someone is a client or a friend I absolutely don’t care what they do. Drink nothing but soda, smoke 3 packs a day, inject all the drugs into your body, I don’t care. I’m not obligated to care.

2. There are over 100 different kinds of anabolic steriods. Some are more dangerous than other and while long term use is dangerous with almost all of them, small does short term haven’t been shown to cause long term, negative effects.


Idk if I made it clear, but I literally do not give a fuck lol