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IT IS OFFICIALLY MY SEMESTER BREAK!!!!!! ajfhdajkhfdajh this is the best prompt EVER let me have this self-indulgent headcanon

  • the foxes, because they like a.) challenges and b.) making money out of these challenges, get the idea to play Andreil Trope Bingo
  • nicky starts it, purely out of boredom, as well as out of the desire to spite kevin for being too exy-focused even if the season’s over
  • he creates a card with things like “andrew buying food for neil” “neil smiling behind andrew’s back” “one talking about the other when the other is not there” “andrew hurting someone for neil” “rooftop date” “andreil going late to practice together”
  • after the whole team making edits to the bingo card, a copy is given to everyone
  • word gets around, but as andrew and neil are two of the most oblivious people in the world, they don’t catch wind of it
  • eventually, everybody (including wymack and bee) gets in on it, because the pot rises to be two grand (can you guys believe? two fucking grand for a couple’s trope bingo)
  • they make it a race of sorts - as andrew and neil aren’t normally affectionate in public (neil being the more touchy of the two, but still severely lacking in comparison to the stereotype of Normal Couples), they all have to be there at certain times of the day
  • dan clearly established the “no fishing rule” at the start but some of them can’t help themselves - they’re just really lucky sometimes
  • renee is the first to check “andrew wearing one of neil’s shirts” after she notices at their weekly sparring session
  • aaron (unluckily enough) gets the first shot at “andreil making out by the lockers” after his shift to tidy up the court
  • nicky is first witness at “one being lowkey possessive over the other” when he catches a glimpse of andrew frowning down someone at the bar for checking out neil
  • at the end of it all, they’re all left with one box blank
  • “andrew calling neil cute”
  • and everybody is just ??????
  • because andrew would never do that. not in a million years
  • only neil seems like the type to do so - but even neil hasn’t said anything of the sort
  • everybody’s panicking because they’re all so close yet so far away
  • fast forward; it’s been a little over a month since everyone’s only got that last box blank, and they’ve all been fishing
  • matt has asked, on multiple occasions, what andrew thought of neil when he smiled
  • allison has pointed out how good neil looked when she gave him her last haircut
  • bee even got ahold of neil’s baby pictures and showed them to andrew on a visit of his
  • wymack, at some point, tried asking if “cute” was really the specific word they all needed to hear (”What if he says ‘adorable’? You know Minyard gets all wordy at some point.”)
  • they all flail around for another week until the foxes’ weekly movie night
  • it happens on a thursday at neil and andrew’s room, because it was their turn
  • everyone is seated around the television, either on armchairs, the sofa, or on beanbags
  • neil coughs and pounds his chest
  • andrew gets up from the sofa so fast and gets neil a glass of water
  • upon getting the glass, neil goes “Ah.That was just a test. Thanks for putting in the effort.”
  • neil is smirking and all, thinking he’s so clever, the cheeky bastard
  • and no one is prepared for andrew’s “Mmm. That’s cute. Move over.”
  • everybody is suddenly scrambling for their cards in their pockets
  • nicky is like “Shit shit shit shit shit shit–”
  • kevin frustratingly goes “Where the fuck is my pen–”
  • bee is like “That’s unfair, I didn’t bring my card!”
  • it’s dan-the-legend-wilds that gets to cross out the box first and she yells (half-drunkenly) “BingobingobingobingoBINGO MOTHERFUCKERS!!”
  • matt’s like “Babe we’re going halfsies on that right–” while allison yells “THAT”S GOING INTO OUR NAIL POLISH FUND!”
  • wymack is in the moment and is like “Dan, you’re sharing with me, or you’re out of the fucking team.”
  • renee is groaning and shaking her head while aaron is just shrugging and texting katelyn he lost
  • in the midst of the chaos and debating-who-got-it-first is andrew and neil, clueless as fuck, staring at them all and at one another
  • neil is blinking in confusion while andrew is stony-faced
  • they go out of the room and leave the madness that is the foxes coming up with another bet and searching for money in their wallets
I’m Not Him

Jughead x Reader. 

Prompt: The reader is in a bad relationship with one of the jocks, when they get into a huge fight she goes to see her Jughead, her best friend. Jughead tries to convince her she deserves better. 

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I’m Not Him 

“No, your an ass-hole!” You shout, pushing his chest away from yours. You look up to meet his cold eyes, like he was feeling nothing about this whole situation. How he didn’t even care about how he had hurt your feelings. The countless times he had made you feel “unworthy”. The dates he stood you up on. The time you thought were romantic, personal moments between the two of you, but he left you the minute you looked away. Always finding something better. 

“Don’t over-react Y/N. Not again” he sighs, rolling his eyes yet again.
“Over react?! It’s our 5 month anniversary and you don’t even care! You’d rather spend it one some stupid guys night out?”
“Hey! I am always letting you go off to spend nights with Veronica and Betty, I never complain then!”
“Okay, one, when I spend those nights with my friends, it’s not on our anniversary or when we’ve made plans. And excuse me? You “let me” spend time with my friends?“
"You know I didn’t mean it like that” he rolls his eyes again. Is he serious right now? You feel your blood start to boil in your veins as your anger rises. You press your hand into a fist behind your back, your nails digging into the palms hard. 

“I don’t care what you meant. I’m leaving” you sigh, biting your lip to stop it from quivering. You grab your jacket and bag from the floor next to the couch you were both sitting on and rush over to the door.

“Come on Y/N. Chill the fuck out. It’s not like we were going to do anything special” he scoffs. Clearly not remembering how you’d confided in him. How a few weeks ago in a heated moment where he had tried to take off your clothes you promised him that you would make your anniversary special. Giving him your virginity was something so special to you, it showed how much you trusted him, how much you cared, how much you loved him.
Clearly it meant nothing to him.

“Fuck you” you whisper, hoping he heard you as you walk out the door, slamming it behind you.

The cold hit you as you walked the empty, dark streets. The thin jumper you picked up this morning was perfect for the cool breeze of morning but when it became night, the thin layer was not enough to save your skin from the air. You shivered, hugging your arms as you walked. Where to go? Not home, he would think of that, be there waiting for you, waiting to make up. With blood still boiling you decide to walk far and fast. No particular direction, just any way to distract yourself.

“Y/N?” asks a voice in the darkness, making you jump. With worried eyes you look around, suddenly realising where you had walked to. A movie plays in the background to an almost empty drive in. The voice coming from your best friend who was leaning against the door to the projection room. His crown perfectly settled on his head as usual, proving to the world how much of a prince he really was, despite so many people being unable to realise it.

“What are you doing here?” Jughead asks, talking over the movie which you realise is Pretty In Pink, a classic, and one of your favourites. It was the scene where Andie confronts Blane about their prom, shouting at him to admit he is ashamed of her. How ironic.

“I just needed to breathe” you sigh, your breath appearing like a cloud of smoke in front of your face.
“You look freezing” he rushes over to you, pulling off his jacket and draping it around your shoulders. When he gets up close he looks at you properly. His intense stare looking at every detail on your face.
“Thanks Juggie” you force a smile on your lips.
“Y/N? What’s going on?” he asks, looking down at you, never breaking his gaze, clearly concerned. Why did he have to be so perfect. He cared so much that it felt inhuman sometimes. He cared for everyone, was always there for Archie in times of need, when Betty needed calming down or cheering up, he was always there. But sometimes that looked like nothing compared to how he looked out for you. Whenever there was the slightest glint of sadness or anger on your face he was there, within seconds he would be making you smile, cuddling you when you felt lonely, bringing Pop’s take out to your house with a movie to cheer you up before you had even text him to ask if he was free. It’s like he knew you better then you knew yourself.

Bringing you inside the projection room he walks behind you, his hands rubbing up and down your arms trying to warm you up as much as possible. You both sit down on his mattress laid out on the floor in the corner. You had constantly offered Jughead a place to stay at your house, your parents loved him and would do anything for him, but Jughead knew your boyfriend. Knew how jealous he would get, and he didn’t want that drama at school. Drama was never something Jug voluntarily got into unless it was to protect someone else.
“So, are you going to tell me what brings you out here so late at night?” He asks with a sigh, lifting his arm up to lazily swing it around your shoulder, bringing you in closer so you can lean against his chest. You sigh happily in the comfort of the moment. All the anger you had early started to fade away as you melted into his arms.

“Just… It’s just him” You hear Jughead sigh. He knew exactly what he was like, his habit of lowering your confidence, making you beg for his attention as if he was a God you had to worship. From the beginning Jughead had shown his distaste for your taste in men, the amount of times he told you to leave him but you never paid attention. You thought you knew what love was, but if this was it, was it really worth it?

“What has the ass-hole done now?” he asks, squeezing your shoulder, pulling you closer into his chest, if that was even possible.
“He’s decided he wants to miss our anniversary for a guys night out”
“Y/N” he says sympathetically. “He’s a dickhead. I’m not surprised…”

Listening to Jughead rant was not what you needed right now. He lectured so many times about him but now was not the time for another lesson.
“Jughead stop. Please!” You shout, louder then you had intended too but the anger in you had started to rise again. You push yourself away from his chest, sitting up to look at him directly. He stops mid-sentence, just staring at you. “I can’t listen to this right now. I know you hate him. I know. You are my best friend, that’s what I need you to be right now! I don’t want you to tell me how he’s a dick, how he keeps doing this because I know he does! I’m the one who’s had to put up with it first hand! I don’t want it repeating for me by you, not now!” You shout, your eyes watering in the moment. It felt like everyone was against you. Like everyone wanted to treat you like shit. Like a child who couldn’t understand, or a toy for them to play with. You look away from Jug, towards the wall where he had posters hanging loosely, despite this you could still feel his eyes gazing at you.

“Fine.” Jughead says, finally breaking the silence that had fallen between you two. “Fine. I won’t say anything else about him ever again. As long as you listen to me know Y/N” He grabs your hands, pulling your attention back towards him. He softly strokes the pad of his thumb against your hand, a soothing gesture which makes you breathe deeply, calming yourself. He looks at your eyes deeply. “Y/N, you deserve so much better. I can say he’s a jerk all I want, I know that won’t change your feelings. But I just want you to know the way he treats you is bullshit. You are the most intelligent, funny, beautiful, fantastic girl I know. Any guy would be the luckiest man on Earth to even have a chance to be with you. You deserve the world. The whole galaxy even and he can’t even bring you a star.”

“Jug…” you say, speechless to his words.

“I know I’m not him but if I was then I would be fighting everyday to make you the happiest girl ever.”

You sit there for a second. Trying to find the right words to say to your best friend. The guy you had known since childhood, yet you had never seen this side to him. Never felt so special, so speechless, so loved. In a rush you lean forward, placing your lips delicately on his. It takes a second for him to respond, but soon he kisses you back. A hand cupping the back of your head, pulling you closer to him. He smiles into the kiss, pressing his lips hard on yours, rough and desperate. I move closer, placing my leg over his so I was straddling him. He bites my lower lip and sucks harshly, making me moan into the kiss. My hand lands on his chest, the other going to his hair, pulling off his beanie along the way. I gently tug his hair, making his moan as well. After a minute I break the kiss, looking down at him as he catches his breath. I look down and smile.

“Jughead. You are my world” I say honestly. A smile breaks out on his face as he raises his head, delicately pressing his lips back on mine.

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Uhm I think some post concert sex would ensue, Harry's hot and sweaty and he just looks so hot. Ugh, the missus say "your such a rockstar baby" as she undoes his belt & he's literally gone lol

Anonymous said: Harry whisking her away backstage the second he’s done performing kiwi, all sweaty & he’s barely had a chance to catch his breath and he’s kissing you up and down and she’s telling how good he did and it’s just melting him and they’re just cuddling and he’s so proud of himself for having a good performance but also for making his girl feel so good

Anonymous said: Harry and the missus having a little fun in the dressing room backstage at one of his shows ❤️❤️❤️

I’m going to combine these three. A little bit sexy, a little bit sweet.

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Request: Well the swan princess gave me an idea for like a prince!Kylo x reader AU. In the swan princess the two main characters meet each other when they are very young and their parents agreed on having an arranged marriage for them. The two main characters dislike each other until they grow up to be a fine man and woman, and then fall in love with each other when they see each other all grown up. (In the movie it takes kind of a bad turn a bit) but you could change it up, it’s just an idea 😊

A/N: Thanks for request @beingafangirlisinmydna​ this was pretty cute! Although I didn’t go by the sawn princess plot, I just stuck to what you told me and worked from there :) Enjoy! P.S. made it a prince!ben au instead bc I totally forgot this said prince!kylo

Warning: None

Word Count: 3.6K+

The sight of tall trees, waterfalls and massive lakes filled your vision. Gasping, a smile grew on your face as a palace appeared in front of you. “We’re here!” You exclaimed, hopping off of the seat you had been sitting on. Watching your father walk ahead, your mother grabbed your hand as the ramp of your family’s space craft lowered, nothing but the blinding light from the sun reflecting.

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Spider-mans' savior

A/N this was supposed to be a relationship thing but I honestly failed and gave up its shitty I’m sorry I’m working on another fic going along with spider boy in civil war.

Famous Spider-Man is found injured by reader who has healing powers, but every power comes consequences unknowingly starting a long lasting relationship.

2707 words


“I can stay a little longer It won’t be a problem.” You said digging your heels into the tile of the bakery you worked at.

“No no sweetie it’s getting late I’ll be fine.” Your boss was a sweet old lady, sometimes too sweet for her own good. You put your hands up in surrender after her constant shooing. You took off your apron and put it on the hook clocking out. It was 8:42, it was a bit late but you usually stay up later so you weren’t that tired. Dragging your feet you stopped in front of her.

“I could just p-”

“Out or you’re fired.” She cut you off pointing towards the door. She of course would never fire you but you understood there was no getting past this. With your phone in hand and you walked out the store. People may think that walking alone at night in queens was dangerous, not you though. You knew how to handle yourself.

After walking a while listening to the live city you heard a groan coming from the alleyway next to you. You looked inside seeing pitch black. You grabbed your phone and turned on the flashlight seeing a body on the ground in a red suit. You recognized it as that spider-boy you’ve seen on the news lately.

“Oh god.” You whispered to yourself. You carefully took a few steps towards the body. Looking around to see if anyone was lurking behind a wall, you stood above the boy. You lightly tapped your foot against him and he hissed in pain. Wincing you bent down to see what’s wrong. you shun your flashlight across his upper half looking for wounds when you saw his red suit covered in a darker red liquid. Hopefully that’s not all his you thought to yourself. Looking closer you saw a stab wound in his stomach and a long slash across his arm.

“Hey are you alright?” He took a deep breath upon hearing the soothing sound of your voice lifting his head when all of a sudden his head dropped down passing out. You slightly lifted his mask to check his heart rate, it was going too slow he’s loosing too much blood. You silently praised yourself for watching all those doctor shows.

“Might as well do something good for a change.” You placed your hands on his chest contemplating if it’s worth it. For one you’ll be saving a life, a life that saves many others. But on the other hand you’ll be putting yourself at risk physically and maybe even socially. “Fuck it.” You felt energy rush out your body, once it started it was hard to stop. He woke up gasping and pulled away.

“Who are you.” The boy said crawling back away from you. Now that you’ve healed him slightly his injures were now your own. Since he pulled away quickly he didn’t give all of it to you. You felt a searing pain in your stomach, arm, and thigh. Huh funny you didn’t see anything on his thigh. You leaned back into the brick wall sucking in air between your teeth.

“W-what did you do?” He said his voice muffled under his mask. Blood starting dripping from your leg now.

“Wow thank you random girl for saving my life! ‘oh no problem just doing my job.’” You sarcastically said having a conversation with yourself looking up at the sky.

“I-I should get you to a-a hospital!” You shot up your pointer finger at him.

“No hospitals I’ll be fine just a tiny scratch.” You started to get up leaning on the wall for support. The boy in front of you tried to stop you but instantly sat back down probably also getting hit with a wave of pain. Clicking your tongue against your teeth you limped to his side and stuck your uninjured arm out.

He looked at your extended arm being cautious. “If I wanted to hurt you this would be a whole other situation. Now grab.” You wiggled your fingers above him. His gloved hand eloped around yours and you pulled him up.

“I uh should walk you home.” The boy said will you placed his arm around your shoulders to support him"

“If I knew any better I’d say I need to take you home but I guess we can’t risk that secret identity thing going on.“  You said whispering the last part. You walked with him to your apartment, yeah he’ll know where you live but what’s he gonna do? Barge in at the middle of the night to steal your crap?

"I’m guessing you heal people.” He said in a soft voice as if he’s never talked to someone before.

“Your the first in a while, and you better keep that between us, only a handful of people know what I can do.” He took his arm off your support shoulder and cocked his head sideways. You can only guess he was giving you a lazy grin under that mask of his.

He stuck his pinky finger out. “I promise.”

You met his pinky with his own feeling slightly better and chuckled placing your head on his shoulder the rest of the way home.
The next day you woke up with an aching body, and went to school. Sadly you had gym fist period but you and a your self acclaimed gym buddy named Peter Parker stayed together straying from the rest of the class. You felt normal after a few hours grateful for your fast healing.

The next week was pretty boring, you went to school, work, to home. You slightly missed the mysterious boy.  That is until you heard a knock at your window what the hell? You grabbed the bat in your closet and put it behind your shoulder. You looked out to see a boy in the same red suit. Your heart sped in excitement. You threw the metal bat onto the bed and unlocked the windows opening it for the vigilante. He tumbled into your bedroom.

You traced his movements with your eyes. “Nice to see you too.” You mumbled. He laid on your floor. “Hey you okay.” You scrunched your eyebrows. Looking at his body. “You know when I showed you were I liv-”

You were cut off by a chuckle 

“You did not just interrupt my rant to chuckle at me.” You placed your hands on your waist. “Why are you here anyway?”

“I may have been in the neighborhood… and got shot.” You widened your eyes feeling slightly guilty for not seeing it before. You bent down and turned his arm to see the bullet wound, there’s an entry point but no exit wound. Now that didn’t look good.

“I need to take out the bullet before I can heal you otherwise it will be stuck inside” You went into your bathroom, recalling the last time you healed someone with shrapnel still inside, and pulled out your tweezers cleaning it with alcohol. “Just to warn you beforehand I’ve never actually done this myself before so if I kill you I’m sorry it’s not my fault you came to me out of everyone in queens. Why did you come to me you could have went to a doct-”

“H-hey not to be rude but I’m bleeding out here.” He said making you yet again feel bad for your attitude. This is all just so overwhelming, pulling a bullet wound out of a guy you’ve been crushing over - even though you don’t even know what he looks like.

After awhile of careful risky digging you found the bullet and dug it out of his arm. You put your hands on his chest and pushed your energy out. You swiped your hands back after feeling them get too overheated. Also because the feeling your arm lit in flames. “Mother of god this hurts like hell.”

“O-oh I’m so sorry I-I didn’t know you ge-” He widened his eyes in realization.

“Mr Spider It’s fine its a mental thing not a physical thing.” He lifted you by your legs and placed you on your bed.

“Y/N are you sure you’re okay?” Wait what? How did he know my name you thought. You don’t recall telling him nor him asking.

“I’ve never told you my name.” You tried to ignore the pain in your stomach to hear what he had to say.

He put his hand on his neck. “I’m so sorry for uh, coming I really shouldn’t have and thank you for healing me I owe you the world I’m going to feel really guilty for doing this but I think I should go.” You narrowed your eyes at him. You felt angry, how dare he come here at the brink of death, saved by you yet again, and for him to just leave like this?

“You better not climb out that window.” You began to lean up but stopped when a rush of nausea hit you so you laid back down.

“I-i’m so sorry I’ll make it up to you I promise.” And just like that he left you in ruins.
You skipped school the next day playing it off as if you were sick. You were still angry at the red suited wise ass. Peter and your friends texted you, Peter saying how he missed his running buddy and asking if everything’s okay but you just sent a quick text back to Peter saying yeah you just didn’t feel well.

Throughout the day you cleaned your blood soaked floor not being able to get your mind off thinking about the boy under the mask. You respected the fact that he wanted to keep it secret but that didn’t stop you from wondering.

That night you heard the familiar tap on your window. You ignored it and continued to scroll through your phone. As the tapping got relentless you stormed to the window and opened it, “What!” You exclaimed.

“I’m sorry.” He came into my room and I stepped back.

“Sorry’s not gonna cut it.” You crossed your arms and looked at your toes.

“I-I know, thats why I have a plan.” He said bouncing on his heels.

This caught your interest, you may not ever forgive him but you’re intrigued for what he was to say for himself. “Follow me.” He climbed out the window stepping on the ledge.

“I’m not climbing out there.”

“Do you trust me?” He put his hand out for me to grab.

“No not really.” You walked forwards and placed your hand into his same gloves one. He lightly tugged you out the window holding onto your waist. You looked down the 13 stories and felt your heart race. He shot a web out of his wrist worn device out onto your neighboring building. You let out a screech as he swung to one building to another. You grabbed on to his arm practically begging for your life.

He then landed on Oscorp, one of the tallest buildings in the city. you placed you hands on your knees gasping for air, “What an apology.”

He walked past me chuckling and sat on the ledge of the building. You hesitated before walking to sit next to him. You slowly sat down using his arm for support. Once you sat down you still held onto his arm.

You looked below and saw the most beautiful sight. There were lights of buildings, many cars driving to their destination, and people walking with a purpose. It all looked so lovely. You looked up to see the dark sky but at the west you saw the dark blue transform into a lighter blue with a tint of yellow.

You can hear the beeping of horns, people chattering and yelling, sirens in the distance, and baby’s crying. You smell the sweetness of the hotdogs and pretzels from the venders, but most of all you smelt the freshness of the air.

“I uh, I’m sorry for yesterday.” He moved his free hand did the cute scratch the back of his head thing.

“So you know who I am, Im guessing I know who you are.” Once you looked at him you saw his mask slightly go inwards as he took a deep breath.

“Yeah.” He said his voice slightly going up. You sighed and rested your head on his shoulder.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to tell me who you are, but if anything please don’t tell me on this ledge I’ll probably fall off.” You looked straight down Oscorp, that’s a long drop.

“Duly noted.” He responded now taking a deep breath out probably of relief. “How’d you get your powers? If you don’t mind me asking it’s alright if you don’t want to tell me it’s a personal question.”

You closed your eyes smirking. “Got them in the womb. My mother was told she couldn’t have a baby. It was a miracle she even became fertile. But her immune system was weak, too weak. If she even caught the flu she was going to die along with me. She heard about this experiment a private company did that would make the baby stronger, therefore making hers and my immune system stronger too. She went in, did the procedure, came out without any complications. Except for me and the whole Healy wheely thing.” You sat in silence. You can’t blame the guy what is he supposed to say?

He stared intently at you. “I actually was bit by a radioactive spider” You lifted your head off his shoulder.

“You’re kidding.” You looked into his mask trying to see if he’s lying.

“I’m actually not.” He looked at you. You spluttered out laughed trying not to snort.

“Oh, My, God,” you paused between each word gasping for air. Spidey started to laugh along with you.

“I was bit by a spider and now I have spider powers.” He choked out causing you to laugh even more and making him too.

After a while you started to get cold and pulled your sleeves down to your hands rubbing them together to creat heat and leaned into the boy even more.

“Come on I’ll bring you home.” He tapped me on my shoulder now him holding his hands out. I grabbed them and he lifted me up. Once I had a tight grip he released his web and swung us back to my apartment. He opened the window and crawled inside. He stood there awkwardly and cleared his throat.

“Thanks Peter, I forgive you.” You whispered.

“W-what I-I’m not-” you placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Your secretes safe with me I promise.” You stuck out your pinky, and he wrapped his finger around yours.

School was awkward to say the least. You two would stare at each other for minutes on end. You sat next to him in algebra tired of this cat and mouse game.

You cleared your throat. “Peter stop.”

“I can’t, everything’s so weird.” He squirmed in his seat.

“You’re not dying Peter.” You harshly whispered at him narrowing your eyes at him.

“Y/N I don’t think you realize what this means, someone could want to hurt me and to do that they hurt you.” You blew a deep breath.

“Peter I can take care of myself, I’ll be fine. Anyways look at the bright side, no more coming to school with bruised eyes and busted lips now that you got me.” You tried to steer the conversation to a better direction. It worked as he slightly smirked. The teacher then called your names making you pay attention.

You two quickly became two peas in a pod, you were there when he needed you and he was there when you needed him. You two always kept your pinky promises.

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

My Second Oldest Brother Eric Teaches Me How To Play Basketball

Keep your hands up // Don’t stop // Dive for every loose ball // If you let your team down, you let yourself down // Hands up // Are you listening? // Keep your hands up // Stretched like Atlas holding the sky // You know about him right? // He was a titan who kept the sky from crashing on Earth // he always had his hands up // think about that // if you don’t keep your hands stretched out // reaching // defending // always open // you’re going to let all that upness // fall // but it’s okay to fall // call it heaven on earth // are you bleeding? // it’s alright to bleed // remember when I sprained my ankle? // that wasn’t even during a game // that was during practice // if you don’t hustle when no one is watching // how are you going to sweat in front of an audience? // if you can’t sing to yourself // do you expect them to listen? // I learn the most when I practice // but practice doesn’t make perfect // it makes permanent // so be careful what you do // how often you drill // you might end up // digging holes // you can’t get out of // watch all that downness sprout like // geysers // it’s hard to get up from there // but there’s nothing wrong with going down // rocketship in flames // astronauts coming home early // you have to know when to lay down // fall // see these leaves // no one tells them when // but they know // you just have to know yourself // are you tired? // good, let’s keep going then // keep your hands up // good // see? you fell but your hands caught you // I didn’t do that you know // you did it all on your own
—  My Second Oldest Brother Eric Teaches Me How To Play Basketball by Alex Dang!

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Yea, I found someone else who liked the first episode. Other bloggers have been complaining about various aspects of ep 1, but my biggest complaint was that it was over too soon.

I definitely loved Ep 301! I have been pleased to see that many other fans loved it too. I have also seen some criticism. But in my eyes, when you care enough to dig into an episode to critique what you like and what could be improved, what speaks to you and what doesn’t, what seems different/better/worse than the source material - it only makes the whole experience better. I have learned so much from some of the smart women around here - and have even developed a new appreciation for parts of the show that may have escaped my attention before.  

Worried - Dean Ambrose Imagine

Imagine you’re going to school for archeology. While its something you’re passionate about, Dean finds out about just how dangerous it can be and grows concerned for you.

Special request by @native-snowflake

You were busy doing some research for an assignment, when all of a sudden, you heard some footsteps behind you. Dean was in the other room but after hearing about what you were going to school for, he decided to do some research of his own.

He always thought you guys would just be digging up dinosaurs bones and what not, but after looking into it a bit more, he knew he had to come talk to you.

“Hey, Y/n?” He asked.

“Hmmm?” You were writing some notes down in your notebook.

“Ummm…. are you sure this archeology thing is something you wanna do?” He sat down on the couch next to you.

“Yeah… why do you say that?” You continued to write down your notes in your notebook.

“Well…. I… might have done some research…”

You stopped writing and looked up at him with a smile on your face.

“You? Did research? REALLY?!”

“Don’t push it, kid. I was curious. But anyway… I uhhh…. you know what you’re gonna be doing in this field, right?”

“Yeah… I’m learning about it as we speak.”

“Well… have you learned about… I don’t know… some stuff you need to watch out for?”

You put your pen down and looked at him. “Like what?”

“Well…. when you’re out there, you know you have to dress right, you know what I’m saying? Like if its hot out there, you gotta dress comfortably. Same if you’re gonna be out there in the cold. You gotta dress warmly. But then there’s all the bugs and maybe some other wild animals out there, depending on where you’re at. If you’re in the desert, you gotta watch out for poisonous snakes, scorpions, maybe even some wolves out there, again… depending on where you’re at. I mean, there’s a TON of wild animals out there. And oh! What about… when you’re actually digging? You gotta be careful about your surroundings. You never know if maybe while you’re digging, you unlock some… I don’t know… some hidden underground cave or something. Like something out of Indiana Jones or something. Maybe you discover it on accident? And you fall through this huge hole in the ground. Or what about the rocks you try to dig up? What if you accidentally hit one the wrong way and a HUGE CHUNK OF ROCK COMES DOWN AND….”

“DEAN!” You smiled to yourself. He stopped talking and stared at you. You knew how he would get when he got really worked up about something.

“I’m gonna be fine. I know that I have to be aware of my surroundings and all that stuff.” You reached over and put a hand on his hand.

“You worry too much.”

He laid his other hand on top of yours.

“I’m not worried. I’m just… watching out for you. That’s all…”

Rafinha Alcantara Imagine for Anonymous and Anonymous

“What about this one?” “It’s too big.” “Okay then, this one?” “It’s too small.” “Fine, how about this one?” “That one looks like it would be too much work, it looks too messy.” You threw your hands up in the air in frustration. For the past hour, you had been showing pictures of digs to Rafinha, and for each picture he had something new to criticize. It had taken a lot to get him to agree to buy a dog and now that you were looking at pictures in order to better understand the kind of dog that you would want, he was now putting up a new fuss.

You took a deep breath and calmed your self then decided to ask him one more time. If he said no this time, you were going to lose it. Patient, while it being a virtue, was something that you were seriously lacking at the moment. You pulled out a picture of your favorite dog. It was a small golden retriever who in the picture was sleeping. “Okay, last one, what about this puppy?”

Rafinha stared at the picture for a while. You knew that he was trying to find some kind of a flaw in it. Rafinha liked dogs, you just couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to get one. Whenever you and him went over to your sister’s house, he was always playing with her dog, so you knew for a fact that he liked them. You studied his face, trying to see if he would give anything away. Unfortunately for you his face remained passive. After a while he finally gave you his opinion.

“It’s too cute.” You got up from the table that you had been sitting on, closed your laptop shut, and walked away. That’s it, you were done. You had wasted an hour trying to get him to agree on a dog, a task which now seemed impossible. About to leave the room, you were stopped when Rafinha grabbed your wrist and tugged on it, pulling you back to him. Not being the most graceful person, you tripped and landed right into his lap. Rafinha quickly wrapped his arms around your waist to lock you in there and make sure you couldn’t leave. All you could do was pout. This situation was not looking good for you and the smile on his face was making it hard for you to stay mad at him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You hmmphed but refused to answer, turning your face away from him so that you didn’t have look him in the eyes. “Is this because I said the last dog is too cute.” You shrugged but finally decided to answer. “Too cute? What does that even mean? Dogs are supposed to be cute, especially puppies. I’ll have you know, I really liked that last dog, but does that make any difference to you, of course not. You’ve been rejecting digs all day, why should you care what kind of a dog I want.”

You knew that you probably sounded really childish but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. That golden retriever puppy had been your favorite and you had really hoped that Rafinha would like it. So much for that. "I’ll make a deal with you. We can get the golden retriever puppy as long as you make sure that just because it’s cute, you won’t pay more attention to it then me." 

You smiled at that. So that’s what this was about. Rafinha had been slightly worried that once the new dog came, that you would pay more attention to it that him. You tried to hold in your laughter but you couldn’t help it, it came out of your mouth. Rafinha looked genuinely offended and that seemed to make your laughter worse. Rafinha let go of your waist and moved to get up when you grabbed him by the shoulder in order to stop him, partly because you didn’t want to fall of his lap, which would have been inevitable considering you were sitting on him, and partly because you wanted to apologize for laughing, it was just such a cute reason for his behavior.

"It’s a legitimate reason.” What Rafinha said made you want to laugh harder, but this time, you managed to hold it in. “I know it is, I’m sorry for laughing. I tell you what, I promise that I’ll never favor the golden retriever over you, now, what do you say, can we have the dog?” Rafinha looked like he was deep in thought on making a decision.

You decided to try and make the process easier for him. You leaned in and placed your lips right on his. It didn’t take him long to respond to the kiss. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you as close to him as was possible. He didn’t have to pull very far, considering you were still in his lap. The kiss didn’t last very long, but it was enough to assure you that Rafinha was completely distracted at the moment. You pulled away from the kiss. “So, what do you say, can we get the dog?” You threw in a puppy dog face for added measure. The possibility of him saying no at this point was low, you knew that. 

“We can get the dog.” You jumped off of him and did a little victory dance. “Yes, I’ll go get ready and we can go get it, right now, let’s go.” You had just been about to leave when Rafinha pulled you by your wrist again. This time, you didn’t land in his lap. “Remember your promise.” You smiled and placed a small kiss on his lips. “I will, now can we please go and get that dog?” Without waiting for an answer, you went into your room to go get ready to welcome a new member into yours and Rafinha’s family.

- I hope you like it Anons :D