but guys wat if

babysitter AU 

where genos i guess in a way a single parent to all the genosbots bc dr. Kuseno wanted them in genos’ care so they could develop their mind set faster with genos

but genos has no idea how to control them and they’re all be little pieces of shits going off into monster battles and genos is here like ‘i can’t have them wandering the place’ so he calls for babysitters-

but each one would always collapse under stress and even injuries from the mini toasters (if they dont like someone they full on attack) and never come back so genos really is at a loss bc theres this demon threat going on right now and he can’t get anyone to babysit the mini toasters


good news: genobot didn’t get caught by a monster

bad news: they’re lost

saitama comes in and sees this weird robot kid and goes up to the genobot asking if they lost their parent and the two have a little chat before the genobot can trust saitama and saitama takes out his hand for the little toaster to hold and he guides the kid through the city even takes them to little ice cream shops to ease them

after genos defeats the monster he makes his way back home when he sees the escapee bot on a bench and to his surprise the little toaster was being obedient and saitama comes back with ice cream which he gives to the kid and genos doesn’t think he has ever seen one of the bots ever look so happy as well as hold so much respect for someone else

so long story short: genos keeps getting saitama to babysit his ‘kids’ bc he’s the only person that can keep them under control. when saitama leaves the genobots anxious to see him again. genos is just as anxious to see him-

I used to work at a store which had a small toy section (mostly Bratz and hotwheels). Every week there would be a basket of hotwheels taken out of their packaging by kids, which could not be resold because they were “loose”. From what I gathered, the parents would allow their kids to just open up packages and play with the toys, with either the kids leaving them or putting them in their pockets. I suspect the parents didn’t care about their kids making a mess or creating losses for the store.

Imaginary Sans Valentines: More AUs

Outertale Sans

you’re out of this world, valentine!

sometimes you make me space out!

i couldn’t think of a good space pun for the message, so i taped a milky way bar to this card.

Mobster Sans

i’d kill for ya, valentine. just say the name and it’s done.

take care of yourself, kid. ‘cause you’re literally my whole world.

Undernovela Sans

este día de san valentín, mi amor, te daría el mundo si podría. ya eres mi mundo.

[This Valentine’s Day, my love, I’d give you the world if I could. You’re already my world.]

Gaster Sans

gotcha a little somethin’ for valentine’s day. no need to thank me

…*he’s closer now* …but if ya want to, i won’t stop ya.

shall i play you a song this lovely valentine’s day?

i’d hack into six hundred games if it gave me a chance to talk to you, valentine.

Bara/Large and Muscular Sans

my love for you’s even bigger than…well, me.

Reaper Sans

you give me life, valentine. and i’m death himself.

i’d hug ya, but due to certain circumstances, you’ll have to settle for this. *a Hershey’s Hug is attached to the card.*

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How do you keep up with answering all your tumblr messages (cause it seems like you get a lot!), writing your crazy awesome story, playing the sims, taking screenshots, taking care of your kids, husband, and responsibilities? You're like a super-person; I couldn't do it all.

Originally posted by littlebird0111

I’ve just recently started getting a ton of messages. Which has been amazing. 

I most play the sims at night when my kids are in bed that way I can play uninterrupted. It also helps now that my daughter is in school most of the day and all I have is my son. Who is quiet and more than content to play with his toys and watch his favorite tv shows. So really all I have to do with him is feed him. 

My husband works 5 days a week from 3pm-12am and when he’s home he tends to himself food wise. Dinner is the only meal I cook for everyone, every other meal is a fend for yourself (minus the kids ofc) type meal. 

As far as cleaning and household responsibilities. I don’t really do those. I’m not a clean person. So husband does 90% of the cleaning. My sole cleaning chores are laundry and the kitchen since I mess it up. 

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Hey, why is it a thing to listen to the songs from blurryface backwards? How did it start? Is there really anything to listening to the songs backwards?

I don’t know. it’s interesting to hear I guess? the only song I really care about backwards is kids with guns by gorillaz because it says “this song was placed in reverse”

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how can Jenelle trust strangers with her son? I don't even fully trust my own family with my kids...

Because she doesn’t care about her kids. She’s left Jace on her drug dealer’s porch before then called Barbara to come get him. She only had Kaiser to trap Nathan and get the $20k kid bonus. She has no maternal instincts and I don’t think she has the ability to truly love anyone.

I don’t care what the media is saying “Louis” is doing for this kid. Until I see actual proof that there is an actual baby I’m not buying it. I mean a clear happy picture or video that isn’t edited or photoshopped of Louis & a baby. Louis actually lighting up when asked about the baby. His family & friends acknowledging & posting pictures of said baby. An explanation on why he didn’t care about this kid for 9 months. A reason as to why he hasn’t stepped up while his baby is being mocked & seen as a stunt. That is how I know this isn’t legit. Everything aside no way would the real Louis let people mock his child & harass his child’s mother. I just hope he’s okay & happy with someone who has his back.

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I don't understand why people are giving you shit. Honestly, I think you are doing much better than half the moms I have seen in our age group, and your kiddo's always look super happy in the pictures on your page. Keep up the good work, friend!

People always have something to say.
If I were still with Autumn’s dad and getting my face beat into the dashboard of his jeep, people would tell me I’m selfish for not leaving him and that I’m not thinking of the wellbeing of my child by allowing her to be in that environment.
If I were married to Tom still and stuck in my parents’ house because he didn’t want to work, didn’t want to take care of the kids while /I/ went to work, telling me he was going to kill my mom if she woke him up one more time to take care of 5 month old Gabriel, they’d tell me I’m stupid and need to get a divorce if I’m so unhappy.

If I were married to Kurt, people would say we did it too soon (which it would be, to be fair), but because we aren’t married, I’m not committed to my child’s father.

I can’t win which is why I really don’t care to make people on the internet happy. I post things to my blog so later, I can look back and laugh or see how far I’ve come from a bad situation I may have been in.

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What is your honest opinion about a man with a child? If he is like really into you would you continue to date him?

Yeah i don’t think that should be something that stop you from dating someone, it’s rare to run into a decent man without children, as long as he take care of his child then i don’t see it as an issue, cause you can’t trust or deal with a guy that don’t take care of his kid/kids

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The kid is adorable and all, but Edmond and Osiris are too hot together (looking at some of your smut art of them) and their story is too awesome for them to just settle down in domesticity.

Long ago, i think we shared the same feeling about how unlikely it would be to have these two settle into a domesticity..

Sure, adopting a child would make them opt for more peaceful, and indeed domestic existence - but I won’t be writing how they cared for this kid, or what their daily routines may be in all the boring details..  :)  

There will be some interesting/fluffy/funny moments i might like to write, to show some different sides of our characters.   But am I turning the story into fluffy ponies and rainbow poops just because there’s a kid in it now? no way.. :)

It is safe to say, even after we introduce this new character, a child, into a story, it will be still something exciting, still filled with sense of drama (and even some angst from time to time) and above all, still about their love for each other that surpasses their differences. :) 

onimiman odpowiedział(a) na Twoje pytanie:What exactly was Han doing when the kids were…

Do you mean in which specific book or just in general, all throughout the post-RotJ/pre-NJO Legends EU?

I mean at that period in time when the kids were in hiding on Anoth, what was Han doing? Was he still in the military? I don’t have to ask about Leia, that’s obvious, but what kept Han from taking care of his own kids? Just something I’m curious about.