Josuyasu Week: Day Two
Kids / Ice Cream / Dining at Tonio’s

“Don’t cry! My grandpa’s a policeman, he’ll help you find your house!”

mml autistic headcanons

am i projecting? absolutely. will i stop? no.

these arent really in any particular order lol

  • milo doesnt really show a wide range of emotion. in desperate times, even, hes usually either cheery or completely straightfaced. (like when his backpack got crushed and he just said “hmm, well maybe you can worry a little bit) if he has a meltdown, usually what triggers it is something small because he bottles up his emotions without realizing it.
  • he also doesnt really get why people would want to know if hes feeling okay or not because like why would they care about his emotions he doesnt even care about his own emotions
  • brigette has a lot of varied special interests and shes very lucky bc theyre all usually something she can make a job out of
  • both milo and sara have a special interest in dr zone and they get irritated sometimes bc infodumping to each other is USELESS they already KNOW all of this stuff
  • milo doesnt really… “get” personal space like hes good with staying away from someone who hes not close with but whenever hes able to move someone from “friend” to “close friend” he starts hanging all over them
  • amanda hates it when her routines are interrupted in any way and changing her routine can easily lead to a meltdown
  • on one hand bradley is like “im autistic and that can mean that im better than others at doing stuff” but on the other hes like “im a burden to the people around me bc im autistic”. he has really black and white thinking when it comes to anything and has a hard time viewing himself as equal to other ppl
  • amanda has a lot of special interests in musicals and operas and likes to rewatch things much more than she likes watching them for the first time
  • amanda and bradley both dont like being touched without giving permission first
  • milo likes to fidget and rock to stim, bradley likes pressure stimming, sara likes to snap repeatedly and sing random songs, amanda scratches herself, rubs her hands against walls when shes walking, and chews on stuff (usually her hair), and brigette flaps
  • when martin and brigette first met, he tried to hint to her that she should stay away from him but she didnt catch on and then he didnt want her to leave him alone anymore

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anonymous asked:

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I hope BSB is performing at the debate tomorrow